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PDXmother2b welcome! I've only  just joined this group myself.
Thanks ladies for the good luck vibes for testing tomorrow, I will report back.
That's such sad news about your fellow member, I'm so sorry. candle.gif
scorpioma wild is a great way to describe insemination! You're lucky you get to insem several times, I can only do it once per cycle as my donor has to travel and has a busy schedule etc... you must have a better chance of conceiving if you insem multiple times around O.
friederike I've yet to read any HP or watch the movies! I caught minutes here and there when other people were watching it, and I wasn't sure I would enjoy it.
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First off I feel deep sadness for Nosreves, I've only been on here 2 weeks so obviously I was not around for her ttc journey. I can't begin to imagine the devastation. candle.gif


Fille: I love your positive plan for the coming month of taking a break from ttc. I like that you are doing social activities and getting involved in the Unitarian Church. We went to one Unitarian service and it just wasn't for us. I was raised Lutheran and DP Irish Catholic in Boston. So we settled on the local very gay affirming Episcopal church. But we actually like to sleep in on Sundays so we never make it. Oh well. Also your KD sounds like such a cool guy! Thats great that he's been so awesome!


Scorpioma: I'm glad insem went so great with KD! Sounds very perfectly timed too! Another Christmas BFP now that you join Sphinxy and the Inseminators! Baby Dust to you all! goodvibes.gif


Samy: hold off on POAS another couple days!! One of my friend did not get a BFP until 15 dpo and she is having twins!


Fmorris: What tea do you drink? I'm trying to drink more tea for the inevitable kicking the coffee habit that is down the pipeline. I'm trying to savor my morning coffee this last month of drinking it, but not to excess. I've heard mixed fertility reviews of green tea, which I love and good things about Rooibos tea for pregnancy for the low tannins.  


PDXmother2b: I'm new here too! Welcome! DP and I are planning our first insem for January too! Its exciting!

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twomommy: thanks!! I hope it was perfect timing, one always hopes... we wait to see sustained temp. rise and then I will relax! the crazy good news is that if we did it way too early, we can have one more shot with KD. I always feel sort of *CRAZY* the week of inseminations, checking my signs repetitively and obsessing. I need to learn some peace of mind if I have to do this more months ahead... 

also, congrats on your first insem. next month. I bet you are getting really excited!


as far as the band we are making... has someone chosen to be the vocalist? praying.gif


afm, our KD was so cute tonight, he asked DP if it was "enough"! we were like, ummm, yes? I mean, we don't know, we think so, ha! For people who have used fresh sperm, how many cc's did you get from your donor? oh, this queer life... blush.gif

i am officially in the 2ww and happy to be here. still anxious to find out when I O'd but other than that much more peaceful. Hope to sleep well tonight and allow that *hopefully* fertilized egg to do it's thing! My CM is changing, drying a little, makes me think we did it just at the right time. We will see. 




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Samy, you're still early and there's still time!FX for you.



I am the same way with the tracking when they're shipping mye swimmers. You get more and more excited the closer they get to you..mye swimmers aren't international travelers though lol!


Fille, you do have a pretty awesome KD getting right back into it is the way to go. You're gonna make it


Scorp, WooHoo on the insem.! Best of luck with the TWW. Anything you're doing specifically for the wait? And that test line looks darker than the control. Positive in mye opinion. Have you tried digital?


Sphinxy, I do love the name of the band as well lol! I sure wish i was too..this month has been crazy! DP is flying to NY next week and then back home and back out two weeks after that. Inbetween that i've shut mye wrist in the car door, gotten a stye in mye eye, and gotten bit by something on mye foot! Kinda glad im not inseminating with all this craziness! I feel like i'm getting prepared...and managing an ongoing battle in mye head about this trigger shot! Good luck to you chica!


M&M, thank you so much...when i do it i'll probably think...thats what i've been worried about!? lol


PDX, Welcome.gifWe're on our 3rd try and are shooting for January as well. This is a great board and you've come to the right place!


Twomommy, I've gotten a bag of Fertilitea. I asked mye OB about it and she gave meeh the go ahead and said its ok to take with clomid as well (a lot of ppl have asked that). I'm pretty straight foward when it comes to tea and was worried about the flavour, but i really like it! I got a month supply from fairhavenhealth.com and they had free shipping. Got it in about 3 days or so, as it was coming from WA. I'd recommend it!


AFM, One more day in mye work week and a much needed couple of days off. Mye nephew will be 4 on monday and I can't wait. Being around him and his twin baby sisters(6months) makes meeh want them even more! I love having mye nieces in mye arms! I could do twins :)


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Scorpio, we got less than 1 cc the first time, so no worries. It was much easier when we started shipping and the yolk buffer was in there, too, so that brought it up to about 3 ccs. You can add it even if you aren't shipping; supposedly it helps the swimmers (there are studies that show they're more likely to penetrate an egg after being in the buffer). Good luck!
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Thanks for the nice welcomes!!


My name is Kelley and my partner and I don't have any children yet.  


I will be trying 1 iui cycle in January and every month until conception thereafter.


I work in childcare and my partner works for the city of Portland.  We both live in Portland Oregon!


The most exciting part about ttc is the unknown!  Though it is an exciting time, we are trying not to stress too much.  I have just started acupuncture, which I'm hoping will help the process!


My fsh level came back a little elevated and my progesterone a little low, so I'd say that that has been the most difficult part so far.  Trying to figure out when to ship our vials has also been quite an adventure!  We are very happy with the donor we chose (California Cryobank) and hope that we are successful in the first few months (we bought four vials of this particular donor.)  I have done clear blue easy opks for the last 7 months...my cycle has been pretty on schedule up until a few months ago (of course eyesroll.gif)  Either way we are very excited for this journey!!!




We are a happy family of 5 (my partner and I and our three cats)  cat.gif(Sissy).....cat.gif(Pikachu).....cat.gif (Arwen)   partners.gif  (Us)  stork-suprise.gif (Baby to be)

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Originally Posted by Twomommyfamily View Post


Samy: hold off on POAS another couple days!! One of my friend did not get a BFP until 15 dpo and she is having twins!


Funny you should say that, my KD has made twins with another recipient!


AFM 8 DPO today I tested with FMU and got a BFN, trying hard not to stress over it but I do have AF symptoms beginning now which sucks, I had a lot of hope this cycle due to the timing of insem being on the day I seem to have O'd... and I'm trying not to panic about not being able to insem next cycle as my O date will be in the middle of the holiday period which makes meeting up with my donor near to impossible.... deep breathes... duh.gif


scorpio my donor amount was 2ml in a syringe, which was less than I expected! I guess different men produce different amounts, some more, some less.

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I've just found out about Nosreves & can't begin to fathom how she must be feeling after everything she's gone through. candle.gif


Scorp FX for you

Fille & Samy - good luck!


FMorris - you have had a rough ride!


PDX - welcome!


I know I've missed people & am sorry just having to dip in & out at the moment until my crazy life settles down.


Hope everyone enjoys their weekends.

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Just popping on to say wishing folks luck!


and for sperm amount, with our first KD we always got a about 1 cc except when we did multiple insems, the last one was done to almost nothing!  and it worked anyway, our 2nd KD apparently produced a lot and we got several ccs!  We only did once in person but were shocked, and did the 2nd shipped so with the buffer it was crazy. But I thin 1-2 is normal, 3 is on the HIGH end,  And also, having more does not nec mean there are more sperm, it can just be more fluid. .

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Oh Joy? Where ya been girl? Hope everything is okay with ya.
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PDXmother: We are also using CA Cryobank and we think our donor seems pretty amazing! Wasn't it fun to search for donors? Anyways, we only bought 5 vials because that was all there was left of that particular donor. So we are hoping that 5 or fewer insems will get us our BFP. Otherwise we start the online dating process over again trying to find another donor. We are also doing IUI and I'm happy we are as, like you, my FSH levels were high and my progesterone low with my first round of tests. Also my luteal phase is entirely too short. We had really wanted to do ICI at home where it could be a relaxed experience and be able to say that DP got me pregnant, but now I just feel relieved that its in the RE's hands as far as figuring out the timing with the trigger shot and ultrasounds. There are a couple other women on here waiting until January, we can look forward to some mid-fall babies!

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PDX/TwoMommy--Lots of people have a lower progesterone and easily boost it up with supplements--so don't worry about that! In fact, it is SO good that you are already aware of your levels! What were your FSH levels? Mine was 15 (I completely freaked out) but did get pregnant with levels that high! The higher the levels just mean that it might take a bit longer because eggs are either a lower quality or you have fewer of them...My triplet pregnancy was such a shock because of this....thinking that my eggs were "bad" and all three being high quality was NOT an option in my mind. Anyway, don't stress. It is so possible. The great thing is that you know so you can be proactive. Good luck you two! goodvibes.gif
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Nosreves: I'm heartbroken for you. candle.gif

PDXmother2b: Welcome! I’ve added you to our list up above. There are a bunch of us (me included) insem-ing in January after a break for the holidays (plus another whole cluster inseming this month, who, fingers crossed will be graduates cheering us on by then), so you’ll be in good company!

Samy, you really, really shouldn’t be worried about a BFN on 8 DPO. Those 8 DPO BFPs are extremely rare! According to FF, average for the first positive pregnancy test isn’t until 13.6 DPO. Even those “5 days before your period” tests are talking about 9 DPO and only something like 60% of pregnant women get positives that early. In fact, implantation typically happens 7-10 DPO (sometimes as late as 12DPO), and you need to be about 2-3 days past implantation for a positive test. So, test early and often, sure (sometimes you just can’t help yourself), but don’t give up hope or get discouraged. You say you’re having AF signs, but many AF signs are exactly the same as pregnancy signs! So, don't give up hope before AF--most BFPs come very close to the time AF is due to start.

Friederike and other HP-ers, my big geek secret is that I started reading fanfiction as a result of HP, and while I’ve moved on to other fandoms, HP still holds a special place in my heart.

Hah, about the semen volumn thing—my big ol’ gay KD, who is not shy about talking about sex at all, was all “if we’re doing this when you come, I need to stop drinking caffeine for a bit and drink lots of water (and details about masturbation style y’all really don’t want to know about—suffice it to say, the prostate was involved) because that way I produce more” (and being gay and very sex-positive, he says he has a high volume compared to the millions and millions of guys he’s seen get off). I’m just leaving that stuff to him, the jizz expert. Yuck and double yuck.
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Fillefantome: Hahaha, my KD is gay as well, and when we actually looked last night to see, it was a substantial amount (a little over 2cc) but since we haven't gotten any testing done on motility yet, it might not be a benefit (as Cordelia said. HEY! nice to see you!).

But yeah, so funny, and EW.


also I didn't get to say welcome to PDXmother2b!  So glad you are here and excited for TTC!  

This is such a great community orngbiggrin.gif


thanks for the well-wishes, Lizbian!


I am seeing some change in CM, more watery and a little white-ish... Hopefully that means I just ovulated. 

Which would mean timing was good. After last month's WEEK delayed O, I am anxious. 

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We've done many, many insems with our KD - the smallest amount we got was 1cc and the most was 4cc. It averaged about 2cc. As for the yuck factor, I gagged the first time we did it when I was "sucking up" the stuff into the syringe. It got to a point where I didn't even think about it though and there was no yuckiness about it :)

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scorpio - Sounds like it you may have had perfect timing! I hope you got good sleep and take good care of yourself this weekend. 


fmorris - I am with you, I would love twins! And they run in my family, so who knows! We want at least two, so why not get it done sooner rather than later! twins.gif


Afm, feeling a little down today. I am still holding out to use my second vial, but my signs are just so confusing. I had a tiny bit of EWCM yesterday afternoon, which had me all excited, but no more since then. And my OPK today was completely negative, like stark-white. What the heck! I am posting my chart again for anyone who would be willing to talk me off the cliff. It's too bad that FF doesn't show notes when you share your chart, because I have been noting everything this cycle! If you are going to look at my chart, keep in mind that my negative OPK on Tuesday (CD14) was barely negative. And last cycle, I think one of the reasons I Od so late was because I got a nasty cold right at the beginning of my cycle. The other thing, which may sound really silly, is that around the day of our first insem this cycle, I became obsessed with a new bagel shop in town, and eating wheat is pretty rare for me otherwise. So I'm a little concerned I might have affected my cycle with a dietary shift. Sigh... http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3d8708

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 Sphinxy: Hmmmm. What the heck!  No good CM today? What is goin' on!  Keep taking OPKs, and hang in there! Chart experts, chime in!! OPK's have not been helpful or friendly to us this cycle... I am crossing my fingers for you!  It's so hard that everything becomes more clear after the fact. Is CM dry/creamy today? If there is ANY watery/EW maybe insem. today! I see on other cycles you have crosshairs as the temperature is rising. that's a good sign!


AFM, Ummm, I am also going a little crazy because the second OPK I took today was really dark (another strong almost positive), and then I took a clear blue, and it was NEGATIVE! I still have EMCM today, mostly watery though, and cervix is soft. So, no idea what is going on, and I am going to inseminate again in the morning just in case with KD. 




I just want O to be confirmed so my brain can rest... greensad.gif


(also it looks like I posted twice, how do I delete the first one?!)

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scorp, my friend, I just don't know what's going on with us. From what I see on our charts I'm thinking that maybe both of us are ovulating twice...? I could be out of my mind of course, because this process is making me crazy! I found a teeny tiny bit more EWCM today, so I'm waiting to see what tomorrow holds. I'm actually wondering if I might have been a bit dehydrated the last few days, which could have affected my body's ability to produce good CM. (Clearly, the overanalysis continues...) Anyway, if my temp spikes in the morning I'll be tapping DW on the shoulder to get the vial out. Otherwise, the OPKing and CM checking continues! nut.gif

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Hello twomommyfamily,


Thanks so much for the reply!  Yeah, we only bought 4 vials, hoping we won't need more either.  Our donor is still on ccb but doesn't have anymore vials right now...happy we ordered when we did!  


I am glad I found this board....it's nice to chat with others going through the process!  I'd love to chat with you anytime!


Good luck in January!!!

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Fillefantome-  Thanks for adding me to the boards!  I'm very excited to be on these boards!


Lizbian-  Thanks!


Lisedea- My fsh was 11 which isn't too bad but after finding out clomid is my best bet...it's kinda scary.  The last time I tested my progesterone it was 10.5, though I have to have it re-tested in a week or so...we will see I guess!  Thanks for the words of encouragement though!  smile.gif


Scorpioma-  Thanks for the welcome!!

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