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JG - I think I have the flu. Im a week in and no change except to start coughing. Major head-ache for the past 12 hours. Im so sick of being sick. Glad you're on the mend, but a drag that now you ds is sick

nrr: paper done. semester done.
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Can you post the recipe you used for your "cupcakes" Lisa?


Burn -- let's just say, the soup is really yummy. 


No word from my RP about her dr's appt.  I'm feeling neglected. 


I spent my afternoon being scolded because I went to lengths to accommodate several students due to the fact that all general ed classes are massively over-enrolled.  The university has been touting how much their on-time graduation rate has improved in recent years.  It's improved so much, that they now admit more students so that they keep a constant amount of tuition coming in.  The consequence is that a greater proportion of the students are taking general eds each term.  Every Single Section of our classes have been full with a waitlist.  I went and counted chairs in the classroom, and found that there were 4 more seats than my enrollment cap.  So I opened the enrollment by 4.  So now I'm in trouble because the room isn't assured to have that many chairs.  Grrrr.

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I don't know where I got the recipe from so I can't give credit where it's due. So sorry.

Pumpkin bars- oven to 350, bake 25-30 minutes (my changes will be in parenthesis)
4 eggs (egg beaters)
1 cup veggie oil (applesauce)
2 cups sugar (Splenda)
15 oz can pumpkin purée
2 cups flour (I usually use half wheat/half white, which has been fine, but I wanted to try upping the protein so I used 1 cup wheat, 1 cup unflavored protein powder and 1 cup ground oats)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt (I under measure salt)
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Grease 9x13 pan, mix all ingredients (I mix wet and dry separately then slowly add dry to wet).
Spread in pan and bake.

I made muffins/cupcake shape and added dark chocolate chips to half the batter as only half the family likes choColate. Baked for 10-15 minutes for the muffins.

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Wow I didn't know mothering had a mobile interface now - maybe I can actually keep up, it's easy on the eyes!

So, I am stopping by to say ...

joy.gif to Shanti!! Wow, that is some GOOD news, sister. I hope this is the start of some really, really, overdue good things to come. My heart is full for you.

Also, Sparkle...Pinkman?? faint.gif Girl....oh my. Love him.

I know of BadAstronomer but I am a few nerdy degrees removed (via Adam Savage and Wil Wheaton, who mention him a lot)

Jo - I loved your blog post! Whew. Better, not perfect, but better. And the schooling - SO much better, right?

Alright, ladies. So a few weeks ago I went for my routine annual exam and my doc felt a lump in my breast. (spolier: turns out to be a cyst, lol) So I scheduled a diagonostic ultrasound for this morning. I go to it, do the awkward bits with the lady technician, yep cysts, discuss, ok get dressed all good. I am literally starting to walk down the hall with her to leave and we get called back. The radiologist sees something and wants to check again. Gulp. Okay....back into position, more gel, more rooting around and it turns out the larger cyst is starting to separate (or something). The doc comes in, does it himself, says the line is a little thick so I now have to go back in for an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy. I mean, I kind of don't understand if it's all benign and whatnot, why the outpatient surgery? Ah well, save the ta-tas, right? biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gif

I really need to get on this half-training thing. If my knee would just cooperate even a little bit, it would make it more pleasant. It's been so long since I have committed to a training plan, I think I've forgotten how.

Ciao, ladies! blowkiss.gif
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poppy, oh my, that has to be more medical adventure than you really need! I really, really hope all ends well.


School is mostly better, but today will be a short morning and a long break for mom at the health club while the kids play and read in the kids' room. They are good sports about it, poor things. There is basically a baby room with a babysitter in it, and some games and toys and a TV. The babysitter always puts the TV on, but the kids play dominoes and read their books, and it's fine. I am going to take my time today, do 45 minutes of cardio and at least 20 minutes of yoga after, and then sit someplace hot, either steam or sauna (probably steam) before taking the kids to the pool. I did take a 45-minute walk this morning, too.


I think I just need to be a lot more disciplined and respectful of my own needs and health. It comes out when I am putting myself last, and eventually everyone else will pay, too, so it just makes sense for me to meet my own needs. Why oh why is this so hard to remember?! I think I might see about a massage later today, too, after dinner or something.


I'm also logging back onto Fitday for a while to get a closer picture of my eating habits. If I know I have to log it, I think twice about putting it in my piehole, so this always helps me get things back under control.


Talked to my parents last night. They were going to my aunt and uncle's farm to have lunch with them and the kicker for the GB Packers (this, in my family, is a BIG deal). Saw a pic on FB of him (Mason Crosby) milking the cows. Cute.

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jo, I'm happy that you're making your health a priority. For headaches, I get some relief using peppermint and lavender oil (in almond oil carrier) on my temples and nape of neck. I've used it for years with pretty good effect.


Geo, I hope you have good news about RP. And the seat situation sounds wild. They should be thanking you (and giving you a small bonus) for going over enrollment.


RM, the muffin/bars sound great.


Shanti, a belated congrats on the new job. May this be the beginning of many good things for you!!


poppy, good luck with the tatas! May the biopsy be easy and put your mind to rest.


sparkle, congrats on being done. Feel better soon.


RR- Just some bodyrock workouts and chin ups. Sick kiddo begged to go to school, I negotiated to half day and then she nearly fainted getting ready. She stayed home all day to rehydrate and eat after 24 hours with keeping nothing down.


NRR- See above. We had a pretty decent day at home- fiddle practice, some math work, and reading Tale of Despereaux and talking about speeches that give hope. We listened to "I have a dream" together and read Jack Layton's letter to Canadians (which still makes me a little tearful every time I read it). If you have any other suggestions for great speeches about hope, I'm interested. There are lots of American examples that I could think of, but not a lot of international stuff that I could think of, except maybe Churchill.


This afternoon I took the kids to see the mall santa. My youngest asked him for a cure for allergies/asthma, to which he looked very puzzled. I explained, but reminded her that she might also like a rock climbing harness. He then offered her a candy cane and she glared at him. Santa obviously has a hard time keeping track of her allergies- she was not very impressed.


The rest of the week is getting progressively crazier as I unloaded a meeting from today onto tomorrow, plus some errands that I couldn't do with a sick kid. My car is already packed with bottles for the depot and library books for tomorrow, but the trip to the dump may have to wait for the weekend. Car to the shop and school Christmas concert tomorrow, too.

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Ack! Now two kids home sick!!!
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The plague has begun descending on our home. Dd2 and I are not doing well. She is more progressed than I am. It feels like a a really bad cold and it came on slowly so I do think it will be flu but my head is so full and achy. I had the best of intentions but very little is done for holiday prep. Two batches of cookies are baked and we have two plates to pack for little gifts of said sweets. I have mailed one package of gifts. On the plus side this holiday is not going to be about stuff. eyesroll.gif

We did go whale watching yesterday and saw 4 types of whales and a few dolphins. I adore how the dolphins swim with the boat. During one lull in the activity Linus commented that there was nothing to watch but the horizon. lol.gif I tried to be gentle in my reminders that you have to watch to see the whales when they surface. I was concerned they didn't seem to get much out of it but when we got home they were very excited and knew just how many of which whales we saw, etc. It was a nearly perfect day ad we had all the right layers of clothing and sunscreen. Science field trip is all the school work accomplished for the day.

MelW, that Santa and his candy canes! Was he not paying attention?
Poppy, so good of you to update us here. I hope the procedure is just a blip in your day and nothing more.
jo, you do sound like this is a better year. Many of us need to remember to take better care of ourselves so that our families do not suffer.

More personals soon I hope.
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Peek! privateeyes.gif

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Jo - I was having a very similar thought yesterday, about self-care. I think its hard on many levels; one is that self-care is not socially condoned - we are a workaholic society, and if you're "relaxing" then you're lazy, and I think this mindset is hard not to internalize. Also, people respond to stress differently, and one thing Ive realized as an adult is that I may need more self-care in order to perform at the high levels I want and need to, but that this isn't true of everyone. I have a dear friend who does so much it blows my mind (60 hour work weeks as a doctor, half-ironman training, two young kids), and I have to try to remember that her level of activity would make me unhappy (rather than think about how little I do in comparison). I dont know if any of this happens to you, but YES on the self-care!

mamajb - yeah, that sounds familiar. It started with a head-ache and achy face (sinus pressure) and then stuffiness and fever, followed by exhaustion and lots of blowing, and now slowly I am crawling out of the hole. One thing that helped the most is to SLEEP. Every night I went to sleep before 9 I felt better the next day. Sunday night I got 5 hours sleep after 14 hours travel and it took two days of misery (including a 24 hour headache) to get back to feeling like Im headed back in the right direction. All told, I think this will be a two-weeker (Im starting week 2 now). Sleep!!!

JG - movies? and more movies lol.gif

Poppy - how weird. SO glad its "nothing" but how convoluted. I hope the resolution is straightforward and easily done! THANK YOU for understanding about Pinkman lol.gif

RR: Ha!

NRR: feeling a little more human today, and a little more joy.gif. Groomed the dogs (nails and brushing) and vacuumed the house. Now to do some domestic shopping.

I am wrestling with my involvement (literal and psychic) in DD1's climbing. I realize that I interact with her on all levels (school, sports, emotional...) differently than the other two b/c she is SO much like me and I see that I am trying to preclude her regretting things I do, or not seeing things I didnt see, you know? She is a hard worker and competitive, but really needs outside structure to get things done, and it frustrates me that she doesnt take the bull by the horns. DS by contrast is the bull lol.gif So she has this pretty big-deal competition in a month, and I am mentally plotting what I would be doing as far as training if I were her, and she is very ho-hum, or at least not harassing me about all that she wants to do this month to train! I have made it clear what I think she should do and that I will help her however she wants, and she, so far, doesnt want anything bigeyes.gif C'mon girlfriend! (yes, I know I have a problem. The first step is recognizing it lol.gif)
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Poppy - Good luck with the biopsy!  Don't be shy about asking for pain meds and numbing stuff, my friend here who just went through cancer said the biopsy was the worst part of the whole ordeal and wished that someone had mentioned that to her before she went for it.  I'm sorry to be scary sounding, but she was so upset that everyone acted like a biopsy was no big deal and felt totally unprepared for it to actually hurt.  I'll be hoping that you come out all like headscratch.gif 'what's the big deal P?" and with no more worries about thickness or whathaveyou.hug2.gif

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Spakle, I really get what you say about plotting what you think your child should do.  I spend a lot of time biting my tongue around DD as well. 


LLLisa ~ pumpkin bread is in the oven.  I used yogurt in place of the oil/applesauce, added walnuts and chopped cranberries, but otherwise more or less the same.  You don't talk about HS much.  How is it going?  Is your DS finding his stride in a more positive environment?  I'd love to hear an update on how he's doing.  Also, what came of the pH test?


:wave Jen!


Good luck, poppy.  I suspect I'll be someplace similar next week, as I've been feeling lumps that come and go according to my cycle.  My doc has waved them off in the past.  Now they hurt and I can feel let down occasionally (DS is 7 and weaned a full 4 years ago...)


JayGee, hopefully everyone is on the mend quickly and it doesn't spread!


RP is off for another week of no walking, no biking, nada. 


DD is getting a reduction in her intervention services because she's made such great progress to the extent that she'll be "unqualified" under the reading disorder.  She's keeping 2 of her days of intervention to make sure gains are maintained, and then she gets to add band for the remaining 3 days!!!!  5th grade band still doesn't fit her schedule, but 6th grade does.  She'll go to the middle school an hour early to math every day to learn the flute.  She's over the moon excited.  We're just so proud of how hard she's worked and how much progress she's made (more than 3 years of progress in 3 months).  I remember typing out just how distraught DD was on a daily basis and how worried I was about her.  It was 12/12 last year I called the psychologist to get her in for a neuropsych exam that got her the laundry list of diagnoses, leading to an IEP and a list of 20 accommodations.  I can't believe how much progress she's made with appropriate instruction.  As my good friend (1 child on spectrum, the other severe ADHD and other complications of prematurity) says:  "therapy works."

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Jo, here's a link to a video with Q&A from Susan Wise Bauer about Quiet Time. I like seeing how she plans and enforces it. Might be interesting: Quiet Time Part IHope the link works. Sorry it's so big. Is there a way to make it smaller?

Poppy, wave.gif May the odds be ever in your favor.

Jen wave.gif

So freaking busy that I went for my hair appt today and it's not till next week. duh.gif

eta: so maybe i should make that a link so it doesn't take up so much space. There, done.
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Geo- I had forgotten that I ran out of applesauce this time so I used nonfat plain Greek yogurt (which makes the protein even higher, yay)!! Cranberries and walnuts sound delish! So happy to hear about dd's progress. She's got good parents looking out for her.

Homeschool is great ! We are using a Chrisitan curriculum called Monarch and its online so we can use it anywhere and from any device. He can bring his laptop to my work or bible study or any room in the house and still get it done. I can grade and check school from my phone, iPad, or laptop so no matter where I am. He gets a's and b's and occasional c's. If he gets too many c's or anything lower I can reset the assignment and he redoes it. He can usually do most of it alone, which kind of makes me sad that I am not needed to be involved, but good that he's doing so well. He's very happy.

Regarding the reflux, I missed a call from the GI doc last night and she hasn't returned today's call yet. I'm trying not to think about it too much and just hope it's all good news. He still suffers all the time from the reflux, at times worse than others so I hope we have a plan of attack by the end of the week.

Thanks for asking!!
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Sparkle - I feel your pain with dd.  It's hard when you've caught glimpses of them at their best to not want them to perform that way every time.  C did so well as Lady Macbeth and I was proud of her, except that a couple times in rehearsal she totally blew my socks off but then during the performances she went back to being just fine.  Totally fine, better than most, but not that stellar performer I know is in her.    I don't know how to be with that either.  I want her to excel because I know she can but if she doesn't care the way I do now, how can I convey to her that someday she might regret not giving it more now while she's got the opportunity?  Impossible. Youth is wasted on the young.  And these two are what, only 11?   Hope you're continuing to get extra sleep.  That's my silver bullet too.


RM - Glad to hear HS is going so well for ds! 


Lofty - Better than being a week late right?


Geo - I can't believe they are scolding you for taking on extra work!  Honestly!  Congrats to dd on her amazing progress!


Mommajb - Here's hoping the illness doesn't really take hold.


JayGee - And that it clears out of your house pronto!


MelW - You just described my car, except that I don't have sick kids this week to blame me not getting things done on! 


Jo - I may have to check out fitday too.  I've been really really weak willed recently and I think the results are the pain in my hips and back returning with a vengance.


RR: Not today.  I did run 2 miles yesterday.  I know, not far at all.  And it was funny, I wasn't checking my watch while I ran but I was thinking "Wow!  I can't remember the last time I ran and I feel so fast today!  Really really fast!  I feel pretty good!  Wow!  Go me!" so at the turn around point I check to see how fast I was.  I'm thinking 9:00 or so, I was that fast right?  Notsomuch, 12 and lots of change.  lol.gif  So yeah, when you can't remember the last time you ran, anything above a trudge feels like flying.


NRR: I opted to send some fruit and goodie baskets from amazon.co.uk to my brother.  It's probably just as well, fruit baskets are traditionally sneered at, as is (I suspect) anything I send anyway, so it's all good.

Now to get serious about packing up some other things that have been languishing in the outbox.


Have a happy day y'all.

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Plady - thank you so much for that! I would much rather go into it with that kind of info, assume the worst, but then be pleasantly surprised than the other way around. They definitely made it sound like it was no big deal. They do numb the whole area for the procedure, but then said it hurts for a few days after.

However...banghead.gif my insurance...ugh. Dh and I are self employed and had to find our own insurance. We definitely have our kids well covered and I suppose we are not as much. We called today and we have a $900 deductible (ok, fine) but then they only cover 60% after that. I called the "financial counseling" person at the hospital...the quote STARTS at $9100.00 ! crap.gif That is before outside labs, etc etc

I have a call into my OB to get his read on the scans from yesterday. Mama, I know my health is important and it is hard to put a price tag on it...but still. NOT GREAT timing, with end of year expenses! Going to have to decide if this is worth it right now, I guess. Gah.
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Wait, $9100 covers what?  Just the biopsy? 

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Yes, just covers the procedure itself. She couldn't give me any more info than that, just that it would go up from there with third party billing for "hospital services".
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Subbing in. Feeling like a ditz - took me until tonight to realize there was a reason that nobody was posting on the November thread. redface.gif

Ran a Jingle Bell Run 5K on Sunday in 35:31.  Not my best, but not horrid either - it was cold and wet... either I need to stay to indoor runs or I need to get shoes that are waterproof to run in outside. lol.gif  I've got a friend who has committed to doing one run or tri with me every month for 2013. love.gif  Back to grading finals. eyesroll.gif

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Stopping in one more time before my crazy Thursday is here. Finally ordered a few presents for ds2's actual birthday on Tuesday. Remembered that I have all these wonderful yoga mats and blocks from teaching yoga so now have all the women in our families covered. The men are getting coffee beans which I will pick up from the roaster tomorrow. Still feeling guilty about not getting presents for ourselves and trying to figure out THE Santa gift: bikes, tickets, or trampoline net headscratch.gif Oh and animal care.

Poppy, $9100?! Wow, that would really, really hurt us. Yikes!

Dmitri, whoah - a tri every 3 months? Awesome! bow.gif

Plady, that sounds like so many of my runs. i've stopped timing, have no idea of the distance (well, I do have an idea) and am only running for fun. I do miss the races. A lot. But this is just where I am. And I feel great for pulling off what I actually do run. So, yay for feeling fast and fleet. smile.gif

Sun salutations this morning. Run this afternoon with boys on bikes, my dog, and an extra dog we picked up along the way and returned home. Weights this evening. I'm pooped. Off to read... Oh and

Lisa, I hope that was you I just added on Goodreads. lol.gif
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