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Well I didn't O I was getting sick after all.  Developed a fever later in the day, and now seem to have DS's cold. 


Rosie - I have not tried to jumpstart my fertility (DS is 20 mo) - I only pump once a day, I was hoping that would help, so far it has not.  I'm trying to make it through cold season before I drop the last pumping.  DS is in daycare so he gets sick a lot, like last year he got the stomach bug 3x on top of a nearly constant cold.  This year seems to be a bit better cold wise. 

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Does anyone else keep testing after they get a bfp?

I've had a missed m/c at 4-5 weeks, but didn't pass the baby until 11 weeks, so I'm a little nervous about the "stickiness" of this one.

I keep getting cheap-o $0.88 walmart tests and taking one every afternoon.  I just want to see the line getting darker.  It settles me for another day at a time.  But, I think I'm starting to make my dh think I'm truly crazy.  At least I'm not doing it in secret, right?!  wink1.gif

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Emily11meagan - I did the same thing with last pregnancy and probably will again. I also had an early miscarriage prior to DD and it just made me feel better. Cheers to you and your little bean!
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Congrats emily11megan! That is great news. I'm sending lots of sticky vibes! And I think 3rd babies are just as exciting as 1st and 2nd babies. joy.gif

Serenyd, I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. Good luck next month!


I've been away from the computer for a few days and now I have a bit of time to catch up. I'm pretty sure that I o'd on cd15 and I'm now 6dpo. I didn't have much in the way of ewcm, but it was a bit hard to tell with all the BD.  shy.gif I'm trying not to think too much about testing. I'm holding out until at least 12dpo, maybe 13dpo. I may have to bake copious amounts of Christmas cookies to occupy myself until then...

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Most of us scowler the Internet for pregnancy info. On this web page is a neat video. Just wanted to share.

Afm. I have so jumped the gun and just got a pretty " bun in the oven shirt." It's white with purple letters and flowers on the shirt!! I thought it would be awesome to wear for the family! I was hoping for Christmas but it may be more like New Year's Day! Either way, curious who will get the hint first!
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I would like to join! Ds is 2 and still nurses at least 4 times a day. We've been TTC for a couple months and haven't had anything stick yet. I'm trying not to worry that it's due to us still nursing. I should O this week, maybe. Charting has not been working so well thanks to cosleeping.


Nice to meet you all. winky.gif

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I would like to join as well. My DD is 10 months old and nurses around the clock. I've had one ppaf one day shy of her 9 month bday but nothing since. All tests are coming back negative.
Previously I was used to very regular cycles. Is this normal for me to skip af?
We aren't really trying but not avoiding or preventing. This would be DC 5 for us!

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Hi there,


I just got my first period last week since my second son was born 21 months ago! I am so excited to start TTC again! Here's hoping for a September baby!



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Welcome to the all the new ladies joining us here! 


Anybody getting ready to test?


I don't have much news, other than I noticed EWCM for a couple of days around CD20... I would have loved to have used my OPKs over those couple of days, but we've been away for those days and I didn't have my tests with me.  But I did check when I got back yesterday afternoon, and it showed the line was about half as dark as the control line. So I'm thinking that I really did O around this time period. (I don't think I'm yet to O, because the EWCM isn't as much now). We've bd'd every couple of days, so we'll see what happens... Will be interesting to see how long my LP is.  I'm really happy how my cycles are getting back to normal the way they are, so I can't help but be hopeful.  I mean, I'm not really thinking anything will happen right away, but if it did... WOW, that would be so great! 


Now, if only I could get DD to stop using me as a pacifier at night... grrr, it's starting to make me grumpy.  It makes me so tired... I said I wasn't going to co-sleep with the second one (we co-slept until 13 months with DS), but it's happening... Not that I have a problem with the co-sleeping at all, it's that she just wants to fall asleep with my nipple in her mouth and then when I try to extricate myself she gets cranky, which makes me cranky sometimes.  I need more sleep!  It didn't used to be this bad, but these last couple of weeks we had traveled abroad, she had a gastro bug, plus teething. I know that not co-sleeping isn't necessarily going to solve things... hopefully things get better with it soon, and she can sleep longer stretches at night without needing me. 


Hopefully we get some bfps to round out the month!  What great Christmas presents they would be for us and our families!

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Hi I think I can be moved to 2WW, think I O'd in the last couple of days, not totally sure though, temp did spike today but temps have been all over the place with night wakings and passing a cold around our family.  Guess we'll see what happens.  Good luck to those getting ready to test!    

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tenzinsmama, I fully understand your frustration about cosleeping. Some nights when i wake up to pee my LO wakes up and has to come with me. irked.gif We go through times where it drives me crazy and I'm ready to move the LO out of our room, but then other times I LOVE waking up to my baby snuggled under my armpit. joy.gif


sweetkidsofmine, This will be our 6th DC. Hooray for large families. I've only had 2 ppafs in a row before and my 2nd one was a week or 2 late. Otherwise I've always gotten pg with only 1 or no ppaf.

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Welcome to all the newcomers!  I will update the initial post tonight once my kids are in bed.  Sorry I've been away a few days - lots of crazy errands and running around trying to get ready for Christmas then crashing into bed exhausted. 


I've had 3 BFNs 3 days in a row :-(  I bought 2 FRERs and then used a ClearBlue Easy that was given to me.  Just this evening I had a bit of brownish red streaking when I wiped and AF is due to arrive tomorrow.  Still trying to hold some hope that maybe it was IB but with all those BFNs I'm feeling a little down.  All I want for Christmas is my BFP...

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(updated to here)


100%mom, Wow, what track record!  Wishing you similar success this time around!


Good luck to everyone in your 2WW; there are a few of us now.  I'm sooo convinced I had IB today that I know I'll be super disappointed if AF arrives tomorrow.  Wish me luck please :-)

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Good luck!!!!
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So I had what I thought was af starting 2 mornings ago. But nothing since.
Is my ppaf all wonky or did I O late and that could possibly be implantation bleeding? It was more than just streaking which had been my implantation in the past...

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I'm not getting any good O signs yet. Maybe I should go get a bunch of dollar store OPKs? In any case, we're trying once every other day. I'm not feeling very hopeful this month for some reason.

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Okay, I'm 11 dpo and I could not wait any longer. I've been so irritable lately and I went to the Dollar store to get some tests........

.....and I saw the faintest line when I took one this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


joy.gif  <-- as you can see I'm cautiously optimistic that it was not a fluke, lol. I'm going to test again tomorrow just to be sure. OMG, I might have an x-mas surprise for DH....

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happybunny, I'm so excited for you!  Update us tomorrow!!!


AFM, 2 BFNs today.  I'm still thinking it's IB happening not AF so I plan to test tomorrow.  Trying to remain optimistic...

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AngelKissed, how many days past ovulation are you? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

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Sigh, I'm out this month.  I must have ovulated late or my LP wasn't long enough.  I'm convinced I was having IB (both other pregnancies I had a 3 day IB 'period') but it definitely turned into AF overnight.  I don't think there was enough time for the bub to fully implant or maybe my progesterone levels were too low :-(  I'm really sad today.  I have never knowingly had a loss before but I'm convinced that's what happened this month.  I try to have faith in my body and maybe my body feels that my 21m/o needs milk more than I need to be pregnant right now.  Better luck to the rest of you!

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