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Awesome Huck!  I have a similar picture from Brasstown Bald from 2003!  Wow, I can't believe that was 10 years ago.


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OMG that tree shot is so awesome! It's a heart     <3     ^_^

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1/3 - 4 miles

1/4 - 2 miles

1/5 - 7 miles

1/7 - 3 miles

1/8 - 3 miles

1/10 - 3 miles


recovery 2 miler planned for tomorrow and an 8 miler for Saturday! 


Now this feels like training!!!!

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I ran 2 miles today.  It was the first run where I could tell I had a belly.  I kind of felt the extra heaviness out front.


I read a funny quote today that is meant to be a motivator to keep running while pregnant ... "Never again will it be so hard to run so slowly!"

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Great job ladies!

I havent run since Sunday's 8 miler! I was going to go out for an easy 3 tonight but we are having a cold-snap right now (well, relatively. For soCal) and it is super windy tonight, so i think I might skip the run and do a dvd and strength training instead. I feel guilty about it, though. Even during taper week, 4 consecutive days without a run is just no bueno. And not good for my stress levels/mental health/sanity!

Also, I'm really bummed because the weather forecast for Sunday's half marathon predicts temps in the 40s-50s and a 40% chance of rain. That is SUPER cold for me! I dont have proper running gear for it greensad.gif
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Kitteh, I think you need to get out and run in this cold.  It will only help you get used to it for half-marathon day.  If you need a little extra warmth Target has some decent and inexpensive athletic clothing that might get you by for the event.


Today we had a warm day!  I got out and ran 2.5 miles this morning b/c it was in the 50s.  Hot dog!  Tomorrow will also be really nice so I think we'll go for a hike somewhere.


I am still feeling kind of lost w/ no goals in mind.  But on my run today I saw a pregs mama out ahead of her husband and child #1 he was pushing in their jogger!  I felt a kick in my step after passing them the opposite direction.  MOTIVATION!

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40s & 50s sounds glorious to me! My 8 miler today was mid-high 20s but put me in 65s-70 degrees and I start running out of warm weather clothes. I second Spotty4 and would recommend getting a really slow 2 miler in today in the cold so your used to it for your race tomorrow! I'm so excited for you! I hope you can find comfortable clothes to keep warm with the temp. change. It's a bummer that it's so different than what you've been training in but I would think colder than expected would be better than warmer than expected, heat the you're not used to can really do a number on your body. I can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow! BEST OF LUCK!!!!


I hope one day I can be like that running pregnant family you saw Spotty4! Motivation is right! 

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Well I did get out for 2 miles last night in the cold, and I plan to do a 1-2 mile shakeout run later today. Forecast calls for a temp of 40 at 7AM, but with the wind it is supposed to feel more like 35. Now THAT is COLD for me. And the majority of the course is along the ocean, so that will be even more windy than it is up here a mile from the beach. So I went to Old Navy today and grabbed some running tights for 18 bucks, and I'm hoping to swing by my local running store to see if they have any headbands or beanies and maybe some arm warmers on sale. Thankfully the race has gear check, so I plan to have warm stuff waiting for me.


OMG I can't believe the race is tomorrow!

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Awesome!  It sounds like you've got a good plan in place, kitteh!  Its 8:30a here, so 5:30a there.  I bet you're gearing up slowly right now.  GOOD LUCK.  HAVE FUN.  We can't wait to hear how the experience was ... a preggers half-marathon!

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Friday afternoon my husband and I went to he gym together. I spent about 45 minutes on the treadmill while he lifted weights, and then he guided me through some easy/safe weights and stretches, too. I wasn't feeling like going at first, but it was such a lovely date night and I'm so glad we went.


Yesterday was a day of non-traditional exercise--- we strapped on our goggles and hepa-filter respirators and completely gutted our bathroom!


At first we were just going to have the tile reglazed... but the quotes were insane! We realized that for the price of reglazing, we could completely REDO the bathroom from floor to ceiling by ourselves! So that's what we started.  Yes, it's messy and lots of work.... and YES, it's a MAJOR INCONVENIENCE.... but it's gonna be so, so worth it. Maybe I'll even labor in my new sexy bathtub! :)





This is also encouraging us to go to the gym more... if only to use the showers there! Wish us luck!




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Awesome Sweet Huck! That's a workout for sure. Goodness, that's a lot of work. Make sure to show us a picture when you're done. 



Kitteh! I can't wait to hear how it went!

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Huck, is that your only bathroom in the house?  We completely renovated our master bathroom 1.5 years ago but fortunately we had another full bathroom down the hall that we moved into for the time being.  Doing the renovation by yourselves is a cost savings but it is most definitely not a time savings.


My husband and I went for a hike yesterday.  It wasn't anything strenuous but it was nice to get out and just go - and a nice change of pace from running.  All told we hiked 7.7 miles.  It felt great!

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There's another full bathroom in the basement ....but it is set up as an apartment for a renter, so we're relying on a 1/2 bath on our main floor and showers at work/gym. I confess that we're a bit crazy, but we dream big! And we have fun doing the work together.   : )


Hit the gym again last night and spent some time on the treadmill, doing some light weights, and stretching, and I'm just getting in now in from a gentle 2.5 around the track at work. The weather is kinda nasty (gray and spitting) but it felt great to be out in the cool air.


... I think 2nd trimester energy is REALLY coming in strong. Gonna ride this wave as long as I can! Hope you ladies are feeling good, too.

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Wow, Sweet Huck! That looks like an awful lot of work. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you finish, what a project!

As for the half marathon, I plan to write a detailed, navel-gazing race report soon but haven't gotten around to it yet. Kinda hoping for the photos to post first. But I will say that it was awesome and I finished 2 minutes faster than what I was planning on (though 8 minutes slower than my secret goal time, LOL.) And almost exactly 30 minutes slower than last year's time.
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Woohoo! Half marathon! Sounds like you did GREAT!

Can't wait for full story, including chapters of naval gazing. joy.gif

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Way to go, Kitteh!  Can't wait to hear more!  What are you going to do next??


I've decided to sign up for a 5K in February to keep me going.  I need a goal to keep motivated so here it is!

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AMAZING! I'm so looking forward to hearing more. You rock lady! 


Nice work signing up for a 5K spotty4. I'm searching for another small race in April or May, but we'll see how I feel after my half in February. 

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OK, Race Report!


So the day before I had to get up at my usual time to go rent a zipcar (we don't own a car) and drive 45 minutes each way to packet pickup. (After the race I heard A LOT of people complaining about how ridiculously far packet pickup was from the race, and from the race-sponsored hotels for out-of-towners.) I was hoping to get in a nap later in the day, but instead I spent most of it running around trying to find some last-minute cold weather running gear because a particularly cold snap with high winds had just rolled through LA and the morning was predicted to have temperatures in the high 30s at start time. I was lucky and scored some great deals on running tights, a beanie, gloves, and a long-sleeved maternity shirt to go under my running tank. I spent the day hydrating a ton, but didn't manage to sleep well because DD decided to stay up extra late and then didn't sleep very soundly.


Race day I woke up at 5:30 and did my usual race-day routine of oatmeal and coffee, then geared up and threw on ANOTHER layer of clothes for the bike ride to the starting line, which was about 3 miles from my house. I was hoping to ride there and then also have time to get in a nice half a mile to mile slow warmup jog, but by the time I arrived I felt like I OMG HAD TO PEE RIGHT NOW OR DIE, so I stood in one of the long-ass porta-potty lines instead. I figured with a race as long as a half-marathon I could get away with using my first few miles as warmup. The line took FOREVER and I would have been late to the start, but luckily there was some issue on the course so the start was delayed 5 minutes. HOORAY! I had just enough time to pee (for all of the OMG URGENCY I felt, I hardly had anything in my bladder!) shed my extra layers, and drop my stuff at gear-check before seeding in around the 2:40 pacers.


My strategy going into the race was to take the first half REALLY easy. My training leading up to this event was half-assed at best, and I had blown off 5 shorter runs over the last 2 weeks of training so I knew that I was in no condition to try for my (super secret) goal of 2:20. I figured I'd keep the first few miles at a 12 minute/mile pace (which is what my training long runs often were) and then see how I felt closer to the end, possibly speeding up after the hilly section around miles 9 and 10.


Gun went off and we did the back-of-the-back Mega-race shuffle up to the starting line. Shortly after we passed the start we started to actually settle into a jog, and I quickly realized that I just couldn't hang back with the 2:40 pacer group. I tried to remind myself to keep it slow and easy, but 12 minutes/mile was just TOO easy, so for the first 5 miles I settled for right around 11:30/mile. It was FREEZING and super windy near the ocean, but gorgeous. I kept thinking that I ought to stop at a porta-potty--not just because of my constant urge to pee, but also because I had this non-stop irrational fear that I was somehow leaking amniotic fluid and didn't realize it. I have recently heard of 3 separate women around my stage of pregnancy who have lost their babies due to premature rupture of membranes. The most recent one was a best friend from high school, and when I found out about it (the day before the race) I just cried and cried and couldn't shake the sadness for her. So I guess that was in the back of my mind during the first few miles, which sucked. I reminded myself that I had recently completed a 12 mile training run and my water had not broken, so I was probably ok and kept running.


For the first 5 miles I had gotten this British couple in my sights and tried to keep close to them. The woman had on black tights and tiny white shorts with a neon yellow MIAMI BEACH written across her backside, so it was my goal to follow that butt! They were slightly ahead of me for the first few miles, and then I pulled up near them around the 4th and 5th miles and we had a little chitchat. It actually made me a little jealous to see them running together, because DH was originally going to run with me but then had to back out because of his work schedule--he would have been running the half marathon on no training after working an 8 hour overnight shift on his feet. So obviously that would not do. Instead I went by myself and we saved money on not having to hire a babysitter. But it was still kinda sad not to have him along for the ride. Especially during the first 5  miles, which felt so slow and effortless that it was actually somewhat boring! But the view of the marina was amazing, so I just tried to soak in the surroundings.


Miles 6 and 7 I picked up the pace slightly, closer to an 11 minute/mile. I skipped the porta-potties at miles 2, 4, and 6 and somewhere around the end of mile 7 I began to regret that decision because i REALLY had to pee by then. I lost track of my British friends around this time, because I was so preoccupied with the urge to PEE! Also, I knew that the first hill climb was coming up around mile 8, and I didn't think that it would be a great idea to do that with a super-full balder. Luckily there was a water stop and bathrooms--an actual real brick building with flush toilets!--maybe a quarter mile before the first climb, so I stopped in and took advantage of that. I'd taken my Garmin off auto-pause, and mile 8 was completed in 11:20 even counting the potty break.


My two fastest miles of the race were actually mostly uphill! Miles 9 was completed in 10:58 and mile 10 in 10:35. Last February before a brutally hilly 10k (The Chinatown Firecracker run, which is next up on my schedule!) I had gone online to read up on how best to tackle hills, because my usual routes aren't particularly hilly and I'm not accustomed to running them. I read that the best plan of action is to remind yourself to lift your knees, pump your arms, and keep your chin UP. So I started using that as a sort of mantra to get myself through the hilly section. Lift Your Knees! Pump Your Arms! Chin UP! Lift your Knees! Pump your Arms! Chin UP! went through my head again and again through most of the last 5 miles of the race, actually. After the uphill section there was a turnaround and a gradual downhill which felt amazing. It was funny because the turnaround had us passing closely by runners coming in the other direction, and I had a lot of people doing double-takes and asking each other if I was pregnant, and a few who didn't have to ask and just yelled out "YOU GO MAMA!" or "THAT'S AWESOME" which really gave me a boost. Actually, from miles 9-11 I was most definitely in the midst of a runner's high. It felt like I was floating on air and everything felt effortless and euphoric.


Around mile 12 the euphoria wore off. All of a sudden my calves felt TIGHT and my legs started to feel heavy. I also had some strange tendon achiness in my left achilles region, which I have never felt before. So I decided to slow it down and finished the 12th mile in 11:55, my slowest mile of the whole race. My mantra came in handy right about this time! Lift those knees, pump the arms, chin up, just keep moving, however slowly! Luckily that one-mile ease-up did the trick and by the end of it the achilles soreness was gone and my calves felt much looser. Mile 13 was completed in 10:55 and the last 0.1 was around a 9:40 pace.


Official finish time was 2:28:05. I looked around for the British couple but couldn't find them, so instead I went off to change into my dry clean clothes and got in line for the free post-race massage. I finally hopped on the very last bus that was to shuttle runners back to the finish line, and the Brits were seated right in front of me! Turns out they actually ended up finishing about 10 minutes after me, which was a total surprise!


I was definitely sore for the rest of the day and spent most of it eating, or lying in bed, or eating while lying in bed. I also had my very first experience with the distance runner's post-race  "gastro-intestinal distress," which I had never really experienced after my runs. That set off some uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions all day long, which kind of freaked me out. I had braxton hicks all the time with DD, so rationally I knew that everything was ok. And the baby was thumping and bumping around in there all day between contractions, which were never more than slightly uncomfortable. But still, after all of the horrible second-tri losses that I've been hearing about lately, I couldn't help being a little emotional and worried.


Overall the whole experience was amazing and I'm so glad that I did it. It was so much fun, even all by myself :)


My next race is the brutally hilly 10k at the end of February, followed immediately by a 5k the next weekend.

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Oh, and I have a few photos that I ripped off MarathonFoto, but I'm not sure how strict this board is regarding posting copywrited materials. I do intend to purchase a few of the shots, but I think I'm going to wait because they usually give price breaks further down the road. So maybe I'll post them then? Or post my screenshots and see if anyone yells at me?

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Kitteh, fantastic race recap! 


I'm impressed that you biked 3 miles to the starting line. You're hardcore! 


My need to pee goes from Nothing to Overwhelmingly urgent in about 46 seconds and there seems to be no bearing through and holding it. I've had to make emergency pit stops in bushes a few times now. The Half I'm doing is small and doesn't have bathroom, except at the start and finish. I anticipate at least a few breaks on race day. 


MIAMI BEACH Bum! <- I do that too. Find someone with some sort of standout piece of clothing that's running near me and mentally try to keep pace with them I helped me massively in my last half, I spent the majority of the race next to the same lady and decided about halfway through that I was going to stick with her. When I was tired, that kept me going. After the race we introduced ourselves and she had done the same thing with me. We both helped each other that day. 


I love it when the crowd cheers people on. It's a huge confidence boost, I'm just hoping I will look a bit more pregnant by Race day. I plan on wearing a shirt that says "Running for two" but just yesterday I joined a new group run and it came up that I'm pregnant and they thought I was lying because it's pretty much unnoticeable at this stage. I never would have thought I'd be 19.5 weeks along and not look pregnant. Come on little one, feel free to pop anytime now. I'm sure it will happen soon, I can't imagine being 24 weeks along with nothing to show for it. Please pop before then! 


2:28 is a solid time for anyone, pregnant or not. You should be so proud!

They charge a ridiculous fee for race pictures especially right after the race. It annoys me bunches, but I know we'd all love to see them! 


And you motivated me, right when I needed it. I had a 4 miler today that I didn't want to do and to make things worse,  I tripped and fell during my final mile. It's terribly demotivating to trip on a run you don't want to be doing.  Luckily tomorrow is a rest day. And thanks to you I'm super excited for race day!

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