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Lol amazeballs is one of my favorite words. It sounds like you feel about Utah the way I feel about Maryland :) It is beautiful out in your neck of the woods though! We visited Grand Teton Nat park (although I know that's not really close to you at all lol), and it was gorgeous! The mountains are so much different there than they are here. The appalachians aren't as tall or abrupt, but pretty in a different way I think.


I think kiddos your daughter's age (16 months, right?), are naturally like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lol! I watch a 1 and a 2 year old, and their moodswings/different temperments through out the day are crazy haha! All cuddle bug one minute, and climbing the walls the next nut.gif

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The Grand Tetons are gorg. And they are kinds close to me! Just aways north. It is beautiful out here. I find myself taking it all for granted at times. Moab is the red rocks though. So beautiful in a different way than the Rocky Mountains. I think it is beautiful anywhere you go. The Appalachians are beautiful in their own regard.
Yes, my daughter is in that age range. 17 months now. She's crazy. I actually am very nervous about the possibility of having a newborn and a toddler... But I figure if everyone else can do it why couldn't I? Haha.
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haha you'll be great, don't worry! I also watch an 8 month old (it's a big mix) along with the toddlers and while it has its moments of craziness, it is typically not bad :) It's all about finding a routine. I'm sure you'll find that rhythm too!

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I never drink even if I suspect I might be preggo. Although I'm sure a beer won't hurt to keep your friends from saying "What, are you pregnant?" Luckily I'm often designated so I generally don't drink anyway.

I'm officially 4 days late. Testing in the am, soo nervous. All my symptoms have gone away except for the occasional twinge in around my uterus, and pretty sore nipples over the last week. I'm not getting my hopes up too high because my temps dropped to 95.4 when I had a bad cold last week, that's probably the real delay in AF.
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my fingers are crossed for you ao05!!

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THANKS! I'll report back.
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Good luck ao05! Fingers crossed! You have more will power than I do. 4 days late and you haven't tested wow. Definitely report back ASAP tomorrow morning.
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Well I tested a week ago and nothin! I'm just in denial that its possible right now, so I was just waiting to start. I will for sure report back. The bf wants me to test now, but he doesn't really understand that it's better to wait till morning.
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It doesn't help that I've now had two pregnancy dreams. One that I got a bfp, and just the other night dreamt that I was gonna have twins! But it was weird, because it was like I was at the dr, and we were watching it happen on a screen well before it would be possible to even know. And the way it was happening wasn't even like it is with any pg. lol but the dr. Said "oh it looks like you just made twins!!" Weird. Lol
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mamamash, and Countrybound - LOVE your new pictures :-)

I'm freaking about my Dr appt tomorrow. I actually haven't O'd yet like I thought I would have, so we'll see what she says. I may not be out this month after all...
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ao05- ugh I hate those dreams haha. I had a couple last month and didn't get my BFP. I sure hope yours are a good sign!

JoyFamMama- thanks! And good luck at your appt. I hope you get some answers and that you aren't out this month!
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Short msg since on my phone! We look to be very close! I'm 3dpo today! I'm not sure about you but I plan on testing for the first time on Christmas morning! :-)
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ao05- Did you get a chance to test yet? I'm so on edge hoping for a bfp for you!


Cindy-lu- Yes, we're very close! I'm 4dpo as of today. I don't have the willpower to wait til Christmas to test LOL I'll probably start testing this weekend.. I'm terrible haha


JoyfamMama- I hope the doctor appt brings you good news and peace of mind!


MamaMash- How are you feeling? I told my husband that we need to go visit the national parks out in Utah, btw smile.gif Something to add to our list to travel to!



AFM- I'm impatiently waiting for it to be test time! I'm having some dull cramping in my lower abdomen, which comes and goes, and my CM is creamy/white... all of which could mean absolutely nothing, but I hope it is the beginning of a good thing.. praying.gif



Good luck to everyone!!

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You guys are making me feel like I should test sooner. Like on Christmas. I'm 6DPO and not planning to test unless AF is late. Which would be the 30th I think. My worry is that if I get a BFN on Christmas Day it would make me sad. And kinda ruin Christmas in a way. Make sense? But it would be so fun if I got a BFP! Decisions lol. I'm feeling ok. I had a yucky cold last week which I thought had run its course. But, my voice is all scratchy and my throat is a little sore again. Ugh, my BFF had her baby almost 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to see him in like 10 days. Stupid cold!! I don't actually think I'm contagious anymore though. And, as far as my TWW I feel ok. I've had some little achey type cramps. Quite a bit of creamy CM. but, I'm not symptom spotting so... Haha
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MamaMash- I totally get what you're saying about testing on Christmas... I'm nervous too, but I know I'm going to be an obsessive mess anyway, sooo..  And I, in noo way, am symptom spotting either... ROTFLMAO.gif  yeah right! haha


Starfish and Countrybound- How are you guys doing?

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Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post

Dahlia, I feel the same way. Trying to be calm this time around though. I think I'm doing a pretty good job, I haven't got the urge to go grab any tests, hehe.
Starfish, thanks for sharing your previous stories, that's crazy, 3 days after AF! Gives me hope for my cycles which really throw me off, lol. My period is also due on Christmas Day, I'm so glad I have someone to wait with!

Yeah, my periods have been consistent since I started having them a LONG time ago but my O dates are tricky little SOBs.  And I totally agree that it helps to have a "testing buddy."  I am doing my best to hold out until then :)


Btw, there is SO MUCH energy right now on this thread.  I love it!  I appreciate having this touchstone in the midst of all of the anxiety that is waiting to know. 


aO=did you test?  did you? did you? did you?!  No pressure but we need someone to test! lol


Dahlia, have we talked about that fact that I'm from Maryland, too?  I'm in Bmore city.  I think you are in Westminster?  I worked there for a while. 


And JoyFam is right that ya'll's new profile pics are gorgeous.  It's inspiring me to change mine as soon as I find one that I can load up from my laptop.


mama mash, I really do understand what a downer a BFN can be. 


AFM, I feel like a fertility freak show this cycle.  I miscarried/had my period from the 26-30.  I took an OPK, had my hormonal migraine, and had ewcm on the ninth.  Two clear OPKs on the  ninth and tenth and then ovulation bleeding for several days which usually indicates the drop in estrogen after o'ing.  I am feeling really crampy and lots of pressure with lots of increased discharge.  I got a little suspicious yesterday, though, when I had tons of discharge that looked an awful lot like o stuff (I feel like we have to find another word for "discharge".  Grody!).  So I do what all sane women do and peed on a stick, an OPK, last night.  it was really positive.  WTH?!   I immediately consult Google (again, what all sane people do, right?!) and found out that the OPK can detect HCG, too.  Um...What?!  This is news to me.  But, given that I have no idea what's going on really I made DH dtd last night and this morning, although if I did o yesterday I am more than likely to late to get pregnant this month.  Still.  I'm also convinced that I am NOT pregnant because during babymaking and after  I was really, really crampy.


Has this happened to anyone?

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Starfish- Thanks! I was actually able to upload those from my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised since I use my phone pretty much constantly (hi my name is Michelle and I'm an iPhone addict haha). As for your situation, I have no insight. Sorry! I have never used OPK's. sounds super duper confusing though. I have gotten crampy after BD but usually that's only when we bd the night before AF starts.. And obviously that's not where you are at all. Sorry! I hope someone else has better advice for you.
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Starfish- Awesome! My husband and I live a little outside of Westminster city, but still considered Westminster :) I work near Baltimore as well. I wish I had something helpful to say to you about your wacky cycle this month!

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Ao05, waiting to hear if you tested! I'm very hopeful for you, let's get the BFP's rolling....

Starfish, I agree with the energy! I hope we all get what we want for Christmas!!!
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Lol sorry. I skimmed through this, I did test, bfn. I have another test, so I'll wait till this weekend maybe and test again. If again bfn and no period, then I just so happen to have my annual scheduled for 12/26. And I'll have the dr test then! I'm not convinced I'm not, but not fully convinced I am. I just went off bcp last month, SO this could just be my cycle getting jacked up and false symptoms. I still feel a small twinge in my uterus area and sore nipples, but no other sign of AF showing, all the rest if my pg symptoms went away too though. So I dunno.
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