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And I have no idea when I even ovulated, which has made this whole thing a bigger mess. I'll be tracking closer this month, so hopefully I won't have to deal with this again brokenheart.gif

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oh, and I was using FRER

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Is this your first month trying?  I know for me... this was the first month trying & I was tracking all of the changes during the syscle... but since I was still so unsure of what to expect... and not sure of what all to watch... that I wasn't certain when I actually ovulated... I didn't start actually checking Cervical position until 1/2 way through my cycle. I never got to check my BBT... But even what I was watching (CF only) was eye opening for me...

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yeah it's our first month trying. Basically, I stopped my birth control mid November, and we actively started trying at the end of the month close to Thanksgiving. I started tracking CM a little over a week ago, and am using OPK's, but haven't done anything involving cervical position.


Ready for tmi??


The last few days (possibly up to a week?) I had pretty much no CM, and today/a little yesterday it's been thick/creamy white. I know that CM will be clear and similar to egg whites (that comparison really grosses me out btw lol), when you're getting ready to ovulate, and I haven't had anything like that.


So there it all is for ya haha.. Thoughts? Should I just call this a bust at this point, and keep trying as December goes on? I've been feeling completely overwhemled by disappointment today, which I know is stupid since people have it WAY harder than I do at this point. It's just been such a horrible tease.

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And I only started using the OPK a little over a week ago, so I have no idea at all when I ovulated, if i did at all after coming off of the pill

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I say don't count it as a bust until you get your period. I will say that when I came off birth control my cycles were whacky for three months or so. The first month I had a 60 day cycle, so I completely missed a period basically. The next cycle was really short. The following cycle it was just about regular and has been ever since. It might take you a while to regulate.

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I agree with oliversmommy... I wouldn't call it bust until you get your period...


I also was a little wacky after I came off the pill... my cycle was fluctuating since I came off the pill 1 year and 1 month ago (Oct 2011) - anywhere from a 29 day cycle to a 52 day cycle. My first month off the pill was only 33 days... but then I was all over the place. Heck... I think this last one was only 28 days (I only had anything under 33 once in that whole year - and that was that 29 day one back in like month 3 after stopping)...


I also didn't have a really noticeable "egg white" CM (I also really dislike that comparison - my sister-in-law & I both call it the "snot" consistency stage). I noticed the egg white only one day - and only one time during that one day. I was thinking I was losing it in "noticing" it... THEN to make matters worse for me... I noticed the egg white again a week later - again for only one day. (I later read that could be completely normal as your estrogen levels increase to prep for implantation).


I am sure you were pretty much every 28 days while on the pill (since that's what the pill does)... but you really don't know what *your* cycle is yet... But even on 28 days... I wonder if you are still testing kind of early - with coming off the pill mid-November... The first day of my last period was Nov 7 (O would have been Nov 21-ish on 28 day cycle - which BTW was the one day I got egg white) and I *just* got my positive on Thursday (on a 28 day cycle, my period would have been due Dec 5).


I would certainly keep positive... You had some faint +... and you didn't get AF yet... There are a lot of variables that can throw off when you "expect" things right now for you...


And we'll keep throwing baby thoughts your way!  goodvibes.gif

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Thanks everyone <3 I'm so thankful that I found this board!! I've only been here a week or so, and I don't know what I'd do without your support :) you guys rock!

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I'm going to keep testing since I'm an addcit, but will try not to mention it to my husband this time.. I got way too invested too fast, I think. I got our hopes so high. I'll be using the inexpensive Wondfo test strips though! Not gonna drop all that money on the storebought ones at this point!

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Has your adorable ornament arrived yet, Hermes? What a great birthday gift for your husband! joy.gif

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It arrived today... I haven't opened it yet to make it shipped all OK, but it's from Lennox - I trust they are very good with their packaging. :)


I have been very impatiently waiting my lab results today... *sigh*... No phone call yet. I am thinking of calling them... I just cannot be patient!

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LOL we are one and the same! I would call them too! How have you been feeling?

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The nausea is better so far this week. It had gotten pretty bad last week (but thankfully no vomiting). But nothing really to speak of this week other than the occasional motion sickness while driving home in the dark from work (never had motion sickness before). Learning what helps & what doesn't... Today I woke up with a wicked case of post nasal drip, complete with super-scratchy, super-sore throat. And holy cow do my boobs hurt!

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I hate waiting for lab results... You'd think I'd be better at waiting by now after 13 years of bloodwork every 3 months for my thyroid... nope!  I should not have to call for the results after they don't call when they tell me when they'll be ready... UGH!!!!!  Only left a message. Double-UGH!  banghead.gif

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Have you tried sea-bands for motion sickness? I am pretty prone to that (always have been) and the bands really seem to help me. You can get them in any pharmacy I think.. I know they sell them at Target. 

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aw, try not to stress (impossible, I KNOW) , but just think happy thoughts, and why not pee on a stick for fun? :)

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Yay! Officially confirmed... Due Aug 14, 2013! 


...and I have a urinary tract infection - joy! LOL!

First doctor appointment is Jan 15 with first ultrasound. joy.gif  Now I have to *wait* again... ugh... LOL!!

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Okay this thread is giving me baby fever like crazy! lol. I never thought I would be anxious to try again. It took us a year last time and that year was filled with a lot of nerves and heartache. LO is only 8 months old but hearing you two talk about all this TTC stuff is giving me the itch!


Congrats Hermes! That's awesome. This was your first month trying right? You're so lucky! Congrats :) What helped me with my MS is never letting myself get hungry. Easier said then done when you have no appetite right? I would wake up in the middle of the night two or three times (to pee of course) and eat a handfull of crackers or a granola bar. I also kept plain cheerios in my purse and at my desk at work. Sometimes morning sickness is worse with blood sugar fluctuations so the idea is if you keep your sugar levels stable it won't be so bad. Seemed to work for me!


Dahlia, are you getting positives on the Wondfo tests too? Those things are crazy sensitive.

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Yayyyyyy Hermes! (boooo for a uti though!) chug cranberry juice!


What am I gonna do without my TTC twin? lol


Oliversmom- I've been using the Wondfo's, but so far, if ANYTHING, mayyybe a shadowy line. but it's not enough to even post a pic

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Thanks so much! Yeah... only my first month trying. I am still in shock as I really thought it would take me forever to get pregnant. Everyone I know took at least a year (or more in some cases). And I also have a thyroid condition (Hasimotos - which puts me mostly hypo) which was supposed to make this more difficult...


The MS has been on-and-off for me which is making it a little harder to figure out what is working at calming it versus what doesn't do anything at all to help... So far I've figured that it seems like proteins help me. And I keep drinking water (which was always a rarity for me, but I've been really *wanting* water). Yesterday, I went all day without even a twinge of queezy... Today I woke up feeling all sorts of awful - plus a very sore & scratchy throat from post nasal drop (which I am sure will also contribute to nausea-feeling). Hardly slept a wink last night since my throat was so scratch, then woke up twice to go pee, and woke up once feeling like I was drowning from my PND. That, I could have done without.


I wanted to snack on something this AM to try to calm my stomach a bit, but opted for a cough drop instead... I have been craving peanuts like crazy - but that & water have been my only cravings. Haha... I picked up Planters peanuts this am, but knew that they wouldn't squelch my craving... My In-laws live in Williamsburg, VA & they always get us fresh Virginia peanuts... Nothing beat them. *That's* what I am craving. I told husband to tell his mom to send peanuts ASAP! I thught about doing the Cheerios. I love my Apple Cinnamon ones (and yes, still love them). I keep Cheez-Its at my desk and other crackers (and now Planters peanuts)... I also usually have candy, which I've noticed can help the MS sometimes (probably goes back to that sugar level thing yuo mentioned).


Now I look forward to my first appointment at week 9:  Jan 15.



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