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Thanks guys, I actually thought it over and decided to talk to my friend. I told her how she'd been making me feel, and just how I've been feeling in general with stress from TTC, and she was actually really receptive. She explained herself, and we're both much better from it! Thanks for letting me get my rants out here instead of exploding on her!


Cindylu-It sounds like we're really close in our cycles, I'm 5dpo! When do you plan to test?


I am SERIOUSLY considering buying grandma/grandpa christmas ornaments for my parents, in case I get a bfp for Christmas (fingers crossed!!!!), and giving them to announce it, but what do I do if I don't get my bfp? I'm torn.

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Sell them on eBay next year.
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Cindy-Lu I take my temp between 4:30-5:30 most days. A couple times it's been later. My chart gets mad at me when I don't take them at the exact same time everyday lol. But mine are not rocky or jagged even with the hour or so difference. It's my first month doing it. I actually think I am gonna stop temping at 10DPO because if I am gonna get AF I don't want to see my temp dip and get sad before she actually starts.

Dahlia- I'm so glad you talked to your friend!!
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11dpo and I couldn't wait any longer.... I got the faintest line on a dollar store test!!! I really hope this is for real!!! I'll test again tomorrow morning.

I'm so excited!

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ao05- Good idea, I might go for it haha :) Or just put it off and get them at the last possible second lol.. I'll be 10dpo on Christmas.. cross your fingers please!


Happybunny- CONGRATS!!! so exciting!!


I'm glad I talked to my friend, too, MamaMash. I feel much better :)

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Congrats happybunny!! How exciting.
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Thanks, ladies! I'll have to re-test tomorrow just to be sure. I keep thinking that it may have been a fluke, but there was definitely some kind of line... I'll have to remember to keep this a secret until Christmas. I'm so tempted to tell my DH...


MamaMash, you can totally test at 11dpo! But I absolutely understand if you want to wait. You don't want to make yourself crazy over a potentially false negative. I just could not stand the wait. I thought 11 days was close enough to my initial plan of 12dpo. 

Dahlia and MamaMash, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both!

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Thanks Happybunny!

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Hi girls, yes, I did go to my appt yesterday. I was too emotional to post here last night, and today was a crazy day, so now I'm getting the chance. She basically didn't tell me anything new/I didn't already know. But she was absolutely appalled that my pcos is in no way being managed, and said I should have never never, ever been taken off the metformin - even during pregnancy or breastfeeding! She basically said I am one of the most messed up patients that she's ever seen (not at all meanly), and that she is 100 percent sure she can help me.

But.... She wants thousands of dollars of testing done, so she can know where my hormone levels are, and she thinks it will be about a year before she would give her blessing for another baby... :'( Maybe not that long it really depends, but that was her guess.

I'm really taking it hard, but I do understand the logic, and know that I need to work on getting my hormones back on track. I just didn't realize how bad they were, or how long it would take.

We did talk about what we would do if I did get pregnant accidentally before we're ready, so I have a plan. She will be very aggressive if that happens. And it very well may, since we don't use BC except condoms. (and both of my boys and several of my miscarriages were condom failures. Rofl)

So, I think I'm going to leave here for a while... I think it would just be emotional torture that I don't need to add to myself. However... :-) if an oops happens, or as soon as I'm better I'll be back.

Best wishes to you all and merry Christmas!
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Oh JoyfamMama greensad.gif I am so sorry. What a devestating blow. I wish I had the words to help. You'll get another baby. I just know it! I have personally seen how bad PCOS can be. My oldest sister had a severe SEVERE case. She had her first son no issues and then bam. Cysts bigger than her uterus all the time. Even on BCP. Multiple surgeries to remove cysts. She was put on metformin obviously and was able to work with her (mine as well) doctor and she got pregnant with twins! Those twins are now handsome 8 year olds smile.gif take all the time you need away from here. But, I know you'll be back eventually. I just know it. Lots of love and happy holidays to you!
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I'm so sorry to hear this, JoyfamMama! Hugs! Take your time to heal, physically as well as emotionally. I'm wishing you the best of luck on your journey! Merry Christmas!

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Good luck, JoyfamMama! I know everything will find it's way for you, and that you'll be back here in no time! Sending hugs and prayers your way hug2.gif


Have a Merry Christmas!

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Oh JoyfamMama, I am SO sorry! I certainly understand why you're feeling so devastated; that is certainly not the news you were looking for. I do hope this new provider helps you reach your ultimate goal (albeit not nearly as quickly as hoped) of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Thinking of you hug2.gif


jumpers.gifjoy.gifCongrats Happybunny!! A line is a line! joy.gifjumpers.gifPlease update us when you can. Lots of sticky vibes to you.


Fx MamaMash and Dahlia, and anyone else I have unintentionally missed goodvibes.gifHoping for lots of Christmas/New Years BFPs!!!!!!


Welcome.gif to all the newcomers. I am excited this thread has been so active!


AFM, I am nearly in my TWW, been having lots of EWCM and got my +OPK this morning!! DTD right then - a bathroom lock and PBS Kids is a handy combo winky.gif Despite two consecutive months of terrible meltdowns after days of BFNs and then AF arriving, I am giving it another go. DH is still ambivalent, though this is an improvement over last month's completely against TTC. I hope to remain calm through this TWW. I am planning to reduce my coffee intake, or perhaps eliminate it, over the next week. I drink 1-2 cups per day, occasionally I have a third. I am drinking my grapefruit juice and green tea regularly. Continuing to take my Prenatals, Vit D and B6 and supplementing with a Vegetarian Omega Fatty Acid Smoothie. I ordered a bunch of Wondfos, 50 OPKs and 20 Pregnancy Tests. I am hoping these changes and some magical thinking will result in a January BFP!!


Happy Friday Mamas!!

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Wishing everyone better luck than me!  I'm out this month.  IB turned into AF overnight :-(

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Boo angelklissedkids, I'm sorry. January is a new year, new luck!

Joyfammama, I know it's not the timeline you wanted, but this doc sounds really aggressive and therefore effective so I'm sure you will be able to tackle anything with her help!

Congrats happy bunny!
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Sparklemaman I am so happy to see you back!! Good luck. I really hope this is your month.

So sorry AngelKissedKids. What a bummer.

AFM- my temp went back up this morning. Which has my mind having a really hard time trying not to think implantation dip... Haha not symptom spotting!!
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I'm sorry Anglekissedkids :( Better luck next cycle! Stay positive, and enjoy the holidays!


SparkleMaman- Good Luck! I hope this is it for you!


HappyBunny- Did you retest yet? I NEED A BFP IN MY LIFE lol ROTFLMAO.gif


MamaMash- I love how you never ever symptom spot winky.gif


AFM- I'm over here not symptom spotting at all, just like MamaMash. lol.. I'm 6dpo, and feeling ok, other than dull random cramping and today a little nausea. I really am trying hard not to read into it, though. I work with kids, so there's always that chance they shared a bug with me. But, baby dust, and fingers crossed are always appreciated smile.gif Hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful holidays, and that we all get bfp's in our stockings for Christmas!

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Angelkisskids- I'm so sorry it didn't happen for you this cycle. Here's hoping the new year brings you that BFP!!!


HappyBunny- I can't wait to hear your update!!!!! Let us know!


mamamash- Can't wait for you to test (but not this soon if you'll be disappointed with a BFN). When do you think you'll test?


Sparklemama- Yay you're in the next tww ( I consider both O and waiting to test tww's lol).Good luck!!!


Dahlia- Have you tested yet????


Joyfam- I hope you get the answers you're looking for and that you fall pregnant when the time is right. Hoping your hormones get into shape sooner than later so you can maybe get preggo before a year.


AFM- I had the most vivid dreams last night about getting one of those digital pregnancy test and telling people that I knew I was pregnant before I even took it. Weird lol. I felt so disappointed when I woke up because I knew it wasn't real. I decided to test but I knew it was going to be a BFN. So I got the dollar store assured test out and watched as faintist line ever come up... I mean if I hadn't taken the test two days ago and got a BFN I would have thought this was a BFN. I started getting excited so with the same pee I did two more dollar test, one was U-check and other Assured. Both again faint faint lines that could for sure be mistaken for evaps, so what did I do next? I went to target and got First Response because I've never gotten evaps with them. And again... very faint. I'll try and post a pic, but I don't even think you can see it in a picture. I called my Dr. to get a blood draw, because I have no patience lol (plus I want to check my #'s as well after two MC's before Jagger).. waiting for a call back. So blah blah blah here's my LTP (little tiny positive). So can anyone else see it besides me? I know with mamapiegon I didn't see hers.



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Countrybound- I really don't know about poas yet. I haven't even really gotten the itch yet. My lack of patience last cycle led to a double disappointment. Sooo I think I'd wait to see if AF is late. She is due to start on the 29th. We'll see how the next week goes. I'm still crampy today. More dull achey type cramps. Trying not to read into those at all. And trying not to read into my temp dip and rise again this morning.
As far as your test goes, I can't see a line. Not saying it's not there, I just can't see it in the pic. I'm sure it's easier to see IRL!
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I'm officially 8days late for AF! If she doesn't show today or over night I'll test tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!!! Surely by now if I am I'll have enough hcg.. Right??
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