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Ops.. Meant to ask!

Dahlia - are you going to test today? I can't remember if you were worried about it upsetting your Christmas. If that is the case, I completely understand. Xoxo and baby dust to all!!
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I'm 11dpo, no symptoms but I wanna test, but it's too early right? Also I'm getting a lot of cm, what does that mean?
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Well, I caved and tested with a Wondfo and a FRER, both big ol' negatives. wompwomp

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I'm not surprised, but a little disappointed. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.. I'm still planning on going to $tree today and grabbing a few tests haha. I know 9 dpo is early, so I'm not totally crushed, but you all know how it is when you take a test- you always get so hopeful for that little pink line. At least I'm off work for the next week, so I have plenty of time to obsess and take tests.


Cindy lu- Good luck!!! FX or a BFP for you!!!!

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OMG, MamaMash!!! That is SO completely, totally POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!


joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifCongratulations MamaMash!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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It's hard to be on the east coast, waiting for someone in the west to WAKE UP!!! and poas HAHA ;)

Just waiting, *patiently*, mamamash.

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Hi all! I am new here and just entered the TWW. Been TTC for 5 months and no luck but I feel like this could be the month because I think I O'd! I felt a lot of pinching on the right side by the hip and was seriously confused- of course I googled it and turns out that's a sign (I know you all know this- I just have PCOS so I rarely o)! I am trying to stay positive and not stressed! Good luck to all of you smile.gif I hope there are lots of Christmas BFPs!
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Emily- hahaha so true!! wake up MamaMash!!


How is everyone doing today? Welcome, jjh5351! I hope you get your bfp soon!


I was of course obsessing and googling 9dpo stuff, and found this site which helped me to relax a little http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/pregnancy-test/dpo-chart.php?dpo=9

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Haha I'm up! You guys are funny. So sorry it was a bfn dahlia, but it is early. Test again tomorrow, or in a few days, or whenever you feel you want to 😊
I woke up at 5:30 my time to take my temp and decided to poas then since DH and DD were still sleeping. Sneaky sneaky 😉 And there is a very faint line. Really faint. But it's still there. I want a dark line! I know 10 and 11dpo is super early to want a dark line. I'll probably test tomorrow morning with my frer. I know my DH well enough to know if it's a faint line he won't believe it lol. The line with our dd was super dark (I was already 3 days late) and he still didn't totally believe it. He made me take another test, and then still didn't think it was real until the blood test. Men 😀
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Mamamash, I am going to eat my hat if you don't get on here saying you have a BFP this morning! That test was totally positive. Congrats!!!

Hugs for the BFNs.

Hanging out at 3DPO here. Feeling pretty zen but wondering how long that will last!
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Yay or nay? 😃
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Did you test Cindy-lu?? Serena I was 10dpo yesterday and 11 today and I think I've gotten 2 faint positives. You can so test, but it's still early so if it's bfn don't be discouraged. Some women don't get a BFP until after they have missed AF.
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I see it Mamamash smile.gif
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Thx mama, I think I'm gonna test tomorrow, as my bbs have started to get a tiny bit tender, but might just b AF. I'm going crazy looking for symptoms that are not there lol 😂😖
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serena- you can test now, but like mamamash said, some people don't get BFP's until 14dpo... it just depends on implantation. But I tested at 10dpo and got a faint BFP.


mamamash- yup you're still preggo


AFM- I'm leaving in a min to go get my second blood draw and then the gym, My boobs are kind of getting sharp pains so my running days are almost over, I remember this from last year lol.

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Oh and I do see a faint positive mama yay!!
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I have been awake since 2 waiting for mamamash to wake up...yay you are pregnant!!!!!! So happy

Afm I think all the post O symptoms are gone so just gotta wait for baby symptoms. I think I O'd on Friday so today is what 3 dpo? Or would it be 4dpo? Lol still tired with one eye open
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Ugh I'm totally stressing I just got out of bed and I think AF is coming but not sure. The problem is I had a Leep procedure the week before my AI the doctor said I could spot for up to 6 weeks. It's pretty much been tannish/brownish but this morning it was pinkish almost wanting to be red. Haven't had that since the day I O'd. Since I O'd on Friday could AF be starting now or is that too early. I hate this!!!!
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MamaMash YOU ARE SO PREGNANT!!! I totally see it. jumpers.gifjumpers.gifYEAH!! jumpers.gifjumpers.gif So, so happy for you!! What an awesome Christmas present. Are you gonna call for a blood test today? They should be able to send it off STAT and get results by tonight, but you need to request that (or you'll wait 'til Wednesday for results otherwise). I too have been waiting for you to get up and test. Merry Christmas!!


Becky Not sure about your questions. It sounds like it could certainly be related to the LEEP procedure, especially if you've been busy BDing around O since last week. DTD can irritate your cervix, which is already irritated, hence the spotting. I'd be surprised if it was AF. I know you can also get cramping related to the irritation. Fx mama!


Countrybound Totally! I remember the sore boobs well (no sports bra was at all helpful). I was able to resume running around 8 weeks with my DD but had to stop around 20 weeks again, as my uterus became too heavy to run comfortably. It was such intense pressure! Please keep us posted!


Katiecornflakes You and I are cycle buddies!! 3 DPO here too. 2whistle.gif Chillin' here as well but also not confident it will last long. I am hoping to hold out until New Year's Eve or Day (don't want to stare at that lonely line).


Hang in there Serena and Cindy-lu!! It is definitely too early to call it.



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Sparklemaman since I had the Leep I wasn't able to DTD we did an insemination instead. I have had every color of the rainbow so maybe that's still it. Fx and positive thoughts. I'll know sooner or later smile.gif
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