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December Chat Thread!

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I just realized it's December!  The holidays are upon us!


Today I breastfed in the Ergo while in the grocery store.  It was SO handy.  Atticus started to freak out and I could tell he needed to eat, and I was alone in the store with a cart full of stuff so I didn't want to just leave.  I loosened the waist strap so it was around my hips, which lowered Atticus to boob level.  I unhooked the buckle that holds the shoulder straps together across my back so he wasn't so tight against my chest.  I was wearing a tshirt over a nursing tank, so it was really easy to just pull the tshirt up above my boobs and then just lower one side of the tank - I remained totally covered except for the one exposed boob.  It wasn't the most comfortable position for Atticus - he didn't eat for long - but it was enough to take the edge off and he was pleasant and happy the rest of the shopping trip.


The best part was right after I started feeding him, when I was still bouncing and shushing him a bit.  An older couple walking down the aisle were all "ohhhhh, so cute!" and came closer to look at his face...and then realized what I was doing and practically ran away.  Oops.

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That is awesome you fed him in the Ergo.  I still am trying to learn how to do that easily.  My NIP have also been in the spur of the moment, but it has worked out.  I try to never leave home, no matter the trip, without a nursing tank top under my clothes.  

That is funny about the older couple.


Tis the season for Santa pictures.  How many of you are going to find a Santa for LO to take a picture with this year? 

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Ha! I had watched videos on nursing in the Ergo, but have only attempted it once - in a museum right after I walked into the Tutankhamen exhibit last week. I was like, I paid a lot of money for this show, we're not leaving! So I nursed him upright in the Ergo for about 90 seconds. Like you said, Penny, it took the edge off, and then he fell asleep (low lights and mood music) till we could make it through the first part of the show and I found a bench and nursed him properly :)

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Penny, good tip on nursing in the Ergo.  I haven't tried it, but hope it works when I need to.  I don't think it's realistic in the near term since I'll be wearing jackets and things under it for most trips.  But hopefully when the weather gets nice!


Sol, our neighborhood does a big Christmas event and we got to get a few pics of Piper with Santa.  She doesn't look thrilled, but she's not screaming either.  We got to see carolers and I bought some soap made with herbs grown in one of our neighborhood gardens and did a wine tasting and picked up a few bottles of wine.  One of the many reasons I love my neighborhood so freaking much.


We almost missed the Santa event though in the chaos of reorganizing the nursery in preparation for our first day with a nanny Monday.  We moved all of her newborn/3 month clothes out of the drawers, reorganized the diaper stash, and got rid of superfluous stuff.  Everyone who told me you could never have enough onesies was lying.  We have a ton of onesies she never even wore.  Fortunately, they're all gender neutral so we'll keep them for next time.  Anyone else doing the next-size nursery sweep?


Monday will be my first day leaving Piper with essentially a complete stranger.  I like this lady a lot and we've met and chatted for a few hours, but it's still a weird concept.  Hopefully I feel ok about it tomorrow.

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Your neigborhood sounds lovely.  I did a nursery sweep too.  I don't know how but I filled two storage containers.  And he still has drawers full!  Amazing.  People were generous with the gifting of clothes. 

Lily I can't imagine how you feel... hug.gif


CC that is great you figured out Ergo nursing too.  That mummy exhibit sounds very cool.

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I'm about to do my second dresser sweep (we don't have a nursery). I cleared out the newborn stuff last time, and it's about time to quit stuffing him in to 0-3 stuff, so I'll clear that out, move the 3-6 stuff to the top drawer (what he's been wearing lately), and pull out the 6-9 month stuff. Anyone else have a monster big baby like mine??

I'm worried about what we'll do when he outgrows his cosleeper. Not looking forward to trying to cram a crib into our room. Though I just realized that we'll have more room when we take the cosleeper down. Duh.

We'll probably only get Santa pics if we make it to our church Christmas party.

Jealous of you Ergo-nursers. Not even close to brave enough to try that clothing shuffle! And Baby Bird is getting worse about public nursing - pulls off a lot and/or screams. Sigh.
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I also did my second clear out, first was NB, a lot of which she never wore, and now we had to pull out 0-3 month. 


In the past I've nursed in the Ergo, but like Penny and CC said, it is kind of an uncomfortable position for Quinn to eat in, so she doesn't really do it for long.  I'm NIPing a lot more now, and I know some people have not liked the Udder Cover,  but I love mine.  Two of the mom's from my birth class group also got them, one of them after she used mine at a baby story time. I always get compliments on it and for some reason old ladies always ask where they can buy one for daugther/DIL/granddaughter, etc. When I went to get my marriage license one of the ladies that worked there asked to take a picture of it.


I'm torn on the Santa issue, but I guess maybe we should try to nab a picture of Q and Santa, since it is her first Christmas.

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VV - I meant to comment earlier, but congrats on getting engaged! I guess I missed when that happened. I'm assuming you're getting married somewhat soon if you're getting your marriage license? I can't imagine trying to wedding-plan with my little munchkin, and my wedding didn't even involve that much planning. One of the ladies from church made my nursing cover. I've never had anyone comment on it, except the librarian at story time once. I like it okay, but it is HOT, even though it's made out of cotton fabric. Around family and in certain situations, I will just use one of my Aden + Anais muslin blankets for coverage, but if I'm someplace really public, I tend to use the cover because it holds itself on.


So today I left Baby Bird on his tummy while I went to the bathroom. When I came back out (just a minute or two later), he had turned himself about an eighth of a turn toward his toys and was actually grabbing one of them. I've never seen him grab a toy on his tummy before. He suddenly doesn't mind tummy time nearly as much as he used to. Also, several times in the last few days, he's rolled from his back to his side. I've seen him do it before (in fact, he did it a just a day or two old!) when he's first set down, sort of involuntarily when he curls his legs up. But he's started doing it after he's been laying down for awhile, and I think it's more deliberate. This is on top of his scooting on his tummy. I don't think we have long before he gets really mobile!


I just realized that today is the anniversary of our BFP - I knew there was something special about December 3rd!

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Happy BFP Anniversary! I'm excited about coming up on our conception date (either 12/5 or 12/6, not sure which).  I can't remember what day I found out, but it was relatively early, the day I should have gotten my period I knew, since it was like clockwork, and I had thrown up at the boot camp classes just prior to that.


Quinn is getting better about tummy time too, as long as I put toys near her. 


We're actually planning on having the wedding next year, 9/1/2013, but, and I wish I could block my sister from seeing this, we're having our pastor come to the house this Saturday and marry us with my mom and his wife as the witnesses.  We really just decided to get it done last minute this year for tax reasons...that's what happens when you get two accountants together I guess.


Note to Thursday Girl: if you read this, keep it completely quiet, we're not sharing the information at this time, this is a paper marriage only and we don't want to ruin the wedding ceremony for any of the family. And none of your telling one person and telling them to keep it quiet, I will find out! praying.gif Please, please, please! You said if you were explicitly asked to not share you would not. However, when I told you not to tell about me being pregnant, I know for a fact you told VM, so this is not that type of keep it a secret, it is a real keep it a secret. And don't even call Mom to tell her you know the secret! I love you! love.gif

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Haha VV! Congratulations on all phases of your upcoming marriage - paper and otherwise!


Just came back from Armie's 4 month visit, where the doctor said it was fine to bedshare until 6 months, but then he strongly encourages parents to transition the child to their own space for "healthy sleeping habits". His habits are certainly healthy right now - he sleeps easily, self-soothes, and sleeps a lot. Do we really need to fix it if it's not broken? Has anyone regretted bedsharing for longer with a previous child? The doc described our sleeping arrangement as "chaos" - but it really doesn't feel like chaos, it feels like sleep...


He also (very gently) retracted A's foreskin a tiny bit, even though I was asking him not to. Hmmmphf. I'm sure he didn't hurt him, but who's in charge here??


Despite making and selling nursing covers, I never use them. I whip out the boob any old place and go to it. I'm pretty good at keeping everything discreet using just my clothes, but I have developed a real "whatever" attitude about it. That said, if Armie were a fussy nurser or my breasts were a lot larger, I might feel differently. I'm glad nursing covers exist, I just don't like to use them. And when I have tried to use a blanket (like at a nice restaurant) - A just grabs it away.

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Veritas - Congrats!  

I would change doctors over that stuff CC.  No way it is OK to retract even just a little bit especially when the parent says not to touch.  I also don't like unsolicited parenting advice from my doctor, even less so when what we are doing is working for us just great and baby is healthy and happy.  Medical advice 100% for sure, parenting advice I don't ask for, no thanks.  But that is just me, bothers me to no end.

That is really funny that you make and sell covers but never use them yourself smile.gif

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CCoello, if you're fine with bed sharing long term, I don't think there's anything wrong with doing what you're doing.  It comes down to personal preference, IMO.  DH and I prefer our own bed, but other people I know love having little ones with them.  This is our first though, so I'm not experienced on either side of things.  We're bed sharing now for about half the night, but she sleeps in her bassinet for the first part of the evening.  A buddy of mine who shares a bed with with his wife and their two year old did admit that he doesn't get much sleep since their son likes to sleep horizontally between them and kicks (!), but that seems like an extreme case.  lol.gif


I just use a muslin blanket to NIP.  It works fine for now.  She gets squirmy, but hasn't pulled it off or anything yet.  When we're out shopping or something like that I usually nurse her quickly in the car before we go inside to avoid having to deal with clothing while mobile.  I've successfully nursed while walking across a cross country course (spectating), so I feel better about handling weird situations than I did when her latch was poor and we were still getting the hang of things.


Monkey, that sounds like BB is really moving!  Piper doesn't do anything quite that extreme and she hasn't really learned to use her arms yet, but she was making crawling moves with her legs the other day.  No actual movement though. 


VV, congrats on the secret wedding!  I hope your sis cooperates.  I have the biggest mouth.  My family would never trust me with something like that. 


Piper's new favorite thing is Sophie the Giraffe (natch).  I now know why everyone is obsessed with that toy.  She loved it from the moment she got it.

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CCoello - There is absolutely nothing wrong with your bedsharing situation!!! We put an open sided crib alongside our queen size bed once my son was about 18 months or so. He would usually start in it, then end up in the pillow crease between our beds - or I would be half sleeping in the crib portion. He transitioned to his toddler bed at 2 1/2 or so, but now he starts in his bed and comes into our bed around 3am or so. He's 3 1/2. Anyway, I love having babes in bed with me...but I know I'm in the minority. If I had a doctor like yours, I would probably change. You really don't want to worry about a fight with your doc on your personal beliefs. The retracting of the foreskin would have really made me angry as well. There's no reason to pull it back at all. Anyway, I hope you are able to let go of your experience with your doctor and continue to do what works for you and your family!


P.S. I don't think I'll ever regret sleeping in the same bed as my kids! They grow up so fast!

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CC - Yeah, I would be bugged by the unsolicited advice, as well. I don't speak from experience, but I don't see any reason for you to stop co-sleeping at 6 months unless you or your dh wants to. We don't bed-share at all, due to issues with our mattress, but we do have DS in a cosleeper next to the bed. Sometimes I wish he were further away, but most of the time I'm grateful I can still check that he's breathing so easily! We'll be room-sharing until he's at least 9 months, since we have a 1-bedroom apartment. It's funny that you make nursing covers but don't use them! For me, it's all about the fact that I, personally, don't want people seeing my naked boobs, especially my nipples. I don't care at all if people know I'm breastfeeding (in fact, covers make it pretty darn obvious what you're doing!), and I don't care what they think about it. But I care if I get exposed - some things are only for me, dh, and baby to see! Though I nurse around my mom and MIL and most female relatives without caring what gets seen.


LT - Maybe I am making it sound more dramatic than it really is. But I am surprised every day with how he's developing. It seems like this last month has seen him change in leaps and bounds - so much more so than the first month of his life.


VV - LOL at your "undercover" marriage. I hope your sis can keep it to herself - I know that would be hard for me!

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The good news is she has been so busy with finding a new school for her kids she hasn't checked mothering much. Hopefully the whole of December will go by without her realizing. :P

CC, I agree, that would bother me about the doctor. Your decision how you sleep. I'm thinking I am going to transition Q now, even though she still spends half the night in the bed. She is just really move-y. I'll keep her in the crib next to us and not in the other room, just because the bedroom doors are on opposite sides of the house. But this is a rental, so no big deal.

Monkey, I am with you, it makes Meroe comfortable to use a cover in public, especially since Q will look around. When I am at LLL or meeting up with mom friends at someone's house, I am fine not using one.
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I submitted some photos for the Beautiful Photos call and one of them made the front page of Mothering.  It is a picture of my oldest niece at Discovery Kids



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Originally Posted by Veritas Vitae View Post

The good news is she has been so busy with finding a new school for her kids she hasn't checked mothering much. Hopefully the whole of December will go by without her realizing. :P


So we all just need to post a TON on this thread, so that she doesn't go back to read the first page!  Congratulations on all of it, VV...so exciting!

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CC - If it were me, I'd be switching doctors STAT. I have no patience for professionals who do not listen to their patients/clients in whatever capacity.  When I was in the hospital in labour, the DH pulled each nurse and doc aside and told them they had to verbally ASK me before every procedure/medication/decision. Which they did respect, aside from them putting the eye goop on without asking. I was annoyed but whatever.


Monkey - yay for Baby Bird!! I've yet to see Miss K do that yet. She's SO close though :-)


I decided i'd do a ghetto Christmas photo shoot for our Christmas cards...Why oh why do I have to buy Winter tires this year and not pay a professional photographer to do Miss K's first Chrsitmas pictures... 


This is the best one I've managed to do with the Christmas tree in the background. 400


If people want a better one, I'd be more than happy to take their money for a professional to do so ;-)

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Piper is going through a "wonder week", I think.  Either that or she is going insane.  She was completely cranky and angry for the nanny on Monday and today she screamed bloody murder at DH while only taking 15 min to 30 min naps throughout the day.  Her sleeping is all wonky some nights and then totally on schedule for others.  And she'll be playing and super happy and then just melt down.  I'm working on establishing an actual bedtime routine for her, which I hope will help when we get out of super-cranky baby land.  (Our current routine was put her in her nighttime gear and nurse her down.  Not exactly what they tell you to do in the baby books.)  I'm hoping I get my sweet baby back soon.  Even with the crankiness though, she's been doing a lot of fun stuff -- more giggling, rolling almost completely from back to front (she stops fully on her side), reaching for my face, playing with toys, and so on.... it's a pretty cool time).  Anyone else having the four month growth spurt insanity?

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Can we talk more about bedtime routines? Mine is currently the same as yours Lily, bedtime clothes, nurse her down.  But I'd like to start something more...routine...I'd love to hear what others do.

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