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Happy to be joining you ladies. Got the go ahead from DH to try for a girl after two boys. Even if it's a third boy we'll love love love him. Could you place me at waiting to O, I'm currently on CD10 and normally have 25 day cycles (except last month which was 28).


Other long term goals? I'm currently in school to become a RN (I'm an LVN now).

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Being debt free is one of our long term goals as well, unfortunately we are only in the beginning of our journey (we have been waiting for Dh's sign-on bonus from the Army for months now and it will take out a large portion of it) but hey the start is still in the journey-right?


This week has been crazy for us, I have been doing observations every day and Dd has been at at babysitter.  I just want to sleep all weekend but we have to somehow build Dd's play kitchen (from Santa) without her seeing it.

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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

I got my first very faint BFP at just 8DPO last time! I how you get your tests soon. smile.gif

I didn't get it greensad.gif  8 DPO today I tested with FMU and got a BFN, trying hard not to stress over it but I do have AF symptoms beginning now which sucks. Still early though hey..

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Samy23...   8dpo is WAY early for a BFP. It ain't over until the Hag shows up!

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Hang in there samy23!

Afm: I finally caved. After waking up in the middle of the night starving on Thursday, I tested on Friday night and got a BFP (12dpo)!
I'm ecstatic, but wanted to double check and poas'd again this am with another BFP.
Thank you so much for listening while on this journey:)
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Congrats JillGayle!! That is sooo awesome, happy & healthy 9 mos to you! I've been hungry a lot lately too but I'm sure it's just because I'm a super pig. :)

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Congrats, Jill!

There may well be a BFP for you, Samy!
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Samy - fingers are still crossed for you goodvibes.gif


Jillgayle- Congrats!!!!  I'm so happy for you! I hope you have a easy pregnancy and birth jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif



Banana - A belated congrats to you too!  banana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif



AFM- cd6. Anxiously awaiting my first RE appointment on Tues. 

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Congrats Banana and JillGayle  I hope you have a H&H 9 months!!!

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I'd love to join you ladies! If you could add me to 2WW, since I just got a positive OPK that would be awesome. I'm on cd 14. I'm really hoping for a little (big) Christmas present. ;-) AF would be late on the 25th and that's when I'll test if she doesn't show up. Not a day earlier. I'm so excited to be trying for #2!

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Hi Happy, that would be a sweet present!

Good luck on your appt, Jenny.

Thanks all!
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Well everyone heres a frustrating loop im 21 dpo with high temps still and got a bfn on 18 dpo its making me really upset so i decided to wait till tuesday to test again. I hav been nauseaus on and off and yesterday had one drink made me feel queesy and paying for it all this morning so mad! I just want a bfp
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Jessbe, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! 

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Welcome happybunny! I hope your stay with us is short. :)


Jillgayle - Congrats! Happy and healthy nine months!! joy.gif


samy - Thinking of you. hug.gif


AFM - 3dpo, so nothing really to report. Not planning on testing until 16dpo or so, if I make it that far. I think we gave ourselves the best chance we could this month, with the fertilitea and BD plenty, so we'll see how it goes. In my midwifery apprenticeship, we're waiting on two babies to be born, I can't wait to snuggle me some newborns and do some placenta work. undefined

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I hope it works out for you Jessbe!


AFM- AF should be here tomorrow and I am anxious to see her come (I am probably the only one on this thread to say that lol).  That's because then we will officially be TTC, woohoo!

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Thank you for the well wishes!

JustJenny: Good luck at your appt. 

Samy23, WildDoula, Jessbe, HappyBunny: I'll be thinking of you through the rest of your 2ww. I hope each end with BFP's!!


Wishing all you the best in the next stages of your journeys too!

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just checking in and seeing how you all are doing :) congrats to BFPs AND everyone that is trying :D

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I'm a bit concerned as all the opk's I've seen on here when positive seem to go VERY dark and mine doesn't, it goes just about as dark as the control line and one side of the test line is a bit darker but it's hard to tell. It doesn't go as dark as all your guys tests do ...any thoughts on that? Surely it is still a positive right? otherwise it wouldn't gradually get darker and darker then fade away the next day, it's still showing the LH surge right? I have temped this cycle and my temp went up by .2 after the positive opk for a few days, but some charts I've seen go up by .5. would it be worth me checking it with the digital opk's you guys are using too? to make sure. Anyone recommend any? and how many uses do you get out of them?


AFM 11 DPO today and expecting AF to be here tomorrow, all tests have been negative so far and I feel really discouraged seeing them so I decided not to test today, I'll just wait for AF instead.

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Can I be moved to waiting to o, please?  AF showed up right about bed time last night so we are officially TTC now joy.gif

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Yay John16n33! Good luck this cycle! goodvibes.gif


samy - For an OPK to be positive, the test line needs to be as close to the control line color as possible, or darker. So it sounds like your getting positives! :)


AFM - 6dpo here. Been having some crampy discomfort, kinda hard to explain. If I was optimistic, I'd say it's implantation, but I'm not really sure. shrug.gif

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