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Good luck to everyone for BFP.

I still got 4 days till AF due, still no symptoms 😔 and 2 bfn booooooo😔 I'm hoping jan is gonna be my time, six months of trying and one m/c is taking its toll on my mind lol😝
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Ladies - I was off line for one day and i have missed do much.

Mamamash - Good to hear that you are starting to feel better.

Dahlia - when is your dr apt? I'm anxious to hear feedback.

sparklemaman - wishing you so much luck!! Were all rooting for you!

Blonhrt / serena76 - there is still time with no AF!!
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devilish: Actually I don't mind the Dollarama brand OPKs, but their preg tests are VERY low on the sensitivity scale smile.gif
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Finally got ahold of the doctor covering for my doctor. I can go in today to get my blood drawn for my hcg levels. But I probably won't get the results until Monday. Lame.
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Sparkle mama, I thought maybe it could be implantation, but I thought as soon as that happened I could get my positive, guess I was wrong! You could be right about wonky cycles too. I really have no clue at this point. Maybe I'll wait till next year and test with a frer.

Mamamash, I'm glad your feeling better than yesterday! I'm excited AF hasn't shown! I hope she stays gone.

jj, im sorry I don't have advice for you opks, I never used them :/

Katiecorn flakes and Cindy Lu, thanks for the support!
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I only have a minute to write. Lots of dull cramping today. Hoping its implantation. Legs are achy like the flu but just a little so maybe I'm just tired. Feel like I'm in a cloud. Fx!!
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Hi all! Busy day on here! I braved the needle and got my blood work done today (I didn't even faint! lol winky.gif ), and the results should be in tomorrow! I took another test midday and got an even darker line, so I'm feeling very optimistic :)  I told a good friend and she is really really excited for me. It's so hard not to spill the beans to everyone!!!



Cindy lu- Hi! How are you doing? Have you tested yet?


Blonhrt- How frustrating!!! Don't lose hope! There is still time.


MamaMash- I'm glad you got to see the doctor finally!! The weekend will fly by and you'll have your results soon!


If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! Good luck to you all!

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Hi there, thought I'd chime in and share that I'm currently on cd14 and in the 2ww. We're trying for a girl, our last child. we dtd cd8 and 9, hoping i'd O today, but it seems i O'ed several days ago already! eek. :) feeling really anxious to find out.

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LivingSky: My apologies.

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Good luck ladyelms! Are you using opk's or tracking your cycle?
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Thanks dahlia! I've been exa crampy with more and more cm as the days go by! I'm hoping its a good sign and that I just had late ovulation/implantation. I'll test with a frer in the new year and hope for some 2013 luck wink1.gif
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Sweet enola gay, women! You are making some babies this month! Congrats, friends!!! I have had a ridiculous stomach virus so have only been able to muster the energy for Christmas. joy.gif:joy:joy:joy

And, Sparkle, happy to see you back in the TWW and with such lifted spirits. Yay!

And I am pulling for you all who are still wishing, hoping, and praying....

Blonhort, I am days late, too. Although I am convinced that my body actually o'd a week later than the initial positive opk. I got a pos opk on the 10, 11, 18, and 19. I am going through implantation bleeding again this month. So cautiously hopeful given that I am also nauseated and crampy. And tired. So tired. I will probably test again on Sunday. Blonhort, are you waiting for sure until the first?
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Blonhrt It all sounds so very promising! I think some women do get positives really soon after implantation but it can take 4-6 days for the HCG in your urine to be concentrated enough to produce a positive on a HPT. I also suspect some women have spotting after implantation that they attribute to implantation bleeding (hence the positive HPTs close to "implantation spotting"). Hugs to you mama. What a frustrating TWW!!

Hang in there Serena. Only a few more days to go!! This thread is on a roll of BFPs jumpers.gif


Dahlia Yeah for darker lines!! Have you told your parents? The ornament idea sounded super cute.

Starfish Hoping and praying for you mama!! And I am trying so, so hard to remain positive until I get my Big Fat Positive joy.gifThe holidays are helping to keep my spirits bright winky.gif


Welcome.gif Ladyelms and Brightstarshine!! Good luck and lots of babydust to you.


AFM Lots of dull cramping today. Boobs tingly and sore. Almost started bawling at the grocery store when a random stranger was rude to me so uh, yeah, I am officially weepy and emotional, kinda weird. Fx for all of us!!

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Thanks everyone for the comments, very helpful! I would post back to each but unfortunately I am on my phone and it is so very difficult to do so!

I can't wait to hear results for all of you!! Makes me so antsy!

Another question (so sorry for all of the questions, I just have no one to talk to!!!) has anyone ever had slightly sore lymph nodes during their TWW? Mine are sore and maybe a little inflamed and I have had a grooooosssss taste in my mouth! Bleh!!
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Also Sparkle I am right there with ya. So weepy! I cried watching the price is right this morning because this adorable little old lady won 25k and she reminded me of my grandma who I haven't seen since we moved from home! Talk about crazy lol!
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mamamash, i've been tracking my cycles. this is our first month officially trying.

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Me=weepy, too. And when I am not weepy I am angry. Very. Very. Angry.

I have not had swollen lymph nodes, though. Have you done a google search to see if anything pops?

I have had the following weird things:
Metallic taste (is that what you are tasting?)
Extremely fragrant pee (grody)
Hives. Have them right now and had them with my last pregnancy, too.

And Sparkle, I feel like implantation bleeding is the Yeti of TTC. Not everyone believes in it even though there's plenty of anecdotal information about it. And while there are patterns of descriptions, there is no consistent formula. Aye yay yay. I can't believe that this is my second month of experiencing it. Lucky me? wink1.gif
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jjh5351 how many dpo are you? I had a metallic taste the first few days after


Sparklemaman do you feel bloated at all with the dull cramps? I felt bloated today with dull cramps on and off most of the day. Wondering if something I ate made me bloated. I think I'm gonna test on Wednesday since I am now working Monday and Tuesday.


blonhrt88 where are you in the tww?


mamamash I am anxiously waiting for your results


Random question for everyone. I have seen a lot of posts about increased cm. Does that change during the tww? I have never been pregnant so I have no idea. How many of you have had implantation bleeding? Since I never see any pinkish spotting thats what makes me think I'm not pregnant.

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Becky8824: FWIW, I've never had implantation bleeding, though I only have two pregnancies to draw my experience from. I've heard that it differs from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. I did find that both times I've been pregnant, around when AF would normally arrive, I started to get more cm than usual, and that continued all throughout my last pregnancy.
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Becky Don't get discouraged!! Much of the agony of the TWW is that every sign/symptom can mean something or could it could not. There is no definitive list of symptoms during that TWW that means you're pregnant. And in reality, anything noticed before implantation (and essentially until AF is due) is almost always progesterone mediated symptoms Post-O. Every woman is different, what's a symptom for one may not be for another. Trying to notice what's different for you is what's key (though that's often difficult as you may never have noticed you were often crampy 3 days before your period or what your CM was like the week before if you weren't TTC or charting to avoid before added to the fact that during the TWW you now notice EVERYTHING). Very frustrating!! Only about 1/3 of women report implantation spotting/bleeding, IB. I had it with my DD (though I didn't know that's what it was until I got my BFP); I noticed light pink, watery discharge on the toilet paper when I wiped, first thing in the morning. I remember being sad, assuming it was spotting related to AF. When it went away, I didn't think anything of it and still assumed AF would come any day. I believe it was 7 or 8 DPO. IB is usually pink or brown as opposed to bright or dark red, but that's not a sure thing either. If you notice what might be implantation spotting happened closer to when AF is due, it is trickier to discern whether it spotting related to AF or implantation. Again, frustrating!! Implantation occurs anywhere from 6-12 DPO, 8-10 DPO is average. Spotting associated with implantation and cramping can occur day of implantation or up to a few days after. And CM is highly variable by individual. Some women note creamy CM close to AF all the time, some just when pregnant. Some women notice they're more dry than usual, others have watery discharge. shrug.gif It is all a guessing game until a test is positive. To add to this, levels of HCG vary by woman (along with the fact that some women implant earlier, thus having higher HCG levels at an earlier DPO than a woman who implants a day or so later) so while some women get BFPs at 8-9 DPO, most will not until 12-14 DPO, right around the time AF is due. Some HPTs are super sensitive and can detect HCG in your urine a few days after implantation, some are less sensitive and can't detect HCG in urine until many days after implantation. Bottom line, many women have NO symptoms at all and get BFPs. So, you're not out until AF arrives!!


And I have had a lot of bloating, completely unexplained, the last 2 days or so, not my usual MO!! Totally noticed it but didn't think to include it in my 'not symptom spotting list.' I've been eating pretty normally and my family and I are vegetarian so we're used to lots of fiber!! lol.gif Again, could be something, could not be. This whole TWW thing is enough to drive a mama batty!!!


Yes Starfish! Me too. Got super frustrated with DD and DH yesterday numerous times for nothing, really. As I said earlier, like my usual PMS (which usually starts closer to AF, like 11-12 DPO) on steroids!!


8 DPO today!! Getting so close...

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