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Yay MamaMash! I hope that's what it is!


Angelkissedkids- GOOD LUCK!! thumb.gif



AFM- I've still got dull cramps, and my CM is still increasing and creamy white. Don't you guys just love the updates on that lol (gross, I know!) But this is the only place I can talk about it like it's a normal thing and won't get looked at like I'm insane and disgusting haha

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So my friend just asked me when my period is due, and how I'm feeling if I have any possible symptoms. I told her about the dull come-and-go cramps, and she instantly shot me down and said "that's a bad sign :( " . I told her I've read differently, and that only time will tell. Why oh why do people have to be so negative? She does this stuff all the time. :(

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I'm 9dpo

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Oh Dahlia don't let her get to you. You know your body better than anyone else and if these dull come and go cramps aren't normal for you than I'd say it's a good sign. I was way crampy when I got pregnant with my dd smile.gif
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We posted at the same time countrybound. Did you look at your old charts?
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I just did... it's the exact same MMC as 9dpo with last time I charted. Neg test 12dpo pos test at 14dpo which would be the 25th.... boo I hope I don't have to wait that long for a BFP if I am preggo.

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What a fun Christmas surprise that would be though!
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I'm soo hoping I find out by Christmas.
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I would only be 11dpo on Christmas. I don't want to test that early. I'm hoping for a New Year's Eve announcement to my dd and close family.
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MamaMash- Lol... I'm planning to test by Christmas and I'll only be 9 or 10 dpo at that point! hahaha.. there you go with your will power of steel again! Good for you orngbiggrin.gif Thank you for your kind words too.. I just don't understand why my friend acts this way sometimes. I swear she must not notice when she's doing it. It instantly makes me feel so down.


ao05 and Countrybound- I hope you get your bfp's for Christmas!



Good luck to EVERYONE!! I'm sending mega baby thoughts to you all

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I only have one close friend that knows. She keeps me level headed. I'm sorry your friend does that. At least you have the forums.
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Angelkissedkids, hoping you get your bfp next test!

Afm, I'm 9dpo and cramping a little, also nauseated, but I was pretty nauseated on the cruise too. I think I just ate really crappy and my body is trying to recoup.
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Is your friend jealous? Does she want to be TTC?? That would make sense as to why she was such a downer. I only have a couple close friends who know and they have been pretty supportive. And know not to ask me lots of questions because it would drive me nuts lol. They know I would tell them any important info. Same with my sisters and mom.
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She's pregnant with her second!!! I don't know.. I've talked to her about it before, and told her I just need ppl to be positive with me, and she was for awhile. But it didn't last long. She's the only one of my friends who's pregnant/has kids.. Sometimes I get the feeling that she is scared that when I get pregnant she won't get the attention for it anymore? She also complains a lot about being pregnant, and says how awful it is and how much she hates it.. I get that it's not a comfortable experience, and I don't mind her venting to me at all. I think I'm sensitive about pregnancy right now, so I take her complaining as being ungrateful for the gift she's been given (without even trying, 2 times, as she's been kind enough to remind me).


Yes, thank God for you all here on the forums!!!

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Blonhrt88- I hope you feel better soon!! (Unless it's because you're pregnant, in which case I hope you stay nauseous winky.gif )

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Anxiously watching this thread! dust.gif 

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That sounds tough Dahlia. Maybe her pregnancy hormones are getting the best of her smile.gif being pregnant really is not a comfortable experience physically or emotionally. As I'm sure you will soon find out! smile.gif
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That's so true. I didn't even think of the hormones duh.gif Maybe her hormones coupled with me being sensitive just aren't mixing well. Thanks for your help!

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I’m really enjoying this thread and all the excited anxious mom’s to be! 


Dahlia810 – Not sure if we have talked about this but I’m in Columbia MD. Small world.   Please don’t take the negativity to heart!  The fat lady (AF) hasn’t sung yet!! Were all rooting for you!!


MamaMash – I give you (and the other moms/moms to be) so much credit  for charting your temp each day.  I’ve tried and I can’t seem to hit the same time each day.


Ao05 – I am wishing you so much good luck!! 


Countrybound – so exciting!! Your getting close…


AFM – I don’t believe that I have shared this.  I had two IUD’s in over a span of 6 years.  On Nov 16th I had the IUD removed and my DH and I have been TTC.  My body had a difficult  hormonal two weeks after the IUD was removed.  My body was so not use to doing things again.  I went those 6 years without any periods.  Besides the hormonal changes I was getting phantom pregnancy symptoms as my body was regulating.  I’m happy to say that everything has normalized since my period came the beginning of December.


So, I took a leap and bought this white shirt.  It says “there’s a bun in the oven” in really pretty purple lettering with purple flowers.  Best case scenario I wanted to wear it on Christmas day after testing…worst case scenario, I’ll when it when I get an BFP!  I just thought it would be exciting to wear it and see if anyone in the house caught the hint!?!?  LOL


Today  - I’m on DPO4, no real symptoms just thick creamy CM…kinda like Dahlia 

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Haha, dahlia, thanks wink1.gif

I'm sorry that your going through that with your friend. I had kind of the same experience with a friend of mine, and we ended up not talking for about a month and then picking up on a better note. Not saying that is the way to go, but I think the people that are meant to stay in your life go through relationship changes with you, just like a marriage. I'm sure you two will work it out some way of your own if your friendship is very important to you both smile.gif

Cindy Lu! I bought a big brother shirt for DS (19 months) and I'm still not pregnant, HAHAHAHA. It was on sale and so cute. Hoping I can use it with the close family this month, we are staying with them for two weeks, right around when AF is due. We shall see....
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