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I'm finally filling out all my FF data for the last year or so, sotohana, and gave yours a peek since I totally have charts on the brain!


Now, I'm no expert like some of the people around here, but I'm thinking you O'ed on CD15... Based on your CM and OPK. Yes, your temp dropped on CD16, but then on CD17 it went right up higher than it had been on CD15... This could be the start of the typical spike that comes after O'ing. What does your temp typically do after you O, if you have that data? Mine is more of a steady climb than a spike, so I had to learn to recognize it.

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Congratulations Joy!!!

Hello and welcome back Granite and Lea :-)
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Soho- thanks for the kind words. I agree with granite and think you might have ovulated on cd15.

Unfortunately I got a temp spike this morning so I think I ovulated during the night. I wonder if there is any way I can save the sperm. It arrives in the tank this morning. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? My insemination is scheduled for 12pm so it's just too late. greensad.gif
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Darcy -it's not too late! The egg lives for 24 hours; yours will be less than 12 hours old. It only takes 30 minutes for the sperm to get there (less for IUI). (We had one IUI done almost 24 hours after I ovulated; somehow the nurse convinced me this was okay, which I know it wasn't, but yours is right in the ball park.)


Joy -Congratulations!


FMorris -Are you in the South too? I was wearing shorts last weekend; yesterday I needed my heavy coat!


Scorpiana -Four months, beginning to end. Not too shabby, especially in the south where we're not supposed to be able to get approved at all! Aside from the classes, it was actually easier than getting accepted as a patient at the RE.


AFM: Still no positive on the OPK, but I did have a fairly dark line yesterday and on my second test the day before. I'm going to test again today, but I feel like I probably ovulated yesterday. Is it possible to have a surge that's just not strong enough to trip the positive? Or maybe it wasn't um, concentrated enough at the time? (i.e., I should have waited longer between bathroom trips?) This can get maddening!

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Darcy - I agree with rs, the egg lives for about a day and although it is recommended to have the sperm ready, you're still in the zone where there is a good chance of fertilization. I personally would insem up to 18 hours after O. Banks won't take anything back that has left their offices so it's not like you could save this sample for the next round anyway, right? Might as well use it and give it a chance.

Could you call in and ask your doc to bump you up a couple of hours?

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RS - Thank you for the encouragement! I got a smiley face this morning so that helped me feel a little better, too. 


Friederike - Thank you! The swimmers don't arrive until 11am (had them overnighted). As soon as they are delivered, dw is dropping off the tank with me at work so I can rush over and make the 12pm insemination at the clinic. The doc wanted to schedule it for later in the day so I wouldn't be so rushed but I agree with you that earlier is better.  Thanks again for your help. 

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Good luck then and lots of dust.gif

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love.gif Thank you so much. 

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Darcy: also, how big was the temp. spike? how is CM?

You might have more time than you think! I have gotten temp. spikes before and it wasn't THE temp. spike, and I ovulated that day.

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Ooh! Good to hear Granute and Darcy. I thought I might have O'd that day too b/c in the morning I had pretty strong O pains on my left ovary
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Also the O pain came about 12-15 hours after the Poitive OPK.
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Also, welcome Lea! And good to see you back, granite!

This is a really active holiday TTC board!  So many TWWers by the end of December!

Good luck Darcy! Keep us informed!


I am up and down emotionally the past couple days (thrills of the TWW) but this board always makes me smile!

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2dpo...this TWW is going to be torture! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Scorpioma - it went from 97.25 to 97.72 so it was pretty big..tiny bit of ewcm this morning but a lot yesterday during the day. At the clinic now waiting for the swimmers to thaw.
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Darcy! Good luck! We are rooting for those swimmers!

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Darcy -I think you're still very well within the window of it still being a viable egg to fertilize!  Especially with an IUI.  Congrats on the just-in-the-nick-of-time timing!  Baby dust to you! dust.gif

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Thanks for the encouragement and baby dust!
The nurse said I still had a lot of cm and she also showed me the swimmers under a microscope afterwards. They were so cool to see! She said it was the best sample frozen and fresh that she had seen all morning. After the insemination she reclined the bed all the way back so I was almost completely upside down. My first insemination was at a different clinic where they only have the bed tilt up at the hips.

Could I please be moved to the TWW!

One more thing I noticed at the clinic was they had a list of about 8 days where they would be closed. I had no idea about this and if I would have ovulated late I would have been out of luck! Strange how things happen.
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SanDiego-I am feeling pretty fine.  Much better than I had been.  I'm really rooting for you 2 this cycle!  I love reading along here.  I'm so excited for everyone.  You are such wonderful support for each other


Good luck to everyone in the TWW!  dust.gif

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thanks PokeyAC! I just got that pedicure you recommended...best idea for a tww EVER!  love.gif

thank you for popping in! we love it!


welcome to the TWW, Darcy!


BABYDUST to us all!

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sandiego - tell me about it. i'm losing my mind. 3DPO. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! here's hoping our TTC friendship turns into due date club friendship! 


darcy - it sounds like your timing worked out well after all. how scary tht your clinic could have been closed! i am exactly the kind of person who would have freaked about that. my clinic is open every day of the year except christmas and i remember having a conversation where i suggested they hire some non-christian nurses to work on december 25. they were totally horrified by me. (haha - fair enough, i guess) good luck!! and welcome to the two week wait (of torture) 


rs - i have never had much luck with OPKs, so i don't know about the "nearly positives." i think if you had a short surge, you might catch the fade-in and fade-out. you could try different brands, or try testing more frequently and see if you get more reassuring results? are you temping at the same time? 


granite - i'm so happy to see you back here! how was the job?


lizbian - how soon will you get your progesterone results?



lea! welcome! wave.gif

joy ! here's your parade! joy.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif


AFM- oh, you know, 3 DPO and every symptom ever. i am losing it.

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