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Wow! That's an awesome sign of Christmas spirit Mamamash! What a kind stranger!

Sorry ao05, hope to see you again soon!

My bfn was followed by some pink spotting tonight. Weird, last month I started my period the day I tested too...I guess it will be full blown AF tommorow! YEAY! Lol
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I tested first thing this morning and bfn greensad.gif a bit bummed out but at least I got Xmas to distract me smile.gif
Merry christmas everyone, and baby dust to all x
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Ao05 - sorry babes! I wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Dahlia - how are you doing today?

Tested this am again...no dice again! I keep telling myself that it's early! Ugh...the wait is driving me nutz. What do I do when I need to stay busy? Bake! So around 9:30 last night I wiped together an apple pie! Pregnant or fat?!?!? Lol
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Cindy-lu- I'm ok, tested again, and surprise surprise bfn. It is early though. I'm not giving up til I get my period! We both still have time :) Apple pie sounds awesome, btw!!! Enjoy the white Christmas here in MD!



Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!
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Merry Christmas ladies!!

Dang it Cindy-Lu and Dahlia that BFP just needs to stop hiding!!

I tested just barely with my frer and that beautiful little pink like showed right up 😄 so now I'm just waiting for my dd to wake up so we can start Christmas! I will let you know how it all goes!
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Merry Christmas all!

Aunt flow never came, I'm now late, so we will see if she shows. Test yesterday showed bfn, and I had pink spotting at night, but then it stopped....not getting my hopes up but I'll let you know what comes of it smile.gif
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Good luk Blonhrt I'm rooting for you!

Here's my frer. Nice dark line 😃

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Ao05, sorry and I hope you get your baby soon! 


Cindy and Dahlia, better luck next time! 


And congrats again Mamamash! that FRER looks great! 


Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing us all 2013 babies! 

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope the day keeps our minds on something else besides testing.
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Hi ladies!

Well, it was a hit! DH was picking threw his stocking and the test was the only thing wrapped. He unwrapped it was looking at the back of the test for what felt like forever. Then he finally turned it over and was shocked. With huge eyes he goes "you're PREGNANT!?" Haha. It was so funny. He wasn't quite as ready for another as I am so he also lovingly said "man, I thought I had a little more time." Haha. He is very excited though 😊

And, the picture was also a hit. I put the test in the bottom of a little gift bag, put a piece of tissue paper on top of that and then the pic on top of that covered with more tissue paper. I had my mom open it. She read the picture and was slightly confused so I said there's something else in there. She pulled out the tissue paper and screamed. My sisters, dad, brother, and grandma were all there too and equally as excited.

Such a great Christmas surprise. I'm off to have Christmas dinner and go see Les Mis!

Good luck to you all! I am sure we'll see plenty more BFP's this month!
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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day and that one more day in the 2WW flew by! It always feels like life is about counting days when TCCing, doesn't it?


Hugs on the BFNs, Cindy and Dahlia, hopefully AF still stays away.


Beautiful lines, Mamamash!!


Becky, I did ov last Friday. I'm going to try hard to hold out testing until 1/1. When are you thinking you'll test? Anyone else want to have a POAS party on 1/1? Awesome New Years Day activity!! :)

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I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!

Af never came, I'm officially a day late..... The kicker is I took a test two days ago, and it was negative. I did have spotting last night though. How long should I wait to test if af still doesn't show? I'm thinking Thursday should be enough right?
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I would say Thursday is plenty long enough to wait Blonhrt 😊
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Katiecornflakes I was going to wait until 1/3 I was thinking 1/1 was too early. I know implantation is between 6-12dpo they say more like 8-10 so wouldn't implantation be around this weekend? Ugh I have the worst headache right now. I hope I sleep. I have had really bad insomnia for about a month. Plus I hate that I had to take clomid. So nauseous but I'm sure it's from the clomid. Wonder how long it stays in your system
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Congratulations, mamamash! I'm so, so happy for you :-)

(I'm going to the hospital to get all my first round of testing done here in a little while, that's why I'm up so early. That, and the after Christmas shopping spree.! Rofl)
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Ok Mamamash, thanks!
I love your announcements, so friggin cute! I'm glad you got to do it on Xmas smile.gif
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MamaMash So glad your Christmas announcements went over so well. Such a cute idea! Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. Your DH's reaction is sweet. Right on target with what you'd mentioned regarding each of your levels of urgency. I am so, so glad you got your BFP sooner rather than later love.gif


Katiecornflakes I too was planning to test New Year's Eve and/or Day, that would put me at 10 and 11 DPO (assuming I O'd Friday, which seems pretty sure). I am scared to stare at a BFN, that lonely line is so sad to look at, but I am already getting excited to test!! A little testing party sounds great to me and a BFP would be a fabulous New Year's treat thumb.gif Becky You are correct on timing of implantation and testing but a sensitive test can often detect pregnancy by 10 DPO, though certainly not in all women and definitely not if implantation doesn't occur until 10 DPO!! Your safest bet is always to wait until you're actually late and barring that, 12-14 DPO, if you can hold out winky.gif 1/3 is your better bet - I don't think I'll last that long. So sorry about your Clomid side effects. Hoping they subside very soon.


Good luck with your testing (and bargain hunting) JoyfamMama!!


Fx Blonhrt, Dahlia and Cindy-Lu! Thursday seems long enough for sure Blonhrt. Hang in there Dahlia!!


AFM 5 DPO. Waiting patiently. ROTFLMAO.gifor not. Trying. Planning to see a very good friend from high school and her sweet 7 month old baby girl this afternoon. They don't live nearby but are visiting for the holidays. Very excited to see them. That and awaiting the impending storm tonight, we should get 2 feet or more of snow by tomorrow morning. cold.gifLots of shoveling (and super fun snow play and hot cocoa drinking with DD) in my future! wave.gif Mamas!!

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Thanks Sparklemaman! I'm trying to be patient. Not very successfully though haha! Do you still consider 10/11 dpo pretty early for a positive?

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And stay warm during the storm! We're getting snowed on right now. Very pretty, but stuck in the house going crazy!


Cindy lu-How are you doing?

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