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Nice work spotty! You have 3 more weeks, I bet you can do it!

Good luck with the walk, Sweet Huck!
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Originally Posted by spotty4 View Post
I am edging closer ... today I ticked off miles 467, 468, and 469.  Only 31 more miles to my goal ...


Awesome Spotty! Keep it up! 31 miles is certainly do-able in the time you've got left. 2 miles a day and you're golden! I'm rooting for you! 


I did a fast mile and a half yesterday. It's not much distance but it felt really good to just run quickly, I have been sticking to slow or steady runs at middle to longer distances. I need to remember to fit a few more short tempo runs into my weeks, they make me feel so good! 

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Yeah, I think my routine is missing tempo runs too. I can't even claim that I've been sticking to slow and middle distance, since most of my runs lately have been 2-3 miles.
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Thanks for the encouragement. I know Christmas will throw a wrench in my plans.

How do you guys feel on your tempo runs? Do you wear a heart rate monitor? The main reason i have had to dial back pace and distance is bc my heart rate gets too elevated. If you use a heart rate monitor I am curious where your avg heart rate falls for a tempo run.
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I have heard that heartrate is actually a,poor indicator of exertion during pregnancy, because it is increased anyhow just due to added blood volume or something. I don't remember the details, but I was advised to forget the heart rate monitor and just run by feel, listening to my body and not letting it get beyond comfortably hard. Tempo runs are definitely slower now than they were 3 months ago!
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I was instructed by my Midwife to forgo the heart rate monitor and just run. If i get too out of breath, winded, side cramps or any uneasiness, I'm instructed to slow down or stop entirely for the day. Like Kitteh, I run by feel and oh yes, tempo runs are most certainly slower. I'm probably a good minute to two minutes slower than pre-pregnancy but I try to put out the same effort as I did before. 


Short tempo runs

Pre - (1-3 miles) averaged between 7:10s and 8s 

Now - averaging 8:30s - 9:30s 


I felt pretty awesome on my 1.5 mile tempo run yesterday and wasn't wiped out today like I thought I would be, though that's my only judge so far as I've stuck to slower runs for the last couple months.

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Woah CrystalMarie, you are a speedy chick!

My pre-preggo tempo times were right around 8 minutes/mile and now I am lucky to get under 9:30/mile. Most of the time I'm comfortably between 10:30 and 11 minutes a mile, slowing towards 11:45 if the run is 8 miles or longer. I also used to get in 25-30 miles a week, and right now it has been between 15 and 18.
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Those times are only for short tempo runs though . Anything 3 miles or over and I'm hitting 9:30s to 10:30s and I fully expect that number to get bigger and bigger as the months go on. I'm really hoping to get some more miles in, I was lucky if I was averaging 10 miles a week during the first trimester. Now that I'm feeling like i have more energy I'm hoping to get back on track, I'll need to if I want to get another half in before baby. Aiming for February 16th, I'll be 23 weeks along then. I'm not too worried if it doesn't work out but it's my goal. 

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Another 2.5 miles during today's lunch! This time with hand weights! It's cold and grey outside, but it felt great to move a bit.


*pats self on back*

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Way to go, Huck!  Every little bit counts.  I am glad you are feeling well enough these days to get out there.


CrystalMarie, you are a speedy one!  In my prime pre-pregs days I was running high 8s to low 9s for my miles for a 5K-ish distance.  Anything much beyond that and my pace slows to the solid 9s.  Now days, though, I am running intervals - 1 min run, 1 min brisk walk.  This repeats for about 3 miles.  My average pace is solid 11s now.  Its kind of disheartening, but it comes w/ the territory.  If anything, these slower paces are motivating me to definitely get back into running after baby is born so that I can get back to my pace of yore!


I had my 12 wk appointment today.  All seems well.  We got to hear the heart beat - solid 150.  Next appt is at 16 wks and then again at 18 weeks for the anatomy scan!


Oh, and 3 more miles today puts me at 472!

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If I don't get it in at lunch time, I'll never do it. At the end of the day my eyes cross and I am a complete zombie- - it's all I can do to get dinner on the table and maybe not fall asleep on the couch.


When do you get your runs in, Spotty? Do you run at work or at home? In a gym, or outside?

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Originally Posted by Sweet Huck View Post

If I don't get it in at lunch time, I'll never do it. At the end of the day my eyes cross and I am a complete zombie- - it's all I can do to get dinner on the table and maybe not fall asleep on the couch.


When do you get your runs in, Spotty? Do you run at work or at home? In a gym, or outside?


My philosophy is much the same.  If I don't run first thing in the morning after the pets are fed, I'll never do it.  So I get up, feed the pets, then head out.  If its still a little dark I am sure to wear reflective and flourescent clothing (so stylish!).  I do the run in the mornings to get it out of the way and to utilize my work's flex time.  I tend to do a 10-6 schedule to be on the back end of the DC rush hour traffic.  Some days I need to be into the office earlier so I'll forgo the morning run and bring my running gear to work.  If its still light out when I am done w/ work I'll run along the Northeast Branch Trail right by work (part of a whole network of greenway trails along the Anacostia and its feeders).  If its getting too dark, or its raining, I'll hop on one of the "dreadmills" at work.  That is a last resort, though.

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I missed my long run this Sunday so I was planning to go for my long run of 8-10 miles with a run club later on tonight, and have told DH to prepare to deal with DD for a solid 2 hours at least, because I wasn't planning to push the pace. But then I woke up this morning to flowers and a card that read HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We had our Chilean ceremony 4 years ago today. OMG how did I forget that!? So I'm going to lace up now and probably just do 4 and then we're going to happy hour/early dinner around 4.

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Hey mamas! It's been awhile since I've participated in this thread because I was SOOO sick during my first tri that I was lucky to get out once a week. I am about 14 weeks now and just feeling better this week. 


So far this week, 


Tuesday - 5.5 miles

Wednesday - 3.5 miles


Today should be another run. I'm hoping to make it the 5.5 route again. My girlfriend is keeping me accountable by running with me. We ran all the way through her pregnancy so it's fun now that it's the reverse :)

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Holidaymama! It's so fab that you have a running buddy to keep you on your toes! Likewise, Kitteh with your running groups!


And Kitteh-- hope you had a splendid anniversary celebration!


Good luck with your goals for today, whatever they may be. I'm gonna do my lunchtime 2.5 again.

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Didn't make it yesterday...I guess telling my hubby that I was starting to feel better bit me in the but because from the time I woke up yesterday until I crawled into bed after work, I was throwing up and feeling GROSS! I HOPE to run today :)

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I'm sorry you've been feeling so crappy, mama! Hope you feel better today and can get that run in.

I didn't make it out for a run on our anniversary, and then yesterday I had an appointment with my midwife that took FOREVER. I waited 2 whole hours before I even saw her. By the time I got home I was dead tired, so I figured I would take a short nap and then go run. But my short nap turned into a long nap and I never made it out the door :/

Today I have an ultrasound followed by dh's work holiday party, but I'm going to plan on getting out for at least a few miles somewhere in there. Half marathon is in a month and my recent weekly mileage has been pathetic!
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holidaymama, we must have been on the same wavelength yesterday.  I had been feeling pretty good for the past 2 weeks or so but yesterday was a jump backward.  I was exhausted and nauseated all day.  Yuck!  But today is a whole new day and I feel great again.  I got out for 2.5 miles this morning.  It was ccccccold (~25F) but it was really invigorating.


Go ladies!  Way to work around difficult schedules and still get out there as best we can. :-)

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Woah, me too. My ms seemed to be on the way out and I was feeling pretty good, then it hit hard yesterday morning, while driving on the freeway, no time to pull over. I didn't fully recover until this morning. But like you said "today is a new day" and I'm feeling good. Hopefully I can get a decent run in after work. Thanks for sharing your struggles, it helps me knowing others are struggling to get out the door sometimes as well.
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Hope you mamas are feeling better soon. Nausea and vomiting are the WORST.


After 2 days of laziness and excuses (mostly valid, but still) I finally got out again and did 4.5 miles at an 11m/m pace.  It was late and dark and cold and rainy. DH and DD both fell asleep and I was really really tempted to join them, but instead I laced up and got out there. Slow but steady, and it felt great. I'm hoping to do the same tomorrow, and then a long run of 9-10 miles on Sunday.


I should probably make a new thread, or just edit the title of this one to get rid of the dates?

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