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MonkeyScience... I'm still around, though I think I started before you?

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Stevi - Yes, I think you did start before me, but I think you were on hiatus from this thread most of the time I was here.


All - I hope I didn't offend anyone with my statement - I know there are definitely many of you still dealing with IF out there, even if the thread is quiet! I'm just happy to see that most of the people whose journeys I've been following for awhile are pregnant, some of whom have been TTC for a very long time. I have nothing but the best wishes for all of you!

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I have a question
Im on cd 13 and took my last clomid on cd 9 yesterday I took a opk and got a positive took another one today and got a positive.
Has anyone ovulated 3days after taking the clomid ?
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MonkeyScience...   Yeah, I never moved on from the One Thread. lol

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I'm still here. Hoping to start clomid tomorrow since I got AF on monday
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I'm still here sporadically as well. I just don't need the same level of support I needed a few years ago. I've grown calloused  by the pain I guess. I'm fighting a killer cold right now and about to ovulate so that has made sex rather interesting as I try not to cough in his face haha. We did Clomid cd2-8 this cycle because that is what I was on when I got pregnant in November. I meant to buy some more opks at the store but just haven't yet. I know I ovulate every month so I might just keep covering our bases.I had an abdominal massage yesterday from a local midwife/herbalist and I absolutely loved it. She does a lot of energy work and at one point, she had a hand under me in the small of my back and another on my lower abdomen. It got sooooo hot in between her hands and was kind of intense. She said she felt that my uterus was really guarded, protected, and not as open as the rest of my body. My husband thinks it all sound hokey but I loved every bit of it. I'm also going to get some accupuncture done next week. I just have a good feeling about this year.  And my doula business is booming which has been extra awesome. My last birth was with folks who had struggled with infertility and it made it that much more special for all of us to know we held this common bond. 


I'll try to be around more. 

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I'm here...haven't posted much in the past year or so.  I can't tell if posting raises or lowers my stress/anxiety leverl in relation to IF. 


On 3rd cycle of Clomid, 3dpo...not sure what our next step is.  2nd round of Clomid was a complete waste, as I got an ear infection and took antibiotics which lead to a painful yeast infection.  I'm guessing next is probably HSG and SA and maybe move along to IUI?  I've just come to terms with the fact that my insurance covers nothing but that it's worth it to me to dip into savings, so I haven't yet looked too far into what the next step is. 


Leaving work in a bit to go over to a friend's with 1-year old twin girls. She struggled with IF, too (at one point they told her she had no ovaries?????) and it's nice to see a success story in person.


Lilag - I usually ovulate a little late on Clomid, day 16-17 or so. 

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Hi SimplyRochelle!


AAM...   Well, it's feast or famine as usual. Today was feast day. I had three donors suddenly become available. I actually went ahead with two of them, and put the third one off. I hope it actually stays this easy for the next couple of days! Ovulation is likely to happen on Monday.

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if you will want to hear this or not but you did support me for many months there when I wanted someone to talk to.  I had a BFP in December and things had been going great.  I had an early u/s last Friday and while baby development looked good, the heartrate was low - 97bmp at 7w0d.  I had another u/s today at 7w5d and although baby development showed 7w4d, there was  no heartbeat.  So... miscarriage #2 has happened for me.  I'll have a D&C done on Thursday.  They are sending the tissue in for testing so maybe I will find some answers but who knows.  I'm heartbroken all over again.  At least this time, we haven't told too many people so we won't also have to announce that we miscarried.  Blah.


Hugs to you all, I wish you not only BFPs but successful pregnancies to follow.  Best of luck to you all! 

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Oh PlaneGreen I'm so very sorry for your loss. I was so sad to read your news. I wish there was something I could say to make this not as painful. This is truly not fair at all.
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Planegreen...    I'm so sorry, hugs to you!

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Planegreen I am so so sorry.

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Plane green- so sorry to hear about your loss. Thinking of youhug2.gif

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We did not have success with our IUI, so i'm taking time away from all things fertility and jumping into homeschooling our preschooler and enjoying every bit of her 3 year old stage!

Good luck to you all


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I'm sorry Darla. Enjoy your daughter!

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Hey all, I'm stll here too - sporadically. 


Rochelle:  I'm calloused too, sweetie.  Ugh.  I am so amazed at the wonderful doula work you are doing - love that it is something you have pursued with your whole heart.  Your fb posts always make me smile. 


hug.gif to all of you.  Seems like 2012 was an especially difficult year for everyone. 


AFM:  Finally af came to visit - first time since September.  Got back in to see my old Endo since the new one wasn't cutting it.  I loved her to death, but her office staff was incompetant and turns out they lied to me about something she had said.  So last week, I got a mini-lecture from my Endo to talk to her about these things in the future instead of just disappearing for 3 years.  *ahem*  She put me on a better dose of thyroid meds and already it is makig a difference.  I also got a talking to about weight - since I've gained 40lbs since May, I can totally see her point.  Not that gaining that much weight is a laugh-riot from my end of things.  And she still wants to pursue the whole growth hormone deficiency thing.  So as dh and I look to embark on our 12th year of marriage in less than 2 weeks which is also our ttc anniversary, I don't even know how to feel about it.  At this point in my life, everyone I know is done having kids.  There isn't a single person my age, who is still pursuing it.  I kind of like being a sahw and sleeping in and going to lunch with my friends and going to my ladies' bible study and cuddling with our pups while watching Castle re-runs and couponing.  But the truth is that I would trade anything in my comfy life now to have even one of our babies with us, so I guess that's my answer.  Idk what to look forward to in the future, but I feel like I have maybe one big dramatic push left in me.  Maybe I need to start doing my fertility affirmations again to open my uterus - because it's probably under armed guard at this point.  shy.gif


Oh if no one else wants to, I can do a new thread - we'll call it the early February thread.  Let me know. 

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Cycle 3 of Clomid 50mg. BFN at 11dpo. And, of course I had cramping yesterday giving me false hopes! It's like my period trying to overcome the Progesterone I'm taking.

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fierrbug- that would be nice if you would start a new thread. I am ready to be moved to graduates too, whenever you get the thread up. I can totally see your perspective on life as is or pursuing further treatment. It does sound like you are on a better track now back with your old Endo. Good luck with regulating your thyroid!


stevi- Did you notice any changes taking the clomid? Sucks that it didn't work especially with the added progesterone.


darla- sorry to hear the IUI wasn't successful. I hope you enjoy your daughter and we are here to support you again should you decide to try anything in the future, or if you just need someone to chat with.

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ToothFairy2Be...   The only difference that I would attribute to the Clomid was the weird, late ovulation. I'm considering trying a trigger shot, but I do not have time to order it for use with my next cycle. So, I might add Soy into the mix, and see what happens. (I saw a protocal of Clomid and Soy on another site.)

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I'm on cd 2 today and it's pretty damn painful, maybe the worst since surgery. It was the last time we're doing anything actively ttc for quite some time. We've got big changes coming in the next few months. We're downsizing from a 3bd house to an RV to save money and pay off debts. I've been offered an apprenticeship with a homebirth midwife in the area (and then another one seems interested too now). I'm a full time student this semester and I'll try to get into a master's program this fall. We may try some IUIs in the fall but until then, I'm going to have sex with my husband when I want to. I'm not going to be crazy with hormones. It's going to be pretty great.

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