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MamaMash, please don't tell me that feeling nauseous early and having an elevated heart rate means twins... because I might be in trouble if this is true. winky.gif

Dahlia, I can't wait to see your frer! Sooo exciting!

Best of luck and lots of baby dust for all of you waiting for your BFPs!!!

AFM, I was quite nauseous earlier in the day and I'm constantly eating. I feel like I have a tiny cold coming on. Right now I'm feeling a bit cramp-y, and it worries me. I read that it can be a sign of pregnancy, but I also know that it can signal a m/c. Ugh. At least the nausea is a good sign and the cramping is mild. It probably doesn't help that I had a HUGE serving of sauteed kale with onions. Who knows how much of it is gas building up in there. orngbiggrin.gif  I so want a sticky bean... trying not to drive myself too crazy, but it's easier said than done.

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Katiecornflakes you are right everything I read says 10-11dpo to test. I can't wait until the 3rd because I work so I will prob test on the 1st too smile.gif
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hey you guysssssssssssssss....






do you see it!?!? I'm freakin' out, man. orngtongue.gif I couldn't even wait 30 mins after my husband left for work to hop out of bed and test. I got 2 frer's that look like this, and a clear blue that says i'm not pregnant. But I know CB needs 50 miu of hcg while frer is only like 25.


Whaddya think!!?

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Here's a second one if that one is hard to see




I'm shaking so hard.

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Dahlia Waiting on pins and needles to see your FRER!!! So exciting!


MamaMash I am only 6 DPO, which seems ridiculously early to have cramping and stabby vaginal pains, but I know I am not imagining this. The past 6 months or so I have had no signs or symptoms in the first week of my TWW at all. I have only noticed things I attributed to possible pregnancy after 7-8 DPO. So hopeful this is a good sign!! On the other hand, it was me that said on this very thread that any symptoms observed before possible implantation were most likely progesterone mediated post-O symptoms. Back to the other thought, I also know implantation can occur around 5-6 DPO, so maybe. Still have a small amount of creamy CM, I never have that at this point in my cycle, and my Cx feels rather low. With DD I was sure we hadn't been successful our first month TTC and mistook IB at 7 or 8 DPO for the early start of my period (though after I got my BFP I realized it was nothing like my usual AF spotting, it was super brief, one morning only, very watery and light pink). Wow, twins! That would be pretty amazing!

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Dahlia We cross posted smile.gif  Really light but I definitely see it in the second pic!!! joy.gifjoy.gifCongrats! joy.gifjoy.gifAre you going to call for bloodwork today?

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Dahlia And I HATE the CBEs, I don't like the blue dye tests at all!!

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Yeah, its so faint!! Does it look like a bfp?? I don't quite believe it yet. I used a CB digi, which was negative, I don't trust the blue dye tests either! I need to get more tests! So I'm gonna get myself together, and go to the store, and hold my pee the whole time so it's good and concentrated when I get home haha...

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That is a positive test Dahlia!! I really truly see it. No doubt. BFP!! I'd go for bloodwork.

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I'll make an appt today! I can barely think straight right now. ok. shower. store. pee. I'll be back on later, hopefully with a better lookin' test for you guys! dizzy.gif

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jumpers.gif So, so, so excited for you Dahlia!!! jumpers.gif

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Lol why is it I don't ever see the line on any if these pics 😣
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haha Serenyd, it's faint smile.gif I'm hoping for a darker, more obvious one in a few hours.


The lines have faded IRL , but are still sorta there confused.gif Is that normal??

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Dahlia Totally normal. The directions all indicate you can't read results after a certain length of time (I think with FRERs it's around an hour). The line is there!! pos.gif

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Congrats dahlia! I'm with you on getting more tests, ill be doing the same Friday!

Thanks Katie corn flakes! I'm not gonna test today though, m gonna use FMU Friday smile.gif

Sparkle mama, I'm sure your cramps r a good sign!

I'm still the same today...cramps and no period. I'm frustrated, but at the same time I'm happy. I hope AF stays gone!
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Blonhrt- I had cramping from 5 or 6 dpo, fingers crossed for you!!



OH and Serena76- Sorry!! I called you the wrong name!! My bad

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O.M.G. I see it!! Dahlia!! We are due date buddies!!! Ahh!!!!!
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Haha sorry I got super excited. Sparkle your symptoms could very well be something. Especially since you know you don't have these things every cycle.

Good luck Blonhrt! I'm still optimistic for you.

Oh and dahlia my $tree tests faded a bunch. I can still see the lines but very light. Yay!!!! I just knew it!
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EEEEE! I'm so giddy!!! joy.gif BUT i want a dark positive! How soon after your faint lines did you get the dark one?

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Ohh and happybunny! My lovely sister sent me all these pages of twin symptoms. And yes elevated heart rate and nausea were on there. BUT I was super nauseated early on with my dd. and I actually haven't been too bad the last couple days. Heart rate on the other hand. I have not gotten out of bed yet and mine is 90. That could very well be because I am so excited for all these BFP's!! I really think I have one little bean in there. I am also soo nervous. I want this little bean to stick!

Dahlia I got my first faint positive on 10dpo, then 2 more faint ones on 11dpo, and my dark beautiful line 12dpo. So 2 days! You'll get that beautiful dark line soon! How/when are you gonna tell DH!?
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