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AKK, my update:  DD 7 mos, 2 PPAF  Thanks!


RosieL, how are things going with the jumpstart? Any plans? (That was you, right, who was looking for ideas to get things going fertility-wise?)


A couple of questions for everyone...


Does anybody know what the concern is with taking FertilAid for Women, when nursing?  It claims that you shouldn't take it while breastfeeding, but I'm not sure what they are worried about.  It has a number of different things in it, like red clover, etc. I thought I would post the question here, in case someone else has already done the research-- before I set off investigating the ingredients on an individual basis. *sigh* I'm more bummed than I thought, since not getting a bfp for Christmas. So, I'm wondering what things are okay to take, in order to enhance my fertility. I've got hubby taking FertilAid for Men. I've got an idea of when I'm ovulating now, so I'm going to be doing OPKs this cycle. Also, I'll probably be doing some acupuncture.


Also, anybody else have issues with their LO nursing  A LOT during the nightime?  DD doesn't even want  milk, she just wants to sleep with my nipple in her mouth, and it.is.driving.me.crazy.  Problem is, I kind of created this situation, because I was so worried that she would wake up DS in the middle of the night... rather than let her self-soothe a bit, I always gave her the boob, even if she wasn't needing/wanting milk. I thought I would try posting here to see what strategies have helped others...

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AF arrived this morning, but I'm OK with it. The timing this month wasn't ideal on several fronts, as DH will likely have to have back surgery in January and I get terrible morning sickness, and also my due date would have been the day before my DS1's birthday, and close to our busy summer season in our store.  I was pleased that my lp was 8 days, a day longer than last month's 7, so heading in the more fertile direction.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone on here.

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Hi Fern! Glad to see you. I wonder how many more of our April DDC mates are TTC? BTW, the Facebook group is really active, not sure if you're on there. Sorry this wasn't your month. Seems like you're pretty chill about it, which is good. I hope to be chill this time around.)

TM - yes, that was me. I didn't pump for four days (cut out one pumping session) and became engorged so my body definitely noticed it. DS has also dropped a night nursing, from three to two. My fingers are crossed that this will get something going. I was in the mood for some BDing yesterday, which I take as a positive sign. (I haven't had a libido to speak of since DS was born).

I also have ridiculous TMI news that only you ladies may appreciate. DH has never slipped up with using condoms since we started with those a year before TTC #1. The only no-BC sex we have ever have was during active TTC and pregnancy. BUT, this week he chanced it. I was thrilled and shocked. It's still earlier than ideal, but I'd love to have a sort-of-whoops rather than actively TTC again. TTCing makes me a little nutso in a bad way.
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I'm feeling more comfortable as af did not show over the weekend, please move me to success
I hope everyone gets their bfps very very soon!!!!
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Yay, AudreyB3, I'm so happy for you!  Wishing you a long and healthy pregnancy :-)

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Congrats Audrey!!!
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So many BFP's Congratulations to everyone.


SO I have been temping thought I O'ed 16 day ago, but no AF and - HPT has me confused.


Can you look at my chart and tell me what you think.  You have to scroll all the way to the right.  I could not figure out how to break up the cycle.  http://www.tcoyf.com/members/hmb123/pccharts/37.aspx

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@Tenzinsmama, some fyi info if it's helpful: I drank the fertili-tea for the last 2 months with no ill effects, also not labeled for nursing but I never found contraindications for any of the ingredients in that. Many of the ingredients have historically been used to support breastfeeding. There were no ill effects to my milk supply either.
Also I used opks this month mainly out of curiosity and did not have one true ”positive” at any point....obviously ovulated. Sure wouldn't trust them alone without monitoring cm etc.
Good luck!!!!
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Happy New Year's!


I'm planning to take a month or two off from visiting the TTC forums.  I'm not feeling too discouraged after only 3 months of TTC but I think I need to do a lot less symptom spotting and POAS next month for my own well-being.  I'll be sure to come back to check on everyone and hopefully share my own BFP soon.  I won't be making any more updates to the initial post for this month... hoping someone might want to start up the January thread and take over that role.  Good luck in 2013 everyone!  Wishing for lots of BFPs!!!

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hey ladies! 


im a 3 time "one thread" graduate, were slowly talking about ttc #4 biglaugh.gif and im nursing my 8 month old. what do i need to know?


no pp af yet, have dtd a few times, checking cervix  and cm,not temping...looks like i may be gearing up to o....but how do i tell while nursing..is anything different about placement, cm etc?



thanks ladies!!!



edit to add: fern and rosie! add me to the april ttc list. ;)

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Viv I basically have the same questions. I have read a little bit about the return of AF, and the consensus seems to be that a sharp change in nursing (from night nursing to no night nursing, for example) brings back fertility quicker than a slow gradual reduction. My fingers are crossed that my pumping reductions over the holidays might bring AF around. 


How funny to be in a position to WANT her to return so badly...

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I will start the Jan thread. 

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