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I don't know how to deal right now. I was at work tonight with two female coworkers (alone in the entire building, in the middle of forest reserves, so we're already on edge), and a man stormed into the office with a key card, looking scary and angry. I had never met him before but one of the girls said he was a new customer service guy. We had no idea why he was there on a Sunday night. He sat at his desk nearby and made a phone call (which we later deduced was to his wife). He was shouting and cussing at her, and stopped us in our tracks. After he called her a b****, he slammed down the phone and then kept swearing to himself. We were so startled, we didn't know if he was yelling at us or what. Things got worse when he got quiet and suddenly appeared in front of my cubicle, just staring at me for a second... I was freaking out inside thinking this guy was going to shoot me or something. I had no idea what he was doing. mecry.gif I said, "Is everything okay?" and I don't remember what he responded with but he walked out of the office. We thought he was gone so I called our boss (who is his boss) and told her we were scared and didn't know what to do. She mishandled the situation and actually invalidated our fears, telling us he was probably just drunk and harmless, breaking up with his wife, etc etc. My coworkers and I then realized that he wasn't gone, he left his stuff at his desk, so then we were even more afraid of him coming back in. I told our boss she needed to send someone to the office. She contacted the head of the company to see how to handle things and said she'd be sending someone over. She also said that this customer service guy had never been given a key card, so that freaked us out even more... How did he get in? He came back into the office and we asked him what he was doing there. We realized he was beyond drunk because he kept saying he was there to work, that it was Monday morning. We kept telling him it was Sunday night but he didn't understand. He started smoking in the building! Two men came and diffused the situation and one of the guys drove him home... We think he was in the middle of a blackout. I've never seen anyone like that before. He was just so scary looking. With all of the shootings in the world these days, and the salon shooting that happened just 2 miles up the road, you never know who is going to snap and start shooting people... Heck, our bank branch was robbed at gunpoint months ago. It's not far-fetched to be terrified of something like that!


I came home and bawled my eyes out. I feel "off." I'm so freaked out. I'm afraid to go back to work. Everything seems so scary to me.

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Oh my gosh, Joanie! That is so scary! I would have been terrified! I think I would have left... I'm so glad nothing happened!

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Awwwww that sounds so scary ... Sucks that she made you feel like your fears aren't valid. I am glad you are all okay though. Sending you a big {{hug}}!
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Oh Joanie that is so scary! Every feeling you have is justified. If I were you I would make sure that situation is followed up on. Shame on your boss for not handling it better.
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Oh, wow! That's crazy. Your boss should have handled that better. greensad.gif
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Joanie, I'm sorry you had such a fright.
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How's everyone's kiddos sleeping? Conner's been making his bedtime REALLY late (For him) lately. He used to be a 7-7 guy... Now he's a 10-10 or 11-11 guy. I don't get it! Especially because we're still only doing 1 nap a day 75% of the time. I don't mind this new schedule at all... I'd prefer to sleep in later because I'm up that late anyways. It's just weird.

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Shay normally sleeps 9-8 with dream feeds at 11 and 5/6. He naps from about 10-10:30, 1:30-3 and 6-6:30.

Last 2 days have been different because of the pox with almost no nighttime sleep and lots of daytime sleep. I think I need a gallon of coffee today because I work this evening.
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I'm so sorry Joanie!  That sounds terrible!  I hope that your boss finds a way to make amends for how she handled things and make sure that it doesn't happen again.


Avery is usually up by 7am and he tends to fall asleep around 9pm, though sometimes it's more like 10pm.  He takes one nap now- usually around 1pm and will sleep for 2-3 hours if not disturbed.  But if I take him in the car prior to nap time he'll take a 5-10 minute catnap and then not nap for real until 2 or 3, which pushes bedtime later.  He wakes up all night long.  I usually get 2 hour blocks between wake ups, so that's like midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am, wake up around 7-8am.  But with this last round of teething, he's been up every 30-90 minutes and sometimes staying awake for an hour here and there.  It's been awesome.  Not.  At any rate, I have often found sleep to be disturbed off and on from teeth, illness, milestones, and travel until they are about 2, sometimes until 3.  Austin is just now reliably sleeping through the entire night.

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Eli never sleeps until 11pm.  He then tends to sleep till 7/8am depending on what is going on - illness/teething.  He slept through the night (11-9) for 4 nights, and last night he was back to sleeping crappy.  He is feverish today... lots of crying.  Either teeth, or the cold is cycling back.  My DH seems to have caught Eli`s cold.  So my men are all under the weather.  *sigh*  lets hope I don`t get sick.

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Bettie goes to sleep whenever she damn well feels like it, wakes up about 40 times every night, then as soon as my alarm goes off she falls fast asleep and sleeps like an angel while I choke down coffee and make the olders breakfast. She then naps...well, whenever she damn well feels like it. Once or five times a day....or no times a day...

It's sleep hell. And our schedule is pretty consistent, and there is no lack of organization in our house. She just completely has a mind of her own.
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Yeah, Shay set his own schedule, he just really likes to sleep.
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I don't mind that Eli chooses when he wants to sleep. People generally frown upon the fact that he goes to bed so late and insist on 'sleep training'. Mind you we tried getting him to bed earlier, but it wasn't worth the fight.
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Sora keeps on an almost exact daily schedule. She has one heck of a circadian rhythm. She takes two naps - one at 9am and one at 1pm - and then falls asleep at 7pm every night. I'm trying to enjoy this right now because I know when spring and summer come and the sun is out longer, she will be back to staying up later.

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Get this---- Sora called 911 tonight. duh.gif


She snatched my cell phone when I wasn't looking and hid behind the recliner. (I love how she knew she wasn't supposed to have it and tried to be sneaky.) The phone was locked but it still has that spot on the screen where you can press and hold for emergency services. Well, she pressed and held. I heard the phone ringing and was like, "Oh crap!" I ran and grabbed it from her (inducing an insta-tantrum and wails) and thought I hung up before someone picked up. Guess not. The dispatcher called me back and asked if everything was okay. I told her my daughter accidentally called. She said it happens all of the time and we weren't in trouble. She had to log my info, and then I thought that was it...... until a policeman came to the door. bigeyes.gif I let him in and pointed at Sora sitting all innocent-like on the couch, saying, "She is the culprit." I apologized and also thanked him for being so thorough. DH peered from the kitchen, said hi to the cop, and said, "The kid loves electronics...." LOL. The cop said, "I get about 6 of these calls a night, no worries." He was so nice. Whew!


DH and I are joking now that Sora called 911 due to extreme teething pain. lol.gif She was walking around all night grumpy and moaning going, "Owwwieeeeee." Poor girl.

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Sleep? What is this thing you call sleep? *sigh* Levi goes down between 8 and 9(I've tried going to sleep around the time the kids go down, but I'm just not tired then), sleeps until 2 or 3, then stays up until 7, despite me trying to get him back down. By that time Casey is awake. So since Billy closes the restaurant at night he gets home around 12-1AM. Since I MAYBE see him for an hour during the daytime, I stay up to spend time with him. This screws me out of a POSSIBLE 2-3 hours of sleep at night. It's hard to choose between more sleep and time with my husband. Hubby time usually wins out. I fear that if I don't stay up to be with him that we'll grow distant, like when we separated before. When we first got back together, he was opening, so we got about 3 hours together in the evening and we all ate dinner together. Now I'm lucky to see him during the day and have to lose sleep to see him at night. greensad.gif

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Becky, can you try to train yourself to sleep when Levi goes down so you get a few hours before your fella gets home? I only mention it because lack of sleep + bipolar = mania in my family. I mean its not that clear and the mania makes it harder to sleep, too, but maybe some melatonin?
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Happy New Year!!!

I'm a big believer in early bedtimes. It's one of my strick things. I need alone/adult time in the evening. I made that mistake with dd1, and it took years to get her to bed at a reasonable time. We usually take Jasper up to start his bedtime routine around 7-7:30. Bath, pjs, cuddle time in bed, nursing, then dh rocks him to sleep. He's usually asleep between 8-8:30. I was pretty much like that from the beginning, though. Dh thought I was silly! I did the same with dd2. But Jasper doesn't stay asleep. It is driving me insane. Seriously. I feel like I just lie there all night nursing him. He's so fussy and wiggly that I can't sleep. Sigh.

He's a consistent napper, though. 2+ hours in the middle of the day, around 12. He likes to take a cat nap at 5.

Becky, Sara is right. You need to get some sleep! What time does Billy have to be at work? Can he get up earlier so you can spend some time together then?
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Yeah, DH time is critical. I do what Sara recommended. I go down when Conner does, then wake up when DH gets home and spend a few hours with him. It helps a ton. I wouldn't see him otherwise.
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I take back everything I said! Haha. We cosleep, and I usually get about an hour of time with DH before B wakes up to come to our bed. Sometimes I can get her back in her crib for another 30 or so minutes. She wakes up constantly but goes back to sleep until about 730.
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