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Dahlia I am so sorry greensad.gif I think I had a chem last month and it is absolutely awful greensad.gif keep trying, it will happen. Words can't even express how sorry I am this happened to you greensad.gif have you tried looking into herbal treatments to build up the uterine lining? I am sure there are some out there becuse coming off the pill is so hard on your body!

Katiecornflakes- I'm with you. I don't want to test yet. I am just going to wait until my period is due even though its really difficult to wait. Good luck to you!
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Thanks MamaMash, I hope we can keep in touch! And hopefully I'll be joining you soon

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Oh, Dahlia, I'm so, so sorry. I cannot begin to express how much I hate the term "chemical pregnancy"... They are very early losses or miscarriages to me. The term just seems so hard and cold, but anyway... Please know I've been there so many times, and feel deeply for your loss.
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jj- That's a good idea about herbal supplements. I'm definitely going to look into that. Thank you.


My best friend is being amazing and supportive, and very understanding that this is a loss, not just a million pregnancy test flukes. The other 2 friends I told are just asking a ton of questions about what a chemical pregnancy is any why it happened. I can't blame them. They don't know. And I just realized we have a double baby shower on saturday, for family. I have to go, even though I just want to hide.

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Thank you JoyfamMama.


All of your support is so appreciated, you guys. I know you all understand, and I thank God I have you to turn to.

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dahlia i am so sorry i know how you fell all to many times it is a lost at any stage of a pregnancy once you know that baby is there you have so many hope and dreams for it then to loss it just breaks your heart i am sorry and i hope you can  get some rest take care of your self

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Dahlia, I hope you make it through the baby shower. How hard that would be. Read up about Vitex. It's good for all kinds of reproductive stuff. I really like it.


Hugs, jj. I hear you that it's so hard to wait but at the same time I don't want to test. Just ran a 5k race and felt way too good to be pregnant. So weird to be bummed about feeling strong!

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Dahlia, I agree with Katie. I am doing vitex but I have pcos. I think I read somewhere that aspirin is good for it? There's so much out there. I know we will all be thinking about you and praying for you!

Katie- you go girl! Stay with the positive thinking less stress = more baby dust!

My New Years resolution (even though I hate them) is going to be combatting stress. I may start just some simple yoga stretches to kick it off and keep going on my b complex. I know I will feel so much better with a more positive outlook
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Jjh5351 have you been pregnant before? I have PCOS as well and have never had a bfp.

Katiecornflakes I feel normal too except I want to eat so many random things right now. My cramping comes and goes but still no AF. Still have nausea on and off but maybe I'm creating it.

Dahlia hugs to you. With my 4 failed IUIs I'm sure ill be joining you in January.
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Jj and Becky - I have PCOS as well, which the reason for all of my miscarriages. I have absolutely no problem getting pregnant, just making it past the first 7-8 weeks. I'll post over in the January thread about my u/s yesterday when I get a chance later. I'm taking a quick break from cooking and cleaning to get a recipe online. Company coming at 4!!
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Becky I haven't been pregnant before, only BFPs also, unfortunately greensad.gif we've been trying for a little less than a year and I'm just not ready to try fertility treatments so I am trying the herbal route first. To be honest, if the vitex helped me ovulate and helped my acne I would be happy. I'm so suck of looking like a teenager because of my pizza face! Have you looked up vitex? Obviously it's not for everyone and I don't think you can do it in combination with any other fertility treatments ESPECIALLY clomid but you know, it's never something to completely weigh out. I really hope something works for you this month. It's so frustrating greensad.gif
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Joyfam- did you do anything differently this time to get your BFP? Pcos is so horribly frustrating and I can't imagine dealing with miscarriages. I have never seen a BFP so who knows when I get one if I will even know what it is lol!
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Since I'm new to this thread how does January work do we move somewhere else or stay here? I want to stay with you guys during this journey
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Becky No worries, we just post to a new thread in the TTC Forums. Here's the new thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371188/january-2013-tww-thread and here's all the TTC threads, in case you haven't checked them out: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/178/trying-to-conceive This thread is new each month. Some of the others are weekly or even yearly.

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Jj I have never heard of vitex. We were saving for IVF and doing just a round of clomid was a last minute decision. But I'm curious to look into it
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Dahlia, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs. grouphug.gif I hope next month is your month!


If I don't get preg this month, I might try Vitex next month, I think I might have a hormonal imbalance. I'm having PMS symptoms around O, and from what I read that can mean an imbalance. Also, does anyone know about using mucinex for to thin the cervical mucus? I have noticed I don't have good quality cervical mucus in abundance like I used to. Can I use that with Vitex?

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It's a negative ladies! Plus, no period still :/

Looks like you were right sparkle! My body is still adjusting back to full fertility...little bug doesn't want to share me yet orngtongue.gif
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Blonhrt88. Hugs!! Hang in there
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Oh Blonhrt, it was just a thought, a I recall it took my body several months to regulate and adjust postpartum. I am so very sorry to have been right!! I hope you'll join us over in the January TWW thread.

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Omg! AF is late, I just tested and got a BFP!!😃😃😃😃😃😃
I'm scared its false now lol. I'm gonna try and keep calm, don't wanna lose this one too.
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