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Diapering a 4yr old at night.

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I've just had to return to diapering my 4yr old overnight as I cant put up with the wet beds any more, I put him in prefolds or flats which work well if he'll leave them on ! The trouble is he doesn't like being diapered again and tries to remove them when I fasten with a snappi, so I've considered trying diaper pins for the first time. Does anyone else use them, are they safe to use on an older child, how easy are they to use ?


Any help would be great, thanks.

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It would take effort to take diaper pins off one's own diaper. And they are so cheap it is worth a try.

I put a bar of soap in a baby sock and keep them stuck in that. It makes them a lot smoother to go in.

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I got some and have been using them the last few nights, they do work well but they are awkward to use on an older child who won't lie still !


Does anyone else use pins ?

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I used a snappi until our DD was about 18 months old - then I switched to pins and have been using only pins ever since. Around 18 months, she became a lot more active, and I just didn't like the way the snappi held the diapers we were using. She potty trained at 3.25, and for the last year has been regularly diapered only at night.  She's now 4.5, and the only thing I trust is pins. Our diaper of preference is flats, with either pad-folded flats or folded prefolds as an insert. Regular-sized prefolds are a bit small to use as anything but an insert, and toddler-sized prefolds fit well except when we double them up for night absorbency, they are a bit too bulky.

Since she's always worn a diaper at night, she has never objected to wearing them, and doesn't put up a fuss.

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