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You give me hope countrybound! I think I'll probably test in the morning.
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Mamamash, that test is SOOOO positive.  My $tree tests were way, way, way lighter than that, and got darker every 12 hours.  I tested better at night for some reason.  Those look just like my 11dpo test, the third round.

Also, the first few days of faint positives, I had to almost let them dry before I could see them.  After a few days, I could easily see it wet, and as the urine passed the line.


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Really Emily!? I thought since I left it for awhile it wasn't accurate. Oh man. Trying not to get it excited!
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Mamamash I think if it was negative it wouldn't get darker. I think your prego...plus everyone besides me gets pregnant so it's gotta be you wink1.gif
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mamamash I can clearly see pink, mine didn't even have pink except with the first response. When I posted early it was from my phone, now on my computer you can really see it better. You saw mine, at first you didn't even see a line, so that should tell you that yours is darker. Congrats! We're due together!!


Blonhrt88- I was confirmed by a blood test. For sure BFP. Getting my second blood test tomorrow to make sure numbers are rising.

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

hahahaa "more than just cookies in the oven" I LOVE IT. That should be on a card that you give to your husband to tell him the news!! Give him cookies, with the card! And the test! AH so excited for you!!

That's an awesome idea. I may even do it. I was gonna take him to the book store and call ahead and have them put the book What to expect while you are expecting at the front counter. Have the sales person hand it to us after we checked out. I have another idea but I was gonna use it for my ex so it doesn't seem right. I saved my movie tickets from Knocked Up. I was gonna hand him the tickets one night. But if I test in the am I can't possibly wait until night to tell him smile.gif
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I just showed my husband the second pic, and he nodded within like ONE SECOND of looking at it, and made a "plus" sign with his hands.  :)


And countrybound,

woo-hoo! for confirmation from the lab!

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That really is such a cute idea! Maybe I could do that for my close family. If I get a BFP Christmas morning I want to wrap it up and stick it in his stocking. But I love that "more than just cookies in the oven"
Oh man Emily! The fact that a man can see it is even more exciting.
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Oh and thanks Becky! I sure hope I am and I'm sure you will get your BFP soon!!
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MamaMash, my line was lighter than yours, for sure. I'm going to go with CONGRATULATIONS!!! ;-)

I could not wait any longer, I told my DH. I'm so nervous about mc that I could not keep it to myself any longer. Yesterday morning I even told him I got my period (because I was starting to think he was suspecting something, turns out I was wrong about that) and then I gift wrapped the pregnancy test and gave him an 'early x-mas present' in the afternoon. He was very surprised since he had totally bought my period lie and was super excited. Now I just run to the bathroom every couple of hours checking for spotting. I'm going to go nuts for the next two to three weeks, I just know it. I want to get to 8 weeks already so I can stress out a bit less...

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Aww thanks happybunny. We shall see how the next few days go 😊 I was also a crazy basket case about mc with my dd. Have you had any mc's previously?
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Woah! I missed an entire page! Duh!

Mama mash....looks great! Update us when u test again!

Country bound, congrats!

Afm, after reading this thread, I have lost all my patience and will test tommorow. HAHAHA yes! I win! Lol
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MamaMash, yes, I had one at 6 ish weeks in February. One of my best friends, who is a midwife, told me not to worry too much. I'm trying, but I still end up obsessing over every tiny cramp. I keep telling my husband that I wish I felt sicker, lol. I hate feeling nauseous, but at least it would give me a little peace of mind that things are going okay. I try to distract myself by googling midwives :-)

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Aww i'm sorry to hear that happybunny. Being sick is a reassuring sign though! I was super sick with my dd. so if I am pregnant I want to be sick lol. And I actually have felt a bit queasy today.
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I'm so happy for you :)

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Let us know how your test turns out Blonhrt! And thanks so much Dahlia, I am definitely still very hesitant to believe it. I would need like 7 positives and a few blood tests. Are you going to test tomorrow? Or is your gut saying wait?
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I'm not sure yet... if I do, it'll be first thing in the morning.. I'm so nervous.

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9 dpo still feels so early too

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It is pretty early. Just go with your gut. If you do test and it's a bfn don't get discouraged since 9dpo is pretty early.
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Mamamash - I can totally see the line! What an awesome Christmas present! Woho!!

Afm- I'm going to test in a few hrs. DH is hogging the bathroom at the moment! I've been trying to be sneaky as well! :-). A bit of wishful thinking I'm only 8 dpo. DH and I were in target last night. He found a onsie of his favorite football team and totally bought it! Omg I was so happy and in total shock! I know we both want this, he's just not much of a talker about personal things. Talk about actions speaking more than words!! My heart was all warm and fuzzy after that!!! Hehe...
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