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I'm just trying not to read into anything.. Don't want to get my hopes totally up like last time. But yeah it is definitely a strange feeling!!

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I know where you're coming from. I read into every little thing last month and was really disappointed. I do have a good feeling for you though!
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Thank you stillheart.gif

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I' d also like to point out how awesome it is that we can use "stabby vag pain" in the same breath as what color kitchen aid mixer we have or like Lol
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Dahlia ROTFLMAO.gifTotally! I love that almost nothing is TMI here. Not that I am terribly inhibited to begin with (I teach sex ed, I can't be!). Oh, fingers and toes crossed!! Are you going to test tomorrow morning? Mamamash Thanks for that heads up, btw. I've been having some cramping today off and on and weird stabby vaginal pains (never had before ever) with some creamy CM (which I never have at this point in my cycle). Totally trying to remain calm and peaceful. No symptom spotting, right? lol.gif Oh! And I went for the white Kitchen Aid mixer, as I didn't have my own kitchen at the time and wasn't sure what my ultimate color scheme might be. I do wish sometimes I'd gone for a bright color but the mixer is so, so awesome! We use it for pizza dough at least once a week, my DD adores punching down the dough after it rises. And your DD is indeed adorable and beautiful!! So sweet! I also love being the Mama to a little girl. I am sure I'd love a little boy just as much though.

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Hahaha that's so true dahlia! How funny.

How many DPO are you sparkle?? I have had quite a bit of creamy/watery CM. I am SO excited for my kitchen aid. Funny that he got it for me right as I got pregnant. I baked more during dd's pregnancy than I ever did or have since! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my sweet girl. I just love her. It's about her nap time so maybe I'll try to nap as well. Maybe... Doctor Who on Netflix is really calling my name lol.
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Dahlia you crack me up! Mamamash so glad you are sticking around...in more ways than one.

I'm feeling dull cramps today 5dpo. It was weird I felt it 5 times in a row every couple seconds. I'm so emotional can cry so easily. Gotta be the clomid hormones. Sigh
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Dahlia, fingers crossed for darker lines, but I do see a faint on the bottom!

Mamamash, thank you, I will wait and see what happens, I guess :/ , and your dd is so adorable!

Sparkle mama, no symptom spotting at all wink1.gif although I will say I have that creamy stuff too! Weird cm, it has a mind of its own.
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As you all know by now, I'm a terrible poas addict... So I tested again Sheepish.gif




This was within the time limit.. I'm staring at it now, and it even seems to be darker and dare I say pink! I just took this one about 30 mins ago. Can you see a line or am I a crazy person?

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I saw it right away smile.gif
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I think I see it!
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I'm still back and forth with seeing it in the picture, too, MamaMash! I'm trying so so hard to remain calm. deeep breaths! And I haven't mentioned a thing to my husband this cycle, so he's completely in the dark! Thank God for you guys, or I would burst!!

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Should I try a frer?? I'm so scared of seeing a blatant negative

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Should I try a frer?? I'm so scared of seeing a blatant negative


Wait and try in the AM with FMU! Keep us posted!!!

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I would wait til tomorrow to try a frer.
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But I'm getting really exited for you!!!
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I'll wait smile.gif very impatiently. lol
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Dahlia-were waiting with fingers crossed. I don't know about you, but whenever I'm waiting to retest, I swear I can't think of anything else for longer than 30 seconds at a time.

Mamamash - yes, you are loved. Your kind and encouraging posts always brighten my day :-) I wish I knew you irl... Oh, and I just got my kitchen aid a couple weeks ago! I got the not shiny black too! I'm so totally a matte girl. Lol! I love, love love it, and of course DH and all the kiddos do too. Which one did you get? I got the professional series one.

It seems like this is becoming a super successful ttc month!

I realized that I needed to go for blood work by the end of the week to stay in the mid-luteal phase like I'm supposed to, then I realized that it needs to be fasting, and (esp since I thought I would he getting a t/v ultrasound) I don't want to take all 4 kids with me in the hospital, I better get myself I would there today! So I went straight there at 7 this morning, but by the time I got registered and got the blood work (u/s by appt only), it was 1030! Blizzard conditions were rapidly coming our way when I got done and raced over to pick up my FC from their birth family, and it took me almost 2 hours to get home-its 32 miles. So I got no shopping done... Boo...
But... We made it home safely (saw 3 accidents and 6 spin outs), and I didn't spend any money after all. Rofl! U/s is scheduled for Monday, when dh is off again to watch the kids.

Oh, and the thousands of dollars for the testing is all being covered by the hospital program for those who are over Medicaid limits, but not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination! I almost cried right there in front of the financial Counselor lady. Lol!
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I forced myself (twice) to put the pregnancy tests back on the shelf today while at the store haha. I just keep telling myself I got my bfp no need to waste money on more tests. And I'll get my blood test next week.

You better update ASAP when you take one tomorrow dahlia!!
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JoyfamMama- It's all I can think about!! That's awesome that the financial aid is going to cover those costs!! What a blessing!


MamaMash- Trust me, I'll be on here first thing in the morning to let you all know!!


I keep thinking this is all in my head and that I must be seeing things.. then I go look at the tests again and the lines are still there. It's taking so much willpower not to say anything to my husband!

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