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Ok, I definitely did not imagine the line. I just got my definite BFP!!!!! Woohooo! I'm sooo excited! I must not tell DH until Christmas... I want to surprise him, but it's so tough to wait!




I tried to tell myself to stay calm all day long. I've been feeling queasy all day and really hungry. 


Congrats, Countrybound! I'm excited for you!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone waiting to test!


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I have such will pawer because I couldn't find the $ tests, and don't wanna but more regular ones. I've already gone through 4. ONE left, using it sparingly.

Dahlia, lol.
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Dang you Dahlia. Now all I can think about it testing on Christmas morning and putting the test in his stocking if I got a BFP. Not gonna test... Not gonna test... Haha

Yay happybunny!!

Good point ao05. I hate wasting money on tests.
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I'm sorryyyy I'm just so dang excited!

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We're officially TTC and have started BD'ing in anticipation of O next week. By this time next week I will be back in my 2WW. Wishing us all lots of BFPs for Christmas and in the New Year! goodvibes.gifmakebabe.gif

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Does the tww always seem to take SOO long?? Well, I guess mine has been more like a three week.

Thanks everyone for being here to keep me sane, and not completely drive my BFF crazy! I'll report my results in the morning! And after that I'll be busy with holiday stuff so I'll probably have a lot of catching up to do.
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Oh my counting was off.. I should be 12dpo on Christmas.. That makes it seem a little less crazy to maybe possibly test that morning. wink1.gif I probably won't though. Channeling my inner zen.
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Still a bfn. I guess I'll see what the dr thinks in the 26th if no AF shows.
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jumpers.gif     Congrats Countrybound, so happy for you!! jumpers.gifWhat an amazing Christmas gift. Would love to see a pic of your boys in their big bro shirts. Was your DH surprised?   


joy.gifAnd yeah for confirmation Happybunny!!


Good to see you again Serenyd!! Lots of babydust and good vibes to you.


So sorry Ao05 greensad.gif Perhaps your dates are off? Maybe a little Christmas surprise will come your way!


Dahlia and MamaMash, loving the not symptom spotting, ladies wink1.gif I am usually able to truly refrain from symptom spotting the first week but then my obsessive hyper-aware self goes into overdrive. goodvibes.gifto you!!


AFM I believe I O'd last night, lots of left sided pulling/pinching through the evening followed by some short, sharp pains, all of which I typically experience with O. My OPK was decidedly negative this morning but my CM remains fertile appearing. Planning to BD again today for good measure winky.gif I'm hoping that will assure we catch this egg. And so my TWW officially begins!

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Good luck on your tww. I'm just tired of the mystery. Lol. No AF, no bfp. Ugh.
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Dangit ao05. I wonder what is going on. You just stopped BCP right?

Sparkle- good luck and a calm TWW to you! That's how I have been, calm and truly not symptom spotting the first week but ever since that 7dpo temp dip it has been so hard not to notice every little thing.
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Yeah I forgot to refill during thanksgiving time. Lol.
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ao05- That happened to me when I stopped bcp in November. I stopped around the time I think I would have ovulated (if it would have happened the same time it did this month), so mid November. I had serious pregnancy symptoms, and was so convinced that I was pregnant. I had nausea, headaches, food aversions.. and I even got a stupid faint, false positive on a test. But, lo and behold, I wasn't pregnant. It sucked. I kept tracking my ovulation with OPKs though, and never got a positive OPK until mid December when I did ovulate, which confirmed that I wasn't pregnant. I chalk it up to my body freaking out and trying to adjust to the hormone change. I had some very light spotting for a day or 2 at the end of November, which I guess was my period. I really really really really hope that you are pregnant, though!! I'm sending you loads of baby dust! I hope your doctor can help you figure out whats going on as well. Good luck and hugs!


MamaMash- I hope you're feeling good and maintaining your zen!


Sparkle and Serenyd- Good luck!!!


AFM- You guys want to hear a ridiculous dream I had last night? If you don't, then stop reading orngtongue.gif So I've heard of women having dreams of getting bfps, or seeing their baby in utero... But not me. Nope, this lady dreams about being pregnant and developing GIANT NIPPLES. Yep. I dreamt last night, that I was pregnant, but the only way I could tell was because my areolas were giant, dinner plate proportions. And that was it. That was the ENTIRE dream. Just me, being like, holy crap what the hell is happening to my nips.The end.


Have a great day guys! I've gotta drag myself out and finish Christmas shopping (oops, I put it off wayyyyyy too long this year)

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Ao05 are you going to continue TTC if you don't get a BFP?

Lol that dream dahlia! I had a somewhat scary dream about my dd having a couple minor burns on her back and the doctor saying they were going to take her from me for abusing her. Yeah awful dream. And no she does not have any burns on her back. Good luck Christmas shopping! I'm all done, everything wrapped too. Well, other than the food and treats I have to make still.
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ao05- I'm sorry hun.. that sucks. BCP can screw up your body for awhile, but normally period starts soon after. Who knows maybe you just got pregnant in the last week lol... so you're still not out until AF shows. Best of luck!


Sparklemama- It took everyone (my mom, dad, DH, MIL,SIL)a few mins to get the shirt, even when they read it out loud. It was funny to watch the light bulb go off. I had told DH that I didn't think I was preggo the day before so he was a bit surprised but he's very happy. Funny how your mind can change that quick (we just decided to try last month after talking about him getting fixed lol) to wanting another child. I recorded it but he told me to turn it off because he was afraid I'd put it on facebook, so it isn't the best video but it's cute to watch the lightbulb and he just kept asking me "are you serious"?. =)


I hope all those that test Xmas day get there BFP's and can join me in Septembers due date club (when I join).

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Ha ha. Thanks. If I'm not I will not be TTC. It's really not something we were ready for. But would have been so exciting. If I am we'll make if work, but it wasn't a decision we made. I hope I am too. Although I'm more than ready and he's not... I'll get what I want. Lol. We've been together 5 years, I'm 26 and he's 31. It's time. Ha ha.
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Hi ladies...I'd love to join in, if I can keep up! I'm 1 DPO based on OPK and CM/CP. Cant temp since I work lots of nights but I'm pretty sure I'm in the TWW! Very exciting. Hoping the time will fly.

Lots if babydust all around!
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Congrats Countrybound and Happybunny! joy.gif

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Ha ha. Katie. It'll be the longest two weeks EVER!!
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welcome, Katie! Good luck!

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