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I'm no expert, as I've only ever gotten a false positive (wompwomp :(  ) and negative tests haha... But I do think that I can see pink in it! How long did you leave it?  I want you to pee on another one right this very second, but I know that's probably not the best choice lol. I have a good feeling for you!

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Lol ok ok you are just emotional. Annnnd no. Not peeing on another right now haha. Maybe in the morning. This was a pretty diluted urine too cause I've still been drinking like a frickin' race horse. I've only ever gotten my BFP with my daughter and I was 3 days late. So that was a dark line. And then bfn every other time I had the urge to test. Agh. Who really knows... 😊
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Ohh and I don't know how long it was sitting there. Awhile. I looked at it a couple minutes after peeing on it and didn't see anything. So I went and made cookies (washed my hand of course 😉) and then I all of a sudden wanted to look at it again. So, awhile. Which is why I think possibly it could be an Evap line
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Def test first thing in the morning, if the mood strikes, and let us know!! What kind of cookies did you make? I've been having the hankering to make some, but no idea what I'm in the mood for. That's been a big problem recently. Poor husband hasn't been having many great dinners cause I'm just not hungry, unless its for something very specific. So, haven't really been in the cooking mood.

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arg the same friend that I was talking to you guys about the other day, is pestering me to test NOW. I keep telling her it's too early, and she's like why?? why?? I explained it to her in detail about how long it can take for everything from fertilization to implantation, and she won't let up! You'd think she'd know all this, since she's gotten pregnant twice within a year and a half! lol! Even after telling her why it's still too early she said, Well do it tomorrow then. As if 9 days past O isn't early haha.. oh boy. I warned her that I'm emotional today but that lady just won't take a hint!

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We'll see how I feel in the morning! I made little simple sugar cookies that I dipped in green and red sugar. Very festive haha. At least it sounds like your friend is being positive now!! If you aren't scared to possibly see a bfn then I say test 😉
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Dahlia don't do it!!!! My friend convinced me to test early once and I knew better bi knew it was too early. It was a BFN and then I was upset. Hold out! Mamamash did u post a pic? Maybe I can't see it from my phone. Going on computer now
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That's true, it's good that she's being positive :) Like I said, I'm like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde today. One minute I'm super pissed at something, and the next I want to cry. Could just be pms though..


I just feel so sure that it'll be negative, that I don't want to waste a test, ya know? I'm definitely hitting $tree tomorrow... their tests seem to be good luck around here!! All I have are Wondfos, 3 FRER, and 2 CB digi... I don't want to waste the expensive ones, and who knows, maybe $tree is the magical place to go!

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I posted 2. One is a little fuzzy but I think you can see the "line" better in that one
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Mamamash just looked on the computer. Second pic with different angle is clearly 2 lines plus dilute urine....gonna go with BFP!!!!! Merry Christmas. You clearly have more than just cookies in the oven smile.gif
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Wait!!! Just took another look. I see pink lines in BOTH pictures! Yay!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Becky8824 View Post

Mamamash just looked on the computer. Second pic with different angle is clearly 2 lines plus dilute urine....gonna go with BFP!!!!! Merry Christmas. You clearly have more than just cookies in the oven smile.gif

hahahaa "more than just cookies in the oven" I LOVE IT. That should be on a card that you give to your husband to tell him the news!! Give him cookies, with the card! And the test! AH so excited for you!!

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Yay! I'm still being cautious. I might test in the morning. Maybe.
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If you test do it first thing in the morning. Don't wait
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Good luck ao05!

Mamamash, I'm jealous of your patience.

Country bound, were you the one who was supposed to start with me on the 25th? If not, how many dpo are you again? I don't see a line in the pic, but that doesn't mean it's not there!

Afm, I am trying so, SO hard to wait. Thing is, I'm due on the 25th, and I want to surprise DH then, ya know? Stores are closed that day, so ill have to grab some tests tommorow, and I know once I have one I won't be able to resist the urge! I'm trying really hard to be calm, but the combination of nausea and soreness and sickness is really making me wonder! Uggghhh!
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Omg mama mash yours is darker than mine was!!!!! So a BFP!
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You don't think it's Evap???
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Lol no way!!!! Mine was so much lighter and I got plenty of BFN's before to compare it to. but I did run out and get a first response which has pinker lines.
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I had to get the ones that say pregnant not pregnant so there's no confusion lol
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He likes to wait till last minute. Heck, we've been together 5 years and live together for 2. He hasn't even popped the question yet. We both know we're going to get married someday. I think he's waiting till I get pissed. Same thing will happen with a baby.
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