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Sorry guys. Be back tonight with a long update. Tonight we got to see great-grandma and tell her to go to a home. :(

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

There are so few options for VBAC friendly providers - they are really the best of what's here. It's unfortunate.

oh right. i forgot you have that extra consideration. that is so infuriating. it sucks that you can't find a midwife. too bad there isn't a CPM in NC who would go to you. i've heard some MWs from SC come here.
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Baby_Cakes, that's so funny to me that Nora has such a tough time at drop-off. She seemed so self-assured and bold when we were together in Williamsburg. But I guess it shouldn't be too shocking. Ava does similar things. Very outgoing and take charge when she wants to be but doesn't like leaving Mama. greensad.gif Although how great does it feel to not have to leave a reluctant one? That's one of the things I love so much about the new sitter although Ava never had trouble being left with the original sitter but that's because she's known her all of her life.


I get a little fed up with all these daddies that seem put out by taking care of their kids. Like give me a freaking break! I don't know why it's making me so mad but holy hell! DH wanted to go to a semi-work event Sunday night. Well I'm at work. He asked if he could take her to my mom's but I said I would prefer that he try to get DSD 14 to come over and watch her or not go because DD has a really tough time being away from home when it gets dark. Even when she's at my mom's house. She worries herself asking for Dada and pointing to the door. And he said something like "So am I supposed to put my whole life on hold because Ava doesn't like to be out at night?" Ummm, no. That's not what I said. I said try to get DSD 14 to come over. And seriously, she's a baby. Like you can't do things differently for a few months until she gets a bit older? Ugh.


So that Santa pic I posted on FB. A little funny but mostly makes me sad. I asked DH to not push it with her. If she wasn't feeling it, just bag it. Not a big deal. And I know he didn't have her screaming for hours but there are about 6 pics total. If I had been there and she started crying at the beginning, I would have just said "no thanks" and left. Oh well. I'm going to take her to the mall Santa and see if we can spend some time watching other kids sit on Santa's lap and then try again. If not, no big deal.

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Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post

So that Santa pic I posted on FB. A little funny but mostly makes me sad. I asked DH to not push it with her. If she wasn't feeling it, just bag it. Not a big deal. And I know he didn't have her screaming for hours but there are about 6 pics total. If I had been there and she started crying at the beginning, I would have just said "no thanks" and left. Oh well. I'm going to take her to the mall Santa and see if we can spend some time watching other kids sit on Santa's lap and then try again. If not, no big deal.

I know exactly what you mean. I mentioned Gunny Claus on your photo. He was at dh's unit party last night. I tried two separate times to get a photo with Dylan but he was not having it. I didn't push it. I put him on the guy's lap. He immediately started crying so I picked him right back up. They still snapped photos. eyesroll.gif Ethan wouldn't get a photo at all and Kellen only stood next to the guy with a very grim look on his face. lol.gif

I think it's sad when parents force their children to sit for photos like that when they are clearly upset. It's also a little creepy. Maybe I'm going a bit too far but the idea of forcing a baby or small child to sit on a stranger's lap sends a pretty screwed up message.
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I'm waiting until Gabe asks. Or I'm dressed well enough to be in the picture too - that generally works. But since I'm not super gung ho on Santa, It's really NBD if we don't get a pic. Norah will go to and sit with anybody. DH is I think even less gung ho on Santa than I am, so I don't have to worry about him pushing it.


Glucose test went ok; my bp was up, but that's no surprise. they shouldn't take the bp at this visit seriously anyway. Results should be in tomorrow. My iron was fine, yay. It took a long time to get back to normal after Norah's birth. Heart rate 150-160. Not a fan of this particular OB, but he's not the one I regularly see.


Need to get back in potty training mode with ds. He's been asking for diapers though, and I don't want to fight him about it.

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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

I think it's sad when parents force their children to sit for photos like that when they are clearly upset. It's also a little creepy. Maybe I'm going a bit too far but the idea of forcing a baby or small child to sit on a stranger's lap sends a pretty screwed up message.


I'm seeing so many of these on my feed!!!  Crying babies on santa's lap.  WTF people!?? 

Nora doesn't like Santa.  I don't care enough to push it.  Finn could probably care less, but...why take one kid and not the other?  Since I"m not sold on the whole Santa thing anyway, I just don't even go there.  You know?


What a day.

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Totally TMI off topic rant, but I feel safe with you ladies. 


Ok, so as background, DH and I are just barely keeping up with bills these next couple months, just with my mat leave ending and the renos we've been doing on the basement. We're good, and we've got a huge LOC if we need, but nothing in savings. We've been trying to keep extra purchases to a minimum. 


A couple days ago, DH tells me "There's something I've been thinking about buying, but I'm not sure, and I can't decide if I should ask you first or not..." I told him that if he -thinks- he should ask me, then YES, I want to know, and don't buy it, because I'll probably say no. If it was something I really wanted, he wouldn't have to 'wonder' if he should get it, he'd know. Anyways, I brought it up a couple times, and he kept avoiding telling me. 


Today he tells me that it's going to arrive tomorrow, and I can't open it. But I'm going to now what it is as soon as it gets here, based on the packaging. So of course I'm nosy, and after asking him a dozen times to just tell me what the hell her ordered, I went snooping (it's on our joint credit card, it's really not that much of a snoop!!)


He spent fifty fucking dollars on some sort of sex toys. For fucks sake, really? At his insistence, like 2 years ago, I ordered a vibrator. And then 2 months later, he ordered some other stuff, even after I told him I was not interested in anything else. None of them get used, and they all sit in a drawer untouched. I'm just not interested. But somehow he has it in his head that I WANTED him to go spend $50 on more crap. He even said it's something I brought up a lonnnnnnnnnng time ago. Ok really? Maybe if it hasn't been brought up for a long time, that's your cue that I don't want it. 


Eff. And now he's gonna be in a pissy mood when it gets here tomorrow and surprise surprise, I'm -not- excited or happy about it.   So annoyed. First because he's obviously not listening to what I want or don't want. Second because I told him to ask me first, and he didn't, and now we wasted $50 that we don't really have. And third-- if you really wanted to freaking buy me something, what about the necklace I've been asking for, for THREE YEARS!?? And repeatedly mention that I want... whatever toy this is, is 1/3 of the cost of the "totally too expensive" necklace. 


I'm just in such a bad mood right now. Like really... I'm just back to work, I'm tired all the time, I'm pulled in 12 directions, and I'm feeling like I Have no -me- time, and nothing that I really want... this is really really really, not my idea of a nice surprise gift. Idiot. 

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That crap would piss me off too JJ. If you were in the US, I would tell you to just refuse the pkg when UPS attempted delivery. Not sure if that works in Canada though. Can you return it? Eat the return shipping charge?

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JJ: UGH. I have nothing against toys if they float your boat, but clearly they don't! I'd send them back. Say, sorry dude. We don't have the money, space, or inclination for this crap. And buy yourself that necklace!

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OMG.  He totally bought that for himself.  You know he did.  He just wants more action.


I'd play the "Oh. Really?" card when it arrives and laugh and be like, "OMG dude, I don't think so," and tell him you're not interested!  Send it back and buy yourself the necklace.  Who gets sex toys as a christmas gift?  Sexy undies, maybe but hardcore stuff?  Smh.  Men have no clue sometimes!

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No clue. DH buys condoms online, because he's particular about that sort of thing (and what do I know, anyway?) but that's it. I'd buy that lingerie/sexy boxers, but we open gifts in front of my parents and the kids . . . and yeah. not so much.


And tell your dH, JJ, if he wants more action, buying that crap is not gonna get it. helping with tenley, buying the stuff you ACTUALLY want, will go alot further in that department.


Not much here, have a wedding to go to this weekend, kinda bummed bc we can only do the ceremony, DH has to work right after so we can't go to the reception, and I don't want to go by myself. Other than that, no plans. Might do lights before Christmas at the Zoo on Sunday.

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I was thinking what Carrie said. He bought that stuff because he wanted it. My dh does that sometimes. I think it's funny but it doesn't cut into our budget like that and I don't think he's ever spent that much (at least at one time). I'd immediately return it for a refund.

I've done that with gifts my dh has sent me before. I mentioned it on here. He bought me an ugly necklace when Kellen was young, I think, when he was deployed once. I hadn't worn a necklace in years because they get yanked and broken. It was just dumb so I returned it. He never mentioned it and neither did I. lol.gif Do you remember the fit I had over him donating money to the women's shelter in my name one year? That was while he was in Oklahoma and we were here so we were scraping by trying to maintain two households. I told him I didn't want anything for my birthday or something that year. That wasn't really anything I wanted that badly and we needed the money. So, that's what he did, basically threw the money away. If we had had the money to spare, I would have appreciated that because it is important to me but it's more important to me that we take care of our own children and family first. eyesroll.gif

Dylan is definitely signing "water". Yay! joy.gif It's so cute. He has also just in the last week, maybe, started coming to me and pointing at his rear when he has poo or wants to be changed. The other day he even came to me and pointed at his rear when he had to poo and was naked. He wanted me to put a diaper on him but I wouldn't. I tried putting him on the potty and the toilet but he wouldn't stay. He ran off and pooped on the floor. lol.gif He will sit on his potty when he goes in the bathroom with me but has yet to make any deposits. I don't know what I'll do if he is out of diapers around 2. What will I do with all my yarn? greensad.gif

I'm not a big fan of Santa, either, obviously. I never make a special trip to the mall or wherever to get photos of my kids with Santa or the Easter Bunny. If we are there and they see it and want to do it, that's fine. At the mall I don't get the photos. I'm not going to spend the ridiculous amount they charge for one digital photo of my kids and they won't let anyone snap a picture with their own phones. Rip off! The photos with Gunny Claus at the party for free so I figured, "What the hey?" I think he was a dirty old man. He never really smiled with the kids but made a lot of effort trying to talk the women into posing with me.

Spotting today. 11 days after my CF dry up. I think that's pretty cool. I may actually be able to track my cycles with just CF. I woke up around 5 am with awful cramps. I had to take some ibuprofen.

Annie ~ What is your prescription? I think I need something that will at least get me through 8 hours at night. I've tried Naproxen but it did nothing for me. So far, only ibuprofen and hydrocodone work but I don't really want to take hydrocodone often. I only took once when I was doing IVF and the doc didn't want me to take anything that might thin my blood and could cause excessive bleeding.
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oh i dont think its supposed to be a xmas gift, just "something we'd been talking about getting that he finally decided to buy" except.... clearly not. 


I didn't think you could return stuff like this? (all said without knowing what it is, just the store it was bought from). Maybe I'll give it a shot (the return I mean). 


And Kat-- totally. Try putting your clothes away, or spending a day with Tenley without then whining about your alone time. THOSE will work, not more expensive crap I don't want. 


like frik he couldn't have just ordered something from victoria secret? lol




Kat-- that sucks. I really enjoy weddings, even thuogh DH and I aren't super social people. It's still nice to get out and see people and feel dressed up. It's a nice change from the day to day. Hope you guys are able to do the lights!

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JJ ~ I'd think that as long as it's in the original unopened packaging you could return it. Then put the money in your pocket and spend it on something totally selfish just for you. winky.gif
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I just checked. no returns on toys themselves. So I guess I hope it's a movie or book? lol They also sell massage oils and candles, that sort of thing, but I highly doubt it's one of those. Grrrr. I just went through the site again, and honestly can't come up with --anything-- that I would open the box and actually think "hmm, well that might be fun!" lol

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JJ - I can see why you're annoyed. Its kind of like, I bought this toy for YOU but really its him. Esp. if you clearly don't care for sex toys. lol!

Trade it in for some candles, so you have some encase of like a power outage. lolol!

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Yesterday I got into an arguement with my husband about RF versus FW!

He thinks that it should be ok to Forward Face at 1 year old and 25 lbs. I say its not. I say, lets keep him RF for as long as physically possible.

Here's his thing, Eddie cries during car rides. He wants to see us etc. I tried mirrors, big brother in the back with him, etc etc. Still cries all the way to and from when we're in the car. 

I think hubby is just stressed about that. He tells me we will keep him RF but if he grows at the rate he has been, he will FF.

I have showed him links etc about the risks of FF too soon etc. But, he is very set in his way of thinking and sometimes thinks he knows it all. ARGH!


I love my husband, I love being married to him most of the time, but sometimes, I wish I didn't have to convince anyone, or explain myself, or compromise and have it MY WAY!! Lol

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Since I am the installer of carseats in our family, DH lets me take the lead :) Norah isn't even 20 lbs yet, despite the amount of food she eats - so I figure I can keep her RF another year or so, at least.


And yeah, compromise sucks sometimes :)

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Well, I don't drive (long story short. I never had to in Europe) so DH takes the lead when it comes to installing and driving.

But I still know better about car seats. lol!

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That's not something I would compromise on no matter who drives. I tell my dh that unless he can come up with scientific evidence that his way has benefits over mine I get the final say. I do all the research. He doesn't. I compare it to the fact that I don't show up at his job and tell him how to do it.

Bummer, JJ. Well, I guess if you have to keep it, maybe you can get some fun out of it. winky.gif

I don't think I ever told you all the conclusion to Dylan's diaper rash problem. I discovered dryer sheets in the laundry closet. I thought Ryan and his girlfriend were using them but, no. It was dh! I have told him numerous times not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets in the machines I use for washing the cloth diapers. He actually had the dryer sheets hidden! Once I got rid of them no more of that horrible diaper rash. Hmm....eyesroll.gif
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