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Sorry, I know this isn't tww related, but I have the worst headache right now. Can I take ibuprofen??

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No ibuprofen isn't considered safe during pregnancy. Tylenol is fine though
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Thanks Mamamash. I hope you feel better soon as well!! I realized that I didn't answer you about my edd. I'm not realllly sure, but according to a due date calculator, it's Sept 7. That's also assuming that I did ovulate on Dec 15.


I'm sending out mega baby dust to everyone still in the tww!!! Good luck to everyone!

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Katie I'm hoping for you!

I got some shabby pains today and was like, woah. Haven't felt that since I was pregnant with DS. Hope it's a good sign. I'll test with FMU tommorow and update u all smile.gif
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Yay for stabby vag pain Blonhrt lol! Good luck!! Let's get some more bfps!

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Yay for due date buddies!! I am feeling better. I took a nice bath and it helped. I'm hoping I'll be able to get in for blood work tomorrow.

Good luck blonhrt!! I'll be on first thing in the morning for your update.
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10 dpo here.


4really felt due for my period today,got brown spotting.

cant really eat anything other than fruit.

boobs are fighting to get out of my bra.

test was neg,but no worries,its early.

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Dahlia and Mamamash, your encouragement is very appreciated! My husband doesn't care about my stabby pains :/ LOL
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Stabby pains were my dead giveaway😃
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Agh all of these BFPs are making my TWW awful! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high but I've had some dull cramps. Could be implantation maybe? I've had creamy CM and I know a few of you have said you had that too...
I reaaaallly need to stop symptom spotting lol! I think I may have had a "chemical pregnancy" (I hate that term but I don't even know what we call it) last month without a pos test. I had a really horrible period with spotting before but I was having serious pregnancy symptoms or a virus a week after when I should have ovulated. I'm just really nervous! Sorry about the long post I just needed a vent!
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Dahlia So sweet!! joy.gifI want to hear about how the rest of your family reacts.


MamaMash Glad you're feeling better. Bubble baths can work miracles smile.gif  And despite your sisters' twin predictions, I suspect you've got just one perfect bean in there.


Blonhrt Fingers and toes crossed!! I think your symptoms (and such a late AF) sound really promising!!


Katie and Becky So excited we're cycle buddies! 7DPO tomorrow, half way there!! I've never had anyone in the TWW right along with me, exact DPO.  fingersx.gifFx we all get our BFPs really soon.  I have a really good feeling about this month, December seems to be a very fertile month here in the TWW. Only a few more days to go! Becky I am a nurse too! I teach now but I used to work ER/ICU and then L&D. Being around babies all day made my baby fever so much worse!


Welcome jjh5351. So sorry about your loss. The TWW can feel soooooooooo long! There's tons of babydust to go around dust.gifHang in there!


AFM Adding to my not symptom spotting, really tingly/sore boobs tonight. Again, this does not typically happen at this point in my cycle, not usually until just a few days before AF and not quite like this. The dull cramping has continued off and on all day with stabby vaginal pains at times. Only a really scant amount of creamy CM (wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking for it) but also not typical. I really want to POAS!!


sleepytime.gif Night Mamas!!

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jjh5351 I know how you feel. I feel like EVERYONE always gets pregnant besides me and with all these BFP I feel like I'm doomed to get a BFN. I have 4 previous BFN but those were with my exDH. I'm hoping my current DB's soldiers will get the job done right. 


Sparklemaman I swear I am creating symptoms. I'm sitting here thinking "oh, my legs hurt, like and achy flu feeling, I must be getting sick" It's hard to know my symptoms since I don't ovulate regularly. My boobs don't hurt but my nipples are sore to touch, but I had breast augmentation so I think they are always a little sore, I had some vag pain yesterday but not so much today, cramping on and off this morning. I am checking my CM and its creamy but I also had a Leep procedure done 2 weeks ago so I have had random CM since then. I keep trying to see pink implantation bleeding. OMG if my DB read any of this he would think we are all crazy!!!


I REALLY am trying to be so positive this round. I know its the first time since July 2009 that I have tried with Clomid and IUI, I just recently met with a new Dr that reviewed my MRI results and said I do NOT have a T-shaped uterus, my lining was great and had 2 huge follicles on the left so maybe it will happen on the first try with my DB. I do know if I get a BFN I will be grateful that we are even trying to get pregnant. It took a lot of convincing to get him to want a 4th. But if it's a BFN I'm going to ignore all these symptoms next round because I feel like they wouldn't have meant a thing. Sigh


So glad to have cycle buddies

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Blonhrt I'm so anxious to hear your test results! FX!! (btw I never mentioned my bad case of stabby vag to my husband because I knew he'd think I'd lost my mind haha)


Brightstar don't give up hope! I tested on 10 dpo and got a bfn, no sign of a shadow line or anything. Everyone is different :) Good luck!!


jjh how many dpo are you? I'm so sorry for your previous loss :( Try to find ways to pass your wait to take your mind off of things.. maybe a good book? The tww can really be torture! Every time I found myself reading too far into a symptom, I just tried to distract myself or remind myself that it could be my period coming as well... It's a little bit of a downer, but I'm the type of person that needs that reality check occasionally haha. I'm sending lots of baby dust your way, good luck!!


Sparklemaman yay you're almost to a point where you can test!! Just a few more days :) Fingers and toes are crossed for you!


Becky I had leg cramps too, but I forget how many dpo I was... maybe 8 or 9? Good luck!!!


AFM, I tested again this morning (I want a dark line so bad!) and the line is definitely getting more and more clear :) I don't even think it qualifies as a squinter now. I'll post a pic when I get my dark positive :-D Today, I'm going in to get my bloodwork.. I'm really nervous though cause I'm so scared something won't be right. And I'm also pretty scared of needles haha... hope I don't pass out. OH I told my bff last night, as well! I am terrible at keeping this a secret lol!


Best of luck and Baby dust to everyone !!

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Ohh, I am so excited to find out about your test Blonhrt!!


Thanks, Dahlia!! I really, really appreciate the kind words and support. They are much needed hug.gif


jjh5351 I reread my post and wanted to be sure you know I am trying to be encouraging, not invalidate your feelings. I am not trying to be all sunshine and roses, I truly get it. This is my 8th cycle TTC #2. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and this is really the only place I have not felt alone through the process. I have watched countless people come and go, often with short stays, with their BFPs. I can't lose hope though, I know my family is not yet complete, someone is missing. And I'll get my BFP, I just know it. As MamaMash said, there's something in the water this month!


Becky I hear 'ya! I feel the same in the TWW, do I feel that/see that or am imagining it? I am usually able to make it to 8-10 DPO before I become consumed with symptom spotting. This month's been different, I feel different. I hope I am not imagining that!!


Becky and Katiecornflakes 7 DPO, yeah!!! Are you going to wait until New Year's Day (11 DPO) or later to test? I want to test so bad but I'm also scared. I am hoping to hold out until 12/31 (10 DPO). 


Happy Friday!! wave.gif

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Another negative! My period is now fooooouuur daaaays laaaaate. Grrrrrrr. LOL I'm so frustrated!

Do you think the entire pack of tests was a fluke? It was the cheap answer brand test....

I think maybe ill wait and buy a frer and test on the 1 st. What do you guys think? :/
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Blonhrt Boo! Oh that is so frustrating. Could you possibly have your dates wrong and what you thought was AF spotting around Christmas was actually implantation? It can take up to 4-6 days after that to get a positive HPT (especially if the test isn't super sensitive).That or maybe your cycles are still wonky, this is only one of the first couple of cycles PP for you, right?  I'd probably get a FRER. Oh heck, what am I saying, I'd probably call for blood work. At this point, I am super impatient and excitable!! Fingers still crossed for you!

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Welcome jjh! The tww is torture. I'm sorry for your loss last month. Hang in there! Come here for support, it really does help!

Fingers still crossed tight for you Becky and Katie and sparkle! 7dpo!! Getting close to the end 😃 I have such a good feeling about this month.

So glad that line is getting darker dahlia!!! I bet by tomorrow or the next day it will be as dark as the control line.

Daaaaang ittttttt blonhrt! What is going on with your cycle!? You're not out unless af rears her head!

AFM I was up half the night coughing and tossing and turning from body aches. So I took some more Tylenol and finally fell asleep. And can you believe it I do not feel like death warmed over this morning! I guess I just needed those few solid hours of sleep. I'm still coughing and have a sore throat but no more aches. I think I'll call my clinic today and venture out in the snow to get my blood work started 😊
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Thanks Sparkle! Your first post was supportive too, I appreciate it! It's been a tough road so far and I just really really do not want to try clomid because I am horrified of the side effects :/

Becky- I think we both need to do the same thing next month if this month doesn't work out! I have a good feeling about this month but I really need to relax and stop symptom spotting! I have been reading a cleaning a lot between work! My DH works a whole lot more than I do so it is hard to avoid the boredom waiting game!

Dahlia- like I told Becky I am trying sooo hard to distract myself but I am such a dweller on things like this lol! Based on feeling like I am ovulating- because I do not ever show a positive on an OPK but I have come to the conclusion that my urine is always too diluted- I think I am about 6-8 DPO. So obviously I keep thinking that implantation is going on haha!

Blonhart- I hope you figure things out soon, that's so stressful greensad.gif

Mamamash- thanks! I can't wait to hear about your blood test! Good luck!

Do you guys think that I should try a different brand of OPKs? I just feel awful using a bunch of them because they are sooo expensive and I don't really like to let my husband know how obsessive I am haha!
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jjh5351: I'm on clomid, and I haven't really been having too many side effects. Last cycle on 50mg, I O'd on cd 25 (BFN) resulting yet another 40 day cycle. This cycle I'm pretty I O'd on cd 14 (something that hasn't happened since I first started menstruating 20 years ago) which surprised the heck out of me. However, everyone is different. You may not react that same way I did. You should do what's right for you. As for OPK's, I find the dollarama brand works just fine. You could always buy in bulk online and save money that way.

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Hugs, blonhrt! That stinks. WTH? I agree, maybe you ov'd later than you thought?


Sparkle, I could have written your post! Tingly boobs, creamy but not a ton of CM, etc. I'm also super tired but I've been working crazy hours the past 5 days so it certainly could be that. I am really going to try to hold out until Tuesday, although I told myself that if I am having crazy symptoms (like real ones not this nebulous stuff!) that maybe I can test earlier. If the cramping last night was implantation I should get an earlier positive. We'll see, though. My aunt just got here for a visit so that should help distract me and help keep the kids busy as well!


jjh, welcome and GL. I hope we all get our BFPs soon! When will you test? I agree that internet cheapie OPKs are the way to go. 

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