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Hey TeamViddy! Mine was GREAT - busy busy busy. I got some time with my Dad - ALWAYS lovely. He started his radiation treatments on Thursday. Even though his cancer has spread A LOT since September, his spirits are DARN good. I also got to sit in on a jam session with a great percussionist last night - Bill Summers. It was really nice. I also got to hold some babies this weekend. Supposedly that's supposed to help you get preggers - I know, Old wives tale... but I'm not taking any chance. lol!!! DTD CD13 this month.. really just couldn't take the wait anymore. We were planning on waiting until CD17/18 since I O'd around 18 last month... but guess who felt the urge to take a second OPK yesterday (CD14) evening and got a POSITIVE? ME ME ME. So we DTD last night and today I feel crampy. Tonite and Tomorrow - we'll do it again and I'll test sometime next week. I usually gt early BFPs (6dpo last time). OH - and I was still sick so I was STILL taking musinex. Go figure. So - fingersx.gif Fingers, toes, eyes and noes!


What did everyone else do this past weekend?

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We got our Christmas shopping done: one stop and shipped ahead! Though we did pay a fortune for shipping since 5-7 days around the holidays is not guaranteed, so we decided to upgrade to 3-day shipping.

I also bought some nice boots for myself, expensive boots from Aldo. I was a bit worried when I saw the price tag after already having tried them on and determined that they were PERFECT, but DH was feeling generous (no, that's not really the correct word, it's not like he controls all the finances, he's just the one who gets more nervous about spending...).

Yesterday was super lazy: did laundry while having an MI5 Netflix marathon.

No plans this week, just getting ready for our trip next week. Sort of looking forward to being out of town but I get the feeling the visit with the in-laws could get hectic/stressful. Some day I will learn to take a couple of extra days off after coming back from a vacation to recover.


thebyr: good luck to you!

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Sounds like you all had a good weekend.

Thebyr, timing sounds good! Less waiting time :)


AFM, This weekend was super quiet. DH and I had a lot of long discussions about why I am affected so strongly by the coming of each AF for the past few months.


This morning I got an ultrasound and the tech said she did not think I have PCOS. I am waiting from the evaluation from the doctor and a phone call, though. Since my hormones are within "normal" levels, thyroid seems OK and ovaries appear to not be polycystic, DH has offered to step up to the plate and have his swimmers evaluated.


Also, I am 3 days late. I had a negative pee test on Friday... After all the f'ing weeping and argument/processing w/DH this weekend it would be HILARIOUS if I actually got pregnant this cycle.

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Didn't do much this weekend.  There was a special program at church with bells playing Christmas music. It was nice and relaxing. I have been getting a bit more exercise so that has been good too. Sunday was spent entering grades in to end up the semester for my high school students.  Finals start tomorrow for my students and they will be done on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Looking forward to Christmas vacation starting on Thursday!

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Thank you dakipode! Ooo new boots. I finally got a pair of frye boots that I've been stalking since October. Expensive, but I love them.

TeamViddy- I hope so. I hope your PCOS free! Yay for hubby stepping up. But it would be hilarious if you got preggers this cycle though... And awesome.

Yay for vacation! I'm done Friday at 3:30 until Jan 7th- so exited!!!

AFM-Still getting positive OPKs, hoping I ovulate tonite. And then I wait... But never two full weeks. Lol
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Lilac, vacation is so close! Sounds like you'll be able to relax a little more with some of the financial strain lessened. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

Thebyr, January 7th sounds like forever away. It's, like, next year! Good luck with the next four days :)

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I am ready for a break.  Really pushing through to get all assignments and tests graded so that over break I can relax and not think about school. I have to go back on Jan. 2 but a break is a break!

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lol TeamViddy - it DOES sound like forever... but I just know it's going to FLY by! lol

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Greetings from Oregon! It's snowing here today, but since I'm in the valley it's not really sticking.


Lilac--I am so touched by the generosity of your colleagues! How wonderful! Also, I've had awful cramps with my period lately, too. The nurse practitioner I see is going to have me checked out for endometriosis. I've also heard dairy can make them worse. 


Viddy--I completely empathize! I haven't told anyone about my husband's hot and cold libido, as I couldn't stand the meddling and figure it's none of their business. He's 33 and we've been together going on 10 years so it's not as hot and heavy as it once was. I've found that he responds very poorly to pressure to perform (it stresses him out), which usually results it crying and fighting--not conducive to baby making in the least! I've been marking his calendar with a generous estimate of the days I might ovulate and letting him know we should aim to have sex every other day on those days. That worked a little better than taking and OPK and saying "NOW!!!" I also got some more interesting underwear and that helped spice things up a little. But it's an ongoing issue and I am also trying to get him to get in for a sperm analysis. In the meantime, I'm making sure he takes a multi-vitamin and zinc supplement. Great to hear that your dad's spirits are high! My mom is going through some major medical issues right now, too.


Theyby--I hope that cold clears up soon if it hasn't already. My cycles are kind of far apart and irregular, and my ovulation date (when I've tracked it has varied a lot (16 to 26 days). I don't temp and EWCM isn't always there, so I've been using the wondo OPKs. I love my Frye boots, too! Totally worth the investment--already had them resoled once. 


Dakipode--Maybe the end of the Mayan calendar this Thursday will bring some great new beginnings! Perhaps the new boots are the first of many good things to come :)


AFM--I've been so distracted taking care of various work and family matters that I haven't been obsessing much at all during this two-week wait period.  I am out of town and deliberately left my stockpile of tests at home. I'm pretty much assuming I'm not pregnant, but if I don't get my period by the weekend I might take a test. The family stuff I am dealing with is very stressful, but I have been making sure to take time for myself to exercise and get away when I can.

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Hi everyone. I'm still here! I tend to read on my ipad/iphone these days and not on my actual computer and I prefer to type when I'm on the computer. So I end up thinking "Oh, I'll respond when I get my laptop out" and then not getting it out for a few days.


Lilac- that's awesome about the school/money.


I can't remember who asked about my herbs but I make a tea from dried herbs daily and drink it and I am noticing a difference. I just mix them together- no official measurements.

I mix: Nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, dandelion root, red clover, and rosehips. I usually add a mint teabag to the mix, too, for flavor. I've also seen strawberry leaf mixed in to fertility/pregnancy teas as well. I put about 2 tbsps of my mix into 2 cups of boiling water every night. let it steep overnight and drink it throughout the day. It's good iced or just adding some boiling water to it to warm it up for hot tea. Last month, my LP increased by a day (from 12 to 13). This month, my follicular phase shortened! I O'd on CD12! At least I'm almost positive I did. That early has me wondering if maybe I'm still gearing up to O, but I'm dry as can be (I don't temp so I can't verify that way).


I told DH that all I wanted for Christmas was two pink lines and we had thought it wouldn't happen because of my long cycles but right now it looks like I will be 10DPO on Christmas day. You better believe I'm taking a test to my mother-in-law's house.

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Viddy- Glad your hubby is going to get checked. 


Librarygirl- that's awesome! How long have you been using the tea?


thebyr- hope you get those 2 pink lines for Christmas orngbiggrin.gif


AFM- DH and I have been getting testing done starting last week. Ultrasound looked good and his swimmers checked out ok.  Had a post coital and HSG test today. The hsg seemed to go ok. My left side was slow going but eventually filled. My right side had a difficult start then quickly filled. So we'll see what happens. I suspect I ovulated yesterday. My body signs were there but only had a very weak positive opk. They test my progesterone next week. I hope the hsg removed any debris and this cycle or the next will result in a bfp. I finally feel like I can let myself get hopeful again.

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bailey - I hope you get a great surprise for Christmas! We haven't gotten any snow here to speak of either - very uncharacteristic of a Michigan winter.

librarygirl, interesting tea concoction. I hope your LP is lengthened a couple days more for good measure.  Two pink lines on Christmas would be an awesome gift.

JustJenny - exciting to see the hope you have and that your husband's swimmers are everything they should be!

AFM, feeling a bit under the weather - went to sleep at 9 pm last night and woke up at 5:26 a.m. DH and I usually get up at 5 a.m. because he has to be to work at 6 a.m. I never heard the alarm clock which is not like me at all. My body is feeling better a bit better, but I could use some more rest. Talked with my MIL and FIL - they have both been sick and they may not want us to come for Christmas. DH is bummed. Christmas is a big deal for him and being told he may not be able to go visit is stressful for him.  We are waiting until Saturday or Sunday to make the final call. I just want my MIL feeling better because there is some worry that her recurrent cancer is causing her cough and sickness right now.

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baileymarie - thanks! I hope so too. I wish I could be distracted during the 2WW.. I'm only 2dpo and I'm already itching to test. Frye boots really are worth it. I can't wait to say that I've had them 20 years. What day are you testing?
librarygirl - Fingers crossed you get your Christmas BFP! 
JustJenny - Thanks! I'm so glad you're starting to feel hopeful again. 
lilacvioletiris - Aw - sucks not to feel well, especially this close to the holidays. I hope it's just a 24 hour thingy. Sucks your DH can't have the Christmas he wants with family. I hope his parents get better soon.



AFM.. NADA! I wait. lol. The Hubs asked me this morning if I was preggers yet. SIR! I need two weeks, thanks. He's hilarious!

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Thebyr, I laughed at your DH's comment - yeah - it pregnancy can happen "so quick" and then a lady has to wait some more.


AFM, not feeling awesome, not feeling terrible - sort of sickish limbo.

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I can hardly believe that it is almost Christmas. I just went to the post office and didn't even wear a coat.  Strange!

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What is with this weather?!  I thought we might have a white Christmas (at least in that I thought there'd be snow on the ground) since we had about 3.5 inches on Monday, but then it rained all day Tuesday & melted all the snow away. And now it is warm enough to wonder around outside without a coat here as well.


I am still waiting for the massive amounts of snow I was promised by moving up to New England from PA... I haven't seen it yet. greensad.gif

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AF is a few days late and I POAS today. Negative. For some reason I let myself think it happened this time and now I just feel angry. Angry, angry, angry. Usually I get weepy but I spent all last weekend weepy and maybe I got my fill of that.

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TeamViddy, sorry that your wait is so long.


hermesgoddess, I am sure we will get some snow. We have some forecasted for tonight, but I will believe it when I see it.

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Aw teamviddy. *hugs*

I'm in Michigan too, supposed to get some snow soon. It was pretty warm today but rained and rained. Makes me want to sleep. Lol
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Hi all. Very rainy here in Oregon. I was planning to test this weekend, but had a little spotting today. Just picked up tampons and ibuprofen--hoping cramps aren't as awful as last month. On the plus side, this is a 29 day cycle, which is an improvement for me (average 34-36 days, last one was 46).
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