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December Chat Thread

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Can you believe we're in December already??




I am back to having to do the bladder wiggle to get it emptied all the way. Also, turning in bed at night is becoming more difficult -and- no matter what my shirt winds up under my chest with my belly hanging out. LOL this is getting to the fun part. ;)

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I'm having some really crappy pelvic/pubic bone pains. So I get what you mean by the "fun" part, lol.


DD has an ear infection (not in the same ear from which she isn't hearing well). She was in a lot of pain last night. She was fine when she went to bed, but woke up bawling later. So we took her to the walk-in clinic this morning. All we can do is give her Tylenol if the pain comes back. When she finally gets better, we'll set up an appt. to check her hearing. I got ear aches constantly as a kid, and even had some brutal ones as an adult too. So I can completely emphasize with that pain. :(


I'm feeling baffled that I ever worried about having a son. Now that I've had baby confirmed as a boy, it seems like the most normal thing in the world. I still worry about some of the finer details of raising a son to be a good man, but the anxiety is gone. Now it just seems like this is how our family was always supposed to be.


The Food Network was on while we sat in the waiting room at the clinic this morning. OMG is that ever a dangerous thing for a pregnant lady to watch! I made DP stop at the grocery on the way home so I could grab lots of yummy, fresh ingredients to make "super" pasta tonight. And for lunch I had a big fancy salad. Is anybody else craving salad? For a while I was eating too much sugar and junk, and the instant I forced myself to shape up I started craving healthy foods like mad! I'm SO, SO, SO happy that it's clementine season! I could eat those things like popcorn if they weren't so pricey! drool.gif In fact, I'm going to go have one...or two...right now!

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im doing the OMG movement while laying in bed as well O_o im just glad all i have to do is poke my hubby and have him push me over if i am feeling dead in the middle of the night LOL

Actually he woke up the other night we were both sleeping and he woke up while giving me a back rub LOL

no wonder i have been starting to sleep through the night! LOL 

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I forgot to add that I stopped by the endo's office after my OB appt (across the hall) yesterday and asked for a copy of my labwork. The girl gave me the first one where they found out I had a problem and then the most recent. It shows a TSH of 5.0479 found 9/12 and then .4975 as of 11/1. My pharmy hubs tried explaining it all to me and it made sense but I am still going to do a little bit of research on it. 

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Wow you did definitely drop your TSH!  That's good.  If you find out what your antibodies are, I'd be curious to know!  I can't find a lot of antibody level info online, since most people have TSH or T4 levels that indicate problems but mine are all normal, only antibodies that indicated a problem (and therefore only antibodies that really need controlled, on me, so we adjust my meds accordingly).  So it would be nice to hear from another pregnant mama on that!


I need to go in and have a re-draw.  I'm a lot more comfortable with things now so I haven't gone in since 10 weeks, and I had vowed to go in every 4-6 weeks.  But I've just been praying about it and I don't feel like I have an attack to worry about or anything, so I'll just plan on going in soon and basing my next draw on those results.  My FIL is always very intuitive though and he is good about letting me know if there is any concern. 


I'll be 20 weeks on Monday!  It's definitely by the grace of God that I've made it this far...I just keep thinking of how many times I've looked forward to this point again and had those dreams dashed before they even started.  I am feeling more and more confident as time goes on, but it's still hard to be completely vulnerable, you know?  I've been praying that this baby will be ready and come a little "early".  By that I mean maybe within the week before my "EDD".  I know that seems juvenile, but none of my children have ever come before their dates, and that's fine...I don't hold them to a specific date, but my 2 previous UC's were castor oil babies. ;) (Successful and not unpleasant experiences, FWIW...and DD1 "doesn't count" as she was AROM at home)  My Bishop Score was always extremely high though, very dilated (at least 5cm each time, mostly effaced...I just do that stuff early I guess), good consistent engagement, optimally positioned, good station, etc, etc....  But anyway, with this baby and UC, I just feel like with this thyroid stuff being newer to me I just don't want to have to start feeling concerned about dates if baby stays in for quite a while.  It might seem silly to others, but it's just something on my mind a lot lately, so I figured I might as well pray about it. :)


I've been feeling pretty good lately, overall.  I feel huge already, and sometimes I catch my reflection in the mirror or the window and it scares me to think of getting bigger (I don't feel like I look that huge in my pics, but it always seems more dramatic "IRL" LOL).  Thankfully my SPD hasn't worsened over the last month, and I've been really careful about it and my SI joint issues, though I am dealing with sciatica every now and then.  I've been able to keep a fair amount of maintenance on my weight gain, though, but it's still always on the forefront of my mind.  I'm up about 15lbs from the start though- again, with no loss in the beginning as opposed to all the times in the past- so I'm still a little nervous about not knowing when/how I'll gain this time.  But I've been working out regularly and just feel "good" in that regard.  I was running up the stairs at a hotel we stayed in a few days ago and I felt crazy noticeably "light" and it was weird. LOL 


However, heartburn is coming on with a vengeance.  I definitely know bad heartburn, with DD1 it was horrible and I suffered the effects of esophageal burns for months afterwards since I didn't start Pepcid Complete until late in my pregnancy (my FIL rec'd it because he has seen it to be one of the most effective meds out there, even moreso than some RX's, and he also takes it himself for some severe gastroesophogeal troubles).  So I started taking them once, maybe twice, a day.  However, I wasn't dealing with candida issues back then...and then the candida took over my poor body and I learned how bad antacids are (alone and for candida growth), so I've tried to avoid them if at all possible since then.  And d-limonene and manuka honey (as well as digestive enzymes and sometimes papaya) have worked well for me since then.  But recently the heartburn has become so bad at times that I cannot get on top of it with anything natural, and I've resorted back to Pepcid Complete occasionally.  I'm trying not to worry about it, but when I say I struggle with candida, that's putting it lightly.  So yeah, it's actually a fairly big issue for me.  But at the same time, this whole experience is just one more thing that makes me kinda think GIRL!


Baby's HR is still usually around 155bpm, rarely over 160 anymore, and sometimes into the 140's.  But it's more similar to DD2's than to DS's, so another thing that sort of makes me think girl.


And I feel like I might be carrying *slightly* higher this time...though I guess with the weight gain being drastically different this time it's really hard to judge at this point.  But I've always carried ridiculously low each time in the past.  The majority of my movements are still in the lower half of my abdomen, but I do get plenty of random kicks/rolls at the top and sides.  My children have all been able to feel baby move for a few weeks now, but DH hasn't yet.  His timing is always off.  But soon enough I'll be able to snuggle up to him and the baby can kick the crap out of him at night. LOL

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700BABY A at 20 weeks!











Happy December! I am 22 weeks and feeling HUGE.. measuring at 31 weeks.. the boys are starting to move around more and I think they are kicking me .. I have no idea since I have never been pregnant before. We had our 20 week anatomy scan and Baby B has a 2 vessel cord instead of the normal 3.. so we have a level 2 ultrasound on the 5th to make sure there are no defects.. they did not see any at the 20 week apointment and they are trying to tell me to not worry to much.. Most babies are 100 percent fine... 

I start my bed rest in 2 weeks.. and I am ready!! Sleeping is hell.. I can not get comfy at all.. even with 10 pillows on the bed!


Hope everyone is doing well!!

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(replying on this iPad is a pain...forgive me for not being able to scroll around and name everyone who has posted)!

I am 21 weeks, 4 days, and stressing really badly that I am not nearly as round as I think I should be by now. There was a mom at our Fire Dept kids' Xmas party today who is due 12 days before me, and she has this nice big basketball belly...while I am still surprising the moms in the gym with the fact that I am pregnant again, much less that I am 21 weeks along! greensad.gif.

I mean, everyone says you get bigger with each pregnancy, and even though i do remember being a bit smaller with my last baby than I was with my others, it wasn't this noticeable.

And darn Google to heck, because of course I read a story about Potter Syndrome much earlier in is pregnancy, and now I sit around freaked out that the baby has no kidneys. Sigh.

We had a super-quick u/s at about 10 weeks, just to check that baby was placed right, and it was a very unhappy experience. Theultrasonographer was rough, rude, and ignored my kids, even when I asked her to explain everything and let them look for a few minutes, since it would be our only peek. Well, I passed that on to our amazing midwives, and they called the ultrasound office, and I was offered a free 3D ultrasound! At first I didn't take them up on it, as ultrasounds so often cause more grief than anything else, but last week I scheduled a 3D "for fun" ultrasound, which we I'll be having Monday the 10th. !!!!!! We told them that in no way do we want to know the gender, so we will see if they can avoid showing us. smile.gif

1babysmom, I am also having heartburn issues now...I had them SO badly with my first son, and took so many Tums, that we joked he was going to be born with a shell. The toughest part is that heartburn makes me want to wash the burning away with tons of water, and tons of water make it worse.

I am also enjoying the fun of lactose intolerance again. It has been an on/off problem for me for about 15 years, but for the last few years it has been nonexistent. I really crave milk, but drinking it now is guaranteed torture. I bought some lactaid but have yet to try it.

Cananny, those babies are beautiful!

Ironmam, no worries on the gender stress. I think it is totally normal. I can say that having sons is a different joy...my guys are amazing to me in ways that surprise me all the time. My 11yo still likes to hold my hand when we go for walks, and I just glow with the knowledge that he is so very sweet.

We are feeling lots of movement, and I have participated in a paramedic class as an OB patient, and both there and at our midwives' office, babies HR is always low...highest was 152, low was 138.

Sorry for the novel!

Love, p
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Cananny, my daughter had a two cord vessel and it was TINY but she is absolutely perfect and thriving like crazy. I hope you get good news regarding it!

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*sigh*. Thyme maternity has underwear buy one, get two free...and I am so tired of my regular panties digging into my belly. But you can't try on underwear, and I wasn't sure what size to get. I was thinking medium or large, and the sales ladies recommended a small for me, so that's what I got. Guess what, they're too small! Fortunately DP called them (I was so hormonal I was afraid I'd cry on the phone) and they're going to let me exchange the two I didn't try on for the next size up. So I'm going to get a medium AND a large, and whichever fits best, I'll get three more of that size. Maternity panties are soooooo expensive, and they are the only store in town I've seen selling them. $12 for three pairs is the cheapest I think I will ever find.

In other shopping news, I fell in love with a particular pack n play, but Babies R Us and Sears only have it in one color (I even called both stores to see if they could order in the other color, they can't). But then I found it, new, on EBay, for slightly less (including shipping to Canada) in the color I love! Ha! It's so rare when that happens! Makes me giddy to have some good luck like that. We can't afford to get it right now, with the holidays and all. But I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to snag it after the holidays since they have several in stock. It's got the bassinet level, like most, and the changing table, like most, but it also has a removable rocking seat with vibration, which would be really, really handy for us.

Maybe I'm too materialistic, but I love shopping for Teddy. It helps me feel bonded, and this is our last baby, so I want to have a little more fun than I did last time (especially since last time we were dirt poor. DH had just lost his job in the weeks before Dd was born). Money is still really tight this time, because we need to pay for all his medical school applications/airfare for interviews (knock on wood), but we aren't wondering how the heck to afford food or anything.

I talked DH into letting us start calling Baby Boy by the name we've picked. And I looooove it. We've agreed that if he arrives, and it no longer fits, well discuss our options before officially naming him, but I don't see that happening. I was telling him "I really love this name!" And he joked "I guess you could say you TheoDORE it." :P He hates pun jokes, but he knows I enjoy a good pun from time to time. We'd been leaning towards this name from very, very early in the pregnancy...before pregnancy actually. The full name is Theodore Thompson (my Grandfather's last name, though we might go with Keith, his first name, instead), and Theo and Teddy for nick names. I think using an actual name is also helping me bond with him more. We always called Dd "Lovey" because we weren't settled between two names yet (Eleanor and Lucy), and because we weren't 100% sure she was a girl. But Teddy was very much the exhibitionist at the ultrasound. There is zero question he's a boy! lol

I'm feeling both really ADHD today (even though I took my meds) and hormonal today. I started crying in the shower this morning when I randomly thought about teen moms, and how hard it is for them and how society doesn't give them the support they need to finish school, and handle young, single motherhood. I mean, it was just a passing thought and I immediately started crying!

Anyhow, I apologize for the book here. When I'm feeling particularly ADD I ramble worse than I usually do. And I'm feeling so excited today about this little boy, which makes me even more rambly.
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Cananny the pictures are so amazing!!  It must be so crazy to feel 3 of them bouncing around in there!  Congrats on such a great job baking those little beans!!!!


spruce I am smaller in the body and belly this pg than I have ever been(really think for me it is the lower weight gain this time around), but at the same time I am measuring wayyy ahead. I hope your ultrasound goes really well and that it is reassuring!!!


IronMam I am SO excited to know gender tomorrow so that can bond even more with this little one and know what clothes to pull out, etc etc!!!   I did get the infant car seat the other day and it felt awesome to do that!   


Once we find out gender, the name discussion will begin as we decidee which variant of my late Mom's name to use, depending on if it is a boy or girl, and for first or second name, etc.  :)  I've been keeping busy today to help the time pass until tomorrow...just finished making mini shortbread cookies with the kids and getting ready to make dinner (broccoli cheese soup & sourdough bread).


I have been wearing the Costco underwear that have lace waistbands and they do well...I may need to be a size up soon but they work as well as the maternity ones I have from previous pgs and don't dig in at all(that are still entirely too big right now since I haven't gained as much this time). They are so much cheaper so if they continue to work I will stick with them for sure!!

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I’ve been super hormonal recently and had a melt down Friday night after a week of it building. Thankfully DH was super supportive and held me and talked me through it. Friday I learned that my maternity leave will be unpaid and that sent me over the edge. I knew it was a possibility but I was trying to be hopeful (in 20+ years here there has never been a pregnant women so I had hope that they'd do paid leave, no such luck).


DH said he wants to start getting the house ready for baby - kinda early I think but he's more OCD about things so here we go! Baby's stuff will be stored half in my youngest son's room and half in our room so it's time to move furniture. I know getting to that point will be exciting to start washing up diapers and newborn clothes.


Oh! I forgot to share - on my ultrasound last Friday, while I was 20w, baby's arms measure 22w and his legs measure 24w! At 7w he was measuring ahead 2d and he's been adding on ever since. The tech said *3* times "Wow" and "long/big baby". Both DH & are just shy of 6' tall so I guess I should prepare for a long/big baby. My exhusband was only 5'8" and both my boys were just over 7# at birth and they were wonderful births... so thinking about me having a big baby kinda has me worried.


We've started to plan for Christmas and it's bittersweet. My mom has lung cancer and this will be her last Christmas with us so we're trying to make it special for her.


I was feeling pretty good for several weeks in a row after that 1st trimester was such a doozie but the last couple weeks have been exhausting. I'm back to taking naps almost everyday just to get through the day and be able to make dinner. I feel like I'm a failure and not providing for my family but I cannot function when I'm tired. At my appt Friday they did blood work to see if anything additional is causing the fatigue.


I’m still wearing regular jeans with a rubber band and a belly band… but I’m miserable. The maternity pants I’ve found (thrift stores) are too short and are high waters so I wear boots with them to disguise how short they are. I really want some maternity jeans that fit but the plus and long combo is hard to find and expensive.

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Kara, I'm sorry to hear about your mom.  I hope this Christmas goes smoothly and special for you and your family.


I had my u/s this morning!  According to the tech, the measurements suggest that the baby is 11oz, which is perfectly average for gestational age.  They couldn't get a good look at the heart so I have to go back for that, but apparently everything else looks good.  DD was super pumped to be there and see the "pictures of the baby" and when the tech gave us a printout, she wanted to carry them around.  She is soooo excited for the baby and every day talks about what they are going to do together.  And DP seemed really pleased to see the u/s too.  We decided not to find out the gender, but I guess I can always ask them later to look at the pictures and tell us, right?


It was a really wonderful morning - I was amazed to see a few little roses blooming here and there.  And it was so nice out that we walked home from the hospital instead of waiting for the bus.  Then DP caught a ride to work and DD and I had second breakfast.  I think I'm going to try to convince him that we should always get up around 7 so we can have family time/breakfast/a walk in the morning before he leaves for work.


I have been crafting a ton.  I dyed a rainbow silk for her using koolaid the other day and she loves it so much that she's been sleeping with it.  Right now she's wearing it like a dress.  I also have some wool felt that I dyed with kool aid (btw let me say, I soooo prefer koolaid to wilton's cake dye - it already has the acid premixed in and it makes lovely even colors.... with wiltons, I had so many splotches and the stuff ran like crazy) but I don't know what we'll do with it.  I am halfway done with a little rainbow vest for DD that's going to be a Christmas present, and I just need to add ties to a little baby bonnet I knitted.  DD and I have been doing a bunch of baking but we eat everything as fast as we can make it!


I think we've finally climbed out of the first trimester hole - our house is tolerably clean.  I have a LOAD of stuff in the hallway that needs to go to goodwill, but the apartment itself is not littered with dirty dishes or laundry and the floors are clear.  Our last load of dishes is soaking in the sink.  We haven't had all the dishes done since... oh... late September, I think.  I'd like to clean out the bathroom but I think I'll get to that this week.  I packed away all of our dishes except what we need for the three of us to eat off of, which should help keep things under control.  I'm also going to go through and pick out 14 outfits for DD and donate the rest.  And seven for me, and as few as I can convince DP to have.  OMG the laundry monster, really.  And the more stuff gets organized in my house, the better I've been feeling.  I have such a hard time functioning in chaos.  I'm really kind of afraid of what the first few weeks with a newborn will hold.  I'm thinking of asking for our christmas present to be everyone just throwing a few bucks towards hiring a cleaning service for a month after the bb is born.


I've been starting to go to be super early and wake up super early.  Just getting ready for the inevitable.... 

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Oh, I forgot - DD said the most adorable thing at the appointment.  "It's kind of dark in mama's uterus, isn't it?"

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1baby'smom - drinking some apple cider vinegar & aloe mixed in a glass of water before bed really helped with my heartburn with DS1.  I have candida issues as well, including recurring yeast infections this pregnancy and last time too. I've been taking spoonfuls of coconut oil to help with the candida.  But cutting out sugar is sooo hard for me. I love candy, cookies, cake and all things sugar. Before getting pregnant this time I thought I had it under control. I cut out most of my sugar intake, but the pregnancy brought it all on again.


spruce - I too feel like my belly is not very round. I feel like I'm getting bigger everywhere except my belly! For me I feel like its because I could be carrying a girl this time. With my last two pregnancies, both boys, I was round and low the whole time. With this one I'm wider and higher. 


I cannot get comfortable at night. I can only lay on my left side without feeling sick and I hate sleeping on that side. There's nights I'm up past midnight with my restless legs and trying to sleep on the couch so I don't wake DH.  And I know its all only going to get worse. What is everyone craving? - At the moment for me its cereal. I'm eating it between meals its getting crazy out of hand LOL. I was craving cottage cheese and have like 2 full tubs in my fridge, and now that craving went away so they'll probably go away as no one else in my house eats it. I'm also loving salads, but find I'm too lazy to cut everything up and then go spend a ton of money buying one from a fast food place.


At 19 weeks I finally had the name talk with DH. Yes, we wait till much later in the pregnancy to even bring up names. He cracks me up though going over the long list I present to him. He can come up with a way to make fun of every name on it. Luckily he agreed on my top 2 names - Maxwell Julian for a boy or Amelia Juliet for a girl. So now we wait and see which one we get and if we'll change our mind on the name along the way.

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Thanks!  I can't do the ACV, sadly. :(  I'm THAT sensitive to yeast and vinegar (internally) has always affected me.  It sucks, because I *heart* ACV.  With the aloe, I was avoiding it (internally and topically) because it's estrogenic but I'm far enough along now that progesterone shouldn't be as much of an issue so I might give it a try again.  I am pretty sure I'm still going to have to top off some nights when it gets unbearable (in past pregnancies it's come to a point where I can hear a "click" type sound and my esophageal sphincter opens and I can feel the acid come up....EEEW) but it would be nice to take the edge off.


I take CO too!  Funny you mention it because I'm currently ordering a new gallon.  I'm planning on starting a hefty enzyme treatment at the very end of this pregnancy (I don't want to do it this early on) so it's helping right before the birth, and then stick with it afterwards like I was before I got pg, mostly just to avoid thrush this time.  This is the first nursing break my body has had in almost 7 years so I'm hoping it'll help me "reset" a little, too, because while I know I obviously CAN do it again with horrible thrush, who would want to?!?!?  I also finished NAET right as this pregnancy began and I'm hoping that might have helped me as well.


I go to my chiro today and while I normally really appreciate it, I hate the giant "look at me!" pregnancy pillow.  I feel ridiculous especially since I'm not very big yet (compared to what that thing accommodates, anyway!). 


We have all of our presents wrapped and under the tree, and tonight (hopefully) will be getting our outdoor lights up!


I have totally skipped my last 2 days of exercise and I'm beating myself up over it (it was out of pure laziness so I have no excuse).  Need to get back on that wagon or I'll beach myself.

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Thanks!  I can't do the ACV, sadly. :(  I'm THAT sensitive to yeast and vinegar (internally) has always affected me.  It sucks, because I *heart* ACV.  With the aloe, I was avoiding it (internally and topically) because it's estrogenic but I'm far enough along now that progesterone shouldn't be as much of an issue so I might give it a try again.  I am pretty sure I'm still going to have to top off some nights when it gets unbearable (in past pregnancies it's come to a point where I can hear a "click" type sound and my esophageal sphincter opens and I can feel the acid come up....EEEW) but it would be nice to take the edge off.



But I thought ACV is different than regular white vinegar for candida? Like its used as a natural treatment for vaginal yeast infections. I could be wrong, but I believe thats what I read. Of course if you're extra sensitive to it, that could make a difference I suppose.  Also I recently read that overgrowth of yeast can happen alot when our bodies are too acidic. So taking baking soda (without aluminum) and molasses can help raise you pH level if you think thats the problem too.

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Hey...LONG time no see huh. Sorry! November was crazy as was October. Blah. ANYWAY. I'll try to check in more often. I have an appt coming up on the 13th for my morphology scan. I'll be 21 weeks almost. SO anxious to know if this baby has straight feet (not clubbed like my last one did)...Lord have mercy and give him straight feet please!!!!!

Not a ton of time but wanted to say i still exist and sorry for neglecting you all! LOL.


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22 weeks tommorow! I think I am starting to feel more of a "kicking" sensation than "swimming" sensation from Baby. But it is all still unfeelable on the outside.

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But I thought ACV is different than regular white vinegar for candida? Like its used as a natural treatment for vaginal yeast infections. I could be wrong, but I believe thats what I read. Of course if you're extra sensitive to it, that could make a difference I suppose.  Also I recently read that overgrowth of yeast can happen alot when our bodies are too acidic. So taking baking soda (without aluminum) and molasses can help raise you pH level if you think thats the problem too.


Yes, it's just a "me" thing.  I have been sensitive to all vinegars for the last few years since I started dealing with it chronically. :(  I can handle it sometimes, like if it's in something baked, but that's about it.  You are right, I am definitely more acidic on a regular basis, I try to follow the acid/alkaline diet in general, and the enzymes I take help with that as well. 

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Today, one of the greatest things has happened to me since I got pregnant! Since finding out that we are having a boy, I have been pondering how to have the discussion that I wanted to not have baby circumcised with DH. I have really had the fear that my husband would be absolutely against not circumcising, simply because he is circumcised. SURPRISINGLY, this morning, he asked me if I wanted to get baby circumcised or not. I was shocked that he was so open to discussion with this!!! 

What a relief! 

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