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Darcy, I'm adding my voice to the chorus: I think the timing still has a good chance of working out! FX for you... And yes, you're lucky to have made it before your clinic's holiday closure: I started my current cycle too late to O before my clinic closes, and that's why I'm sitting this cycle out. Hurrah for things working out!


rs11, the madness really is never-ending... I personally have missed seeing a total-dark-line-positive OPK on a cycle where all other evidence pointed to a typical ovulation, but it only happened once and I was only (!) POAS 2x day.


soto, that sounds promising!


Baby dust to SanDiego, and Darcy, and scorpioma, and Friederike, and mrsandmrs!!! goodvibes.gif


mrsandmrs, thanks for asking about the job... It was 8 days of hard, hard work, the sort of long hours and exhausting climbing around in ceilings and crawlspaces and air handler units that really makes me question how on earth I'll keep working once I'm pregnant! And if I'd been able to insem before leaving, I doubt any fertilized egg would've implanted, because I was just so hard on my body that week. I still mourn missing my first perfect ovulation... But then the pay cheque arrived a couple days ago, and I gotta say that it makes me feel better, because it'll pay for more baby-making.


AFM: This isn't TTC related, but I need to share because I'm so sad... I came home today to find that my chickens were killed in a terrible attack. I live in the city, and only had three hens, and it looks like something got into their enclosed run. It may even have been my old cat, who has been quite the stalker in his day... But maybe a raccoon? Gah. It's so awful. I can't believe it.


Fillefantome, can I please be moved to Taking A Break?

As mentioned above, my clinic'll be closed when I O this cycle, so we're not trying again until January,

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Darcy: I think your timing was right on!! Might have been earlier than planned, but somehow your body knew the clinic would be closed, amazing!!

Granite: that's so awful about your chickens, I'm so sorry. What an awful thing to come home to.
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Esenbee, Good luck you've got it all figured out! How wonderful to get a bonus that helps cover your TTC this time around. Sure would be nice in mye office! FX for you!


JOY, Super Congrats! H&H 9months! Keep us posted!



You know people usually call mye DP "sir" as well...i just laugh like...realllly? lol


Lea, So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. There is so much wonderful support here that you have though. Glad you're getting back into the spirit of TTC. Best of luck with it all. I was also wondering about you're question as well!


RS11, I sure am down south...this weather is craaaaaazy! we went from 80 degrees to 25 to rainy 40...geez!


AFM, taking it one day at a time. Praying for the families of all the victims in Connecticut. angel.gif

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Darcy - Sounds like you got in just in time. Best wishes on the tww!


Hopefully you won't need this info, but just FYI, some banks (including CCB, which is ours) will accept a return shipment with a vial to re-store. They often won't make any guarantees about it or buy it back, but you can have them store it for you for another cycle. Also, some fertility clinics will do short term storage - a cycle or two - for patients or sometimes even for non-patients for a fee.


rs11 - during my fertile windows I would generally do opks 2-3 times per day and try to have at least 4 hours of urine to test with. I would also use internet cheapies for a fade in and then a digital to "double check." By the second or third cycle, between that and temping/charting other signs I could usually pin point O to within a 12 hour window. Best of luck!


M&M - I feel for you in the tww!


granite - That's terrible. I'm so sorry for your losses.


Thanks to everyone for all the congrats and veggies!


AFM - I'm enjoying my late afternoon/early evening naps every day, and while I'm not enjoying my "evening sickness" -- so far just a picky queasy tummy -- it's reassuring. I'm also super sensitive/emotional and the shooting today has been too much for me to bear hearing about. Usually I'm not one to avoid sadness, but I just feel I need to protect myself at this time. It's all just so, so incredibly horrific though.

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Originally Posted by fmorris28 View Post

AFM, taking it one day at a time. Praying for the families of all the victims in Connecticut. angel.gif

Me too, so very sad just before Christmas, heartbroken for them all.


Darcy congrats on the great timing!


Question How long do you lay with your hips elevated after the insem? I read it should be 30 minutes but I did it for 60 and had no leakage, how long for you guys?


AFM AF arrived 3 days ago so I'm out this cycle, and we are not TTC during this new cycle as it's too busy around the holidays period and O will be between Christmas and New Years. So it will be a very frustrating cycle for me not being able to try but I will keep charting and trying to keep healthy ready to try again from January. Is there a January list? there seems to be quite a few of us trying then.

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samy: I usually lay there for about 45 minutes. I turn onto each side for about 5-15 minutes so the cervix will get coated with sperm (per Brill book). I honestly do not know what the best practice is, though. Sorry about AF. Glad you are in for another round in January!


joyseattle: great that you understand your emotional nature right now & the need to shield it! Signs of good self-awareness!


afm, 5DPO. Feeling a little listless today. Seems like a long time to wait with so much uncertainty. But, every woman must have a 2ww!

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Oh wow, I just learned about both nosreves' loss and the tragedy in Connecticut... So completely devastated.  It's all tears, all the time, around here this morning.


(Really puts losing my chooks in perspective... Sigh.)

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Samy, I stayed about 25 mins with mye hips up, no leakage, except a little after mye OB pushed all the swimmers in. eh.


AFM, big fight with DP and super down in the dumps. sigh

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oh granite. my heart breaks for your hens. we keep a backyard flock too. we have lost one to a raccoon in the past. chickens are such funny, sweet little birds. it is hard to believe horrible things happen to them. i'm sorry. 

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scorpioma - How are you feeling today? I was feeling a little discouraged because my temp went down again..When does FF mark that you have ovulated? It's my first full month of temping so I don't know how it works. 


m&m -  That is too funny. Nice that you found a place that stays open for the most part!


granite - Thank you for the support regarding the timing. Much luck for your January insem and I am so sorry to hear about your chickens. Our animals our just like family members. It's very hard when something like this happens. hug2.gif


Twomommyfamily - Thank you - I still don't know when and if I ovulated but I just have to let that go!


Joy - Thank you for the info. I was hoping that might be an option if I ever have another last minute situation. I hear you on the queasiness being reassuring. So very excited for you! 


Samy23 - Thank you smile.gif The nurse only had me there for about 10 minutes. After I got home I stayed horizontal for a couple of hours - it can't hurt! I had no leakage this time around. 


fmorris - so sorry to hear about your fight with dp. Let me know if you want to chat. 

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Darcy: feeling good today. I am having some really traditional pregnancy symptoms but I know it could be in my mind. There are definitely there though, regardless! FF marks when you have ovulated after three days of sustained higher temperatures after O (they take into account a lot of signs, but mostly BBT). Send me your chart? Are we already friends? We can be friends on FF if you want.

How are YOU feeling??


fmorris: ugh. hate those fights. Hope you are feeling better now and have resolved at least some of it. hug2.gif


fillefantome: We miss you! Hope you are doing well momma!




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scorpioma - how do I send a chart? I am so new to this but I will try and figure it out right now. 

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Darcy: I PM'ed you- the link to my chart is in the PM... We'll go from there!

Add me as a friend on FF and we should be able to see each other's charts orngtongue.gif

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Stopping in to give you my love, Granite. I'm so sorry to hear about your chickens. May they be in a better place. I know you say that the sadness in Connecticut and Nosreves loss puts your loss in perspective, but I also know that all loss is just that. It's all difficult. Sending you lots of hugs right now. hug2.gif

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Darcy: I know many couples only rely on their smiley face OPK for timing because temping is tough for some women. One of my friends at work is pregnant based on an insem only timed to the smiley face, no internet cheapies and no temping. And you did have a smiley face, which corresponded to a temp spike, so I think you are definitely in a good place!  


Fmorris: I'm so sorry to hear about your fight with DP. I hope that everything is okay now. I know the stress of holidays and soon ttc, at least for me and my DP, is causing extra hair trigger nerves. I truly hope that you are feeling better today. hug2.gif

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Back from my business trip. It's cold and dreary in the northeast today. I'm lounging at home nursing a sore throat and enjoying catching up with all of you. 


Sotohana - Congratulations on your legal marriage! And, I just want to echo what you said to granite - all loss is difficult, all emotions about it are valid.


mrsandmrs - I have so much hope for you this cycle. I think it's great that you've got the information you needed about adoption, as well, in your back pocket. 

scorpioma - How are your gums feeling? Your chart looks amazing compared to your previous cycles! Stick, stick, stick! I am feeling so optimistic for you. biggrinbounce.gif


Friederike - I've had a little leakiness a few times, but I believe it should just be seminal fluid, not sperm. As long as you pull the syringe out slowly, and don't insert anything else during insemination that the sperm could stick to (like a speculum), then the sperm shouldn't leak out. They are off to the races right away - Good luck!


SanDiego - Fingers crossed! Sounds like you and DW have a great plan this cycle!


Esenbee - Congrats on the bonus, and good for you on your plan! The timing will never be perfect, we just have to be flexible!


lea - Good to see you here. Sending you good strong thoughts for your next try.


Darcy - I agree with the others, I think there's still a good chance for you this cycle. I also have the same situation as Joy at my bank - we can return a vial to be stored for us, but with no guarantees. It's not ideal, but nice to know just in case.


samy - Sorry AF found you - better luck next month! We take the threads one month at a time. I've volunteered to take the job in January, so I'll start that thread around the 1st of the month. Regarding body position post-insem, because I'm doing it at home, I usually keep my hips elevated for at least 45 minutes after insem, and will stay in bed for up to two hours if possible. If the insem is at night then I'll just get ready for sleep and not get up again until the morning. I also follow the Brill recommendations that scorpio described to roll over to each side and stomach gently for at least 5 minutes each.


fmorris - Hope you've recovered from feeling ill. So sorry to hear about your argument with DP. Tensions can run so high during the holidays, then throw on the TTC stress... ugh. hug2.gif

Granite - Welcome back, we've missed you, too! wave.gifSo sorry to hear about your hens. That happened to a friend of mine recently and it was just heartbreaking.

Joy - Good to see you back! Congratulations on your legal marriage and your official graduation! banana.gifjoy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gif



Afm, I don't really have much hope for this cycle, though I'm actually feeling OK about it. I was having such trouble reading my signs before I left for my trip, and DW and I agreed that it would be better to insem too early than too late. So, we went for it last Monday night, and I left for my travel on Tuesday. I know we did our best, but on Wednesday afternoon in the office bathroom I got my first smiley face OPK. duh.gif FF says I Od on Thursday, which would be well over 48 hours after my frozen swimmers started their race. Oh well, we try and we learn. This was my latest ovulation yet. The cycles seem to be getting longer the more I TTC - weird. 


Question for the group - I haven't done any reading on this yet, but I suppose I should. Anyone have information on when during pregnancy one should stop flying? I'm trying to plan my travel schedule for 2013. I've got an opportunity to attend a conference in mid-May on the west coast. If I were to get pregnant with a mid-January insem, do you think I could still fly four months later?


Fingers crossed for everyone waiting! Anyone else left to inseminate this month besides esenbee?

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sphinxy - Thanks for the info on your bank. I will check with mine on Monday to see if they offer this option.

I agree that It's definitely better to inseminate too early than too late. I too have been having longer cycles since TTC and the changes can be frustrating because of how important timing is. Timing is the hardest part of this process for me so far and I think you did everything you could with having to travel. Also, to answer your question, I have heard it's best to stop flying 6 weeks before your due date.

I am so glad you posted. I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing. smile.gif

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Thread Starter 
Sorry about the radio silence, all. I've been having kind of a funked-out week (non-TTC related--actually, more or less not related to anything in particular, so far as I can tell) so I've been reading but not feeling like I have much to say. Trying to get back on track for the coming week, starting with catching up with you all.

Speaking of which, I've been moving people as requested, but some of you, I'm not clear where you should be on our list. I have a strong belief in self-identification (and thus am one of several who aren't actually inseming until next cycle listed under "Waiting to O"--somehow, it felt disheartening to move to "Taking a Break" when I'm just skipping one month.) So, samy and rs11, should I move you to waiting to O? Darcy, are you now in the 2WW? lea2012, would you like to be added to the list, and if so, where? Anyone else feeling misidentified? (Don't forget to put your requests to me in bold, so I'll be sure to see them.) Also, if folks want me add links to their charts to the list, just link it in a post.

Sphinxy--sorry for the off-timing, but I am a firm believer in the power of improbability. Hey, somebody's frozen sperm have to beat the averages, so why not yours?

sotohana: congrats on the marriage license! That's so exciting. And such a cute couple too! And, joyseattle: joy! so happy for you on all fronts! jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif

granite, so sorry about your chickens! and fmorris, hope you and your dp have been able to work things out.

I've been avoiding news about the shootings as well--I read about it and cried my eyes out at work on Friday, before there was any real news, and now I just can't even face reading more. I don't understand how we can just bury our heads in the sand over and over and not acknowledge that there are policy problems in this country that allow these tragedies to become commonplace.
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sphinxy.. that is actually really early and you should have no problem flying. unless you have a high risk pregnancy and your dr says not too, pretty much entire 2nd trimester is perfect for flying.  .you can actually fly well into your third too, I know people who still flew at 36 weeks!


frederieke. leaking is totally normal, mostly it's not sperm but just seminal ? fluid coming out . even when a bio male/female couple has sex, leakage happens. .in all of our insems I have never NOT had leakage but we have always used fresh so I don't know how frozen works differently.  .

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fillefantomeYes, please move me to the 2ww! Thank you!

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