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Glad you had such a great day, Jo!

Hope the birthday parties go well, shanti and lofty!

Yesterday was DS's school fieldtrip to the museum of nature and science, which was better than last year's trip with the kindergarten, thank goodness! I had three kids in my group, including DS, and they actually listened to me. They had planned for us to go to the planetarium to watch a movie, which was great...took about 45 minutes that I didn't have to chase 6 year olds around! I think it's great that they do these field trips, I just wish they had a little more structure to them, like a scavenger hunt, or things they need to find the answers to or something. Instead they just drop us off and let us go wander, which probably works a lot better with older kids. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good field trip. And then I worked a high school basketball game last night for the first time in probably two years...I had to do a knee eval and was reaching back into the depths of my brain, ha. Sweaty high school boys are not quite the same as postpartum moms and babies! orngtongue.gif

rr~Nothing yesterday, thanks to the field trip, so I did double duty at the Y today, spin class followed by a run. Spin was a great workout, but the instructor likes to play dance/techno music. The beat is good, but I much prefer songs that I can sing along to, ya know? Or even songs that at least have words! I swear, I'm not *that* picky...just please no bluegrass or Willie Nelson or techno...heck, I don't mind the one instructor who likes to do seasonal themes and has been known to do a whole class with nothing but patriotic marches. John Phillip Sousa for spin class? Sure! orngtongue.gif I followed up spin with about 25 minutes on the hamster wheel, which actually felt pretty decent.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

jo, I think I could handle your starbucks workout. wink1.gif
Why didn't I think of that? Must schedule Starbucks workouts in my future. lol.gif
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

And Dingoes heartbeat.gif you.  And dingoes are fierce, like you.  Courage mama, we're all right there with you.
Yes. Yahoo won't let me reply from my email, so I'm always slow to reply but there in spirit nevertheless.

RM--congrats on the iPad!

Good luck with all the birthday parties! R's is next week. I'll worry about it next week too. wink1.gif

Race Report!

I ran the Superior Stocking Run 5K this morning. I hadn't expected much from it, in part because of the Jessica Ridgeway connection, in part because I haven't slept much, and in part because the Rock Creek subdivision is pretty hilly. That said, I decided to take the route around the lake (so I wouldn't have to drive past her subdivision and follow the same path he took with her backpack) and the course turned out to be not as hilly as I'd feared (only 300 feet elevation gain over 3 miles, which isn't bad). The 1/2 training plan I'm doing called for a 5M tempo run, so I figured this would be the tempo part, and I'd just do a warm-up/cool-down on either end of the race.

Chip time 25:25; gun time 25:42
F35-39 - 14/45
Women - 65/324
Overall - 138/503

You know the field is fast when you run an 8:12 pace and 13 women in the 35-39 age group finish ahead of you. Two were slower by chip time, which is a good reminder that I need to get closer to the front--not that it would have mattered here because finishing in the age group top 10 meant having a sub 25:00 time. The next 5 of us finished with gun times between 25:21 and 25:42. This is what happens in any race that closer to Boulder, of course.

It was really good to have such a competitive field and it helped keep me focused on the race instead of other things. Just before the finish line some dude tried to pass me and I was all "OH NO YOU DON'T!" and did, in fact, cross just ahead of him.
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Lisa - Welcome to my world, with the field being fast runners (hence, my 11:30/mile butt is wayyyyyy in the back of the pack!).  Amazing race in my mind, though!


Jo - Sounds like you are settling in.  You are so much more positive than last year, when everything was a struggle.  I'm so glad you and your kids are having some relief.


Shanti - Holding you in my heart!!!


Geo - Fame and fortune!  I confess to not knowing who the Bad Astronomer is, but will be googling sometime soon!


Gaye - I got your card!  Loved it!


To all I've missed, just know I'm thinking of each and every one of you, new and old!  I love my Dingo sisterhood. 


To those working full time - can I just tell you that I am in awe of you, your ability to parent with grace, maintain a proper exercise routine, and still post.  I have been working 30+ hours a week for many weeks now, and it is far closer to full time than I intended at this point.  I know things will calm down after the holidays, but am still trying so hard to juggle it all!


RR: On that note, I did, at least get a glorious 7 miles in today.  There was about 1.5 miles in the middle where I took a friend through day 1 of the C25k.  She will be a great running partner when she is up to speed!  Today's run was everything that last week's wasn't!

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You know, there is something to be said for doing things the easy way instead of being so darned conscientious about everything. The girls weren't even hungry for pizza by the time they burned through the snacks so now I have a couple of easy meals still in the freezer. I minimized effort as much as I could - two cases of pop, store bought hummus and pita instead of the usual homemade everything, chips and dip - the onion dip was homemade because dd loves it and I don't consider anything containing caramelized onions work eat.gif , and then pizza roll ups. Who knew?! I have never before bought those packages of crescent roll dough or string cheese but those weird pastry-ish triangles filled with pepperoni and cheese were a huge hit with this crowd. Gave me the shivers to think about them but wow, was it easy. dh isn't thrilled with all of the packaging waste and my use of paper plates and napkins but here we are, halfway through the party and I am feeling pretty good, not fried and up to my elbows in flour or soap suds. Shortly I will present a platter of store bought cupcakes that have been splattered with little chocolatey candies and we can call it a party. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. For now I am going to ignore the laundry and knit some yoga socks for my bff for Christmas and maybe watch something on Netflix. I should probably study but I will save that for now. A few minutes of R & R seems like a good idea if I can grab it.

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Oh yeah, I didn't hear back about the knitting store job yesterday. I am trying to hold on to the fact that I didn't hear that she actually hired someone else - but she did say she would be in touch on Friday. She is also a doctor and was 20 minutes late for the interview because she went to a different meeting place than what she had arranged with me so there is a chance I will still get a call and she is just super busy or not as organized as she thought she would be by the end of the week - but I will be so sad and disappointed if this job doesn't work out. I am afraid it won't because it seemed almost too good to be true for right now.

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Ya'll are awesome. Nice race report, Realrellim.  That is a pretty competitive field.  I can relate to that, we always have quite a contingent of what I call "capital 'R' runners" at the local races.  There is a vibrant trail running and triathlete community 'round here, which means mostly-pavement pounders like myself are frequently humbled.  It's good to be exposed to that, though, both to be down to Earth and to provide inspiration to improve.  I don't think I ever would have thought of running a marathon were I not continually meeting ultrarunners and so forth via our running club.  


Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Shanti.  Ohhhhh a knitting store job.  It sounds divine.  


Hey, have ya'll ever had issues with any sort of tachycardia?  Our interchange upstream about running partners has become an ironic fact of life for me now, as I'm officially not "allowed" to run alone (thankfully they didn't tell me I can't run!).  I've been having some weird symptoms which we're working on evaluating.  My primary doc referred me to a cardiologist, and I have a whole bunch of testing over the next few weeks.  I get short of breath when I stand up, and my HR jumps from my usual resting rate of 65-70 up to 120+ in a matter of 3 seconds.  It's quite uncomfortable and has left me very fatigued and frequently dizzy.  All the usual suspects have been ruled out (dehydration, anemia, and thyroid dysfunction) and at the moment the working diagnosis is Wolff-Parkinson-White vs Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  I'm an ER nurse (and a horrible patient) and understand the implications of everything that's going on, but I still find myself at quite a loss.  

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Knittermama, be careful and I hope you have plenty of potential partners. I remember once upon a time having a group of 5-6 ladies such that if one of us wanted to do something crazy like 10 miles in 10F at 5am on a Tuesday somebody would be up for it. (OMG that was a cold run and 3 of us did it!) Right now my dh goes along with me though lately he has been biking not running and he is not up for crazy.

Shanti, I too would hold out hope until I knew the job had been filled. Like the balance of good and bad runs in life you deserve some good news.

Happy Birthday to the dinglets. birthday.gif What you ladies call small, easy parties would be me going all out. It just isn't something that comes naturally to me.

Real I know that "Oh no you don't!" feeling. You won the race against that guy. orngbiggrin.gif

RR 8 wonderful miles this morning and as usual I can say that my bad runs are generally related to being under or over fueled. This was a good one except that dh took so long getting up to go with me that I drank almost an entire pot of coffee by myself. I kept doubling back to Starbucks to use the bathroom. Once I further process the caffeine I'll go back a be a purchasing customer. We have often discussed when to run and why. I am much faster in the daylight and it has gotten more obvious since my tumble a few weeks ago.

NRR I found some inexpensive novelty yarn and knit up a ruffly scarf yesterday that my girls all find adorable. I let them choose the colorway so I need to go back and get some that is a bit more to my liking. (and some more fun colors for each of them.) knit.gif
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Knittermama, do you wear RoadID on your shoe?

I have a nasty burn from transfering broth for Jo's Moroccan Harira. The bowl slipped as I was tranfering the strained broth back into the pot. Three blisters, and 4 fingers too tender to type. I don't care, though, it's worth it for that soup.

Went to Cirque du Soleil this afternoon. We loved it. Damn, it puts my pathetic 30 sec planks to shame, though!
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real, congrats on a speedy run in a very fast field!


Knittermama, no tachycardia experience here. (Low BP and orthostatic hypotension- yes, but relatively minor and with nothing helpful to offer, unfortunately. I'm sure "stand up slowly" doesn't quite cut it with the tachycardia) I hope you find answers and a supportive slate of running partners.


bec, it probably nice for your future RP and for you to meet for the middle section and her c25k. Sounds fun! Good luck with the home stretch of busy work.


Shanti, fingers crossed for the knitting store job still.


mommajb, I love the image of multiple starbucks trips! Fun scarf project, too. My oldest daughter has been starting multiple knitting projects and asking me for help to get them all finished, so I've had a lot of knitting work to do lately.


RR- I missed the annual jingle bell run for the food bank this morning, because I decided to pick up a night shift last night. Saturday night is my favourite shift to work, but it definitely interferes with my running aspirations.


NRR- Hannukah with friends tonight. They are making vegan GF latkes to accommodate my family's allergies, and I will be thinking of Nic and her celebrations. We're also experimenting with gingerbread women today because preschool is doing gingerbread as their baking project this month. Usually my daughter helps with the baking and I send along a muffin or cookie that's safe for her to eat, but this time she's insistent on having gingerbread she can decorate, too, not an oatmeal cookie. Fingers crossed that I can make an allergen-free dough that sticks together enough to roll out.

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Shanti, as I was googling recipes I remember you asking about food blogs last month.


Here are a couple that I enjoy:




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Hey Mamas,


Real - I can just imagine the fire in your eyes when you backed off that guy at the end.  Love it!


Shanti - You're amazing and wtf cares what dh thinks, I'm betting he didn't lift a finger.


I had my once-a-year hosting duties for my Bunco group last night.  It was fun.  They loved the food (ceasar salad - forgot the oil and vinegar and croutons but didn't seems to matter, dried tomato stuffed pork loin, roasted beets and sweets and cauliflower roasted with cream and bacon, for dessert I did key lime bars, oreo cheesecake bars and strawberry bars, also a rum/whipped cream vodka punch because, why not?) and we had a fun Yankee gift swap which we ran on until every gift had been stolen 3 times a piece.  And, bonus, our house is So Clean.  I think the last time I washed the floor was before Sparkle came this summer, so it was incredibly gratifying to see the difference. grossedout.gif I know.  Lofty, don't worry, I'll try to do it again before you guys come too. winky.gif  Deadlines are good.


Today the girls and I went to church (super snooze fest and was reminded of why it has been So Long) then some Christmas shopping.  I have been torn about what to do for my brother's kids.  I'm pretty sure anything i give will make him cranky, it will either be seen as too stingy or somehow obnoxiously flaunting my happy life.  In talking with my mom it sounds like one thing they actually need and don't have enough of is food so I got online and found that the local Sainsbury's delivers and loaded up a cart with what I would consider a decent week's worth of stuff for them.  I figure that if I can't get it right o matter what I can at least send something they can use but in the end it seems that I can't do this without having a UK billing address.  So much for that plan.  The wonders of the internet, they do cease after all. 


Sorry, I'm being stingy with the personals today because I want to go sit in my tidy living room before it gets messed up again.  If I'm not already too late!

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Thread Starter 

Hi mamas!


I've been thinking of you all too. I will try to remember personals, but please forgive me if I forget someone:


KnitterMama, please be careful and make sure you have a phone with you and a RoadID.


Jo, can we see a pic in the new abaya? All that weight must be hot to wear, though? 


Real, great race!


Shanti, hug2.gifHappy birthday to dd and ppttthhhhbbb to your 'd'h who has to chime in with sidways criticisms about food packaging and waste after he does not lift a finger nor even arrive on time to help when you are trying to make a party and are also sick! For crying out loud. I'm glad it went well and the girls were happy; I'm glad you weren't 'too' fried by it all. I hope you feel better soon, get the best possible news from the knitting store, and have a bit of a break. You sure deserve one.


We had a really amazing weekend. We went to Foxwoods, which is in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut. (It's on a Native American Reservation, so I guess that makes sense but I thought such a huge place would have better access roads...). Dh had bought tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld performing, and he asked me a couple weeks ago (after the big blowout) if I would like to go for the weekend, just the two of us. So off we went. He prepurchased a massage and choice of salon treatment for me (I got a haircut) and we basically spent all day yesterday lounging in the spa. The casino part was totally whacked. The place is completely gigantic -- four huge hotels, connected by a mall, with casinos in the hotels and interspersed in the mall. It collects a very ...umm...interesting? conglomeration of humanity, that's for sure. I couldn't believe the clothes some of the women were (not) wearing until dh pointed out that some of them were -- ahem -- ladies of the evening. yikes2.gif I was so clueless I had no idea. Duh. But even still, some of the 'regular' people were dressed in some extremely skimpy or otherwise interesting getups (think gold lame leggings paired with a fishnet style shirt and a gold lame tiara, no joke). Also the smoking in the casino parts (which you had to walk through to get to anything else) was really yucky. 


But, the room in the hotel was very nice, the spa was awesome, and the show was really, really hilarious. We had nosebleed seats (and of course as usual I manage to sit behind the most obstructive -- and loudest -- individual in the audience; this time a lady with a very tall teased beehive hairdo and a frighteningly shrill/screechy laugh) but they had big screens, so it didn't matter. We laughed so hard we cried. And the two days alone did a lot. Not everything, but definitely better. A lot of talking, some dancing in a club, more cross training than usual bag.gif and generally being relaxed and happy around each other can go a long way toward smoothing things out a bit. We have a long way to go but I think it was important to remember why we fell in love in the first place...


Came back this morning and the kids were fine, although my mom had managed to 'tidy up' everything so now I can't find anything. She really came through for us but sometimes does the oddest things (like buying my 9 year old an expensive wool sweater that cannot be washed for Chanukah? Really?). Still, totally worth it.  Came back and unpacked, and went out for a really good long run. Then went to the Chanukah Wonderland (with face painting, magician, and too much sugar for the kids) at synagogue and home to make latkes and pizza (I know, that's weird) and light candles.


My vegan, gluten free latke recipe:


4 medium russet potatoes, peeled and grated into an ice water bath

1 onion, grated into the potatoes

6 TBSP gluten free flour (I use garbanzo bean flour for the protein but oat or rice flour also work)

2 TBSP ground flax mixed with 1/2 cup very hot water, whisked till frothy and egg-like

salt and pepper to taste.


The grated potatoes should soak 10 minutes or so, then drain them and squeeze as much water out as possible. Mix with the other ingredients and fry in hot oil until crispy. I drain them on paper towels and transfer to a pan, and leave them in the oven for warming at 300 for a while (makes them even crispier).


Happy Chanukah! candle.gifcandle.gifcandle.gifcandle.gif candle.gif candle.gifcandle.gifcandle.gifcandle.gif

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Happy Hanukkah, Nic!!! What a wonderful weekend you had. I would love to see Seinfeld with DH. His show was the backdrop for the early days of our relationship! So glad things are improving for you.

Plady - your Bunco group sounds more fun than mine! Sorry the grocery idea didn't pan out.

Shanti - great job on the birthday party and your DH can stuff it (preferably with your non-biodegradable packaging...) Praying you get the knitting store job.

Real - great race report!

KnitterMama - hope you can discover what is behind the tachycardia. That sounds kind of scary.

NRR - finally feeling somewhat human, but having drowned myself in wheaty, sugary goodness for the last 10 days, I need to crawl back onto my primal wagon (after this bowl of ice cream...) And I MUST finish shopping this week. No excuses.
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Oh it is so good to be in touch with you all. I’m not sure where to start...

Ds’s birthday party started at 4 and the last guest left at 1 am. The kids ranged in age from 9 - 15. I bought my first-ever pinata and insisted on doing the Pinata song. I sounded terrible but it was fun and everyone of all ages laughed a lot. After sausages, salad, cake & ice cream, dh built a big ol’ fire pit in enormous tractor-trailer tire rim; we played music on the bluetooth and danced until wee hours. The kids play something like “dark tag.” I dunno. It’s pitch dark with stars in the sky and all you see are tiny finger lights moving in the woods all around. So today was recover and tomorrow: I work out!

Shanti, love how easy the party was. I care about packaging, too, but sometimes you just have to do these things. I used paper plates. yikes2.gif (and paper towels) blush.gif
fingersx.gif that no news is good news...

Nick, my heart melted reading about your weekend with dh. What a blast! And Seinfeld, too! love.gif Reminded me a tiny bit of our weekend scuba diving - first time away together since we had kids. I’m so glad you were able to see in each other what attracted you in the first place. hug.gif

Plady, I could not care less about the condition of your floors. I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO SEE YOU IN 3 WEEKS!!!! Wow! jaw2.gif Will you go to church during the holidays?

Knittermama, yes. My mom has Tachycardia and had the surgery done for about 5 years ago. I have episodes, too. My mom is old school nurse and I am much more holistically inclined. So between the two of us, we figured out my episodes increase in proportion to my aspartame consumption. When I am off all diet things, I am completely fine. The last episode I had was from this past summer. While on vacation with in-laws who drink diet cokes daily, I started drinking them again. Then when I went to my mom’s house, I added a daily sugar-free coffee to my consumption. After a week and on the morning I had planned to leave to come home and after packing up our bags, I had a moment where my heart just started racing out of nowhere. Like you, my resting rate is normally 65 but in only a second or two, it was racing. There was no way I could drive. Of course, Mom knew exactly what it was, called my dh to say I wouldn’t be returning home after all and took care of the kids. It always *really scares* me. I kept getting up every 30 minutes or so thinking I’d be okay, just to get it racing again. I think it took at least 4 hours begin to feel normal. So now I still have a diet something but only about 2 or 3 times a week. I think, for now, as long as I keep aspartame mostly out of my diet, then I can manage it without medicine or surgery, like my mom had. Hope that helps.

Geo, sorry about the burned finger. I need that soup recipe, though. Oh and I would love to see the Cirque du Soleil performance. I was just googling their tour a few days ago but can’t find anything near just yet. Did all 4 of you go?

Mommajb, Love your run story. You must be feeling better. Yay!

Mel and Nicka, Happy Hanukah!

Real, Love that race report, too! And WAY TO GO!! clap.gif

JG, I need to get back on the wagon, too! Good luck!

RR: This week, Lots. Yes.

Shopping: Nada. We are opting for super minimal gifting this year. We were talking about how we could either do gifts for our kids or for extended family but not both. Ds1 piped up and said he’d rather be with family than get a gift so no gift for him! jaw.gif Ds2 agreed. So I am finding it very strange to not buy my kiddos anything and really struggling to roll with it. I think we will look for a Santa gift that will be tickets to something, hence researching Cirque du Soleil, Lion King or music concert tickets. If I can manage to not shop for my own family members then we will have to talk long and hard about not getting to experience the joy of giving. On the one hand, I like the idea of making memories and not buying stuff; on the other hand, I don’t like not buying and giving items that would make my sons squeal.
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Hi ladies!

RR: none over the last two days. Too much working and not enough time. This is our church's holiday program weekend where we go from 3 services with 3,000 attendees to 5 services and over 6,000 attendees. I worked where we went from our normal $450 to $2700 plus I volunteered in the toddler room where they don't run out of energy. I'm beat!

A coworker asked to take my work shift tomorrow morning and I was all over that!

So I'm looking forward to a nice run tomorrow after a good nights rest.
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Holy cow, that's a big church, Lisa! We can always tell when attendance goes up at the church at the end of the street when people park in front of out street. Judging by the size of the parking lot and chapel, I suspect that's about 200 people. I guess now I can understand why your church has a coffee shop!

Jo's soup is well documented on kerc's blog: http://doctormama.wordpress.com/tag/soup/

I used canned garbonzos and put them in the end, don't bother with the saffron, and use barley instead of the lentils & pasta/ rice. DS ate two bowls, and no one was snacking after a meal of just soup.

Our neighborhood doesn't seem to have any streets where everyone does a fancy lighting job, but there is one house about half a mile from here that gets puked on by every major decorating holiday. We had a lovely walk this evening to return books to the library, a jacket to one of DD's friends (who'd evidently swiped it from her mom -- these kids are too young to be doing that, right?) , and go see how Christmas puked on that house. Very nice. Then we came home and DH studied algebra with DD, and DS and I did logic problems while he took a bath. No, we're not normal.

Cirque was AWESOME lofty. It costs a small fortune, though. We do one show a year like this as a family gift. Last year was Wiked. We all went, and the kids really enjoyed figuring out how the rigging worked. We all agreed that the jump routine where a guy was jump roping inside a pair twirling double dutch, jumping inside a second pair twirling double dutch was an amazing feat, but the acrobatics was most amazing.

Nic ~ if Hannauka is 8 nights, why does the menorah have 9 candles?
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Geo, sorry about the soup injury. I hope it turned out perfect and you ate it, for certainly then it would learn its lesson.


KM, I have had episodes that, for lack of dx and under the circumstances, I came to believe were panic attacks. But yes, partners and road IDs.


Real, you are pretty darn amazing. Great time. And what you do with the stress and lack of sleep, mama. That said, I am hoping for you for less stress and more sleep. I don't care if it turns out to make you a little slower. winky.gif


Plady, your Bunco party sounds fun. And I know how nice it is to have that clean house now and again. Enjoy! A good way to blast off into the holidays.


Nic, your recipe makes me want to make latkes. Or maybe it's the short days. I have always wanted latkes in the first half of December, as long as I can remember. And we go back at least 5 generations Catholic!


I have not been doing my body any favors. Since the couscous, I have been out of whack. Yesterday, I ate leftover vegetables and meat from it, and washed the couscous off it, and still, it didn't go well. I know I need to just suck it up and stick hardcore to the W30 protocol and clean it all up, but I am a giant baby about it. So here I am, starting again. No more dairy, grains, legumes or sugar. No more "just that tiny bit." It makes me unwell, and even though we don't have the holidays upon us here, we are busy. We will be working ahead on lessons over Winter Break, and once January rolls around, we will have twice weekly Arabic lessons. Dh is crazy busy here this week, and I have a feeling it won't be slowing down for a while, so kids and I are on our own. The good news is that so much of the work is with government, and they take their weekends.


Anyway, I am ready for a little quiet, introspective time, and as long as dd is part of the picture, there is no quiet or introspective anything. I need to get that "quiet hour" worked into our day. Ack, here she comes...

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Nic -- Happy Chanukah! Also glad to hear you had a nice trip. FWIW, I don't think there's a part of Connecticut that has decent access roads. We've driven to the airport in Hartford and it's hours of two-lane roads to get there from his grandmother's house in NY (on the CT border). There's not much in most of those areas, including hotels. We're going to end up shelling out $$$ for a room out there because the options are: (1) pricey motel--like $200/night or (2) "cheap" motel at $130/night that may or may not have the following: heat, running water, electricity, bedbugs, prostitution. I wish I was kidding, but the one decent motel we stayed at about five years ago seems to have put in hot tubs--in a corner of the bedroom rather than in the bathroom. Ewww.

1jooj--hope you are able to get that quiet, introspective time somehow, and that your system returns to optimal functioning. Thanks for the well-wishes. Less stress and more sleep would be optimal.

Geo--glad you enjoyed the soup, even at the expense of your fingers.

RM--that's a big church! It would also explain why there's a toddler room. Our church has a handful of toddlers but really not too many kids. When R was born, she as the only one her age for a while. Her Sunday School class is K-2 right now because I think she's one of two 2nd-graders. Speaking of Sunday School, J went to Sunday School for the first time today. Usually our preschool teacher has four or five 3 and 4yo kids so we haven't wanted to burden her with a 2yo. Today, no one showed up besides another 2yo who's just a couple of months older than J, so she was happy to take her in.

Plady--hope you had a chance to enjoy your clean living room.

Hi to everyone I'm missing.

RR: 10 miles. Winter arrived. cold.gif
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Hi Mamas,

No energy for personals redface.gif Yesterday was he**. Regionals were on Saturday (in Utah, where a storm hit Saturday night cold.gif). DD came in 3rd. Top 7 go to Divisionals. I hate to say it but I think I am always disappointed by how she does. I always think she could have done a little better. I never say anything to her, but I know Mama thoughts are transmitted telegenically somehow greensad.gif

Then yesterday we left UT at 8:45 (left the hotel at 7am) to arrive in Denver for 6 hours of "maintenance issues", sitting on the tarmack, canceling the flight, scrambling!! for another flight (as there were NONE leaving yesterday), and finally getting on one that, wait for it, flew us BACK TO UT, and then directly from there to home, with an arrival time of 11:30pm dizzy.gif.

And then I woke at fracking 5:15a!!! Grrr...

I'm tired, still sick, and trying to "crank out" this last paper of the semester (I'm not a cranker-outer), supposedly due today, but may not get done until tomorrow, and its gonna SUCK, cuz I just DONT CARE ANYMORE, hack hack, sputter sputter.

Enjoying your posts

Shanti - I hope this is a lesson in how to let go. Things sound wonderful for the party!
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all other personals aside: geo you just cleared up what I'm doing with the chicken that's currently defrosting in my "beer fridge" in the basement (dorm sized fridge we keep in the basement that holds beer + the rest of whatever doesn't fit in our amazingly small fridge in the kitchen).

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