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i just got done with our first iui of this cycle. the vial's sperm count was 140 mil. nut.gif with 50% motility, we had over 30 million motile in the vial. my mind is blown. the lab guy was so stoked, he made sure the nurse pointed it out to us. 


can i be moved to Waiting to Know? Thank you! 

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mrsandmrs - Holy cow, that's awesome! Swim boys, SWIM!

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m-that sounds promising!  FX!

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Well, friends and band mates, my second insem is done. I'm not as confident in my timing as I wish, but still hopeful.

fille - Please move me to Waiting to Know
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welcome to the tww Sphinxy! Leaving for business trip soon?



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On mye mobile so not really able to do all the personals, but I've had a wild 3 days with no time to temp or use mye opks, but I had a strange feeling in the right ovary nd I told DP I felt like I was ovulating. On mye whim I went nd grabbed one nd used it. Looks like I was dead on! Feel like mye body nd I r syncing nicely! Glad im feeling this, it helps so much with these cycles! What do you all think?
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The clearblue and the strip (after 5 Mins). This upcoming cycle is so mine!
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fmorris  - Wow, that's some good intuition! Make sure you write all of this down so that you can look back on it next cycle!


esen - I'm sorry to hear about your timing stress and mixed messages with DSp. I hope you're able to get back on the same page soon. 


scorp - Thank you, I'm happy to finally be here! I hope you had a good relaxing yoga class today. Yup, I'm heading out early tomorrow. I will probably not be online nearly as often for the rest of the week. Thankfully I'll have good distraction at work and get to see some friends during my trip. 


Good luck to everyone waiting, and everyone inseminating!

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My heart is broken for Nosreves and her DW... god that is so sad. I was just thinking about them the other day and realizing that they were about to give birth :( I'll be praying for them and their family. candle.gif

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Welcome PDXmom2be! I'm glad you signed up. Isn't this board the best?! Now I'll have one more way to stalk you. lol :)

Have you O'd yet?


AFM, I am either CD 14 or 16. This cycle started so weird for me with two days of spotting, so I'm not entirely sure what this CD is. Either way, I did start getting copious amounts of EWCM yesterday and today. DW and I ordered a speculum from Maia Midwifery, so we've been "playing" around with that these last few days. It grosses DW out, but to me it's fascinating! The only thing is that I can't see my os. It must be tipped or something. With DW in town I can put my hands under my butt and have her hold the mirror and flashlight, but that's a no go with me doing it alone while she's out of town for the week at work. I did seem to notice that today my cervix seemed low and soft and again, lots of EWCM, so I may ovulate tomorrow, I'm thinking. I got a postive opk on the wondfo cheapie opks tonight. These last few days have been medium on the fertility monitor and I got an almost positive opk two days ago as well. I guess we shall see with the temps over these next few days. 


Fille, will you move me to Waiting to be ready? We are looking now at January instead of December as I didn't get to order our swimmers in time for this cycle. I'm excited to insem with several of y'all in January! October is my birthday, so I take that as a good sign when insemming in January :)


Good luck to all in the TWW!  Praying for lots of :storkgirl and :storkboy in September! 


xo, Abby


ps. Here's a pic of my wife and I getting our marriage license this past Saturday. It was so awesome! I can't wait till everyone has this ability in their own home state. 




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Sotohana congrats that's really cool!  


I'm a bit concerned as all the opk's I've seen on here when positive seem to go VERY dark and mine doesn't, it goes just about as dark as the control line and one side of the test line is a bit darker but it's hard to tell. It doesn't go as dark as all your guys tests do ...any thoughts on that? Surely it is still a positive right? otherwise it wouldn't gradually get darker and darker then fade away the next day, it's still showing the LH surge right? I have temped this cycle and my temp went up by .2 after the positive opk for a few days, but some charts I've seen go up by .5. would it be worth me checking it with the digital opk's you guys are using too? to make sure. Anyone recommend any? and how many uses do you get out of them?

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Sotohona! Thank you for sharing that photo with us, so wonderful, it made my day!

Excited for you to inseminate next month, there are a lot of people doing it in January. It's going to be a great month for Queer baby-making!

You two are adorable! Which one are you, sorry if you already told us?


Samy: I have always had trouble with OPKs, so I use Clear Blue digital along with the test strips (for a fade in) to see what it all looks like when I get the + with the digital.

It's really subjective and depends on the test you use/your particular body...It took me one cycle to learn what my body does with OPKs.

How many times a day are you testing? I have a really short surge so I test at 11am, 3pm and 7pm so I catch it.

The digital OPKs I use come in packs of 7 or packs of 20.  Hope that helps! I know some people on here have tons more experience with OPKs so they can chime in.  shy.gif


Where is Joyseattle? I want to hear more about this BFP!!! energy.gif


afm, I am *officially* in the 2 week wait now. I was put in that category before because I wasn't sure if I O'ed, but now I did, this morning big temp. spike! So great. I think today is 1DPO.

I am also a big fan of chart sharing so if anyone wants to be friends on Fertility Friend let me know. 


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Congratulations Abby!! Also, get ready to cry at work: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/60-moments-that-gave-me-the-chills-during-seattle
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Samy -you might want to consider switching brands.  The first cycle I tested, my OPK never got darker than the control line, but it went blank the next day and stayed blank.  I took it as my surge.  The next cycle I switched to the smiley face kind.  Much easier to tell, though some doctors warn that it might show a positive before the actual positive, so that is just a word of caution.  For this time around, I found Dollar Tree's OPKs, the brand is called New Choice, not sure of the manufacturer, I think it is made by one of the same manufacturers of one of the big name brands.  It is a cassette type test, you collect a small amount in a cup and use a provided dropper to drop in 5 drops in the cassette.  I got an EXTRA dark line with my surge this cycle.  (The great thing about them is they only cost $1 for one test!!!  They also have pregnancy tests too for $1  I find them in the toothbrush aisle, next to the Gluclose tests, home drug tests, and warming lube boxes)  So, I wouldn't worry.  Every woman can be different with every different test.

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Sending out dust.gif to mrs2 , Sphinxy, Scorpioma, and anyone else in the 2WW!


Congrats to sotohana!  It is such a wonderful feeling to hold a marriage certificate!  How exciting to be around the celebrations with the legalization!

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Hello Sotohana,


That's weird to not call you by your name...but this might be your new nickname! lol.  Congrats on all your CM (sigh)..I think I had a bit of it last night, but not enough to really say whether it was or not (dry is sexy..let me tell you) lol.


So I still haven't gotten my surge, though I am feeling a bit of pain on my right side today.  I can't test again until I get off work, so we will see!  Still hoping we insem around the same time next month!  


Talk to you soon,



BTW- where did you get your insem supplies (speculum,syringe etc.)?  Jas wants to try at home as well.  

Also...let us know if you need her head flashlight! orngbiggrin.gifcandle.gif

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Lol, Pdxmom! I'm telling you, I want one of those miners helmets with the big light. I think it could be good for sexy time too, dontchathink? He he :)

So, yeah, I got the speculum and syringe from Maia Midwifery. Here's the link: http://maiamidwifery.com/products.htm, I think that the pain on your side is a good sign. I felt that this morning too! If you use the cheapie OPKs from Wondfo (http://www.amazon.com/Wondfo-Step-Ovulation-Strips-50-Count/dp/B004IJHDN6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355254887&sr=8-1&keywords=wondfo+opk), they can tell you if you are fading in to a positive and fading out. Our inseminator (ha ha) with Alma Midwifery, suggested we use these in addition to the smiley face ones. They really work! Plus, they cost only $.28 per test when you do the math. Pretty good deal! I wouldn't worry either about the lack of cm. It could be that your cervix is way up in there and that the cm would be visible with a speculum and headlamp (lol!). It could just not be making it down to your uns.


Samy- I do think the digital smiley face OPKs are helpful. Like Scorpioma says, the wondfo tests are great for fade in and then the smiley face can confirm. We also use a fertility monitor, but that sucker was really spendy. I'm not sure it was actually worth it.


Thank you everyone for the well wishes! We are super happy :) I saw that slideshow yesterday, Easttowest! Funny that you saw it too. My friend Karol put it up on FB and said that she was bawling at work. It did make me tear up too. I love love. Seeing those couples so happy is what life is all about.


Speaking of FB- is this group on FB? I'd love to join on there too!


Totally random side note: I am so feeling Boyz II Men for some odd reason! I've been playing their greatest hits nonstop for the past two days and I think I've finally figured out how DW learned to be so loyal. These dudes are like dream partners! lol. Anyway...I know I'm like 15 years too late to be a fan, but it's just cracking me up.




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p.s. I'm the white one. Kristie is Native - Oglala Lakota Sioux- and Mexican.

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PDX, Thanks a bunch! Hopefully we'll have a string of BFPs very soon! And with the insem..mye doc inseminated on CD15. I took an OPK that morning and got a pretty def. positive, later that afternoon (around 4) i had the iui. That does seem a little later, bt maybe she knows something we don't! I asked mye OB about the trigger shot, and she said it would help with timing and recommended it after i asked about it. Just be vocal about what you want and usually they'll listen.


Scorp, Fingers and everything so crossed for you! I added you on FF, too.


M&M, No good on the trigger hurting this month! You've been poked a lot nd thats just as un-fun! Sorry for all that. Good luck in your wait!


Esenbee, I completely understand how you feel. For some reason DPs take this process pretty hard after previous BFNs. Its frustrating sometimes, but they eventually come around.


Sphinxy, atleast you've got your 2nd insem to back you up. No worries. Enjoy the wait! And who are you telling on that intuition! I felt it and saw mye ovary was a little swollen nd BAM! lol I've written all of it down bc mye phone app was actually 2 days of on calculating mye O date.


Soto, January it is. New year new insems and hopefully all of us graduating to Q&P! I imagine trying to get DP to do all the looking would gross her out as well lol. BTW, what a beatiful picture of you two. *sigh* i love love.


Samy, I've used both together. The internet cheapies give you a good idea when, but if the line is pretty dark and i'm curious i'll follow up with a digital just to be sure. The other day i used the stick and had a semi-dark line, but no smiley. Didnt get the smiley until yesterday because I felt mye O pains like crazy! This has been mye 1st time using the digital, nd am very impressed. It comes with the little thing you put the strips in, so i would assume you could keep the monitor and just buy replacement sticks.


AFM, Felt like I was O'ing yesterday and I sure enough was. Now i've got a better idea of mye O date..a couple days later than I initially thought. Thanks be to that. DP is getting ready to go on a business trip tomorrow so it'll be a quiet house for the next week :( Finally got mye RX transferred after pulling teeth, so i'll be good to order here soon. :) exciting! Good luck to all the TWWers!






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Sotohana- What a wonderful picture of you and your DW (legally)! I hope that the supreme court rules in the right direction with prop 8, someday we will have our change here (again) in CA. And BoyzIImen, that takes me back... my high school graduating class song- End of the Road. Good times...

Samy- 12 day lp is really good! But I think if your temp is dropping way before 11dpo then it could be a progesterone issue. Not totally sure though.

Esenbee- have you talked more with DSp? Is it the disappointment with each BFN? Is it the trip to to the Philippines? Does he mean stop trying for good or start again later?

Fmorris- I'm so impressed with how in touch you and others are with your bodies! I've never experienced O pains, as an individual with chronic intestinal issues, I do experience cramps on a regular basis, but O pain, not so much.

Mrs, Sphinxy, Scorpioma, and (soon?) Friederike, and any others insem'ing- Baby Dust all around! So exciting! Stay busy with the tww!

Also Mrs. meeting with an adoption agency, I hope that goes well! Very exciting too!

AFM, getting through December, looking forward with fertile thoughts for January!!
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