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Deep breaths. You are all right, just need to wait this out! Still time to go. Maybe I'll even try to wait until Wednesday at this point. I think AF should be due Wed or Thurs. FF is saying Friday but I doubt it'll be that long. DH just got home from being away for the weekend and I told him how I tested today and how it's maybe a 20% chance if I was pg that I'd see a BFP (and I suppose that would be with FMU, not midafternoon pee) and he told me "need to just stop making yourself crazy." LOL as if it's that easy!! It did get it out of my system for a while, though!

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Haha sparkle you're hilarious! Dahlia is welcome to have beautiful twins 😉I am definitely not feeling the twin vibe here. I'm thinking just one little bean in there. I'm very anxious to hear from the doctor tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for everyone waiting for their BFP'S!!
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Mamamash- I do not know what I'd do if I was preggo with twins. My beta has me freaking out... I can't wait for the ultrasound to calm me down. How many dpo were u when u got blood draw? Please share your number when you get results. Mine was 654 at 15dpo.
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I'm soo nervous to hear my beta results tomorrow crap.gif

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Dahlia- I hate the stress of this waiting period. 14 weeks can't come fast enough. I don't feel pregnant yet either, just queasy sometimes for split seconds. Maybe my body is not over my last pregnancy so it's just like whatever lol. Your kids will be how far apart? Mine will be 16 months.
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This is my first :) Hence the freaking out about my lines not darkening, and everything you can think of haha. I just need to know everything is ok. It's all I can think about.

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I have dull cramping occassionally, that I've read is my body getting ready to accomodate baby, and I'm exhausted almost all the time.. oh and hungry! I have been hungrier than normal for random things. Plus very emotional, which isn't helping my anxiety!

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Countrybound I was 15 dpo on Friday when I got my blood drawn. I will let you know when I get the results!
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Ladies I also am not feeling pregnant besides the weird nausea and hunger yet no appetite thing. I've been having some full cramping today along with a good amount of watery cm. So much I have had to go check a number of times to be sure it is just cm. I can't wait to hear my results and get back in for another draw
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Dull cramping not full cramping lol
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Dull cramping is very normal due to uterus stretching and baby getting snug in the lining smile.gif its the sharp cramping that's not good. I remember sneezing was horrible around this time lol
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Yeah I remember the dull cramps from my pregnancy with dd. They don't worry me too much, just are always a bit unsettling. 😊
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countrybound yes, I have a slight cough, and it's so annoying since my lower abdomen is already feeling sensitive from the cramps!



I feel like my CM has increased too, more watery than creamy, but still white. Oh and my boobs are starting to swell a little (hooray lol). I think I should just swear off of pregnancy tests since I know I'm pregnant, and they are really just making my anxiety worse at this point (MamaMash I know you gave me this advice earlier, you are so right!). Thank goodness my husband is being understanding of my random moodiness, and even suggested that I take a nap today while he finished up trim work while we're painting our room :) Can cravings start this early?? Or am I just a weirdo for wanting brocolli on pizza today hahah?


I think the reason I'm so on edge is from reading so many stories about mc early on, and also because my mom miscarried a few times due to low hormone levels in early pregnancy. It scares me so so much, even though I know that there isn't much chance of that being an issue for me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for listening to me gripe and obsess, and for being so understanding and kind. You guys truly are wonderful, amazing people, and I feel so blessed to have found this forum.  

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Dahlia You could be having cravings this early just like I am having food aversions this early. Ya never know how early all this stuff can start! I am also so nervous about mc. Both my sisters have had one. One from low progesterone levels the other we don't know why. She lost the baby at 11 weeks. I secretly think it was one of her twins but he just couldn't come without his brother! 😉 I know how you feel Dahlia. I am so happy I found this forum. It was actually suggested to me by a friend from high school I just recently reconnected with. I can't talk to anyone else as openly about all this stuff as I can here. I truly feel like I know each and everyone of you. 😌
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New low: crying because my cactus died. haha ohhh boy.

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Haha last night we started lion king for dd and I said "ohh but it's so sad! Mufasa dies!" And I started crying. DH couldn't stop laughing at me haha. Dang hormones.
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Mamamash how far along are you?

Dahlia sorry about your cactus greensad.gif

I can't wait to test. My lower body feels achy like when you have the flu. I feel so tired. I'm over it lol
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4 weeks 2 days, but who's counting 😊

My lower body was very achy Becky. Mainly my legs. It was so odd to me I figured something had to be up. I can't wait for you to test. All your symptoms sound so promising
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I agree with MamaMash, Becky. I had the strange achey legs, and stabby vag pains. So random. Good luck!!


MamaMash there is no way I could deal with Lion King right now haha!

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Originally Posted by Becky8824 View Post

I can't wait to test. My lower body feels achy like when you have the flu. I feel so tired. I'm over it lol


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