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Omg I keep mixing up my words.. Their when it should be there and earlier I did buy when I meant by... Preggo brain already?!
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I'm all new to this practice; I'm leaving my previous gyno because they were horribly unprofessional.. so far, I really like everyone I met (for the first time today) at this office.. Maybe I'll call Wed, but now that the holidays are over I'll be back at work so it's harder to get to the doctor on time. I suppose I could just use the lab order I was given today (and told to wait a week to do) early? Like on Thurs if I can get off work early... I didn't see the woman who will be my new doctor today, though. The doc I'm switching to is an OBgyn, and the one I saw today no longer does OB stuff. She seemed pretty set on me not being pregnant, and just said not to trust the hpts.... I just don't know shrug.gif This is not exactly how I hoped to bring in the new year haha.. My husband doesn't want me to lose hope, and he just keeps telling me that I should listen to my body. My friend is pretty much refusing to believe that I'm not pregnant, another is being cautiously optimistic, and the last friend I told is just being really supportive in general. I'm very lucky to have all of you guys, plus a few great people nearby that I can count on. *hugs* I hope you all have a great New Year celebration of some kind!

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So sorry Dahlia! Don't give up hope, I wouldn't count yourself out yet! Hang in there. hug2.gif

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dahlia i just want to let you know not to give up hope cause i had really low levels the first time they check me with my dd it was a 4 they told me i was not pregnant but i knew i was and well i was right and plus there is something called a chemical pregnancy i hate to even say anything about it but you mite want to read about it online

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unuselyriver thanks for giving me some hope :) As far as chem pregnancies, I've read about all that sort of thing since I am so obsessive hah

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That makes sense Dahlia. If you are comfortable with waiting a week than I say do what your gut is telling you. Much love! I sti have hope 😊
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Thanks MamaMash.. Maybe I'll try to get to the doctor by the end of this week instead of early next week. That would still make it just about a week since my first beta.


Happy new year everyone :)

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Dahlia I've been thinking about you all day. 2013 will be great!

Katiecornflakes how are you? I feel totally fine :/ no AF so that's good
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I wasn't sure if I should move over to the January thread yet and wanted to put my 2cents.gif in. Dahlia If your lab work orders are not dated, I think I'd go ahead and get to a lab for a blood draw this week, Wednesday or Thursday. I also tend to be pretty direct and assertive and I do ask my providers for what I want/need (agree with MamaMash and Countrybound, that's what they are there for!). But if you you are uncomfortable being as direct, you could always claim you thought they meant to repeat blood work a week after your initial labs. I get that you don't want to rock the boat and I have no idea what sort of choices you might have near you for health care providers, not everyone is lucky enough to have lots of excellent providers to choose from. That said, you obviously have to follow your own gut and decide what you think is best for you. Lots of love and hugs. You are in my thoughts!!


MamaMash Wow, those are high numbers, exciting! I still think you have one bean in there, just a busy active bean wink1.gif


Any news, Blonhrt?


Becky, Katiecornflakes and Jjh How are you all doing? We're so close!! 10/11 DPO (I say both as you never know). I tested again this morning, so hopeful for New Year's luck and babydust, but got another BFN. irked.gif I know the early testing is crazy but I keep feeling compelled to POAS and I so desperately want to see those two lines. Not much to report symptom-wise here, cramping has essentially stopped, lotion-y CM comes and goes, still pretty weepy (not sure that tells me much anymore) and my breasts are tingly and terribly sore. Nothing says impending AF but all really explainable otherwise, if I am being honest. *sigh* I don't want to be a Negative Nelly but I'm starting to feel discouraged. Back to work tomorrow so I'll be reasonably distracted and have less time to obsess the rest of the week.


Happy New Year Mamas!!

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Well, I started bleeding heavily this morning. I guess that's that.

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I think it must have been chemical. That's the only way I can rationalize a weeks worth of positive tests. I just don't get it. I feel awful. Telling my husband was the worst. I know it's dumb but I feel like this is no one's fault but my own. My body didn't do what it was supposed to.

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Dahlia Once again, words cannot express my sadness for you!! I hope the next few days and weeks you can allow yourself time to grieve, heal and process this loss. Be kind to yourself. hug.gif Many, many hugs, mama. Please know we are here for you!!

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Dahlia It is NOT your fault!! Or your body's. I know it is easy to beat ourselves up, emotionally, when things don't turn out as we want/need, especially when it feels like our bodies are failing us. But you did nothing wrong. You will get your beautiful baby, I am sure of it. I am just so sorry you have to go through this.

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No one except you guys seems to think it's a loss. To them I just got my period, that's all. But it feels like a loss to me. And insult to injury, my cramps are horrible. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. At least I can have coffee this morning, for the first time in weeks.

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Dahlia - I had a chemical pregnancy in oct, doctors confirmed I was pg on the mon and I lost it on the fri, the most horrible time. To b so happy one minute and devastated the next. But u have to think positive, at least u know u can get pg now. Big hugs😘
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Huge, warm hugs dahlia. How sad. I'm sorry no one seems to think its a loss. It is! A loss if a weeks worth of hopes and dreams anyhow. Hope AF passes quickly.

AFM I just don't feel pg. didn't even test this morning since I didn't want to start my year with a BFN. Might test tomorrow but might just wait for AF and test if she doesn't show. Shrug. I'm ok. This takes time. Just need it to happen by may. Although earlier would be better but what can you do.
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Thanks guys. It feels like a cruel joke right now. But yes, at least I know that I can get pregnant. Maybe my uterine lining was still to thin after coming off the pill. Hopefully I'll have better luck in Jan., But I think I'm swearing off of testing before I get my period. This was too much.

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I'm so sorry dahlia. A loss is a loss and it's all the dreams associated with it that's so hard. You're in my thoughts.
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Oh Dahlia I am so sorry. 😥 It is a loss. How else do you explain all the positive tests. I wish I had the right words for you. I can say it is not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. And you will get your baby! I feel so close to you and I'm so (selfishly?) sad to move on without you.
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