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So the night after I posted my swaddling comment... both swaddlers were in the dryer when it was bed time... most horrific night of (non) sleep since he was like 4 weeks old. YUCK.


Also, we've been having a little more luck with naps over the last few days. He's like a completely different baby. I could tell last night that he hadn't gotten enough sleep yesterday (several short naps, but no really long ones), and he was cranky. Slept for 9 hours last night, though. He's also been in disposables for the last 3 days, as I finally figured out that I most likely needed to strip my diapers. Also a complete game-changer. I'm not sure BB has ever been happier than he was Saturday and Sunday. It was like a dream. Not that he never, ever fussed, but it was so much less, and he was so much easier. I'm definitely committed to working harder to get him to take naps during the day, because it seems to have such a huge effect on him. Not having the diaper irritation seems to help, too. We're going back into cloth today. Hopefully it will go well.


As far as wrists - mine have never been the same since the swelling-induced carpal tunnel. Sometimes I'll move them in a certain way, and they pop painfully. It's a weird sensation that's hard to describe, but I am not a fan!


BB has also had his first serious cold the last week or so, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. dh got sick, got a little better, and is now sicker than ever, and BB is following the same path. I am (mostly) fighting it off so far. We have our "well" baby visit today, although he is not well, but I'm pretty sure the pediatrician is going to say the same thing she said last week (when dh insisted I take him in) - keep calm and carry on. I'm pretty sure it's viral, so I doubt she can do anything, but I hate how he struggles to breathe. The aspirator doesn't do much for him. Saline provides some very temporary assistance. Humidifier and steam shower seem to make no difference at all. At least he hasn't had trouble nursing, though. He's really holding up pretty well, I'd just like him to get better.


And, much to my own surprise, I start a new job tomorrow. I had no intention of working at all for the foreseeable future. I left my teaching job before even getting pregnant due to dh's travel schedule, so I haven't worked for over a year. But I was getting stir crazy and started trying to figure out if there was any job I could do and bring my baby with me. Only a few days after starting to wonder about this, I heard that the shop where I go to mommy group was hiring. I sort of brushed it off, but then the next week, the shop owner (an LC) mentioned again that they were taking applications, and she said I could bring my baby to work with me. So I applied, and I got the call yesterday that they want me to work for them! I never thought I would be so excited to get a minimum-wage job. It's only one shift (4 hours) a week at this point, so the financial impact will be basically zero, but I think it will be good for me to get out of the house. Plus it gives me something to put on my resume if/when I start looking for full-time work again. There is a chance I can pick up some more shifts, but I wouldn't have to. It's probably about the most mommy-friendly job there is, since pretty much all of the staff are moms (and that's who they want to hire), and half the focus is on breastfeeding. My only worry is if BB will be manageable in the Ergo, or if he will be a giant pain and cry all the time, in which case it is not going to work out very well. Luckily I will be doing some 2-hour training shifts before going to 4 hours, so hopefully he can ease into it.

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monkey, that's awesome news!  It will be great to get out of the house a little, I'm sure.  And good news too on the napping situation.  Piper was so much happier once I just started insisting on nap time during the day.  I sort of just assumed before she was born that babies will sleep when they need to.  I found out the hard way with her that she won't.  Now she takes two longish (depending on the day) naps a day and usually another in the early evening as she starts gearing down for bedtime.  She's a much happier bambino as a result.  Your swaddling comment made me laugh.  I've been thinking about starting to wean off the swaddle, but our sleep is so awful this week that I just can't picture sacrificing anything more at the moment.


Piper and I coslept last night to try to get the most of out my sleep while she's in this "nurse every two hours" phase.  She is now so restless and active at night though that it didn't really work.  I woke up at one point and she had sort of cantilevered herself perpendicular to me with the blanket right over her head.  Oooof.  I spent the rest of the night with my arm crooked around her laying on my back, but I can't be on my side because she'll root into my boob all night, which triggers letdown, which makes my boobs feel crazy.  It's a mess.  I'm hoping we'll get back to our 6-4 hour sleep stretches soon (please!!!).


After not much rolling since her first roll-tastic phase a month or two ago, I put her on her tummy today and she rolled right over immediately.  I put her back and she popped over again.  I guess I don't have to worry about tummy time anymore since there's no real way to enforce it now.

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I set BB down on his back and turned around to do something on the computer, turned back around about 30 seconds later, and he had rolled to his tummy! Also, I successfully nursed him in a wrap at home today (just got my wrap), and got him to poop in his potty for the second time. And I managed to put on size 6 jeans this morning. It's been a crazy and momentous day, and now I'm about to head to work... hope the good luck keeps rolling!

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Wow, so much good news, Monkey!  Atticus isn't rolling all the way over yet, but he's easily rolling onto his side now.  It looks really cute.


We started swimming!  And he LOVES it!  We've gone 3 times, and he now gets all happy and starts flailing about as soon as I get his suit on.  In the water he wiggles like a dolphin and kicks, and even does a little crawling with his arms.  We haven't gone under yet, but he's been pretty mellow when he's accidentally gotten water up his nose.  Today I got him to float on his back, with just my hand under his head.  Amazing!  It's also awesome for neck strength since I pull him around on his tummy so he has to pull his head up above the water.  So I'll stop worrying about him not getting any tummy time.

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Hellloooo!  I wish I could have posted this past month, but at least am reading along....


Still busy getting settled into our new home and are now on the road for 2 weeks, visiting my folks in MA and then my inlaws in MI.  I was feeling guilty about barely acknowledging "Baby's first Christmas"  - no holiday cards, no tree or decorations, no special gifts (I totally blame all our traveling)..... but now that we're visiting w/family it does finally feel like the "Holidays" and I have more bandwidth to chill, ponder traditions, read the internets, and take a few photos...  :)


William @ 4 months is just fabulous - his little personality is shining through: shrieks, giggles, dimples, lots of drooling, grabbling and gnawing!  He spends a lot more time on his tummy now and also in his Bumbo seat (he loves to be perched on the countertop watching me cook in the kitchen, or brushing my teeth - although he'll be too big for this pretty soon).  This could be my favorite age.  My 9 month old niece and 3 yr old nephew were visiting last week and yeeeesh.....while they both have their own adorable skills, they were a HANDFUL (keeping baby from crawling/falling off furniture or eating crud off the floor; keeping toddler from antagonizing the dog or hurling objects at tv....)  William was a piece of cake after a few days w/them and I'm fully appreciating that he's still so snuggly - and that he's not quite mobile yet!


Nighttime is another story though.  As some of you mentioned on FB threads, we're also dealing w/W waking up more frequently (and staying up), so now every day is a new experiment towards some improvement (more/less naps, shorter/longer naps, earlier/later bedtimes, to supplement or not, etc.)  Of course it doesn't help that we're playing musical beds for the next 2 weeks while visiting family for the holidays.  Last night we put William in a crib (for the first time), in the "kids guest room" (for the first time) at my parents house.  The full-sized bed in our "adult guest room" was too small for co-sleeping.  I couldn't stand being separated, and had to remind myself that a baby in a separate nursery if often the "norm"!!  He woke after 3 hrs and I ended up taking the twin-sized kiddie bed w/him the rest of the night.  Should be interesting as more family & little ones arrive over the weekend and we have fewer sleeping options...  :/


VV - Congrats on your "legal" ceremony!!  How are your wrists, do they hurt everyday?  I've been having real bad wrist pain (daily) since William was born.  At first it was from nursing holds/positions and now it's from carrying him around (my left hand always curled under his butt for support).  I try using my other hand, which also hurts too.  The pain is the worst at night when I can barely flex open my hand!  It's most likely De Quervain's syndrome aka "Mommy Wrist" - unfortunately there's no easy remedy for it, I'm hoping it'll eventually go away (like someday when I no longer need to carry a baby/toddler in my arms...)  In the meantime, I purchased a stretchy ACE wrist brace from the pharmacy which I wear for a few hours a week....


Monkey - Congrats on your mommy-friendly job, it sounds perfect!!


Penny - Swimming sounds awesome!  I'd love to get William into swimming lessons early.  I'm actually a terrible swimmer myself, so it's probably high time that I suck it up and take some lessons alongside him!


LilyTiger - Hope the family's daily routine w/the nanny is going well!


Everyone have a lovely holiday season with your LO's and families!!!   :)








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Are those of you who are vaxing going to get a flu shot for your babies when they turn 6 mo? My doc said since the season peaks late in AZ he will probably recommend it.  And then they give another one a month later. I had such a swollen arm this year from the shot (I always get it because of asthma) that I really don't want to give it to him. Hmm.

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We won't be doing the flu shot. Too little chance of it actually working versus a very small risk of the flu being dangerous. Right now we're just hoping he gets over his cold soon so we don't get entirely off on his vax schedule.
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Nope.  Same reason as Monkey.

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Nope.  Also due to the fact it has to be done again every single year of his life.  With that thrown in there I think the full schedule had him getting  (runs off to find the exact number) shots.  

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I don't think we'll be doing it, though I got it because my doctor said this was a really bad year for flu and that she's seen a few emergency room visits already.  Working on a college campus where I'm exposed to sick people all the time, I figured it made sense for me.  I'd rather her not get it though.  I feel like she's already getting too many (and we declined a few).

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We're not doing the flu shot for Q either and we've also declined a couple.
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We don't do flu shots for anyone, and it always seems like our friend/family who do end up getting the flu at some point over the winter anyway.

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