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The Exercise Thread

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I just realized that I completely forgot to make a thread last week. I think it is mostly due to the fact that I hardly did any exercising at all! I was on vacation visiting family in WV. It was COLD and my CA running gear wasn't really adequate, so I only managed to get out for ONE 3 mile run while I was there.


I also didn't get in my regular daily bike riding (how I commute to work) and was eating desert every night (sometimes multiple times a day!) and going out to restaurants. Needless to say, I came home BLOATED (for evidence, see the Belly Thread!) but thankfully that bloat seems to be subsiding. So far I have managed to only gain just under 2 lbs this pregnancy. By this time with DD I was up almost 5 lbs!


Anyhow, I finally got back out there this morning and did 4 miles. My plan for the upcoming week is this:


Sun: 9 miles

Mon: Rest (besides biking to&from work)

Tues: 3 m

Wed: 5-7 m

Thur: 3 m

Fri: some sort of cross-training. I should really do some core work! and maybe light weights at home

Sat: 2-3 m


My major goal this week is CONSISTENCY. Getting out the door is always the hardest part.


How about the rest of you? How was your week, and what are your exercise-related goals for the next?

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you go girl! I was just getting up to 2.5 miles when I got pregnant and have had NO energy to do anything but eat, sleep and go to work! I am going to try to be inspired by you and do at least a little something daily. I keep waking up at 5am, a full hour before I need to get out of bed, and then just laying there for an hour wishing I could fall asleep. I pledge to get out of bed and do something... will report back- wish me luck!

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Good luck! I do have to say that if I were working full-time there is no way i could get in as much activity as I have been, and CERTAINLY not as much as I'm hoping to do this coming week. I have a part-time job from 9am til noonish, so I don't even have to get up early! I am in total awe of anyone holding down a full-time job and running a household who is able to get in any activity at all.

As it is, this morning's 4 miles wiped me out--I just woke up from a 2 hour nap! I'm probably going to be totally worthless after tomorrow's 9.
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Just finished today's 9 miler and now I plan to eat and sleep all day!
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Nice work Kitteh! 


I did a walk/run 6 miler today. Walk 1 mile, run 1 mile, alternating all the way through. The last 2 miles were uphill and my calves are pretty unhappy about it but I feel so good. It's really nice to start feeling like I have energy again. I've set a goal of 20 miles for December and I'm hoping to blow that goal away but we'll see. Keep it up ladies! 


Crystal Marie

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Uphill is brutal, but a great workout! And the walk/run plan is a great one, especially because I think it's a great psychological tool to use to get myself to get out there and cover more distance. Running 6 miles can seem intimidating or overwhelming, but run/walking feels more do-able, and its still really great exercise.

I expected my legs to be sore tonight, but I'm surprised that my Abs--specifically the obliques--are feeling it already. Tomorrow is going to be rough.
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Awesome, ladies!


I am at 457 miles of my 500 miles on the year goal.  It is going to be *very* close.  But I started off December w/ 451 miles so I've already knocked off 6 miles!  I know the holidays at the end of the month will screw things up so I'll try to weight December a little heavy for the first half.

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Wow-  Kuddos to you mamas who are running several miles per day while pregnant!  I feel like I've climbed a mountain just because I managed to get to the gym and do 20 min of cardio and light lifting!  I worked out 5-6 days a week before pregnancy and now its been about 1-2 days a week because of my LETHARGY....  I look forward to the 'more energy in second trimester phase'....  namaste.gif

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This doesn't really compare but, I just got back from a 20 minute brisk walk around my office. I really dragging so I needed it. I feel much better!

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Any exercise is great! For me, I didn't hit my mileage goal for October or November, there were just too many days when working full time and making dinner wiped me out to the point that run wasn't gonna happen . Any day that I got off work before dark and didn't feel like curling up and sleeping immediately I'd try to get out the door and put some miles on my shoes. I just do whatever I can. Which hasn't been much compared to where I was before... 20+ mile weeks. Ha, not in my first trimester. Now I'm happy if I can alternate walk/run for 6 miles. 


but I'm 13 weeks along now and I am just starting to feel like I have some more energy .  I have high hopes to get more mileage in if the energy level keeps up, and my calves forgive me for forcing 2 hard miles uphill last night :) 


Keep it up if you can, walking, jogging, running. One or 12 miles, it all counts and it's always better than doing nothing physical. 

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made it out for 30 minute walk today... yay 2 days in a row. I definitely feel good afterward. will be keeping it up and maybe adding on....!

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Keep up the good work ladies!

I'm supposed to go for a 3 mile run tonight but I think I might just do 2 and then 3 on Sat (which is supposed to be my 2 miler) because I will have so much more extra free time on Sat. Even with the reduction in miles, I'm dragging my heels getting out the door. So i figured maybe posting here would help light a fire under my butt. I definitely need to run, because I'm making lasagna and garlic bread tonight!

Today I:

Worked 4 hours at the Kindergarten
Went grocery shopping
Went shoe shopping (for Ela, she got new rain boots!)
Made spinach, mushroom, italian sausage lasagna and garlic bread, both from (semi)scratch
Finished a mountain of dishes that has been piling up for two days
Folded and put away two loads of laundry, and
Ran 2 miles while pushing Ela in the jogger

And I didn't even take one tiny nap!

It has quite possibly been the most productive day of this entire first trimester.

I will be going to bed early
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had a chill today so didn't make it out, did steps in the stairwell at work instead but only for about 15 minutes since my HR was up and I was sweating, it's hot in the stairwell as it is- got rid of mychill though! I also started doing 5# weights with my arms, did it last evening and this morning. Feeling pretty good about this week though I could be more active if I only had the time!

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sounds like you earned your early bedtime tonight, kitteh!

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Well, I didn't make it out for my 5 miler on Wednesday. I did get out last night and did 2 and a quarter miles, but my right IT band seems to be acting up again, which worries me. I have dealt with it on and off for as long as I've been a runner, but it has never gotten so bad that I had to stop running. I think I am going to invest in some stability shoes and try a little bit of rest and stretching and see if that helps. Otherwise running this time around has felt great (with DD anything over a brisk walk triggered contractions) so I'd be really disappointed if this sidelines me! I'm really really hoping to be able to complete the half marathon in 5 weeks, even if I have to do a lot of run/walking to do so.



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I hope your it band quiets down, you better get some rest. It seems like it takes 5 times as long to let something heal once you get it irritated (and longer as I get older lol!)

I did some light weights this am and then walking the track x20min, 1 round of light weights and then 45 minutes of swimming- more like playing in the water with the kids but it was exercise. I kept moving! Now I'm beat.

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jaxxy, you are definitely right about recovery time taking 5X longer than you expect it should. I've been lucky so far and haven't ever had what I'd consider to be a true running injury, just aches and niggles here and there. Usually slowing down and resting BEFORE they become a true issue has been my MO, and so far it has worked *knocks on wood*


So I rested Friday and went to my LRS (local running store) for some PRS (Pregnancy Running Shoes.) :P  I've heard that pregnant runners need more stability in a shoe, and I'm already a mild to moderate overpronator. They put me in a pair of Brooks a half size larger than I would have picked (and I already size up for running shoes) and let me just tell you, the difference is amazing. Today's 4 miler felt great, no hip or glute issues at all. I think I'm in love with a running shoe.

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I'm hurt my rectus femoris playing soccer this fall and I missed games for 2 whole weeks! That's something that would have taken me 4 days to heal a few years ago!


Not sure what I did yesterday but I am having serious right sided sciatica today. No real exercise today unless you count 4 hours of x-mas shopping with DH!

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Oooh, nice shoes, Kitteh!  I hope you continue to like them.  I am a Brooks lady myself.  So far my feet and joints have felt fine during my runs while pregnant,  These shows have ~280 miles on them so I am hoping I can get some more life out of them.  But of course, I will listen to my body if the niggles and tweaks make a presence.


I am edging closer ... today I ticked off miles 467, 468, and 469.  Only 31 more miles to my goal ...

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Originally Posted by spotty4 View Post

Oooh, nice shoes, Kitteh!  I hope you continue to like them.  I am a Brooks lady myself.  So far my feet and joints have felt fine during my runs while pregnant,  These shows have ~280 miles on them so I am hoping I can get some more life out of them.  But of course, I will listen to my body if the niggles and tweaks make a presence.


I am edging closer ... today I ticked off miles 467, 468, and 469.  Only 31 more miles to my goal ...

Go Spotty!! You can do it!


I did a sleep marathon last night. That counts, right? ROTFLMAO.gif   I brought my shoes to work today and PROMISE that I will do the 2.5 mile walking path during my lunch break!

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