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Welcome Katie! I hope this TWW goes quick for you and you get your BFP!

How's everyone feeling today?

I woke up with a sinus headache from hell. This cold just will not let up. I thought it was gone. Still thirsty as can be. And actually kinda nauseated today, but that could be from my very stuffed up sinuses draining (ew).
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MamaMash, that sucks about your nasty cold! I hope it clears up soon so you can feel less cruddy.


I'm ok today.. very tired, and irritable though. Could be pms?? Or something wonderful :) .. Still having the creamy white CM, which seems to come in ... waves? for lack of a better word. Not really a gush of it or anything, but I'll go a while without noticing it then I'll suddenly feel wetness similar to if my period started. Low abdominal very very dull cramps off and on again today, and slight nausea/heartburn after eating. But that's probably just cause I had a chicken cheese steak sub! lol. But I've noticed too, that I'm very thirsty all of a sudden. I'm aware that this could all mean nothing, but I'm hopeful.. gotta stay hopeful, or there's no fun!

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TMI question: best position for TTC? My doctor said missionary before I got #1 and maybe it worked but I HATE that one! Also how often to have "naked pillow fight"?  Co-sleeping with #1 who is 19 mos. and still nursing (hoping to ween by 2nd B-day) and living with the in-laws. Probably the least sexy living arrangement possible (for us). I'm taking Vitex tincture, doing Red Clover, Red Raspberry, Violet Leaf infusions and getting monthly accupuncture tx. Any suggestions?

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Darby- That is FAR from a tmi question here! Lol.. we can get fairly shameless ( see above post haha). I've heard that any position that won't make gravity "work against you" is ok. I'm no expert, but that's what I've read. Good luck, and try to look at your situation as a way to get creative with your partner :)

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^^^^^^^ agreed!
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Darby, I agree, anything that allows for gravity to help get those little swimmers in is great. I would always roll on my back afterward and lay there with my legs pulled up. LOL.
When we were TTC when my daughter was between 1 and 1.5 we had a similar situation, DD in our bed and living with the in-laws. I'm glad we moved out right before my DD turned 2. It would have really put a damper on our sex life if we had stayed much longer. After DD was 2 ish I didn't really feel comfortable to do it with her in the bed. Good luck to you!!!


Dahlia and MamaMash, you guys are making me anxious! ;-) I have my fingers crossed for you!!! goodvibes.gif Sending baby vibes!

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I somehow ended up at $tree with 3 poas tests... Ooop! 😉
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Hahaha! Somehow?? I'm sure you were just there getting Christmas bags and wrapping supplies and they just fell into your basket?? It's like they want to be peed on!
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Ah yes, the dollar tree poas phenomenon. Pregnancy tests just sneak into our baskets without our consent! lol


I'm actually getting nervous to test now.

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I got in my car with all intentions to go to the grocer store but turned the opposite way and ended up at $tree lol. No idea how that happened. But now that I have those 3 plus a frer I actually don't want to test. I guess that solved that little urge 😊
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Katiecornflakes we are in the same boat. I think I O'd yesterday with IUI the day before 2 follicles 19mm and 25mm. Let the waiting begin. Sigh
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LOL @ somehow ending up at $tree!

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ROTFLMAO.gifMamaMash!! Too funny. I do know what you mean though. I recently ended up with a pack of OPKs and FRER HPTs in my grocery cart that also called out to me to be used (the OPKs thus far at least). When I started lurking around these board, I couldn't figure out what many women were talking about, just wanting to POAS all the time or feeling addicted to POAS. Now, I get it. Somehow it feels like at least I'm doing something. And just wanting to know is a compelling reason too!


Not much that is TMI here, Darbycrash. I think position is less important than staying in a position after that allows gravity to be on your side. My understanding is that the only studies done on this are with insemination in an office setting where success rates are significantly increased if a woman waits 15 minutes, laying on her back, legs slightly elevated, Vs. getting up right away. I say, DTD however you want, you enjoying the experience is most important and there is some evidence to suggest the female orgasm also increases success rates, rhythmic waves helping propel the sperm toward the correct tube to reach the egg. Not sure how true this is but seems plausible and hey, why not, right?!


I totally hear you ao05. The waiting and uncertainty of the TWW are so awful and craze inducing. My journey TTC #2 has been fraught with much frustration along the way. I hope you and DH can come to the same place on TTC soon. It is really hard to overrule that internal voice and desire to become a mama.


Fx MamaMash, Dahlia, and Becky!! I hope this is the month for all of us goodvibes.gif

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Haha well I did not poas this morning. I'm scared of a bfn. Plus I'm only at 10dpo which is pretty early for most women. I'm really trying not to symptom spot at all. And any "symptoms" I do have could very well be AF related too. Crampy. Stabby vagina pain lol.

Baby vibes sparkle!! I so hope this is you're month!!

Good luck Becky!! Fx for you
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Ha ha. It is frustrating. Logically he's right, it's not the right time. But my inner self is DYING to be a mommy.
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MamaMash- As much as we joke about *not symptom spotting*, I really am on the same page as you. I'm too hesitant to let myself get excited, and am really aware that any possible symptoms that I'm experiencing could just be an oncoming period. I feel like when you're ttc, you only need to get burned once by convincing yourself you're pregnant when you're not, to learn that lesson. I'm hoping, wishing, and praying for our bfps this cycle, though, at the same time smile.gif Trust your gut, and test when you feel like it's time.



Good luck to everyone!!!

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I hope you get to be a mommy soon ao05! It's the best thing ever.

Exactly Dahlia. I got my hopes pretty high last month since we got preggers our first month TTC with our dd. so, this month I am being more logical. I see/feel something that *could* be a symptom and automatically think well that could be AF making her way too. I had all but convinced myself that I was gonna test Christmas morning, but the more I think about the less I want to. I want to focus on dd's Christmas. Make it as awesome as possible and not worry about getting a bfn or getting a BFP. I just want to focus on the kid I already have for the holiday. Make sense? Especially since hopefully this will be her last Christmas as an only child, god willing. 😀
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That's a good call MamaMash. Just enjoy the day for what it is, and know that when the time is right, you'll have your next little one (I bet by this time next year, if not sooner!!).



ao05- I hope you get to be a mom very soon, and that you and your bf can find common ground on it! I'm sure you will. It took my husband what felt like forever, but he came around and I'm sure your bf will too.


SparkleMaman- Thanks, and good luck to you too!


AFM- I'm 8dpo and feel anxious. I just want to know, but I know that there's no way for me to find out! I might test on Christmas, 10dpo for me. At least if I get a bfn that I know it's still early on, and not to be crushed. After last month, I'm fairly numb to negative tests. Since I was convinced I was pregnant, I took tonnns of tests. I'm no stranger to seeing one lonely line.

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I'm 10dpo but got no symptoms at all apart from being tired, but that's probably just working too much. Scared to test in case I get another bfn greensad.gif
Starting to worry I'm too old and left it too late
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aw, serena, if you don't mind, what's your age? Don't give up! Keep trying, stay positive, and look at all your options :) *hugs*

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