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Happy Birthday Jo's DD!!!

Sparkle - I'm in for NM! Not so sure I could talk DH into it though.

JenLove - sending my thoughts for Tripod's return.

Lofty - love the wash-your-age concept!

I have finally gotten my kids to make their beds daily by taking money out of their allowance every time they miss. Each child has a glass jar with their allowance in quarters in it. If they don't make their bed, that's 50 cents. Same with skipping piano practice. I only had to take out quarters once, and now they all make beds daily.

RR - dragging my significantly chubby keister to the Y this morning.

NRR - DD1 asked me what Newtown was this morning, so I gave her a very general idea of the shootings there. She seemed very relieved when I told her the shooter was dead and would not be coming to her school too greensad.gif. I hope to finish my shopping today and get some wrapping done too. Plus I am still waiting for that riding helmet to arrive....
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JayGee, what a fantastic idea! Going to implement that.


By the way, Smartwool socks are on sale at sierra trading post. I got a bunch of stuff there (headlamp, socks, running bras, etc.) and found online a 40% off plus free shipping coupon (I had to try a few codes I found online before one worked, so YMMV).


Just thought I'd share! orngbiggrin.gif

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I know JG, I remember. I cant remember what he hated about it though, although it makes a very bad first impression so I can imagine. Ive already figured out the area of town you should live in (each has its own vibe, culture, assets/deficits) lol.gif The climate really cant be beat - I would argue for more snow, but not at the expense of sunny days shrug.gif Dh and I actually did a comparison of # of sunny days in the places he applied to residency - there are some parts of the country he says he will not move with me (hello, and good-bye Seattle lol.gif). This town has one of the highest # of blue sky days per year in the country. Which doesnt mean its warm and totally dry. Ive been to Tucson several times in the past 2 years and that place is the serious desert. At least we are up at 5,000 ft. here next to a mountain range, so it's wetter colder and more alpine. JG, you would be living in the foothills, next to trails out your door, and good schools. Lots of athletes here, many come to train for Olympics and such b/c of the altitude. Low cost of living, mmm hm. Just sayin'.

Jenny - praying for the safe return of tripod
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Happy Birthday Dinglets! 

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And I would be in Abiquiu. Or maybe Santa Fe.


In my dreams.


Yes, join the Dingo virtual birthday party! Dd's day inspired her to give me a pedicure and foot massage. I made the soup. There was afternoon tea and cake and ice cream. She had a nice day with her friend, and is happier than I have ever seen her on her birthday.


And dh is bummed to be out of the country but it's OK. He'll be back on the weekend.

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And my little Dinglet son turned 8 on Monday orngbiggrin.gif
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Guess we all know the season for Dingo cross training. *cough* Bolt.gif

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The Spring thaw, when it is warm enough to be willing to take our pants off lol.gifbag.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

The Spring thaw, when it is warm enough to be willing to take our pants off lol.gifbag.gif
Reminds me of an interesting conversation I had with my husband the other night..... bag.gif
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happy birthday dinglets!

Just an update to my situation - we did move the biopsy back to Jan 2, after finally getting some clarity from our insurance on deductible. Moving the date back speaks for itself. I was looking forward to getting it over with tomorrow, but alas, I am determined to spend the holidays worry-free, so no matter.

Jenlove- any word on tripod? greensad.gif

I need to go back further in the thread to do proper personals. Back soon!
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Happy birthday dinglets!!

Jo-I love the pic by the pool!

Jennie-sorry to hear about tripod. By any chance has he made it home?

RR: finally got a run in today, have just been unmotivated this week and swamped with things to do for tomorrow and the holidays. Ran 4 miles today, wasn't pretty but did it, ha ha. I'm supposed to wear the orthotics an hour more each day so today was 3 hours. When I reach 8 hours I am allowed to run in them, so some time next week.

NRR: tomorrow morning is the last bible study of this year and in the afternoon I'm leading ds2's class party (28 kids). I have four games, but I'm always nervous that they will have fun. Somehow there was no money donated (or its been donated but no one knows where it is) and only two parents have mentioned helping. I'm also finishing up teacher gifts, and the family presents. Ahhh!

Hope you ladies are peaceful!!
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I stillheart.gif you guys. Apparently a lot of people wait to cross-train until it's warm enough to take your pants off...after a slooooow month or so, we have been getting our butts kicked HARD at work. I barely sat down last night. Phew!

Colorado also has a lot of sunny days, ya know...NM is not your only option! winky.gif

sparkle~WTG on the A+! Rock star! bow.gif

rm~Getting used to orthotics is rough. It really does take that long, so don't rush it! I've had mine about 10 years now, I think, but I still remember how painful they were initially. Now I can't imagine running without them!

jo~Happy birthday to M! I loved the pic of tea on FB! And FS looks like he's having an amazing time...I showed DS the picture at the pool and he thought it was pretty awesome. orngbiggrin.gif We're currently hosting my niece's FS, and I'm such a genius that I totally forgot to take him with us when we went skiing on Sunday, so I borrowed some scissors at the ski lodge and made a stand-in FS. Hopefully DN doesn't look too closely at the pictures! bag.gif

jen~I hope Tripod has found his way home by now. hug.gif

I'm done working for the week! joy.gif And exhausted. As mentioned, last night was rough. I got the short end of the assignment stick and all three of my moms were c-sections, which makes for a super busy night. On the bright side, the night flies by when it's that busy. And now I'm off for four nights, hooray! It's going to be busy, though, so not much down time. DS is leaving for Ohio with XH tomorrow right after his Christmas party at school, but I have two parties to go to tomorrow night after he leaves. Lunch with a friend and a girls' night on Friday, and then skiing on Saturday before I'm back to work Sunday night. And somewhere in there, I need to do laundry, clean the house up, and get packed and ready to leave for the airport immediately after I get off work on the 26th. Somewhere in there, I need to get some workouts in, too. Not entirely sure how well that's going to work...
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

The Spring thaw, when it is warm enough to be willing to take our pants off lol.gifbag.gif
Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

Colorado also has a lot of sunny days, ya know...NM is not your only option! winky.gif
Yep. And most of our districts passed mill and bonds this year. And our taxes are lower than Illinois. (Disclaimer: we barely plow the roads when it snows. Big roads, yes. Neighborhood roads, only once, if that. Usually you can drive through it; if not, the metro area is pretty much shut down anyhow.)

JayGee--sorry about your superintendent. Do you know if he'll have to take time off in order to campaign for it? (Colorado prevents all school employees from campaigning for a school mill and bond unless they take vacation time during work hours or do it on evenings and weekends. Our state is a bit obsessed with what taxpayer-funded employees can do.) If so, that might work in your favor. Our superintendent could answer factual questions about what the mill and bond would fund and what cuts were coming (and why) if it didn't pass, but she couldn't, for example, say "please vote for the mill and bond" during official school community meetings and such. She didn't run the campaign either. We had two very dedicated women (volunteers, I think) who spearheaded the process, along with tons of others who contributed in bigger and smaller ways. Anyhow, if there are laws that would limit his participation, perhaps that will make it easier to find someone more charismatic?

Happy birthday to the many December dinglets!

RR: none yet. Must get on treadmill soon.

NRR: I'm crossing my fingers we all stay healthy until after New Year's. DH is coming down with a cold or something worse. It's hard to tell because he's a guy. He complained of sinus congestion and pain when he got home (and complained about many, many other things) and finally decided to lay down for a while around 9. So, we'll see. If one of us so much as has a cold, my sister's family won't come over for Christmas. I don't blame them after what they've been through, but I could do without the angst-filled portion of it all. She's already moved from thinking the baby can't go to church on Christmas Eve because there's only going to be one service instead of our usual two and it will probably be crowded. Today she thinks none of them should go because there will be germs. I don't care, but I really wish she'd stop involving me in these conversations. She also most likely needs a whooping cough booster, but doesn't want to take action (fear of being exposed to germs at doctor's offices, belief she had a bad reaction to the TD and thus cannot have the Tdap but unwillingness to get blood titer [see exposure to germs] or to go to the county health dept for a pertussis-only shot [see exposure to germs]). banghead.gif

My parents have a contract on their house! joy.gif But my mom is not joy.gif because she is the genetic cause of my sister's anxiety. Best bizarre-decisions story out of that corner is this one: their new house has a hookup for an electric dryer. The dryer at the house they're selling is gas. Rather than decide to sell the dryer with the house and buy a new electric dryer, my mother decided that my father will have to redo the connections so it can be a gas dryer. Then they got the contract, and the buyers are asking them to leave their washer and dryer. I was like "great, do it, and then just buy a new electric dryer and save Dad the trouble of putting in a new hookup." Oh no, she likes having a gas dryer and is angry that they want to keep her dryer and insists that she's going to buy a new gas dryer and Dad is going to do the gas hookup anyhow.

The kicker? The main reason they are moving is that she's concerned there will be fracking in her backyard (literally). They're out in the country, southeast of the metro area and there has been increased drilling there. But when I pointed out that the only reason natural gas prices remain low is because they're extracting it via fracking, and that by insisting on a gas dryer and insisting on changing out the electric connection in her hew house, she's contributing to the problem, she just grunted and said she likes what she likes. banghead.gifbanghead.gifbanghead.gif Ah hypocrisy.
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real demon.gif LOLOLOL. This is the kind of stuff writers call "material." nut.gif


Took the kids shopping and to lunch today. Stick a fork in me. Also, a package arrived from my mom. happytears.gif

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My goodness, Real! What a family dynamic! BTW, I forwarded your e-mail to the director of our tax levy campaign and she was really excited about a lot of the ideas. The main issue we will face is that the average increase will be much larger than yours was. We could probably sell $37/year, but $400/year will prove a little more difficult. Still our FB page is up and running and a bunch of us were handing out cards with website information at school already. Amazing the number of parents who really don't understand the implications of the levy not passing. Oy!

Tjsmama - you don't have to talk me into Colorado! It's been at the top of my list for years.

RR - getting another peroneal nerve steroid injection this morning, so I will be numb until tomorrow, at least. Therefore, no RR.

NRR - shopping is done! Wrapping is not. Snow predicted for this afternoon. I hope it happens!
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No Tripod :(


We have calls in to the shelters and vets, flyers in mailboxes, talked to our closest neighbors and many of them have walked their properties for him.  I am guessing he was either picked up by someone and not turned in or the coyotes (shudder).  It's so hard not knowing.  What a lesson we are working our way through right now...


Happy Birthday Dinglets!!  I saw M's girlfriend day for her birthday and I want in on that celebration!


How's the holiday preparations going, ladies?


Is anyone working on goals for 2013 yet?

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

Guess we all know the season for Dingo cross training. *cough* Bolt.gif
Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

The Spring thaw, when it is warm enough to be willing to take our pants off lol.gifbag.gif
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Reminds me of an interesting conversation I had with my husband the other night..... bag.gif
Originally Posted by JenLove View Post

No Tripod greensad.gif

Can't think of goals yet... other than more training kids to be more independent with home responsibilities (specifically laundry) and school work. Me? Try to get homeschool consulting gig going. Dropped 20 lbs this year. Would like to drop 10 more so the work I put into maintaining is where I want to be, a comfortable fluctuation, kwim? Write more. Everyday. Drive home message to kids that mom's mind needs exercising and not just her body. Also, stop multi-tasking. I suck at everything I do when I multi-task. And try to relax more when I'm homeschooling, loosen up a bit and engage more instead of always being so seriously instructive. I'm turning into "the boring parent." Whoah I better stop now.

I heartbeat.gif Dingos.

Swamped. Lost electricity during the night. Mega storm excess of 60mph winds. Had to move kids to downstairs "safe" room in deep sleep. Never got back to sleep. Lost a tree which blocks neighbors - have to go chainsaw and haul. Pushing kids to wrap up school today with lots of threats to their technology. Probably should run just to work through my jumpy over-active mental state. Can't believe I'm leaving in 2 days. My house looks like the storm came through it. Still not a dang Christmas decoration up. Told kids, technically speaking, Christmas begins on Dec. 25 and last till Jan.6 so we will decorate when we're back. Hope it flies bc it's the best I can do. Oh and car is still in shop - 3 spark plugs. Think I'll just leave it there till after the holidays.

Poppy, peace.gif-ful goodvibes.gif till Jan 2

eta: Nicka, thank you for the Smartwool sale and discount. Forgot both my kids need these for next week.
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Lofty - you must have got what we had (the wind) Deck chairs were blowing over here, and they weigh a ton. 20 lbs clap.gif That's awesome. Your goals are so inspiring, but then the way you live is inspiring. Homeschooling bow.gif I couldnt do it

Jenny - greensad.gif Still crossing fingers for Tripod!

JG - What's the argument against CO? Seems like it would be a great fit (and Im not just saying that b/c I seem to be in the Springs several times a year loveeyes.gif

RR: bleh

NRR: date night last night. we finally talked about some things that have been seriously weighing on me/us, the kind of things you dont want to talk about b/c you're afraid of opeing that door. It went well, considering one of the things I wanted to tell him was that I think he is sliding lazily into middle age/where's the passion (for life, self-improvement, evolution). He agreed, and also made some critiques of me that I agree with. At least communication aired out the relationship for awhile. whew. It was getting stuffy.

Saw the movie "Silver Linings Playbook". Go see it! The best movie Ive seen in a long time!!
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