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Oh boo, well because I needed confirmation with different pee, I tested again and got a darker line.




Woo Hoo... I'm off to get two big bro shirts for my kids and surprising daddy at dinner!!!

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Countrybound, CONGRATS!!! Now share some of that babydust! :)


ao05- Fingers crossed for you! I have a good feeling you'll get your bfp


I forget who asked, but no I haven't tested yet. I'm only 6dpo so I know I'd get a bfn. The nausea went away, anyhow. It was just very slight, like a wave of it for about 15 mins.

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Yay Countrybound!! How many DPO are you?
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Dahlia – I plan to test on Christmas Day (9DPO).  We’ll see how I do this weekend, I’m starting to get antsy.  On my way home from work I’m debating buying enough test to get me through until Christmas Day.  Doesn’t help the mind that work is really slow!


Happybunny – Oooo I’m way excited for you!  Would be a wonder Christmas present!! J


JoyfamMama – So sorry for what you are going through.  You will be in my prayers this holiday season!   Merry Christmas!  Wishing you lots of Hugs!!


AngelKissedKids – Sorry! I know this doesn’t help much but party hard for the new year!!  J


Countrybound – Sorry I can’t see it yet. 




AFM – Nothing really going on…just counting the days down DPO 5.  I did forget to mention that I had the weirdest dreams the night before last.  Nothing other than my anxiety to report!  I think it’s time to focus on Christmas and keeping myself busy!

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Mamamash I'm 10dpo.

My 7 year old confirmed the pink line so I know I'm not crazy lol. I'm on my way to get my blood drawn. Had a very hard time finding a big brother shirt for my 8 month old lol but I finally found one at Gymboree
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Countrybound right before my last post I was lookin at your pic from my work computer. I really did not see a line! Now I'm on my iPhone and can totally see a line!! Congrats!!!
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I'm so excited for you Countrybound! You are making me anxious. I'd be 11dpo on Christmas... Uh oh. It's starting haha. I'm getting anxious
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I'll be 10dpo on Christmas :) Join the dark side, MamaMash. tessssst


But really, don't do it if it's going to make your Christmas unhappy!! Go with your gut!

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Don't tempt me!! Lol I've been pretty dang crampy off and on since yesterday. Quite a bit of creamy CM still. I'm still not as anxious as I was last cycle. But it's for sure creeping up on me.
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Good luck Cindy-Lu and ao05!!
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Talk about just catching that bfp, dr just called and said my beta is a bit over 20. Guess those dollar tests are better than I thought!
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I didn't even see them when I went to the $store.
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I've never bought a $tree test, but they sound worth a shot!


MamaMash- I'm feeling way more calm than I thought I would. The first few days after O were torture, but now I've gotten more into the swing of things and I'm not spazzing out so much haha. I feel like I'm channeling your zen.


I've still been having random cramping, but it's way less noticable than a day ago, although I've probably gotten used to it. Lots of creamy white CM though, and I'm breaking out which I practically never do. The break out could mean an impending period, though, so I'm not banking on that as anything major. I might start trying out some wondfo's this weekend, before breaking out the expensive tests..

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Haha dahlia I think I'm channeling your obsessiveness a little. Just a little. I have been crazy thirsty. Like CRAZY amount of water the past 2 days. I have a 28 ounce cup I use for water throughout the day. I drank upwards of 8 yesterday and probably more than that today. I thought nothing of it. Thought I must have got dehydrated (which isn't really possible since I drink 3-4 of my cup full a day). I was telling my BFF about it and she of course googled excessive thirst and the first thing that came up is early pregnancy lol. Thanks for ruining my zen BFF.

Haha maybe I should go buy a few $tree tests wink1.gif I kid I kid.
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Mamamash, aside from the possible implantation a symptoms.... Omg was I thirsty!!! Not so much now, but its like my throat was constantly dry. Today I'm having a little bit of acid reflux almost feeling like I could be sick. Nothing that's hot me rushing to the bathroom. Lol... *not symptom spotting*
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Lol I love that *not symptom spotting*
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Just for you. I honestly thought I was out if it with that cold any symptoms going away. But now I'm 8 days late and this acid reflux... Kinda starting to think its still very likely.
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I can't believe you haven't tested again. You have some serious will power! Let us know when you test tomorrow!
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Countrybound, congrats!!!
looking forward to more pictures like that from this group!
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hahaha This thread should really be called "December TWW *not symptom spotting*"


ao05- I'm dying for you to test!!


MamaMash- I'm sorry for passing my obsessing on to you! Your way is better lol

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