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So I had this super faint line when testing this morning. I'm only 10 days dpo but couldn't resist testing as today is hubby's birthday. The clearblue digital says not pregnant. What do you guys think, am I crazy? Thanks for looking!

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Audrey, it's very faint but I saw it right away!

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I see it! congrats!
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Oh yeah Audrey, I see it! That's a positive! Congrats!
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Digital test says pregnant this morning. I'm not ready to be moved to success just yet, would like to make sure af doesn't try to creep in in case something isn't right.
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Audrey - Congrats!!


We didn't let the in-laws stop us. :) But I haven't O'd yet. I should be soon. I've been checking the TP everytime I use the bathroom.

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Hi ladies... I know I've been MIA this month, I needed to take a step back from MDC after AF arrived last month. I broke down and started talking to DH about fertility treatments and maybe not being able to have another baby... Anyway apparently a bit of a meltdown and a bit of time away was a good thing for us, as after 9 months of trying I got my BFP this morning and a much stronger BFP this afternoon joy.gif

I'm comfortable being moved to Success stories for December smile.gif Hope everyone joins me there soon!!
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Audrey and Living Sky, congratulations!!!!  So happy for you both!


AFM, I'm out, as today AF arrived.  I'm disappointed, but then, I didn't really think I could be so fortunate to have gotten a bpf so soon after my first PPAF anyway. 

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Thanks ladies and congratulations living sky!!!
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Hello all! I'd love to join! DD is 8 months and has always been an avid nurser. Our plan has been to TTC #2 in Jan 2013. DD nurses every 2-3hrs during the day +majority of the night. We stopped using protection in Aug but haven't started seriously TTC since DD hasn't showed any signs of slowing down her nursing and I've had no signs at all of PPAF. I've thought about charting but it would be difficult with the co-sleeping. DD wakes a lot between 4-7am. Maybe I should give it a shot? Maybe I should just relax and let the idea of conceiving go for a while? What do you all think of the idea that the nursing babe needs mom and can't afford to share her yet? We plan to have at least a couple more children and have always wanted to have our kids be close in age but I'm feeling a bit selfish for even thinking about baby #2. I love nursing and want what's best for her. I hope we can have a long and healthy nursing relationship. I guess I'm afraid it will be a very long time before I see a BFP.
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Hey ladies, I am supposed to be on my 3rd Ppaf this month, but it's four days late! I was so excited until every test has came back negative. My first two cycles were exactly 30 days, and since my DS is 19 months old I expected my cycles to continue to be regular since there hasn't been any sudden change in nursing. Have any if you experienced this?
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goodvibes.gifOMG LivingSky!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!1goodvibes.gif

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(Please excuse my non-normal level of excitement for LS...we go way back...she was a graduate or almost-graduate of the first TTC #1 thread that I joined...feels like we "go way back" so to speak.)

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Woohoo!!!! Congrats, LivingSky!!! I've been thinking a lot about you lately. You've been here since I joined the TTC forums back in July, and, unlike me, you've been trying! So happy for you!!!

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Hi All,

Would love to join. My DD is 15 months old today. She's still nursing quite a bit when we're together. She's in daycare three days a week while I'm doing my masters. No sign of PPAF yet. Just started seeing a naturopath to see if we can jump start things a bit because we'd like to have our kids close together.
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Please add me to Waiting to know

3PPAF 16 month old DS

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RosieL: LOL thats awesome! And yes I agree it seems that we go waaay back! Sometimes I forget how long MDC has been in my life, and then I realize there's people on here I've known longer than any of my coworkers.

Thanks for the congrats ladies. I had kind of given up. I now remember the same thing happening with DS - getting to a breaking point where I was sure we wouldn't have any (more) kids and then bam, pregnant. I hope that isn't a pattern - I'd like one day to have 3! But for now I'm focused on 2 and we'll see how it goes smile.gif Maybe I'll get lucky and have twins... wink1.gif
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I would love to join as well.  We are TTC #4, we have a 5 year old boy, a 3.5 year old girl and a new 8 month old (Hi to RosieL, we were in the April DD group together).  I got my first pp AF in November, I suspected I was about to ovulate and started chartng, we didn't try for the first egg but we started this month, I'm currently 8dpo, just got a tiny hint of a line on an IC this morning, but a BFN on a FRER.  Wondering what is going on in there!


My baby nurses about 5 times a day, with his big siblings to watch he is very distracted, and will really only nurse if he is sleepy.   I was blessed to get pregnant very easily with DS1, I got pregnant with my second and third while breastfeeding, although after DS1 it took a few months for my cycle to get normal enough to concieve, although we were NTNP (well to be fair, I was kind of trying, DS not so much lol).   I had mirena after DD, until I had it taken out when she was a few months shy of 2, since it was making me nuts.  My cycles were completely normal at that point, and the single time we didn't use a condom or diaphram I ran to the pharmacy to get plan B morning after pill, which for us resulted in plan baby boy :) 


I have a short LP anyway, 10-11 days, and while fertility is returning it seems to be even shorter, last month just 7 days. For those of you that have had several, did your fertiity return at about the same pace each time?  I was surprised that I got AF back within a week of when I got it back after DS1, at just over 7 mo pp, and ironically DS2 was born 8 days early.  My first cycle was also remarkably similar, I Oed day 29 this time, day 34 in that cycle, when normal for me is 13-14.  I find it fascinating that my body could be following such a similar pattern.


Since DH really wants another girl an we are in no rush TTC, we tried the shettles method this month, an only DTD up to the day before I got a positive OPK.  Anyone had luck with this method?

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Thread Starter 

(updated to here)


Could everyone please check the initial post and make sure your info is correct?  Please post updates in bold.  I'd like to make sure everything is up-to-date before the end of the month.


Congrats LivingSky!!!  And congrats AudreyB3!!!  Let me know when you're ready to declare yourself a success story.


Welcome to all the newcomers and good luck to those of you in the 2WW!  Please keep us updated!

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hey ladies I'd like to join.  smile.gif   We are TTC and LO is nursing 3X a day occasionally 4X.  She is 15 months.  I got a beautiful BFP in Oct only to learn it was a blighted ovum.  I am 15 days out from the d&c and looking to TTC next cycle.  I can't get rid of the nagging feeling BFing might have harmed my pregnancy but the thought of weaning her before she's ready is unbearable!  So come what may I am doing child led weaning.  Good luck to you all sending lots of baby dust! hearts.gif

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Congrats to all the bfp's! I'm really excited for you all!

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