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Hi everyone. I'm back in the TWW. I am not sure what to think is going to happen tis month since I just had a miscarriage last month. That we devastating and if I have another one I don't know that I can do all of this again.

Anyway, Sparkle, I really feel for you. Such an intenseissuento be having with your partner. And of course very fraught with hard decisions, conversations, and emotions. I am thinking about you.

MamaMash, I had no idea. I am so glad that you are moving forward and taking control of the process--well as much as you can anyway. I am rooting for you!

CB--I am SO glad you went all mama bear on the hospital/doctors and got our sweet boy the operation he needed. I think this has happened, correct? How is he doing?

Samy,, B6 has helped me A LOT in terms of hormonal balance and health. It's definitely increased my LP. you do need to take more than 50 mg in my experience and from what I have read. Currently, I take 300 mg a day smile.gif

And congrats on the BFPs!!! Such an amazing moment to look down and see that gorgeous positive!

AFM, I had some intense ovulation cramping (I can't think of the great German word used to describe tis right now, although I love it so!) Tuesday and yesterday. And a bit of spotting just to confirm ovulation. Lots of BD this month, too, which has been really fun smile.gif. I am hopeful that the intense cramping and spotting mean my bodynisworking extra hard this month to create another baby that will stick this time.
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Minioad and I are not friends right now. The number of mistakes drives me crazy--sorry!

Should say my IPAD. We can't even communicate effectively about that!
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Oh starfish I am so sorry. *hugs* how devastating. But, it sounds like your body recovered fairly quickly if you think you've already ovulated! That's awesome.

Thanks for the encouraging words. I do finally feel like I have gotten through to DH. I am scheduled for a follow up pap in February which is 3 months after my last cryotherapy. It was my second one in 3 months. So, needless to say if I am stressed. If we haven't concieved by then the pap, followed by biopsie, followed by cryotherapy/LEEP/whatever my doctor suggests will throw a wrench in TTC. I need lots of baby dust!
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Im 10dpo and terrified to take a test cuz I don't wanna see another bfn like yesterday :/ I'm going crazy with this 2ww
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Thanks Emily, MamaMash, and Samy for the consolation. I really feel like something was going on in my body last month, possibly implantation just failed. In fact I am still having round ligament pains which seems very odd for someone who is not pregnant (even for someone who IS early pregnant) and I don't remember ever having cramps before my period before. Possibly I can try again in a couple of weeks. DP is still on the fence about trying for another one, which is why I was really hoping for this one to stick. I ordered some OPKs, and I might trying temping. Do you recommend buying a special thermometer? I don't get up the same time every morning, but I'm willing to give it a try. Any advice would be appreciated! 

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Megan- 10DPO is a little early to get a BFP. Don't be discouraged. I'd say wait a few days and test again!

Serenyd- I just started temping this month. It has been a little stressful but not as bad as I thought. I set an alarm for 5:30 just in case, but normally end up taking it when my DH kisses me goodbye. It's worked out pretty well so far. Well, I haven't gotten a spike yet so I guess I can't say without a doubt that it has given me any insight. Then again today is only CD14. I'd say give it a try, if for nothing else to have just a little more understanding of your body. That's been my favorite part so far with temping and checking my CM and CP. I just feel like I have more of an idea of what my body is doing smile.gif I bought the target brand family planning thermometer. It has worked well for me. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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Serenyd- Sorry about this cycle. I use a cheapy thermometer from target too. Look for the one that says basal body temp thermometer. Charting your temp isn't that much help in predicting your ovulation unless you have a good pre-o dip, but it is helpful in letting you know when the fertile window has passed. Cervical mucus and position is much more helpful in predicting ovulation.


MamaMash- Sounds like you've had a crazy ride. Or at least your cervix has.undefined I have had those cycles where I get the same temp every day for days on end and keep checking my thermometer to make sure it can read a different temp than that! It doesnt happen much these days due to night nursing.


Emily11Megan: Congrats!!


Good luck to all of those getting ready to test! undefined May you have the strength to wait until it's time!!


AFM- 13 dpo, Gonna test tomorrow. Normally at this point in my cycle my temp is already dropping, with AF due to start on 14 dpo. No sign of temp drop this cycle! I'm trying not to read much into it because my high temps lasted until 14dpo last cycle and I wasn't preg then! I did have a little bit of stabby, crampy (implantation?) pain a couple of days ago. so maybe. It seems too easy to get preggo the first cycle of TTC though, right? I guess some people do it. I'll channel my irish catholic, very fecund genes. undefined

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Mamapigeon- did you test again?

Yes my cervix has been through the ringer! I didn't dilate at all with DD (planned c-section due to breech position) and I had the cervical cone surgery before her which takes out a ton more tissue than a LEEP which I had last January, so I surely hope if I get preg that I won't have any incompetent cervix issues. Still can't help but worry about it though :/

I'm rooting for you AUvetmom! It sounds very promising!
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Thank u .. I still have some hope ♡
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Quick question. Any of you get a major cold early on? I haven't gotten my bfp yet, and no AF either. Most of my symptoms have gone away, and I've gotten a terrible cold. And what the likeliness of if I am, still being so if my temp dropped to like 95.5?? My temp always drops when I get sick. I haven't had a fever in years! AF should be starting today, but no signs of her showing. Any thoughts??
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EEEK! I just got a BFP! I wonder how many panic attacks I'll have today.biggrinbounce.gif


Good luck to everyone else waiting!

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Congrats AUvetmom! I'll be joining everyone in the TWW shortly, and it's nice to see a success!!!

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I'm not sure ao05. Good luck though! I got a yucky cold too and thought it might delay ovulation, but my temp spiked this morning. I guess we'll see if it stays high tomorrow.

O.M.G. Congrats AUvetmom!!! So excited for you!
I *think* I am in my TWW. I'll know for sure if my temp stays high the next couple days.
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I have a question- I've been using an OPK to track my ovulation, and got 2 nice dark positives this morning. So obv my husband and I will be doing the deed, but how do I know when my fertile window has closed? Am I supposed to test til the OPK is negative, and that means it's closed? And also, I haven't been tracking my bbt, but if I take my temp tomorrow would it still be accurate for reading my temp spike? And then I can see if that temp stays the same to know if I might be pregnant?


Ok, that was more than just "a" question haha Sorry!

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Congratulations AUvetmom! That's wonderful!


MamaMash- Yes, I tested yesterday morning and got a very clear line. I'm really excited and hope the rest of you get BFPs soon! joy.gif



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Yay mamapigeon!!
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congrats mamapigeon!

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dahlia-A positive OPK usually means you will ovulate 24-36 hours later give or take a few hours.  So your fertile window could go from a few days before you O to a few days after positive OPK.  For example, if you got a positive OPK this morning you might not O until tomorrow night, and the egg could possibly still be good the next morning.  You could keep testing but it will only tell you when the surge ends, not exactly when you O.  Women have different lengths of surges, you may no O until a while after yours ends, so you may still be fertile after your tests are negative.  Temping would confirm it, but it's usually recommend to temp the entire month so that you can see a shift and a pattern.  Some women see a change in the cervical mucus after O.  The egg white goes away.  Good luck!


Congratulations AUvetmom and mamapigeon!  joy.gifjoy.gifenergy.gifjoy.gifenergy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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Hooray for all the bfp going on!

AUvetmom and mamapigeon, see you on the other side!

Can't wait to see how the other 2wws turn out..

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Pokeyac- Thank you! Great info and lots of help!  It sounds like I should BD A LOT in that case.... darn.winky.gif  I think I can make that happen haha!



Mamamash- Good Luck on your TWW! I'll be right there with ya in a few days smile.gif

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