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KWPX2 -we are in Louisville too, PRP area.  Maybe we know each other?  We don't have many friends in the queer community though, but Louisville does tend to have that small town syndrome, even though it's a huge city!

I didn't take offense to the 15 yr old comment at all.  It's just a fact in my life.  I am very much aware of how stupid my decision was that led to the unplanned pregnancy and I am SO thankful that I was lucky enough (along with my dedication and hard work) to have turned the situation into what has been the most wonderful thing in my life thus far!  And, seeing both sides of it, I find nature grossly unfair that us in the queer community have to work so hard for it, when it comes so easily to those who aren't ready for it.

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SanDiego -Oh no!  Wow, I can't even imagine.  We're here for ya, grouphug.gif

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Popping in to say that I'm so sorry SanDiego, I was really, really hopeful for you two this month.  Take time to be sad if you need it and figure out what's next.  :(

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oh, sandiego. no! i am so sorry. hug.gif

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Well, my 2 pm test didn't go as planned. I only had 1 glass of tomato juice and 1 glass of apple juice 2 hours and 40 minutes before my test, and I could only hold it for 3 hours and 40 minutes since my last test. I had to pee since 11 am and couldn't take it any longer, so went ahead and tested with 20 minutes to go. And my line is lighter than my 10 am test....

Not sure how to take that. I guess I will test at 6 pm still, with both the $ Tree test and a smiley digital that I have left over from April....... If I get a lesser or the same negative, then we will have our swim meet tonight, since I think O for me is 12-17 hours after peak surge, given when my temp spike was last cycle.
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SanDiego, my heart is breaking for you and DW. I am so, so, so sorry. With all of the stress and hard work this process brings, and to have to face another CP... Sending you love, patience, peace, serenity and rest.


Esenbee: What are your temps doing? How is EWCM now? Do you always get a + OPK? Have you used a Clearblue Digital?

I hate when things are so stressful, it feels like a big puzzle... If this helps, I always get my +OPK in the morning and the days prior it sort of fades in the afternoon/evening. Any pattern to yours? Keep us updated...

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I'm so sorry SanDiego. That is really hard to take.  I have faith that the stars will align for you soon.  hug2.gif

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scorpioma -well, last month was my only test cycle, and I got a CLEAR, DARK line, definitely darker than the control line and it was at my 2 pm test.  It had fade in with a pretty dark, but lighter than the control, line the day before.  Same thing happened this cycle.  I got my darkest yet at 10 am, but at 2 pm, lighter....  Did I just miss it with not holding the full 4 hours and did having 2 drinks (even though it was more than 2 hours before the test) dilute it?  It did look very light yellow in color.  There are just too many variables!  I really wanted to get my alkalinity up to have the best possible chance at a boy, so I wanted to make sure I did all of the boy-sway suggestions...  but a boy-sway isn't going to do any good if I can't even get good enough timing for a baby without trying for a gender....  I just hope my 6 pm test will give me a better clue.  But last month, after my definite positive at 2, I took another test around 7 and it had faded drastically.  If that happens tonight, I could take it to mean that the test sample was just diluted and I did have my surge, but what if my LH geared up to signal to release the egg, but failed and will try again in a few days (or not at all) and we inseminate way too early?  Damn me and my bladder/boy-sway attempts!  *I did have pretty much EWCM this morning and a little less this afternoon, but I can never go by that because it has never been a clear indicator for me.

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SanDiego hug2.gif

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SanDiego, I am so sorry for you and your DW.
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esenbee, I have literally (and I believe so has Sphinxy) been in this exact situation before!
Check the OPK tonight, and then I might consider doing a Clear Blue to double check? That helped me nail down the exact surge time!
Also, I would guess you haven't surged yet because it faded so fast, but every one's body is different... 
It also depends on what cycle day you are on, what day do you normally O?
good luck! you're almost there! thumb.gif
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Well, took the 6 pm test, it was an older version of the tests that I had been using. It was darker than the 2 pm test. I think with the very light yellow color, the sample might not have been very concentrated. I did a Clear Blue smiley test and got...

This is the $Tree test with the same sample

My cervical position is high, soft and VERY OPEN. With the smiley on the test, and being open, we are inseming TONIGHT. We'll see in the morning if I get a temp spike!
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All of the tests together
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Yay, Esenbee! Just read through your last few posts, so glad you got clear signs for a well timed insem!!! Yes, scorp is correct, I can empathize with the opk drama. Good luck tonight!
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YAY for the smiley! So great to have that confirmation.

Can I see your chart? Must stalk it!  


It sounds like your timing is perfect, esenbee. Really freaking excited for you.

Just tell that DSp to think positively! orngbiggrin.gif

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Oh, Sandiego, I'm so sorry... That's just awful. hug2.gif


Yay, esenbee! Good luck!

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I'm not sure if this link will work because I tried to do it before to put in my signature and it didn't, but here is my chart
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Swim meet has concluded. It looked like really great timing! Hoping to see that temp spike in the morning!

I really hope this is it, DSp has put up an emotional wall to protect from feeling too let down if it doesn't work, I guess. It's understandable, but it's hard to be strong for the both of us...
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Oh sandiego, that is awful. I'm so sorry for your loss. My mom has told me that she had MANY chemical pregnancies over 2 yrs when she was trying to conceive. It turned out to be low progesterone and she got pregnant and carried a healthy pregnancy very soon after taking progesterone supplements. Hopefully there will be an equally straightforward solution so you two never have to experience this pain again.

esenbee2 fingers crossed for that temp spike tomorrow.
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SanDiego greensad.gif I'm very sorry to hear about this second cp. my thoughts are with you.

Esen- looks like great timing! I looked at your chart and it seems like you definitely scheduled a good swim meet.
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