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Samy-  Hello hello!  We are newbies!  Look forward to chatting with you more!


fmorris-  It will be a new year...I wish you lots of baby dust as well!  Hoping January will be your month!!!

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Any suggestions would be helpful...


I surge in the evenings between 2-6pm every month.  My RE says she doesn't want to inseminate until 2 days later (example I surge at 5pm on saturday...she wouldn't want to do the insem until monday morning)  isn't that a little late?  I haven't been temping because I have sleep issues and don't think I would get an accurate reading.  


When do you insem?  


Thanks so much!

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PDXmother - If you surge at 5pm on a Saturday, then a Monday morning (let's say 8am at the earliest?) IUI would be 39 hours after your positive OPK. To me, that's a little late. But, since you aren't temping, it's hard to say. Do you have any idea how long after your surge you actually ovulate? Depending on the brand, I believe most OPKs predict ovulation within 24-48 hours. With only one IUI, you want try to get it as close to O as possible, and probably no more than 6-8 hours before or after O.
The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth by Stephanie Brill (2006, page 255-6) provides the following recommendations for IUI with frozen sperm (keep in mind they recommend 2 per cycle): "For people who are nearing 40 or are in their forties, we recommend the first IUI with the positive OPK, or earlier if three [fertility] signs line up before getting a positive OPK, and the second inseminatin no later than twelve hours following the positive reading. For people in their twenties and early thirties we recommend one IUI twelve hours after the positive and another one twelve to eighteen hours later - assuming all signs line up with this timing. And for women in their mid- to late thirties it is somehwere in between the other suggestions, dependent on the results of the other signs being monitored."
So, you can see that in no situation are they recommending IUI later than 30 hours after a positive OPK. A few last thoughts... Do your sleep issues prevent you from getting three consecutive hours of sleep per night? If not, it might be worth your while to try temping to see if you can identify how long after your positive OPK you usually ovulate. Secondly, you might consider inseminating every other month, with two inseminations per month to try to cover more of your fertile time, rather than four straight months of one IUI each. Just some ideas, hope that helps!
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Scorpioma I've never used a digital opk before but sounds very odd that was negative when the other opk was positive.... have you found the digital ones helpful in previous cycles though? I do wonder about investing in one, but you only get a few uses out of it right? Not sure if it is worth the expense...?
Twomommyfamily and PDXmother2b can I ask how many insem's you can do with each of the vials you get? Just curious because if when you say you have bought 4 or 5 vials, if that means 1 for each month and if you get more than 1 insem per vial? (frozen sperm clueless here)
Fille thanks for your support, I'm forcing myself to be more at peace with it not happening this month....I made a list of 10 things why it's okay for it not to happen yet...just to make myself feel a bit better. And I'm trying to figure out how I can still meet up with my donor and insem over the holiday period rather than skip a whole cycle which would be very depressing, so fingers crossed for that.
AFM I'm 9 DPO today tested with FMU and got a BFN again, at first I thought I saw something but I was imagining it from looking too long and hard at the dang test! Wishing it to be a line and it wasn't, so had to throw it away before I went crazy ha. My temp also dipped by .2 unfortunately and I have AF cramping, tender boobs etc. Will test again tomorrow. Sigh.
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Samy, how long is your LP usually? Are you charting somewhere you could link here? Both cramps and sore breasts are pregnancy signs as well as signs of impending AF. And temp ups and downs are really normal too. This was my obsession this past cycle: http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com. It might actually reassure you, as there are both sections on frequency of signs and symptoms preg vs. non-preg and stats on pregnancy test results (including by time of day tested and by brand). According to this site, at 9 DPO, 51.4% of pregnant women will get BFNs. Even with an early result test, that number would still be about 42% BFNs.
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Samy: as far as I know, since we are doing this all in the RE's office, we can do one insem per vial. But 2 insems (using up two vials) per month, if we want. As of now, we are thinking one the first month, two the second. Also, since we will be doing the HCG trigger shot, the RE will be doing the ultrasound monitoring to look at the follicle length, wait until (I think) we are in the 20-24mm range, then trigger, then do the iui 24 hours later.

Also, I'm curious, as Fille asked, how long is your lp usually? Day 9 temp drop can be a good sign, the implantation dip. My lp is 8-9 days and I always had a temp drop on day 8 with AF starting the next day, which forced the issue with going to the RE. So if this is typical for you, it can be a quick fix with progesterone supplements. I'm pretty sure a regular OB can prescribe that even without testing, my doctor says there is no such thing as too much progesterone during the lp if you are ttc.
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samy - fingers crossed for you! You're still in this - it's not over 'til AF arrives! Also, the vials are a one shot deal. You can't refreeze them after thawing, and they really need to be used ASAP once warm - within an hour at most. Plus, there really isn't enough in there for multiple insems anyway. Usually just 1cc for an unwashed sample, .5cc for washed.


PDX - I should have asked last night, are you using a trigger? That could alter timing recommendations in ways that are unfamiliar to me.


Afm, whistling.gif... Still no temp spike. Must distract myself today from checking my CM every five seconds, my poor cervix is so sick of being poked and inspected! I feel an afternoon of baking Christmas cookies coming on...

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Well, my other OPKs were not real positives! There you have it! I changed my FF to indicate this was the only +OPK.

Inseminating tonight again. KD has been so generous this cycle, wow... 

I might O either tonight or tomorrow, most likely tomorrow, but I want the sperm waiting there for the egg!

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Well my LP is 12 days I think, but that is going by when I get the positive OPK's.... this is the first cycle I have been temping to get a clearer picture of things. I was trying to hope for the cramping to be implantation rather than AF coming today. I will link my chart when I know how to. Thanks for the advice, Im going to check out the linked site by Fille. How long should the LP be for best fertility?

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Hey sphinx,


Thanks for the suggestions!  I thought that timing was really late too...so I think I will shoot for sooner if possible!  I am actually due to surge tonight or tomorrow night, so I will temp tonight and see if I can catch when I have a temp change.  My sleep issues aren't super bad, so I guess I can start temping.  


I asked my RE about the trigger shot and she said she didn't recommend it for me because I don't have issues with ovulation. I think it would make timing the insem easier?!  What are your thoughts?

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Bummer, my doctor pushed back the trigger shot 2 days because the dominant follicle was too small (16mm on CD10). This puts us very close to the expiry date of the tank and instead of insemming on my day off work, I'll rush it early in the morning. There's another smaller follicle growing so perhaps that one delayed the growth of the other one?

Samy - I think the LP should be a minimum 12 days to ensure implantation (which usually happens around day 10).
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PDXmother2b - I'm not familiar with the trigger shot personally, I just have heard from the people here on this board that it can impact insem timing. I've also heard that there's a higher chance of producing multiples with a trigger than without. If your doctor doesn't recommend it then I would wait on exploring it further until you see the results of your first couple tries without it. 


Friederike - Bummer about the timing adjustment. One of our inseminations last month was a bit rushed - I was driving back from out of town and had about 30-40 minutes of time overlapping with DW at our home before she had to go to work. So, I can empathize with preferring it for a day off. I hope you can find peacefulness that day.


Scorpio - Checked your chart this morning and saw that uptick in your temp! orngbiggrin.gif


Afm, I'm trying to maintain a zen-like attitude about this cycle, but of course that can be challenging. Today is CD20. This morning's OPK was negative, which is typical for me. A positive wouldn't normally come until mid-day, so I'll try again around Noon. Last cycle I got my positive on CD20, so I'm hoping that today is my day, while also trying to accept the fact that I have zero control over it. I really thought my late ovulation last month was due to my getting sick with a cold early in the cycle, but maybe these longer cycles are just becoming my new normal. I'm supposed to leave for a business trip tomorrow afternoon, so if fertility signs don't point towards an insem tonight, then I think we might just use our last vial before DW goes to work tomorrow morning, and hope for the best.

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Sphinxy: Yes, it did go up a little, typical on O day, which is today (based on OPK). Finally... And I can relate, my cycles are ridiculously long. They surprise me every month.

Hang in there, hoping for that OPK today!!! Really glad you are feeling more peaceful, even though it is challenging.

Looks like your temp went down, so maybe O soon...


Friederike: Totally feel you. I wish we could all just lay in bed all day when we insem. Deep breaths that morning! When will it be?


Inseminated last night for the last time. Here's to hoping the timing was good enough. whistling.gif

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Scorpio - congrats on the +OPK. must be a relief to see it without questioning it! 


Sphinxy - i hope your weird timing works out serendipitously! FX


Friederike - been there! it's so frustrating. come on, lil follicle, get moving! 


i hope everyone's doing well. i've been overbooking myself in an effort to stay distracted. we have 2 follicles over 20mm and one at 15 yesterday. my e2 numbers have been a lot better this cycle. we triggered last night at 11:30 pm, doctor's orders. for some reason the trigger shot hurt HORRIBLY this month. it's never done that before, and i have been getting injections sometimes 2x a day + daily blood draws, so i would expect i'd be a little less sensitive to needles at that point. i did forget to ice it, but we didn't ice for the trigger shot in the past. i'm going to do 2 iui's this cycle, one today and one tomorrow. i have heard it doesn't help to do 2 iui's, but the nurse kind of talked me into it, and really? what's another $600 at this point? i will be 14 dpo on christmas!!


tomorrow i have an IUI in the morning and a meeting with an adoption agency in the evening. should be a really busy day... anything to distract from the tww. 

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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

PDXmother2b I've also heard that there's a higher chance of producing multiples with a trigger than without.

A trigger will not make you produce more eggs (therefore multiples)--it just helps people with ovulation issues OR people that have a really difficult time pinpointing ovulation and want to get better timing. Most of the time, if you are on follicle stimulating meds (what actually could increase your chances of multiples), a doctor normally--but not always--prescribes a trigger shot as well since it is part of the medicated/monitored process.
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mrsandmrs: YAY! Congrats on the trigger/IUI plans! I am glad you are going "all in" this month! Really sorry it hurt so much. greensad.gif

I will be testing on Dec. 23ish (14DPO), so we'll be close, as expected. So excited for you!

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lisedea - I'm glad you chimed in. I have a follow-up question. If the body is naturally producing multiple eggs without medication, will the trigger shot not increase the likelihood that those eggs are released simultaneously?
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sphinxy--If you are producing more than one mature egg at a time (somtimes you could produce more than one but *normally* only one matures--the other(s) are absorbed back into your body) your chances for multiples is always higher--the trigger just makes you ovulate at a specific time. So really, triggering doesn't give you a higher chance to have multiples but producing more than one mature egg at a time does...

Hope that helps! smile.gif

ETA: I should also add that if an egg isn't matured, the trigger doesn't necessarily make it release--and even if it does release it will not be matured enough to create a baby.
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Oh, the insemination timing around the Holidays...  Last year, our first insem was in late December and I was FREAKING OUT about timing in regards to Christmas Eve traveling to the in-laws.  It all worked out okay, I ovulated later than I had thought that month (mind you, I hadn't tracked it prior and was just going off of when I must have ovulated in order to get pregnant with DD way back in 2008...) and didn't get a +OPK til after Christmas.  THIS YEAR, if my LP stays usual (13/14), then it puts insem-ing and ovulation smack dab in the middle of the extended New Years traveling to the in-laws.  DSp has expressed that he absolutely does NOT want to insem at his parents' house.  (Since New Years is on a Tuesday this year, both of our works let us have the full day on Monday off for New Years Eve too, making it a 4 days weekend, so we will spending the night there the whole weekend...)  So, I'm beginning to freak out again this year too.


ALSO, one morning last week, DSp casually mentioned as I was going about the house getting ready for work, that we should hold off on trying anymore after this 1 cycle.  I just kind of acknowledged the comment, but didn't really say much.  Inside my head, I was COMPLETELY confused. Before, our plan was to go pick up where we had left off, go to the RE, do an IUI for the first time, 1 cycle.  I felt that if we could find a less expensive cyrobank, that we could do it on our own 1 cycle (maybe even 2), then go back to the RE for cycle #2 of re-trying.  I found a less expensive cryobank, found donor that we both thought was just as wonderful as the one we had with California Cryobank, so we decided to try it at home again.  Now, DSp says we're just gonna do 1 cycle and STOP?  WTH?  It was DSp that wanted to start trying again, and when I wanted to hold off 2 months so we could have the opportunity to go the Philippines family reunion and I wouldn't be too pregnant, DSp wasn't too happy about waiting.  Now, he just wants to quit after just 1 cycle?  I don't understand AT ALL..  irked.gif

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On cycle day 17 and still no smileygreensad.gif.  Still waiting for that twinge on on side...it's hard when you have very little to no CM every month...frustrating!  Most women hate CM and I pray for it!


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