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I wanted to respond to the stuff about my yoga teacher, but I'm on my phone and its a pain to type. I will say that i just saw CM's race photos and HELLO nice long gams, mama!

Ran a local 5k this morning and got 2nd place in my age group! I had a really crappy week leading up to it and only got in a grand total of 6 miles, allof them super slow,soI went into this race just thinking I'd take it really easy. First mile was 9:37, 2nd in 9:22, and 3rd was 8:49, ending with a solid kickthatgot me down to 7:13! So I probably took it easier than I really had to at the beginning. Good thing I'm not 29 though, because all of those chicks(thetop 4 anyhow) ran it under 24 minutes. But lucky for me none of the super speedy 30+ ladies came out today, so I placed with a time of 28:44. The woman who got 1st beat me by 20 seconds! I should have kicked harder, lol.
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Wow!  Amazing you can turn in those splits w/ your mounting belly.  Well done!


Run for me ladies since I can't ... :-/

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I swam last night! The pool was too warm for anything but a gentle pace, but I'm not complaining! It felt great! Kept it up for an hour and my muscles really loved it, especially my back.


 I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend visiting a pool. Not just for exercise--- but just for the incredible sense of buoyancy and gentle pressure. I belong to a gym with a pool, but sometimes gyms or clubs will actually let people walk in and pay a flat fee for a 1-day pool pass. It really is worth it--- treat yourself!


The only (slight) drawback (for me) is that none of my workout suits fit, and I didn't want to waste my $$ on a maternity suit that I might only wear during the next 3 months... so I'm swimming in a bikini, letting that belly hang out. Sexy sexy whale-like me.

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I've been sick this week, fighting off a head cold, so I haven't been out to run since Sunday and it's driving me CRAZY. I'm also going to miss yoga today because DD woke up earlier than usual, so hopefully I can get in a run later tonight. Usually I'd just run through a head cold, but since I'm in the family way I figured I'd play it safe. Plus dd just caught what I have a few days ago, so I've been taking care of her and I want to be sure to take care of myself so that I can pass her some good antibodies.


I'm definitely thinking of getting a day pass once a week for the pool at the local Y. I'm not an avid swimmer though, so I'm not really sure it will be a great workout. I love the high-intensity sweat fest that is running, but I'm definitely looking for some lower-impact alternatives now that this belly is so huge. Any suggestions for low-impact, high-intensity workouts for someone who doesn't have regular access to a gym? I've got a few workout DVDs but our apartment is tiny and I can only do them when DD is asleep (which is NEVER it seems!)

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Ugh!  Noooo!  So sorry you have caught the mega-bug, too.  Its the pits.  Get well.  It took me a solid 14 days to get past mine.  


I have taken to walking now.  I have managed a 2 mile walk each day since Monday.  My heart rate never gets up to where it does when running, but I still feel it is great exercise.  Today, since the weather is so beautiful, I did a 3 mile walk.  Its slightly frustrating b/c I am not covering the ground as quickly as I do while running but I just have remind myself why I am walking vs. running and I easily come to terms.

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Kitteh- while water is AMAZING for buoyancy, gentle movement, etc.... I really do think swimming is also one of your best ways to get a low-impact but intense work out!  Many people don't realize how much they are actually doing in the water because they don't notice sweat, don't feel the impact in their body, and their breathing is timed differently than if they were running....  but you really can get a great workout before you know it!


If you're looking for something more intense than a leisurely lap or two, go to the pool with a plan in mind. I recommend getting yourself a kickboard or other floaty thing and doing X  # of kick sets. Break them up with kick-sprints or laps of whatever else you're comfortable with-- whether it's free style or sidestroke, etc.  You can even place the float between your legs and do pull sets, where you only use your arms.


You could even throw on a pair of old shoes and run in shallow water! I had a shoulder injury and had to do water runs for many months -- it feels awkward at first, but after a few minutes you really start feeling it (both the cardio and muscle resistance).


Hope this inspires you a bit!

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Kitteh! Speedy Mama! Nice work with those negative splits! Sorry about the sickness, after having pertussis for 3 weeks in January I feel your pain. It's no fun at all. I hope you make a swift recovery. 


I'm not a swimmer,yet. I've always been interested but I've never put much effort into it but we have a pool so as soon as the water gets above like 55 I'm going to give laps a go. I know it's supposed to be an excellent workout like Sweet Huck says. I think for the first bit I'll be clinging to that kickboard for dear life though :) What about biking or as the official people say cycling. I rarely get on my bike partly due to it being a mountain bike and partly because the seat is so uncomfortable but if I plan a short route that has a tiny but of hills I usually get a good leg workout or at least can enjoy the view. I actually plan on doing a short bike ride today because my legs are shot from the hills I ran yesterday but it's so beautiful out I can't image not doing something. A perk or downside, depending on how you look at it is that we live in the middle of a hill so no matter which direction you go it's downhill leaving the house and uphill coming home. Works great for my runs because I always have to work a little harder at the finish.


I'm not sure if it's wise to recommend rollerblading to pregnant ladies or not, probably not with the center of gravity being shifted with the extra weight. I know if the terrain is smooth and you put some miles in that it's a great workout but... I'm just picturing us pregnant ladies falling while on rollerblades. Ya, terrible idea. Scratch that suggestion. 


I've been sticking to Running, Yoga and Ultimate Frisbee once a week. Which is a whole new thing, trying to quickly shift this extra body weight is not happening but it's still fun. :) If you have a disc, throwing the frisbee can be a great arm workout if you throw long enough and make sure to do both backhands and forehand throws. 


Oh and squats, I'm just started a daily squat routine that I'll try to build on. Starting with the following and building as it becomes easy. 


Wall sits 15 sec on 15 sec off x3

20 free squats (moderate pace)

Wall Sits 15 on 15 off x3

20 free squats (moderate pace) ~ final squat held in the down position for 5 seconds 


Running wise, I'm still running every Tues. Thursday, Saturday and sometimes Sundays


Feeling Good! Keep up the walks Spotty4 & the swimming Sweet Huck! I love hearing what everyone is doing to stay active!

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I have been doing my shape fitness evolved 2012 stuff some(for xbox kinect), Walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone some, walking 4+ days a week and pilates 2-3 times a week and today my midwife said that I look healthier than ever and had my best blood pressure reading yet - it hasn't been high, but it's even lower now. She said whatever I'm doing is doing me good. So, that's exciting. 


There are bike seats with a wider seat. If I were to take up biking, that is what I would make sure I had, otherwise it hurts my butt too much. LOL We're thinking of doing family bike rides as soon as we have some money saved to invest in the equipment we'd need. Lots of wonderful trails at the parks around here. Biking is huge in Austin - as if you all didn't already know. LOL

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I just got an exercise/pregnancy ball and am excited to start using it for exercising. I found a few clips on YouTube for exercises for pregnant women using the ball. Have any of you used the ball for exercising? Also heard it's great to use during labor - has anyone tried that?

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Erica13, I have an exercise ball. I think it works great as a chair and it's fun to bounce on. I haven't really ever used it for exercise, but as soon as I find it and air it up again, I'll probably give it a try. I'm sure it could be helpful during labor. You can bounce, rotate your hips/hip circles and it keeps you upright. I definitely want to find my ball to try it for that this time. 

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I have one in my office. I switch back and forth between that and my chair. The ball allows me to stretch and better position myself --- definitely provides relief for my hips and back, and when I first started using it I certainly felt it in my core.


Other than basic stretches, though, I don't use it for active exercise. Am curious to learn more!

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Well I've not been keeping up the mileage very much this month! I've been averaging between 6 and 10 miles a week, and have started run/walking now. Went out for a 3 miler today, and I've definitely slowed down a bit from a month ago. I did run/walk during the first 2 miles and ran (or rather, "ran") the last mile, which was mostly down hill. I'm 28w1day today, so I guess I've officially met my pre-pregnancy goal of continuing to run at least til my 3rd trimester. I should feel happy about that, but instead I'm having a hard time not feeling guilty/bad that I'm not getting out to run more. Last month I was getting out 4 times for a total of 12-16 miles a week. This month it has dwindled to 2, sometimes 3 times a week. Mostly twice.


So my goal going forward is to get back to 3-4 times a week, even if I'm still covering shorter distances and run/walking most of it. I have a 5k coming up near the end of April, and I'd be really pleased if I can run the whole thing.

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Yoga today was really great, I actually felt like I got a good workout in!

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I had a great yoga practice today too!  Last week was "spring break" from exercise, and it felt really good to get back on the mat today.  I'll get back to my circuit-style workout tomorrow...I'm a tiny bit afraid of my butt getting kicked after the week off!

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Yeah, a week off pre-pregnancy was no big deal, but 2 weeks ago I had a VERY low-key week with hardly any running (one day, 2 miles, runlwalking!) and getting back into it was definitely a different story! Good luck, veggie! It might suck a little at first, but doesn't it feel so great to get back into it after some down time?
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We'll it's been 9 days now since my last run. 8 days ago my bloodwork came back severely anemic thumb.gif Fun! 

My resting heart rate, when I first wake up is hovering in the high 80's to low 90's which is +20% higher than it was two weeks ago. I've been instructed "NO RUNNING" until those numbers come down.


I'm being optimistic that these iron pills and eating everything that I can find that is high in iron will turn those numbers around in the next couple weeks. Until then, It looks like I'll be upping my yoga routine. 


I feel like some sort of caged animal. Run for me Kitteh, because I'd give just about anything to be out there running right now. Anything but the health of this little nugget I'm carrying. 

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I can totally relate to your frustration, CrystalMarie. Although I'm still able to do a fair amount of running when I get out there, the walking portions have been increasing and not due to fatigue. I had a lot of braxton hicks with my first pregnancy and this time is no different. Usually I run through the braxton hicks, but I've started to walk through the really intense ones which radiate through my back sometimes. And usually slowing to a brisk speedwalk does the trick, but sometimes I need to slow way down to a crawl or even stop all together. I do a really good job of hydrating before, during, and after runs too. So I know that the walking portions are absolutely necessary and of course the health of my baby is more important than anything. But still its frustrating to be walking when i really want to RUN! But I know I really ought to be happy that I can even get out there at all and am not on bed or complete pelvic rest.
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My midwife gave me her blessing to run again! Hooray!

Thursday - 1 mile
Saturday - 1.5 miles

I'm looking forward to slowly building my mileage back up. It feels glorious to run again. I haven't noticed any braxton hicks yet but I'm sure they'll start up soon. I'll be 32weeks on Monday!
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Thats awesome CM! How long were you out of commission, and how are you feeling while easing back in?

I've not run since last thurdsay--so 9 days-- due to acute viral bronchitis. Not sure how much longer I'm gonna have to lay low, but its already killing me. I'm itching to lace up, but starting to worry that all this time off is going to make getting back into it tough.
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I have not truly run since February.  Its been walking walking walking and I feel pretty darn good.  I know walking does not "seem" as beneficial or as much of a workout as running does but I am convinced it is still helping me tremendously.  I know each woman's pregnancy is different but so far I am not suffering from the typical ailments and complaints that other women often experience at similar stages of pregnancy.  Is it really the walking/exercise?  Or is it just genes?  I don't know - but I feel well enough to think that walking/exercise *does* indeed have considerable influence.


So even if you guys can't get out there to run, go walk!!  Its kind of boring and certainly less gratifying than running, but it *is* doing your body good!

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