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Bajingo Juice can bring BFP presents this Christmas Season - TTC#1 in our 30s - Page 2

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Doula, I changed you age.  I hope you can find out what is going on with your body and hopefully get a bfp soon.

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I know I shouldn't have done it, but yesterday,  was just feeling so nauseous and my breasts were tender so I did one of the internet cheapie pregnancy tests.  It was negative. Today my temp dropped below my coverline.  AF will likely be here today or tomorrow. 

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Thank you... I hope the blood results (which I should have4 tomorrow) confirm everything & I can finally formally get excited. I can honetly say that i have never been so happy to feel so darn nauseous  (and I finally learned how to spell it consistently accurate  winky.gif).   I look forwward to jumping over to that other forum. Thanks for the link!

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I feel some kind of way - being back here... a year later.... in the same place. Some of you may remember me, some I've seen over in the loss section. 

Anyway - the short story is that... I started here out here in Sept 2011, got my BFP in November, suffered a 18 week loss in March, had uterine surgery in July and am now (finally) able to TTC again this cycle. I'm at CD8 and last month I O'd on day 18 of my 32 day cycle. Just Waiting to O. I'm 31 and hoping for a rainbow1284.gif.

It's kind of surreal to be back... but I'm glad I had somewhere to come back to. 


hola.gif to everyone! Sending you each the preggy juicegoodvibes.gif!

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librarygirl, doularebekah, lilac: sorry AF showed up. I hope this next month is luckier.


thebyr: I was stalking you in the waiting to TTC thread. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that your recovery went well and that you may get your baby soon!


AFM: been hanging back a bit lately. Not sure where we are this cycle. Doc told me to wait "a couple of months" but didn't stress to absolutely not do anything this month so I'm feeling a bit more NTNP. Still spotting a bit every day and temps are somewhat high though below my usual cover line. Need to go have more blood drawn today to make sure my hcg numbers reach zero.

Haven't done any christmas shopping yet either. My family tends to send things when it's convenient and usually we end up getting christmas presents around Mardh/April...

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Thank you dakipode! I had no idea that anyone knew I was hanging out round - feels like I've been in limbo SO long. Thank you for the thoughts - I appreciate that. I see you just had your loss - I hope your healing is swift and that your levels are back to normal. hug2.gif

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Thebyr: yes, I read september, october and november but was a bit intimidated to jump in given the length of the thread. Also I guess I sort of decided I'm going to ignore the doc regarding the waiting so I don't want to become part of a group that is geared towards supporting women who are following their doctor's orders... redface.gif

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcomes.


justjenny--I'm inspired by your positive outlook! I also had a miscarriage around the same time as you. I hope all goes well with your appointment.


library girl--I'm sorry to hear this was not your month. What herbs have you been taking?


lilac--Keep thinking baby thoughts! Sorry to hear about the negative test. It's so hard to resist taking those. 


hermesgoddess--congrats and blessings to you!


doula--I hope you get some answers soon!


thebyr--welcome back! I'm sorry to hear of your loss.


dakipode--Hang in there. I like your family's laid back approach to gifts.



AFM--I am a CD 17. I may have ovulated around CD 15. I took an OPK that looked rather inconclusive that morning, but when I looked at the strip later the test line looked darker than the cover line. When I took another one in the evening it was negative. Unfortunately, our weekend was such that we didn't have sex. I was out all day Saturday and then we were so tired when we finally got to bed it just wasn't in the cards. But, we did make love on CD 13 so I guess there's a chance--we'll see. I had been hoping to start taking an herbal tincture to cleanse the womb this month, but it's not recommended if you are pregnant so now I guess I'll have to wait. Evidently it's ideal to start when you are bleeding since that is a cleansing time already. Everyone keeps telling me to RELAX, but it's easier said than done. I'm headed up to Oregon to deal with some difficult family situations on Thursday, so I guess that will at least distract me from obsessing in this waiting period. 

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ROTFLMAO.gif I like that! I probably wouldn't have either if my DH wasn't so gung-ho about being so cautious per the doc's orders. I like your attitude. At some point we have to take back our fertility. There is a book about that, right? 

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Hello baileymarie, thank you. Fingers crossed that you caught the egg. Sorry that you have to deal with difficult family stuff. Hopefully, you'll get some good news in a few weeks.
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Lilachug2.gif  hug2.gif Extra hugs... I'm sorry af is on her way. Of course I want everybody to have bfp's but I'm really rooting for yours each cycle. I guess its that we've been trying for so long and basically the same amount of time.  How are you coping with it all?  I swing wildly from positive to despair it seems like. 



thebyr- wave.gif hope you caught your rainbow egg this cycle! 


dakipode-  I've missed you and have been thinking of you often. I am glad your on your way to healing.


bailymarie- Thanks for the encouragement. I'm feeling a little nervous tonight since tomorrow's the appt. Hoping all goes well!

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Thank you JustJenny! I do hope I catch it too.
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Thebyr, I am glad you are back in the TTC game after your loss and your surgery. I remember your avatar name but I wasn't aware that you lost your little one. Would you like me to put 9/11 or 12/12 as your TTC start date?

dakipode, I hope that you will be able to try again soon.  Christmas presents in March or April? I would actually prefer that sometimes to all the hustle and bustle this time of year.

JustJenny, yeah, that swing each month from hope to despair some months is worse than others. I know DH and I are saving money toward IVF and that gives me hope but then there is the fear that  that procedure will be painful with lots of needles that really gets me. Sunday night someone read the story of Jonathan Toomey (sp?) where a wood carver lost his wife and son to some illness, became bitter and reclusive, and then is brought out of his shell by the loving attention of a widow and her son.  I was in tears thinking about all the people I know who have lost little ones and how much each of us wants a little one to hold and love. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.


AFM, low temp again, just waiting for AF to appear.

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Thanks you lilac. I recognized you too. *hugs*
Good question, hmmmm. Lets just start fresh and say 12/12.
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Okay Thebyr, I put 12/12 as your TTC start date. I hope good things happen for you soon after all your challenges over the last year.


AFM, spotting this afternoon. Probably full AF tomorrow.

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Bailey-- Hope your trip goes OK. We miss ovulation all. the. time. I am sure that I would be pregnant by now, or even have a living baby, if we BD'd more often. I feel your pain.


Library Girl--Sorry to hear about AF. I hope this stressful season stays fairly headache-free. I don't know if I mentioned that I have spent most of my working life as a library paraprofessional and just learned today that I will be working part-time in a library for the next few months. Super excited to be back in that environment after a few years away. As you probably know, the work is not exactly plentiful in libraries right now.


Lilac--Gah!! I love seeing you in these forums but am so sorry to continue seeing you here at the same time. Keep your eyes on the prize! I am sure once the procedure is actually happening you will be emotionally ready for it.


Hermesgoddess--Alright!!! Congratulations!


Doula--Thinking of you... Sorry this was not your month.


Thebyr-- Best of luck... That sounds like a difficult process, both physically and emotionally.


Dakipode--My doctor said there was no biological reason to prevent pregnancy after a loss-- it's just that some people need time to deal with their feelings and some doctors prefer that people have regular cycles before trying again so they can track things. Just one doctor's opinion.


AFM-- housekeeping first. I might be 32 now blush.gif !! And haven't mentioned anything for a while.


We are coming up on the lost baby's due date and I am starting to really have feelings. The months and cycles are dragging on. I am pretty sure we missed my fertile window again. AF is due in a few days and I am fairly sure it will come like clockwork again.


My sister and mom, bless-their-hearts meddlers that they are, think that I should push DH into investigating his low-ish sex drive. I am SO against this. He knows that his preferences are causing the TTC process to take longer and he can act on it should he feel compelled and/or able. But to me something feels super yucky about pushing someone into having sex in any form. We have tried to BD while I am ovulating and the pressure means he can't finish My real-world friends don't have an opinion either way; I just know how I feel and find my mom and sister's opinions mildly annoying. I got on a forum I frequent to complain about how they are pressuring me to pressure my husband to BD more often. To my surprise and dismay I got an unexpected onslaught of people who all thought that my husband was being disrespectful of the TTC process by not troubleshooting his sex drive. He still likes to get together once a week or so, so we're not talking huge dry spells. But it does mean that we miss about every other cycle, and when we do hit the ovulation window we only BD once. I am on this website all the time and people don't usually talk like that and it made me wonder if I need a wakeup call. Is it possible that DH is really being disrespectful towards me? He has hardly been emotionally involved in this process, but many older women who I respect have told me over and over again that men tend to only see the first pregnancy as real only once the baby is in their arms. I didn't really have high expectations for him to be super into the process because of that. Am I just crazy?

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TeamViddy: I think it depends on the guy. Some men are as eager as their wives/partners to become parents and others aren't. In a relationship you make decisions together, and whether you explicitly agreed on respecting your DH's limited sex drive or not, that is your current scenario. If you want to change it you could bring it up and see where he stands on shifting a bit more towards your preferences... Clarifying expectations and intentions is hard but necessary.

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Thanks Dakipode... We ended up talking about it last night. He complained that he doesn't know which day I am ovulating until it happens. I can't disagree with that! We don't really have any next steps except to try again to note in our shared calendar that we should get together more often during a certain time.

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Viddy - I agree with the no pushing the sex thing.  It just feels wrong to me to force anything on someone who doesn't want to. But- maybe a gentle nudge- not a push, into checking out his hormones would be beneficial for his health, not just ttc. Has your dh had his testosterone checked? It is very important for his long term health and well being that it is corrected if its out of whack. Its a simple blood test that his GP can order. If it is low - which could be the case since his libido is low- there are herbs to try. My dh has this problem and takes tribulus for it. He has felt MUCH better overall. His energy is higher and he's less cranky. Just a thought smile.gif

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Thank you TeamViddy! Glad to see familiar folks - even though that means we've been around a while. At least it's good company. Yay for your new PT job. I've worked at a bookstore and in a Library and I loved them both. I don't really have great advice about your situation except to say that you know your hubby better than anyone else.. great advice someone once told me (long before I was married) was that you should NEVER let the opinions of others enter into your marriage. I know mothers and sisters often think they are doing the right thing by offering their opinions about our lives - but it's really just none of their business. I can TOTALLY see how it would be annoying after a while too. I do like the forums because you can sort of be anonymous when you ask questions about your circumstances - but still people offer their opinions like they are the end all/be all. I think you're right to be against pressuring him...and since only you (at least they aren't saying anything to your hubby) can hear your mom and sister - tell them "thanks for the advice, I'll consider it." Hopefully that encourages them to leave it alone. I do agree with JustJenny though - he may need to be checked out for health reasons. You can't force someone to do something they don't want to do - but after your convo with him, it doesn't sound like he is really opposed to hitting your O date.. just sounds like he's not quite sure when it is. Have you tried using an OPK? That might help figure out a range and if you explain it to him - he might be able to work with a window of a few days better than with a whole cycle. I really hope you catch that eggy!

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