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I'm still very tentative about saying I am preggo... My line yesterday seems darker. Maybe my fmu wasn't as concentrated? I might try another later today haha. I don't think my doc is in the office sparkle. I think if I get more faint lines maybe I'll call after Christmas and start getting blood tests 😃

Becky I had a LEEP January 2011 so almost a year ago. I believe I spotted brown for quite awhile. But could it be implantation bleeding?? Or it really could be from all the BD and an already irritated cervix. Good luck hun!!
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Oh we cross posted Becky. I totally forgot you did an insemination. It could totally be from the LEEP still. I wouldn't worry too much
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No question on that test, mama. try one before bed tonight , I bet it'll be darker! You got your wish for Christmas, hooray smile.gif
go ahead and say it "I am pregnant" lol
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mamamash, the last pic I posted was 8pm on 11dpo, and it looked like yours.

These were afternoon on 12 and 13dpo, and my DH finally believed them.  Now he is a total believer in faint lines, after watching them darken. LOL he thinks yours is obvious, after seeing the first few of mine.

I took another one on 15dpo to send to my MIL for Christmas, and the Test line was darker than the Control line.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...keep peeing?!

I always felt like spending money on frer or digitals was a waste.  These were $.88 at walmart, so I felt better about just peeing and peeing...

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Ok I just peed on my last one (I need more!!) and the line is darker 😃
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So awesome!! Definitely darker smile.gif

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That is, without a doubt, POSITIVE!! hooray!!!! How many dpo are you?

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I think I'm pregnant! Ah! I told my BFF. I couldn't keep it in. She also confirmed. Said its positive. I think I'm gonna do the test in dh's stocking and probably do a little picture of cookies in an oven that says "more than just cookies in my oven" for my family tomorrow! Thanks for the idea Becky! Holy shiz. I'm 11dpo dahlia
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I'm so happy for you! What an awesome Christmas!

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Thanks so much dahlia. My finger and toes and everything in between are crossed for you!
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What a lucky month!  I'm kinda bummed I got my bfp a couple weeks ago, and am in a different ddc than you guys. :(  I'll have to check in with the September 2013 ddc.  September, when you ladies will have new babies!  

mamamash:  You almost got it, this time:  "I AM pregnant"  ;)

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Congrats Mamamash! What a great Christmas present!

Afm, I tested today and bfn. I'll expect to see AF tommorow. Boooooo! Good luck to the rest of you!
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Well Emily is mine is a sticky bean I actually would most likely have an end of August baby. Repeat c section would probably be the route I take and that would be a week early. So sorry Blonhrt
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Congrats mamamash!! What a great Xmas present!
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Yay yay yay mamamash. Early present for you.

Afm I'm not too stressed the spotting webbing back to tan so I think it's still just irritated cervix. Hard to know for sure. My DB is still kissing my tummy for good luck smile.gif
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Becky duh.gif I am sorry, I do remember you saying that now! It was the most reasonable explanation that popped into my head at the time but as I posted it, I thought I recalled you mentioning IUI. I am leaning most toward spotting from the LEEP, and maybe even the IUI/exam caused some cervical irritation. Fx!

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Congrats mama awesome news! smile.gif)
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Oh my gosh. Do not go out on Christmas Eve. I came up with a bs excuse to run to Walmart so I could print out the pick for my family. Getting there was a joke. Parking was a joke. And then the picture kiosk that takes the iPhone was broken! Ugh. So I grabbed the stuff I "needed" and stood in line for frickin ever. But I still really wanted to print it out. I ventured to Walgreens. There was only one working picture kiosk and there was someone on it already and a guy in front me of. So I waited. The lady at the counter was awesome and said she'd print mine really quick but by the time it was my turn it was 2 different ladies who were not nice and refused to work with me. So as I'm walking out I see the original lady at the check stand in front. I told her they wouldn't print it out for at least a half hour. This sweet woman offered to drop the pic off at my house this evening while I'm at a family Christmas party! How sweet is that!? So now I hope she can find my house, she said she lives fairly close to me anyways. I was so stunned by her kindness. I wrote her a nice letter to leave on my front porch. I definitely am feeling the christmas spirit now.
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That's awesome mamamash
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