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Good point Spotty! I think a nice brisk walk really is very beneficial to us mamas-to-be. And I think I've recovered enough that a fast walk wouldn't aggravate my bronchitis, whereas I am absolutely sure that its still too soon for running. I plan to take one today and see how I feel. I have barely even gotten out of bed over the last 5 days, so I'm really eager to get out and get the blood flowing!
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I've was unable to run for a full 18 days total. Starting up again was a bit easier than I expected, but I took it really slow, over a minute per mile slower than I had previously been running when I had to stop. 


The first run for me was 1 mile @ 11:35 mpm 

I could have pushed harder and I knew it but I think forcing myself to go so slow really helped me not be drained from it or have any real discomfort. My legs did feel heavy for the entire run but it wasn't so much that I felt the need to stop and keeping the first run to only a mile really helped mentally, knowing I only had a little ways to go. 


My second run, two days later. 1.6 miles @ 10:40 mpm

This run felt glorious. Still about 30 seconds slower than my average when I stopped running but the heaviness in my legs eased up and I felt like a runner again. 


As you can see I'm taking it really slow and it seems to be working for me. I'm not too exhausted. Neither run has wiped me out and I'm not having any pain whatsoever at this stage. I was going to run today but for the sake of easing back into it, I'm giving myself an extra day to rest, even though I don't think I need it. I've been know to push too hard too quickly and at this stage (32 weeks) I'm trying to be extra careful! I have 2 -2.5 miles planned for tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. 


Sorry you've been so sick Kitteh! 5 days in bed, no fun. Hope you're on the mend and able to stretch your legs soon! I'm wishing sunny days and brisk walks your way!

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Oh man, if I try to get back into it at a minute a mile slower than my previous pregnant easy-run pace, I'll be walking!

actually, I'm probably going to start off with a walk/run plan and see how that goes. Ive not run yet, but I did a ton of biking today and yesterday (well, maybe 10-12 miles each day, which feels like a ton when you're 31 weeks pregnant with a 30lb toddler in tow) and my lungs felt great. I think the bronchitis is finally on the way out.

So I'm planning to go out for a mile or two tomorrow. Hopefully the Braxton Hicks stay on the tame side. I'm trying to pre-hydrate tonight and tomorrow morning and will probably get out for a nice late afternoon jog.
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LOL, I'm w/ you, kitteh!  I'm not a fast runner by any means so a whole minute slower would be speed walking. :-)  In my prime just before I got pregs I was a solid 9:30 min/mi runner (for shorter distances, like 5K).


Speaking of 5Ks, I'm a bit nostalgic today.  One year ago today I ran in a local 5K w/ my husband.  We both set out to run our own races.  He is faster than me but I kept him in my sights for 2 of the miles.  By the 3rd mile I was fading so I slowed up.  Even still, we both PR'd.  He got 4th for his age group (missed 3rd by ONE second) and I got 2nd for my age group!  WHAT!?!?  We are far from the type of runners who reel in prizes at running events.  It was an awesome feeling.  So ... here's to *next* April!


Since I've canned the running now till post-partum my walks have been at about a 17 min/mi pace.  When my husband joins me they tend to slow to ~ 19 min/mi.  He usually has coffee in tote and says, "Why are you going so fast!?"  He is still running so I look sternly at him and calmly profess, "THIS is my only exercise!"

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I slowed CONSIDERABLY with pregnancy. My pre-pregnancy 5k was a flat 23 minutes (which is 7:24/mile) and my most recent pre-preg 10k was 49:07 (7:54/mile) and I think my easy run pace was around 8:30ish/mile? At 5 weeks pregnant--right before I got a positive test--I ran a 10k hoping to get my time under 49 minutes and instead ran it in 54 minutes! I couldnt figure out what was wrong with me or why I was struggling so much when the weather and course were ideal. I didn't waste too much time worrying about it, though, because after the race I was hit with an intense craving for a Monte Croato sandwich, so I turned my attention to satisfying that. Sure enough, knocked up!

My last 5k was at around 24 weeks and I ran it in 28:40-something (9:14/mile) and actually got 2nd place in my age group (it was a very small local race) but most of my runs around that time were in the 11-11:30/mile range. Since I hit the third trimester I noticed an increase in braxton hicks during my runs, and they were becomming increasingly more frequent and uncomfortable. My midwife (who is also a runner and ran through her last pregnancy) wasn't terribly concerned, but advised me to slow my pace and over-hydrate before and during my runs. So before I got bronchitis I was doing 12:30-13:00/mile with walk breaks every half mile to mile, or whenever a particularly strong bh would hit. I tried to keep the walking bits between 15-16 min/mile, but often had to slow to a stroll in order to kill the contractions.

So I have no clue what today's "run" is gonna bring. I'm just hoping I actually get to run any of it, but I plan to be easy on myself and take it slow.

I definitely get the nostalgia for the good ol days of faster running, spotty! But hey, they say that the elite women runners are usually faster post-baby, so maybe it will be the same for us? (fat chance, right? wink1.gif
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Spotty, what kind of distances are you covering on your walks? I think its awesome that you are still getting out and getting in some good exercise even though it must be frustrating not to be able to run.
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Kitteh, not a whole lot.  Walking is so much slower and my time constraint is still the same.  So I am only getting in about 2 mile walks.  On the weekends I can do a bit more though.

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I hear you, and that is the most frustrating aspect of having to shift gears to run/walk, and eventually just walking. But I suppose as long as you are out walking for the same amount of time as you would have been running then it's a wash, right? I mean, I know that a lot of beginning runners go by time run rather than distance covered with their training plans. So maybe its just time for a change of perspective.
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I am finding that I have to slow down even with walking now because it causes uncomfortable feelings - maybe mild BH and some RLP. 

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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

I am finding that I have to slow down even with walking now because it causes uncomfortable feelings - maybe mild BH and some RLP. 


Yup, I feel these too on some of my walks.  I generally get them after I push up a hill.


When I was running I tended to choose neighborhood routes that were a mix of hills and flats.  Now that I am walking exclusively I formulate routes that are as hilly as possible/  Some days I regret that decision, though, when I feel the same pains you are referencing.  I think I'll try bringing along some water on the hilly routes especially now that it is getting warmer.

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I hear you, and that is the most frustrating aspect of having to shift gears to run/walk, and eventually just walking. But I suppose as long as you are out walking for the same amount of time as you would have been running then it's a wash, right? I mean, I know that a lot of beginning runners go by time run rather than distance covered with their training plans. So maybe its just time for a change of perspective.


Yup, all the same ... in the end getting out and walking for 30+ mins is still better than nothing!  Clearly my body likes it b/c I have remained lean throughout this pregnancy (~17 lbs gained) and I'm not sure how b/c my diet has been a lot more lax than it was pre-pregs.  Chocolate milk?  Why not.  Hamburger?  Why sure!

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Ran a local 5k this morning, and I'm happy to report that I was able to run the whole thing. The few short runs I've been on since getting over bronchitis were less than encouraging, so I was open to the possibility of having to do a run/walk thing. The course was slightly longer than 3.1 miles (which the race director kept apologizing for during the awards ceremony) and the first 2/3rds of it are a gradual incline, which just kills me. Even pre-pregnancy I could never stand the long gradual inclines. I'll take a short steep hill that you can power through and be done with over the slow, steady demoralization of a gradual incline any day.

Anyhow, all the speed demons were out today, winner came in at 16:59 and the top 3 in my age group were all low 20s or below, so even my pre-pregnancy best of 23 minutes wouldn't have placed. As it were, I finished in 31:45. I'm exactly 32 weeks and was hoping to finish under 32,minutes, so I just barely made it! My next (and probably last) 5k race is in 3 weeks.
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Looks like I won't be doing that 5k in 2 weeks. The mild pubic/pelvic pain that I felt the day after the race has not gone away and after doing a bunch of research online, I'm pretty sure it's SPD though I haven't been "officially" diagnosed. From what I've read, it almost always gets progressively worse once it rears its ugly head, and trying to exercise through it could end up causing permanent damage. As much as it sucks having to spend the next 7 weeks not running (possibly 13 weeks, if I wait til the 6 week postpartum mark to start exercising again) I would be absolutely devastated if I caused permanent damage and had to give up running for a much longer amount of time. So, I made it half way through my Third Trimester, and ran 3 races while pregnant (4 if you count the 10k I did a few days before getting the positive pregnancy test!) and I suppose that is a success. My goal was to make it into the 3rd tri, and I did.


Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out what I CAN still do for exercise that won't exacerbate the SPD pain. There's gotta be something! (Especially since I've been really bored and sort of depressed this weekend and have responded by emotionally eating. Ben and Jerry are NOT my friends, no matter how enticing they might be. So now I've gotta figure out how to burn off the empty calories! lol)


Anyone have any info on what can and cannot be done with SPD? I have it pretty mild, thankfully, but that could easily change over the next 7 weeks if I'm not careful. I figured I could just keep doing my Yoga but I'm finding conflicting info on that. Some people say that yoga is contraindicated for women with SPD. Some say just to avoid the poses that cause discomfort or pain, but with my running the pain never came during the activity but after, so what if that's the case with yoga too? I HAVE noticed that any lunge positions hurt, even trying to stretch my hip flexors in the runner's stretch position can hurt. But so far squats feel good. However, I've read a lot of stuff saying DO NOT DO SQUATS and that bums me out. Even worse, I pre-paid for 20 yoga classes and have only used 6 of them! I figured that even if I had to stop running eventually, prenatal yoga should be something I could do til the very end. Ugh, maybe not?


Luckily bike riding doesn't seem to bother my pelvis at all, even with my 30lb DD strapped on the front of the bike. I commute a total of around 2 miles to and from work, and ride my bike everywhere else we go, so some days I can clock up to 14 miles. I supposed I'll have to make a concerted effort to add more long trips into my week for exercise purposes.


I've also read that swimming can be really good for SPD, but I don't have access to a pool, really. I could have gotten a YMCA membership if I hadn't already spent so much on yoga classes (which I might not ever get to use! GRR) Any other suggestions?

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Typical advice usually given to women includes avoiding strenuous exercise, prolonged standing, vacuum cleaning, stretching exercises and squatting.

Squatting might be out, but hey at least I dont have to vacuum anymore!
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Kitteh, all I can suggest is walking.  But in the same breath, I am not sure what spd is or what it feels like.  I get occasional kicks to the cervix and those feel like sharp dagger line-like pains but they are over as soon as they begin.  Walking does not cause them or worsen them or alleviate them.


Any word lately from CrystalMarie.  She's been quiet, at least on this thread, so I'm wondering if all is well in her world.

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How about modified leg lifts or butterflies while laying on your side, or other pilates or yoga moves? very different pace from aerobic activity, but it will get your blood moving...and it might actually help with the spd.
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Spotty this is SPD:





What symphysis pubic dysfunction is

Symphysis pubic dysfunction, or SPD, is one of those weird pregnancy conditions that sounds bizarre and well, kind of is. It means the ligaments that normally keep your pelvic bone aligned during pregnancy become too relaxed and stretchy. This, in turn, can make the pelvic joint — aka the symphysis pubis — unstable, causing some pretty strange sensations and sometimes pain.

What causes symphysis pubic dysfunction during pregnancy

The culprit behind SPD is the aptly named hormone relaxin. Its mission is to make your ligaments stretchy so your baby can ease his or her way into the world. But sometimes relaxin does its job too well, making the ligaments around your pelvic bone during pregnancy too loose too soon (way before baby is ready to come out), and that causes instability (and unfortunately, pain) in the pelvic joint.

What you need to know about symphysis pubic dysfunction

While your legs won't actually fall off (promise), it may seem like they're going in opposite directions from each other (and the rest of your body). Walking, standing, or rolling over in bed can really hurt as one side of the joint shifts more than the other, throwing everything off-kilter. In very rare cases, the joint may gape apart noticeably, a condition called diastasis symphysis pubis, which can cause serious pain in your pelvis, groin, hips, and buttocks (truly, a pain in the rear!).


I think I had a slight pelvic misalignment since before becoming pregnant. A sports PT once told me that I have a slight difference in leg length, which my chiro confirmed and attributed to a torqued pelvis. So when the relaxin started to kick in I guess my pelvis was already set up for trouble. Luckily I seem to have a very mild case (knock on wood) as walking doesn't really aggravate it (but running does!) lateral movements are fine for me, and climbing stairs rarely causes pain, unless I try to bound up them or something. But I DO have to sit down to put on my pants, or my pubic bone SCREAMS at me. I've also found that squats don't hurt. But I'm a little worried to keep doing these things, if they could make things worse. Some women get it so bad that they need crutches or even a wheel chair to get around. Usually it goes away shortly after childbirth, but severe cases last postpartum and beyond.


Actually, the reason I decided to start seeing a chiro was because I felt and heard clicking and popping sounds in the lower back pelvic area (luckily painless), usually when I was lying in bed and crossing/uncrossing my legs at the ankle. Apparently it is a common sign of impending SPD, who knew? I've since noticed that I cross my legs ALL THE TIME, always the same leg, and that's a no-no. So I'm trying to be mindful of that.


I know that there are a few of us in the June DDC suffering from this, and I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of the eggs/lecithin connection? I read about it here: http://birthfaith.org/do-it-yourself/got-lecithin. I've noticed that I've been craving eggs like mad lately, even DH commented on it recently. So maybe there is something to that? I figure it can't hurt to try, I already eat an egg a day so why not bump that up to 2 or 3?

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Just wanted to share on this thread as yoga classes can be prohibitively expensive...I've been using this website called yogaglo.com, it's $15 per month to subscribe (I've shared my log in with other pregnant friends, they don't seem to regulate how many computers you log in from) and you can stream unlimited classes...you can search by how long you want the class to be, level and style (including prenatal). The teachers are amazing...there's one called Elena Brower who does prenatal and is especially fantastic. It's allowed me to afford to do yoga almost every day this pregnancy, which I think has been hugely helpful with aches/pains and overall well being. Check it out!

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Any word lately from CrystalMarie.  She's been quiet, at least on this thread, so I'm wondering if all is well in her world.


Hey mama's! All is indeed well in my world. I've been so busy (orthodox lent & baby prep) that I've made very little effort to get on the computer much at all in the past month! I'm doing great though! Thanks for asking! Still squatting daily. Up to about a hundred squats at a time and still running without much trouble but I'm keeping my runs to under 3 miles right now because it's been in the 80's around here and I'm not used to running in that much heat! I feel so blessed to be able to still be running at all though! I'm amazed that for me it feels as good as it does now that I'm 35 weeks along.


I'm so sorry to hear about your SPD Kitteh. No squats, or stretching? That's an interesting list of things to avoid. I, like Spotty, had never heard of it before nor the lecithin egg thing. That was really interesting to read about, and makes me feel good about the amount of eggs I eat. (We have 50+ laying hens and get between 2-3 dozen fresh eggs a day) I aim to eat at least 2 a day. So that might influence why I've had so little ligament pain. It's amazing to me the affect our diet has on something like ligament pain. If i were you, I'd give the egg thing a try. It's not like it's going to cause any harm and less pain would be welcome I'm sure.

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Hey CrystalMarie! Thanks for checking back in :) Glad things are going so well for you, that's awesome. The egg link is really interesting, isn't it? I plan to totally give in to my recent egg craving and go for 2-3 a day. I'm also considering switching from my chiropractor to one who is Webster Certified, because even though that is known for helping flip a breech baby, the reason it works is due to re-aligning a misaligned pelvis. My doctors think that my pelvis was already slightly misaligned pre-pregnancy, and so my SPD symptoms aren't necessarily due to too much relaxin, but due to my wonky bones. So I'm hoping that if I can work on that then the symptoms might diminish (or resolve!?) A girl can dream, anyhow. I doubt I'll be able to get back into running until well after baby arrives, which is bumming me out. But maybe I can reduce the pain enough to get back into brisk walking, at least?


Speaking of running, here are some shots from my 5k last Saturday. I was exactly 32 weeks and finished under 32 minutes. I'm sad to think that was my last race for a long time :( I'm also kind of surprised by how not very pregnant I look from the front. I guess black really IS slimming, eh? Because from the side I am DEFINITELY huge. And I was getting a lot of LOOKS that day, lol.





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