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scorpioma - so sorry - sending lots of hugs your way today.

AFM - looks like I will be joining you ladies in January. Temp dropped this morning 10dpo and I tested for the heck of it since it's Christmas. Luteal phase seems too short so I will be talking with the doc again about progesterone.

Merry Christmas everyone!!
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Thanks Darcy.

Heck of a Christmas present, huh?!


January is going to be a great month.

I feel some relief because my crazy mind can stop. At least I know now, and my luteal phases are regular and long. I am going to check progesterone this month before trying again (will be mid-January).


Hope everyone has a great holiday who celebrates!


Fillefantome, Can you move me to Waiting to O?

Thanks :)

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Congratulations Mrs & Mrs!! Such exciting news!!

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Sphinxy and the inseminators sounds like a death metal band. ^_^
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greensad.gif sorry Darcy and Scorpioma. But hey, we are all going to be October due date friends because January is our month! Also Scorp, I just noticed in your signature line that you miscarried in 2009? I'm so sorry to see that.

Afm, dp and I are now in New England after the best flight ever on Virgin where she and I and our dog had a whole row to ourselves (love flying xmas day!) HSG two days ago was normal, tubes are open, uterus is normal. The doctor had a very difficult time getting the catheter through my cervix though and it almost seemed like it wasnt going to happen. The actual procedure was very quick after what felt like an eternity of painful digging. Hopefully IUIs won't be quite as difficult next month, but I guess now I will know what to be prepared for.
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scorpioma -so sorry to hear about AF's arrival.  I was really hoping your would graduate to QP&P 


Darcy -possible implantation temp dip?


AFM -The Swim Team shipped the 24th, should arrive tomorrow!  Haven't gotten a clear fade in line on the OPK yet, so that is good that it is looking like I won't be ovulating before they get here.  I noticed a change in CM from sticky to creamy, so it's soon, which had me worried.  What is a cycle without worry, right?  Always something to fret about!  My temp has been following a similar pattern from last month.  Temps up and down over the course of AF and then bottoming out in the few days before O.  I am getting so excited about trying this cycle!  Hope it works cuz I don't think DSp has much emotional endurance for this TTC process to be drawn out....

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thanks, everyone, for the dancing veggies and kind words. it is still totally unreal. my first beta is this morning. fingers crossed. 



Darcy - my temp dropped at 10DPO too. it stayed pretty low for a couple of days, but I got my first + on 12 DPO. ( here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/214491/ )

hang in there! 


Scorpio - i know i said this one-on-one, but i want to see you over in qp&p with me. let's go!  

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congrats mrs and mrs!


sorry Scorpio for the BFN, hope it is your last!  


Darcy hope you are not out yet and while 11 days is short it is still considered a decent LP but def talk to your dr anyway, I think anything under 10 is where they worry 


GL to everyone else!  

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!  Next insemination is scheduled around Jan. 11, 12, 13.  Excited and looking ahead. When AF came, we had a hard and sad day, and I realized how CRAZY I get during the 2ww. I intend to try a little harder to be calm and distracted this next cycle. I am dealing with disappointment and also trying to feel hopeful and loving the part of myself that wants to be a momma so badly. I made an appointment with RE for mid-January too just to get some testing done- not going to jump into interventions now but need to check progesterone, etc.

I am headed to Santa Fe in 2 days for a little vacay with DP and a friend. Will be enjoying some wine for new years, relaxing, clearing my head of the insanity and gearing up for making a baby in January!

 champagne.gifBUBBLY! New Year's is my favorite holiday! 


Darcy, so sorry for the temp drop... It's not over til it's over... But this next month is going to be amazing! January is a big month for us all on this board! I am on CD2- any cycle buddies out there? Fmorris? Sphinxy?

mrsandmrs, keep us informed on that beta! biggrinbounce.gifdust.gif


esenbee: YAY for swimmers!  Excited to hear more! Are you doing ICI's at home, IUI's in clinic??


2mommyfamily: Congrats on the normal HSG!! Excellent!!!!!


I know this is fillefantome's decision, but I am open to threadkeeping again if no one else wants it for January. Anybody up for it?



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scorpioma -an ICI at home for us, tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday most likely!  Your bubbly got me a little disappointed..  recently, we found a sparkling wine that we absolutely LOVE, Cupcake Vineyards Moscato.  We normally do not like the taste of the majority of alcoholic drinks.  This is SO sweet tasting, but I won't be able to partake in the New Years toast with it :(  But the sacrifice is definitely worth TTC!

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ZOMG first beta is 281 !!! Also, progesterone is up to 40 which is really good news. Second beta on Friday.

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mrs: Congrats, so excited and happy for you!!!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif


Scorpio: Sorry to hear about the BFN's. October babies are the best, DW and I are both born in October :)


Good luck on the insem esenbee


AFM: Finally talked to KD and everything is looking good. He's even more committed and excited to helping us out than before. We are going to draw up the contract when he gets back to the states in a couple of weeks. Between now anda March I just need to figure out when I ovulate and how to know before that I'm going to. When I was temping and doing OPK's before I got a positive the day before my temp went up. Doesn't seem like enough time to get a shipment. I'm going to try the digital this month with the cheap ones and see how that goes.


Hope you all had a great holiday.

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scorpioma - yes, hell of a Christmas present! Take care of yourself during these hard times. What kind of things help you during the 2ww? Glad to hear you are checking with the doc about your progesterone. That is on my list as well. Please enjoy your time in Santa Fe. When my temp dipped yesterday I immediately had a mimosa! I didn't drink on Christmas Eve even though I wanted to but I am glad I can for NYE. I am not much of a drinker but it's nice to be able to, ya know?! 
twomommyfamily - Thanks for the support! Glad to hear you had a good flight. Virgin America is our favorite airline - love the 'mood' lighting. What cycle day was your HSG? I can imagine that if your cervix is closed, it can be really hard trying to get a catheter in there. Sorry it was painful. If next cycle doesn't work I will be getting an HSG. I hope you are enjoying your time on the east coast and I am very excited for your upcoming insem!!
esenbee2 - Glad your swimmers are arriving soon and lots of luck with your insemination! What bank do you work with? AF arrived at work this morning so unfortunately it wasn't an implantation dip. 
mrs&mrs - Thanks for sharing your chart! So very excited for you! Great numbers!!!!
Cordelia - Thanks for the support. Even though it was a 10 day luteal phase, my temp dropped 9dpo so I am worried that even if there was a fertilized egg it wouldn't be supported. I will definitely be talking to my doc at the next appointment. 
2justicemamas - That's so great about your KD! It will definitely be helpful to learn how your cycles work for timing. I just started temping in November and it has been invaluable. I am only able to order specific days of the week because my bank doesn't ship on Friday or Saturday so timing of shipping can definitely be stressful. This upcoming cycle I will test with First Response OPK's in the morning, and do internet cheapies 2 other times during the day to try and catch it as early as possible. 
AFM - After another low temp this morning I knew AF was coming. She arrived at work this morning so I called RE and scheduled my mid cycle ultrasound for January 4th. It will only be CD10 but with my wacky early ovulation last month I don't want to risk waiting until CD13. The plan is to trigger and then inseminate 36 hours later. It looks like we will be inseminating between 1/7 and 1/10 depending on follicle size. I also ordered the swimmers so they will be ready to go. Thanks for all of your support ladies!! 
fillefantome - Can you please move me to waiting to O - Thank you!
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hoping to hear someone on the board has or knows someone in our boat... not feeling too great right now.  This morning was 14 dpo (technically 13.5) we tested with a FRER and got the most faint line, very hard to see but something was there....we of course were excited!...DW went in for a blood test afterwards this morning and her HCG level was 13 ;(  We have a feeling this is going to be a repeat of our chemical pregnancy last cycle....we also had a level of 13 initially (pretty crazy, what are the chances of the same #)...which then went to 76 and back down to 48.  However, DWs chemical pregnancy was accompanied with bleeding, which started with spotting and eventually became heavy.  Right now DW has no bleeding.  She has acupuncture on Friday and her second beta test then too.  I am hoping & praying this goes in the right direction & levels double....it's hard to believe we could possibly experience 2 chemical pregnancies in a row ;( I am trying to stay as positive as possible, but it's not easy.

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mrsandmrs - Wow! So happy for you. joy.gif


esenbee - Good luck, fingers crossed for smooth timing predictions!


darcy & scorpioma - Boo for AF. Sounds like you both are on the way to some excellent strategies in January. 


darthtuna jammin.gif


Also, scorpio, assuming everything below is all in my head (which, let's face it, it probably is), I had previously volunteered to take a turn as threadkeeper in January. I was planning on starting the new thread on Sunday.


SanDiego - Updated because I just saw your post - I have no advice to offer, just good thoughts. hug2.gif


Afm, my body and mind are screwing with me. Look, I know there is like, practically NO chance I am pregnant because I inseminated way early. And this TWW has been basically stress free because I knew I had blown it. No symptom spotting, nothing. But then Monday, a teeny-tiny spot and a teeny-tiny bit of cramps, followed by wicked heartburn (which, OK, was more likely caused by the Christmas Eve buffet at my sister's...). Yesterday and today, no spotting and no cramping. AF is due on Friday. Why did I spot on Monday? I never do that so early. It's giving me thoughts, and thoughts are dangerous... Can someone just hit me over the head for the next two days until this wait is over? dizzy.gif

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Hello to everyone. We are new to the forum and wanted to drop in and say hi. My DW and I have spent the past few hours watching football and reading through all 16 pages of this thread being excited, feeling the stress and anticipation, and sharing in some of the joy and disappointment that all of you have experienced. We are beginning this journey of TTC as well. We have been seeing a RE, learned we both have PCOS, started on new medications, and one of us is using acupuncture. We have been charting on FF and trying to remember daily temps. So far it seems that with the advent of metformin we are now both ovulating with some regularity and are looking to have our first IUI in January. We have spent a significant amount of time searching for the right WTBK donor from a bank. We intend to use Xytex sperm bank. (Any knowledge or information about them positive or negative would be welcome). We have picked a donor who has previously reported pregnancies.  Our RE recommended Xytex as they guarantee a couple million more swimmers per IUI sample than other banks. I am "of advanced maternal age" so I will be hosting the first "swim meet." My DW can afford to wait a bit age-wise (I am 42 and she is 31). We have talked with the RE about me using Letrozole followed by US to know the best time to inseminate. Anyone with experience there? We decided to go straight to the in-office IUI to improve our chances and spend our baby money conservatively. (Ha Ha as the cash register rings and cha-chings).


We are looking forward to benefiting from and adding to the support here. 



What is your name? Kris

What are the names/pronouns of your partner and children (if you have any)? She + She, no children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 12 hens

What method are you using to get pregnant this next cycle? IUI + Letrozole 

What do you and/or your partner do for work? Nurse Anesthetist/Higher Ed Admin

What state/province do you live? KY

What is the most exciting part about this TTC time for you? Learning about my body and its natural cycle. The ability/freedom to make intentional choices. Looking forward to creating a baby and adding to our family. 

What is the most difficult part? Struggling with the fact that we can't "accidentally" get pregnant. Having to swim so hard up stream to do what happens so easily for unprepared, heterosexual 15 yr olds. 

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SanDiego, So, so sorry for the worries... I hope the second beta sends more good news, and for now, I can imagine it is hard to wait and be calm. Hugs and support your way. Hang in there! Keep us updated. We are totally here for you. Love to you and DW.


Sphinxy, Oh, sorry, I must have missed that! Glad you're up for it! As far as your symptoms go, haha, thoughts are totally dangerous!  I am curious to see what happens, I know fillefantome was talking about the sperm that beats the odds!!!  You never know!!! Spotting is totally something that would cause thoughts for me too! Keep us updated!


esenbee, hahahha, I know it! I cannot remember the last time I had any alcohol! We will be allowed to drink in spades (if we want) eventually. I am going to have some at New Year's for sure...

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been lurking for a few weeks.


Sphinxy - those sound like REALLY good signs! Some studies have shown that frozen sperm can live up to 72 hours (not many but hey, it only takes one right!) and fresh can live for up to 5 days. I can't remember, how early were you?  I was sure that I had inseminated way too early on the cycle that I conceived my son -- I also had spotting/cramps at 8DPO and didn't get my first positive HPT until 13DPO. It happens!


Congratulations to MrsandMrs! It must feel great to see that high beta. 


SanDiego - Hang in there - it isn't over til its over, right? Congratulations on the potential BFP! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it sticks! 13 might be the exact cut-off for your pregnancy tests so it would make sense that you'd get your first positive at 13 both cycles. If it doesn't stick, is your DW charting her temp? I read a great book called The Fertile Garden that offers really detailed guidance for interpreting charts so that you can identify all kinds of issues. I know there are also blood tests and whatnot for that sort of thing but I guess charting helps me to feel a little less powerless -- like at least there is something that I can do that offers some glimpse into what is going on in there.  


darcy & scorpioma - Sorry to hear you're out for this round. It is inspiring to see you looking forward and keeping positive about January.


esenbee2 - good luck!  



AFM -  My DW and I are TTC #2 and have tried twice (at-home IUI) with two BFNs. I'm on CD8 and looking forward to trying again in early January.  I had always thought we'd have 2 kids fairly close in age but here were are with an almost-five-yr-old. When the economy tanked, our small business started to fail and I went back to college to pursue a nursing degree (RN). I will graduate in May so we are finally ready to start TTC #2. When I was pregnant with our son, we purchased some additional sperm from the same anonymous WTBK donor. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get pregnant soon because I would REALLY love to have both kids using the same donor.  


What is your name?   Lindsey

What are the names/pronouns of your partner and children (if you have any)? dw: Erin/she  ds: Colby/he 4.5yrs old  

What method are you using to get pregnant this next cycle? home IUI

What do you and/or your partner do for work? I am finishing up nursing school, partner is an editor

What state/province do you live?  VT

What is the most exciting part about this TTC time for you? Finally working on #2!

What is the most difficult part? costs and the limited supply of sperm from the same donor used to conceive our son

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Hello and welcome Lindsey and Kris. May your stay here be sweet and short.

Esenbee- good luck with your swim team!

San Diego - big hug. I Will keep my fingers crossed for a doubling of numbers!

Sphinxy - I am sorry to hear you are so stressed with the spotting. Just 2 more days, you can do it!

Mrs - wohoo. Congrats on those great numbers! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Afm - CD 1 today, so can I be moved to Waiting to O when you start the new thread Sphinxy? I'll probably insem on 1/08 or so. So Darcy, we'll be cycle buddies :-)
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Welcome Lindsey and Kris!! This is a wonderful and supportive community and I wish you both excellent insem timing and baby dust!!! Also Lindsey, what an adorable picture of your family! Your son is a cutie-pie!!

Esenbee- Is today the day? Exciting!

Darcy- sounds like a really great plan to do the US earlier on the 10th. Do you think you will trigger this cycle? I know you planned to last cycle...

Sphinxy- hey, it is not totally impossible and those really are promising signs! Did you POAS??

Sandiego- I don't know about cp, but I'm hoping this is the real deal. It's good that there is no bleeding. Second beta test tomorrow might have the answer. I hope for good numbers!!
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