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Katie yes, the blood draw was on Friday morning. I got my first VERY faint positive lines on Wednesday, which was 11dpo for me. Then Thursday I got very faint, but pink positives on a FRER (the first ever positives were wondfos). Friday was a noticeable pink line, also very faint, but most definitely there without squinting. That's the same day I got the blood draw. The lines pretty much stayed the same over the weekend, and here we are today.


Thanks for all the love guys. I definitely need it. I really don't know what to think or do.. I desperately want to be hopeful. But I'm so sad and feel really cautious right now.

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Dahlia that's why we're here... To help ourselves and others deal with the stress of ttc and waiting to move past first trimester.

I just got 3rd blood draw and wait 2 hours for results.. Nervous
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Much love Dahlia. Even if this isn't your month you are gonna get your beautiful baby

Guys. I'm a little concerned. My hcg went from 889 on Friday to 3000 today... Ah! That's so unbelievably high!
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Holy crap MamaMash! Lol you need to keep me posted on how many kiddos you have in there!

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Mamamash your hcg double time is 41 hours which is normal. Not too fast. smile.gif
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Oh really countrybound?? That makes me feel a bit better. It still sounds so high for being 4 weeks 3 days. I'll keep you posted dahlia!!
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Did you get your numbers back yet countrybound?
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I'm still waiting... 30 mins to call. You can google hcg doubling calculator and it will tell you how fast your doubling
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Dahlia- love, don't give up! There's still hope!! I just got AF! I'm out for this month!! But your not!!

Congrats to all the BFP's!!!!
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Ok countrybound its been 30 mins wink1.gif

Sorry Cindy-Lu you will be next month. smile.gif

Random question besides who thinks mamamash is having twins lol. If I had two follicles on the left and I'm 10dpo why do I have a sharp pain in my right ovary? I think the right side should mind her own business. AF coming maybe?
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Lol Becky! I really think its just one. My progesterone was 18 which is a very normal number. I would think that would also be high if it was multiples...? Did you call countrybound??
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lol Becky. I just called my number is at 7023 double time of 35 hours. shrug.gif


Oh and mamamash I'm reading that the normal double time for Under 1200 mIU/ml 31-72 hours and Between 1200 to 6000 mIU/ml 72-96 hours and lastly Over 6000 mIU/ml more than 96 hours

so maybe you aren't in the clear for twins lol



Ok I just looked back at my betas from my DS and it was doubling every 40 hours. So not too much of a difference. I feel better about it not being twins or a molar wink1.gif

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I wish I had my betas from my dd. I'm going back friday for another beta. So we shall see😉 and I'll probably ask them to look back in my records and see what they were with dd. I still think its just one little bean for both of us.
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I've been reading a little bit about hcg levels, and in very early pregnancy a level of 5 is actually normal..... but that's for a very early pregnancy level.. what's so confusing to me is how in the world countless FRERs and a few target brand tests have shown up positive for me, over the past week, if my levels are so low. I just don't understand!! Does anyone have any ideas at all!?

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this is one of the sites I looked at.. I know, I'm grasping at straws. greensad.gif

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I just don't know Dahlia. I know that a hpt could not detect that low of a level so in my mind the blood test has to be wrong? Is it possible they mistyped it? Missed a digit or something? I'm with everyone else I would be asking for another blood test like now.
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I'm hesitant to ask for one again.. They were so nice today, and I don't want to be a crazy and annoying patient. Ya know? Should I try my clear blue digi tomorrow? what do you think? Is it just a bad idea? I'm torn because that will give a very clear result, and we know that it would pick up hormone levels of around 50...

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Haha I'm always the crazy patient so that doesn't bother me! 😜 That is totally up to you. I don't know what I would do. It will give you a very clear yes or no though...
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Dahlia- It takes them two seconds to put an order in for another Beta and another 2 seconds to give you the results. I'm shocked they didn't give you another today. I called my Drs office today and told them I wanted another one done today ordered STAT so I could have the results right away and calm my nerves. I honestly don't care if they get annoyed because they make a whole lot of money on my pregnancy and they are their for the well being of mom and baby. If they do get annoyed with you, then you should go to another office because that isn't good medical practice. Our job as nurses and doctors are to make those feel comfortable and relieve anxiety where we can. I already had good numbers, there really wasn't reason for me to freak but I still did. You are obviously in a more sensitive position and you shouldn't have even had to ask for another test today. I just can't believe they didn't offer it to you right then..

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I agree Countrybound. The doctor who ordered my first beta is not my actual doctor and for some stupid reason wouldn't authorize a progesterone test. So, when my doctors nurse called today she was stunned they isn't do my progesterone. She immediately told me to come in right then to do hcg and progesterone and already has orders in the lab for me to come back Friday. It's not annoying to ask them to give you the answers you need.
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