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SO exciting! :) I don't know if I can wait that long for your appt (we'll need updates!)



How many days after ovulation were you when you got your positive? I had basically given up all hope of this month working out, til you said that I may still be too early.. I really really wish I had some clue when I ovulated, or when my period is supposed to come. In the mean time, I guess I'll just keep BDing just in case.. blush.gif lol

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I was 15 or 16 days PO... I am not certain of the exact number, but from my guess of when I noticed the egg white, that is my best guess for how long dpo I got my positive... And the first day of my last period was Nov 7 - early November (in my book)...

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hmmm so, I guess that if I ovulated shortly after stopping the pill (just throwing ideas out), maybe the last weekend of November, I could possibly only be 12ish days past O.. but really I have no idea irked.gif Just the usual obsessing over here haha

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Did you have your appointment on Thursday? Was wondering how it went if you got to go?

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Hi Hermes :) hope all's well with you! I never got to the doc, but it all worked itself out! I've been tracking ovulation, just in case, and sure enough, I ovulated over the weekend. So, I wasn't pregnant after all..... I'm blaming feeling so cruddy on my hormones trying to get back on track. And the false positive was just an annoying glitch. So now, I'm in my TWW!


How are you doing? Anything new with you and your family?

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That's good news... Now you know what signs to look for (particular to you) and you know that you've ovulated!  Now go make a baby (or hopefully you did over the weekend)!! goodvibes.gif


Nothing new yet on my end... Trying to fend off MS as much as I can while waiting for my January 15 appointment. I've been knitting baby booties as my announcement gift to my mom. They're so cute. I still haven't figured out what triggers my MS and what keeps it at bay... but I'll go 2-3 days without even a twinge of queaziness, and then 1-2 days where the sight of food turns my stomach. I have no clue yet why. The not knowing is much more frustrating to me that the MS itself.

My coworker (the only person locally other than my husband who knows I am pregnant) was making fun the other day. We had our weekly sales meeting on Monday and she comes up to me afterwards... She tells me that the sweater I was wearing was certainly doing good by my boobs (which BTW have been killing me & are already bigger than normal). She tells me that she couldn't see me in the meeting, but there were my boobs... LOL!  It was funny, but makes me nervous about anyone else noticing (especially my hormone-ravaged boss who pretty much thinks all women are objects - ICK!). I don't plan on announcing at work until I absolutely have to for professional reasons... (I don't expect any backlash, but I have been on a consistent upward track that this might slow).

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Don't worry, there was LOTS of babymaking lol.


Your boss sounds gross haha... just wear thick sweaters and turtle necks and scarves haha. I hope your MS clears up quickly!

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